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03-09-2007, 12:56
Well, having finally finished my University degree and still having a year before I go into the Royal Navy I realised two things; one just how much free time I have on my hands [not as much as Deadly mind you ;)], and two just how much Games Workshop stuff I have sitting around!

So, after this epiphany I decided that I will no longer lurk these forums admiring other peoples logs [Exo, Deadly, SpikeyJames to name a few] and projects [don't get me wrong, I'll still do that] I will come out of the shadows of the web and show some of my own work.

This will hopefully motivate me enough to complete a lot of the unfinished and in some cases un-started projects before I head off to BRNC.

The idea is to work on a number of different projects at the same time so that I don't get bored of painting power armour, after all, variety is the spice of life and all that.

Initial Projects


I started these about 3 years ago the day the new Space Marine Codex came out and they still aren't finished [not even a single squad].

Its a 1500pt all Drop Pod Tournament army list designed to be competitive and consists of:

1 Librarian with Command Squad [built and undercoated]

2 x 10 man Tactical squads with 2 plasma guns and Vet Sgt [built and partially painted]

3 x 5 man Tactical squads with 2 melta guns [10 still to build]
[all in FW drop pods]

3 x Landspeeder Tornadoes [built and partially painted]


Next up is my Tau. Again I've had these sitting around since they first came out all those years ago but they haven't really seen the light of day in many years. So, having just bought the new codex and worked out a rough 1500pt mech list these will also be steadily worked on now that I have a colour scheme worked out for them.

Pic to come later...

The army will consist of:

1 Commander

3 Monat suits

2 x 12 FW's in War-fish

2 x 10 kroot

3 x Piranhas

3 x Hammerhead/Skyray

On top of this I've got a load of other bits and bobs dotted around that will be painted as and when I feel like it, such as pathfinders and stealth suits etc, but the above is the initial target.

Goblin Blood Bowl Team

This is one of the things I'm most looking forward to building/painting. Blood Bowl has to be one of, if not the best game GW have ever come up with. There is a new league starting in Oct at the Thursday night 1st Company Veterans Club at WW using LRB5. So having looked quickly at some other teams I decided not to use my Orcs as normal but instead build a new team...I quickly decided on Goblins for the simple fact they can have secret weapons and play dirty!

The team will consist of:

10 x normal goblins
1 x fanatic
1 x loony with chain saw
1 x bombardier
1 x pogo-stick
2 x trolls

On top of this will be custom made re-roll/turn/TD counters, supporting staff etc.

Beast Guard

The other final "major" project I'm working on is a Beast Guard army. The story behind this is that when Codex Eye of Terror came out I started a Lost and the Damned army and bought a load of Beastmen for mutants to be backed up by a few squads of Guard and Tanks.

Now that the list is pretty much gone with the new Chaos Dex I wanted to come up with a way of making it tourney legal...then I thought about the Guard Codex and its doctrines...

I wanted an army with hordes of Beastmen backed up by a few big shells that would be competitive, themed/fluffy and fun to play...and so I came up with the following rough list...

4 x Command Squads with 2 x melta 2 x flamer and PF

6 x Infantry Squads with 1 x melta

2 x Vet Squads with 3 x plasma 1 x HB

2 x SW Squads with 2 x flamer 1 x DC

1 x Ratling squad

1 x Basilisk

The idea is that everything (bar the basilisk) will infiltrate and just run at the enemy then die...simple yes...effective who knows...fun...definitely.

This is the one thats going to take me the longest as a lot of work has to go into converting the Beastmen to hold Lasguns etc.

Well...that was quite a long 1st post/intro so I'll sign off here. Hopefully someone will read and follow this...even if its one person that might be motivation enough.

Will go dig out the camera now and post a few more pics later...

Bye for now...


03-09-2007, 16:40
Well, I promised pics so here are some pics....

First up we have a few shots of the Tau paint scheme I'm going for:



This is the 1st [of many] Beastguard:


Finally for this post is the Bombardier for my gobbo team...


Comments and criticisms welcome...especially re. the Tau scheme

Pics of marines to follow shortly...


03-09-2007, 16:59
Right...here are a few marines for my Relictors army...

Tac Squad 1:







On a related note....could anyone help on re-sizing pictures?


03-09-2007, 17:18
Ok, here is a bunch of comments on your work: :p

1. I'm loving your conversions. All. I tried making a librarian hood with a trimmed shoulder pad too... well, luckily (for me) GW released the new librarians :rolleyes:, but yours looks good.

2. marines: I'm asking for a better picture of the troops, but I think I like 'em. (What's up with those flat bases, though?) The land speeder needs some gap filling with green stuff on the sides (that kit is a real pain to assemble). I'm liking the battle damage!

3. on the tau scheme. I like your choice of colours, but IMHO highlights on th black are too blocky and abrupt. When I have to highlight black on regular troops, I often go with a gentle drybrush of codex gray, then I touch up all the areas with black except edges (the lasrifle of the praetorian in my log is made this way). You can experiment

Obviously my two cents :D


P.S.: give us more!

04-09-2007, 17:49
Just a quick update on what I painted this afternoon. I'm still working on 6 fire warriors for my tau army test scheme as well as a battle suit and will try to post pics later, however while I've been working on that I also found a few Bloodletters that I had lying around and decided to paint on as a test...let me know what you think:



These will probably be finished at some point soon and find there way into a Word Bearers army, but for now the champion is the only one finished...the others aren't even under-coated.

C&C welcome.


04-09-2007, 22:24
The red on that bloodletter is looking good, just the way a khorne daemon should look. I like even the glossy appearance, one thing I generally don't like in miniatures. Maybe you can try taking pic with frontal light, to avoid it being too dark