View Full Version : 2250 tourney list, slight adaptations

warlord hack'a
03-09-2007, 12:39
Hi all,

I have been tooling my favorite tourney list and ended up with the combination below. As our next friendly tourney is in two months time I would love to hear your comments on the list below.

Black orc warboss; boar, hvy armour, shield, ulag akkrit axe, umms hat, Ironback boar @244 pts
He's there to take on enemy mansized characters or kill some R&F or to absorb enemy attacks with 2+ save and 5+ wardsave. Goes with the regular svg orcs to stop animosity and add punch.

Black orc big boss; BSB, boar, hvy armour Morks spirit totem. @180 pts
Magic resistance and break rerolls as well as boosting the fighting power of the svg orc big uns and keeping them in line

Goblin big boss; wolf, light armour, shield, wollopa's one hit wunda. @66pts
Suicide launcher to take out steam tanks and chariots or to hurt characters or everything with a 0+ or better armour save.

Night goblin shaman; dispel scroll, mad cap mushrooms @95 pts
goes in the unit of nigo archers to give those three fanatics the mushroom advantage. Till the time that the fanatics are released and the dispel scroll used up it will never casts a spell

22 svg orc big uns; standard, musician, spear, choppa @301 pts
they are joined by the BSB and can take on almost anything

22 svg orcs; FC, spear, choppa @228 pts
they are joined by the general

29 night goblins; nets, HW, shield, 2 fanatics @172 pts
They will take on the non-elite enemy infantry, quite decent with the nets. Whenever possible they are supported by the troll or a chariot.

24 night goblins; HW, shield @72 pts
decoy unit/plugs holes in the battleline. 24 strong as this means that if they do not get shot I outnumber standard enemy units (20 strong) by just enough and if they do get shot, that's even better! Can also be used as a missile screen (in which case they are temporarily joined by a BO character to keep them in line) versus very heavy shooty armies.

20 night goblins; hw, shortbows, 3 fanatics @135 pts
they will be joined by the shaman and walk directly behind one of the svg orc blocks to wipe out or seriously damage the first attack wave the enemy sends at me. Although all my friends know of this unit they always keep forgetting till it is too late. If enemy comes in my rear they can turn to meet it and try to shoot it.

2 * 5 wolfriders; musician, spear, LA, hw @ 71 pts per unit
2 * 5 spiderriders; musician, spear, shield, hw @ 71 pts per unit
too many uses to name, one of them is assigned screening duty for the svg orc boar boyz, one unit of spiderriders is assigned as a backup in case my regular svg orcs are in danger of getting chargepulled, the other 2 untis are free to do what is needed.

2 * orc boar chariot; choppa, spear @ 80 points per unit
roll with the battle line or go to a flank with wolfriders. Will not panic when wolfies get shot to bits and wolfies will not panic when chariot shot to bits as US of chariot is 4, so this is psychologically a stable combination.

5 svg orc boar boyz; spear, shield, FC @163 pts
go around a flank and wreak havoc, as long as they get the charge they win.

2 * goblin spear chukka @ 35 pts per unit

1 regular troll @40 pts
adds punch to the gobbo unit with nets. I am thinking about dropping a few gobbo's and upgrading him to a stone troll

Snotling pump wagon @40 pts
come on, you can not seriously assign a mission or a purpose to a pump wagon..

powerdice: 3, dispel dice:6
163 models (counting fanatics) in army in 15 deployment steps