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03-09-2007, 12:58
I don't battle much anymore, but when i do its against dwarfs. I used to find them ok to beat with my O&G, but now with my WE they are rock hard!!! I play 1500pts on a 6x4 board with average scenery but because i battel at my mates house, he always has the scenery, and what a suprise he doesn't put many trees down. When i sneak up on him with my waywatchers and dryads on the rear and flank, he uses a rune which makes him stay there and have no flanks or rear. Thats some of my tactics gone. I always thought that i could shoot him with my GG but when i move close to the unit which is staying put (usually some Ironbreakers) he has another unit or hero ready to pounce. He also always shoots down my cavalry with is 2 units of thunderers!!! Help would be apreciated.

heretics bane
03-09-2007, 16:55
take out or hold up the ranged units with waywatchers or something, have a huge block of eternal guard marching down the center still shooin(they can move and fire) with dyrads and your cavalry flan them then get into combat and do flank charges with your fast Cav. and dyrads with your lords in the middle the just graudally wear them down. and use some of your own magic to but its more than liekly going to be dispelled. The dwarfs are rock hard against the welfs flimsy bows

Mad Doc Grotsnik
03-09-2007, 17:44
Let him use his Oath stone....

He's not allowed to move after it, so all he has done is hobble a fair chunk of his army, against an army with above par shooting! More fool him I say!

03-09-2007, 18:35
1) General tactic for WE vs Dwarves - outmanoeuvre and choose the right combats and/or combat zones.

2) Destroy his gunline and small units first -
a) Hail of Doom, longer range shooting - always move to around 27" from thunderers and he won't be able to shoot back.
b) Against Quarrellers, use their move or shoot to your advantage by moving Wild Riders or Glade Riders out of their arc of sight and threatening a charge and/or shoot.
c) An Alter noble should be able to destroy a Warmachine or two which are not entrenched but make sure that he is not destroyed after that - select his victims carefully.

3) Move and shoot always - move your glade guard even if you have an obvious target. Keep him guessing, which units you intend to target and keep in mind what you would like to target in the next round.

4) Use the terrain to your advantage:
a) Don't know how you set up but make sure your wood land ambush is set up so that it will block as much enemy long range shooting as possible and also enable you to move a unit into it which can 'drift' into enemy territory via tree singing.
b) Tree sing in every turn and as often as possible and move all woods to cut of his shooting LOS or to surround or cut off enemy units. 3 woods in the centre of enemy territory is devastating to any WE opponent.

5) You have a greater possibility of selecting combat which favours you because of your greater manoeuvrability:

a) Do not expose Wardancers to shooting until you are ready
b) Ignore the Ironbreakers and do not engage them in combat until all smaller dwarven units have been eradicated.
c) Engage Slayers only if you're prepared to be bigged down for a few rounds
d) Wait! Do not charge at the first opportunity if a future double charge is likely. If you can inflict 5 or more wounds then charging is a good option - 8 Dryads charging - 16 attacks, 11 hits, 6 Saves needed will probably slay 4 Warriors on average - not enough.
e) Use woods and terrain to set up ambushes for your Wardancers and Dryads. This will inevitability become a no-go area for the enemy.
f) Treemen can soak up a lot of punishment and inflict more but it is not invincible and only effective when combined with other units

6) Your most dangerous adversary is the Anvil of Doom - nothing can be done. Just hope that Ancient Power is not invoked too often. If it can be engaged in combat, there's a good chance a WE unit will survive and prevent the Runelord from striking the Anvil. It is very unlikely that the Anvil will be destroyed for several rounds or even ever but it is not that strong in inflicting wounds in combat - 4 S6 attacks will probably destroy 2 Dryads per round.

Good luck

04-09-2007, 06:03
d) Wait! Do not charge at the first opportunity if a future double charge is likely. If you can inflict 5 or more wounds then charging is a good option - 8 Dryads charging - 16 attacks, 11 hits, 6 Saves needed will probably slay 4 Warriors on average - not enough.

Unfortunately those pesky Dorfs are WS4, so you're only getting 8 hits, 4 wounds per turn.

04-09-2007, 06:10
use dual charges try Try A Alter hero with helm of the hunt (5 str 6 attacks) and a unit of treekin or dryads. Or a treeman and another unit.

13-09-2007, 00:37
You can also bring your own scenery (especially your 6" tree base). And remember to randomize terrain placement and table sides. My main WFB army is Dwarfs and when I lookse to WE, it's usually because of bad luck involving the placement of trees and hills.

13-09-2007, 10:46
Eternal guard cannot move and shoot :confused:

a good trick i use is a noble with the moonstone and gt weapon, attached to a unit of wardancers and "leap" across the table and attack from behind.

also remember that it takes two people too set up the table, if he is doing it all the time you will always lose! make some extra woods for yourself and place them during deployment

13-09-2007, 11:43
he always has the scenery, and what a suprise he doesn't put many trees down.

I suppose I'm uderstanding this wrong, but what I read is that he is setting up the terrain? In the first pages of the rulebook, there's actually a scenery deployement phase, so use that and put trees every time it's your turn -I suppose all wood elf players do that). If the problem is that he doesn't actually own trees, well, I suppose buying trees and brining them is like buying units for a wood elf army, and then you ought to bring yours with your army, as Nor pointed out.
As for actual tactics, sorry, I can't help you much with that, I have zero knowledge of wood elves (only read the rulebook, didn't give me any insight of how they should be played/faced).

heretics bane
14-09-2007, 19:21
Eternal guard cannot move and shoot :confused:

Can they not?:confused: i though they could?

14-09-2007, 19:56
Can they not?:confused: i though they could?

Eternal Guard have no missile weapons so they cannot shoot at all. Maybe you mean the Glade Guard (wood elf archers)? :)

Jan Skarthen
14-09-2007, 20:45
Yes you get free woods, buy some trees put them on a bit of mdf and bring them with you. I love the challenge of beating static dwarves think about the main advantages you have over him fast agile troops and longer range missile weapons fight him on your terms not his.

Dragon Prince of Caledor
14-09-2007, 22:29
As many have said before me the way to beat a heavy shooting dwarf army is superior range. Utliize the fact that you can move and shoot for free. That and the fact that he moves 3 inches and still cannot shoot! (move or fire) Combined charges and hitting flanks with cavalry are the way to go. Ditch the waywatchers and take 2 treemen in 2000pts... They are intense! What about tree kin? take a unit of them they are tough and hit hard. take a load of archers. That goes for any wood elf army. Also as many have said if you can divide and conquer with your mobility and some tree singing he will be sitting ducks. During this time he is still getting killed by accurate wood elf archery. No doubt this will be a tricky game! What about warhawk riders. They move fast and can hit and run his war machines. Just keep them away from other missiles! Avoid his deadly and/or unbreakable units altogether. Work his oath stone against him... Anyways good luck it will still not be an easy victory.. GO woodelves!