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03-09-2007, 19:47
I have heard that you can do a very elf light army with wood elves and have a lot of tree spirits.

I was wondering what ideas ppl have for this sort of a list (2000 pts)

thanks for any and all suggestions.


PS I basically dont like painting flesh and I think the new models look really pretty

03-09-2007, 20:36
I suggest you to search for the Asrai tactica.

You have the following options


- Treeman ancient
- Wild rider noble
- Glamourweave Spelleweaver


- Wild rider noble
- Branchwraith
- Glamourweaver Spellsinger


- Dryads


- Treekin (if you don't like the minis, fen beasts from Albion campaign would be great to represent them, I'm ordering some of them soon)

- Wild riders.



Options are scarce, the lists tend to be on the hitty side but you are leaving out the fastest units in the WE army, Magic won't be a problem, but shooting is almost non existant.

Imperial Dragon
04-09-2007, 11:08
just play as a forest spirt army, and make use of using the special charater dryunch (not sure with spelling?) and that will give you a themed army with hardly to no flesh in the army

04-09-2007, 11:55
well i use this list, and it fars not to badly

2K Drycha Forest Spirit

Drycha 355
BranchWraith - Lv 1, 50 Pts 165
BranchWraith - Lv 1, 50 Pts 165
BranchWraith - Lv 1, 50 Pts 165

10 Dryad 120
10 Dryad 120
10 Dryad 120
10 Dryad 120
10 Dryad 120

4 Treekin 260

Treeman 285

TOTAL 1995

PD - 7
DD - 8

mainyl because T4 negates most archers shots and the armys skirmishing, except for the treeman who starts the game in the forest along with drycha herself. then i steadily move up the board wanting combat, and with everythin in the army causing fear/terror and immune to psycology (this sounds like a VC army) conbat is usually fun, plus i have plenty of DD if i need them and some hitting power in the treeman and treekin, not ot mention that the branchwwraiths themselves pack a punch. plus if done right the treeman should be movin bout 12" - 24" per turn in the forest thanks to tree-singing then charge out next turn or just use strangle root. or using drychas abilities and hopin gtheres another forest on the board i may start with her the treeman and a unit of drayads and start teleporting.

05-09-2007, 12:30
thanks to everyone for the suggestions

06-09-2007, 17:54
how about war dancers? :P
war dancers RULES :D