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Imperial Dragon
04-09-2007, 11:17
Lords and Hero’s
*High Born; additional hand weapon +6, Light armour and shield, An Annoyance of Netlings 182pts

Mage level 2, DS 150pts

Mage level 2, DS 150pts

**Noble; Spear, Light armour, Elven steed, Shield 93pts

Glade Guard (10) Musician 126pts

Glade Guard (10) Musician 126pts

Dryads (13) Branch Nymph 142pts

Dryads (12) Branch Nymph 132pts

**Glade Riders (8) Musician 201pts

*Eternal Guard (20) full command 270pts

Wild riders of Kurnous (8) full command 244pts

War dancers (9) musician, blade singer 183pts


made this list up not sure if it will do any good.

04-09-2007, 11:26
Does the noble have wildrider kindred?

and your high born seems sort of... he might survive a challenge. what about directed attacks.

Imperial Dragon
04-09-2007, 11:28
why does he need the wildrider kindred?

05-09-2007, 01:57
Just a few thoughts:

Your characters are probably fine. The lord, as pointed out, is kind of light in his survival and killiness but the point savings is fine.

The question about the kindred on your noble no doubt stemmed from the fact that he is a relatively fighty character and has T3. Therefore he needs to be supported by a unit of ablative wounds. The glade riders are a remarkably poor melee unit and so, the noble would serve better with the wild riders. Since wild riders are forest spirits a non-forest-spirit character cannot join them, hence the need to make the noble a wild-rider kindred.

As to your troops the types are fine, the unit sizes are probably a bit wasteful.

Gladeguard, eternal guard and wardancers are probably fine.

The dryads are really a bit overlarge. Units of 8-10 are fine. You'll almost never get more than 6-7 in melee and anyone not fighting is a waste since you don't get static CR. Your current 25 dryads could do well/better as 3 units of 8 (the spare models points buy you a branchnymph for the 3rd unit).

Glade riders are missile fast cav. As such they can't get rank bonuses and really don't fare well in melee. I'd decrease them to no more than 6 strong. You only need US5 to negate ranks if you decide these guys just have to get into melee, so with 6 you can lose 1/2 the unit and still meet this.

Similarly the wildriders at 8 strong are a tad odd. Not enough to get ranks (which they don't get anyway) and only 5-6 will ever get into melee. 8 strong makes you want to deploy in 4x2 which is more awkward to maneuver. I'd decrease these to 6 and give them a warbanner. Easier to move, better CR and cheaper.

The points you save put you well on your way to another unit of troops (scouts are cheap at 85 pts) or some equipment upgrades for your characters.