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03-09-2007, 21:48
Hey fellas, just reading the Primarch thread and came up with this idea that I thought might be fun.

Tell me your ideas for the two missing Primarchs. What will be cool? What will fit? What's missing from the consortium of personalities?

Let your imagination run wild!

Best if you can come up with why they are deleted from record as well.

03-09-2007, 23:48
both were females, one has power of invisibility.
neither geneseeds took (being female) and thus after repeat failures, the effort was halted. failure was deemed worse than betrayal, and along with a certain amount of sexism, their records were expunged.

a of the legacy of one of the missing legion endured in the daughters of the emperor (a parallel to the thousand sons)

03-09-2007, 23:56
One was a Sigmar!!!

Well sorta (back in the 80/90 he was)

Hive Mind 33
04-09-2007, 00:05
nieter was female one was like dough nut from red vs blue and his gene seed was for the rainbow warriors

Brother Enok
04-09-2007, 00:08
I personally like the Sigmar fluff/idea.