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04-09-2007, 15:08
I am thinking about starting Warhammer and would probably start with an empire army mainly because I can get a killer deal on some stuff.
I was going to get the Boxed army Set that came out when the army was released, the one with the special edition character. And the current Empire Army box, along with a battalion set. Would I need anything else for a well rounded Empire army? Steam tank? Giant? Please help a 40K Vet and Warhammer Newb

04-09-2007, 18:35
I think the best way to answer is to initally ask, how do you want to play, and are you playing to win (i.e. tournament) or are you going themed/campaign?

Let us know asap!

04-09-2007, 18:41
The way i understand it you have

The 1st release army box:

Empire Army Book
1 Empire Fire Wizard (Limited Edition)
1 Empire Lord / Standard Bearer
20 State Troops
20 State Handgunners
10 Pistoliers
12 Knights
1 Cannon / Mortar

The standard release Army box

1 Empire Lord / Standard Bearer
20 State Troops
20 State Handgunners
10 Pistoliers
8 Knights
20 Flagellants
1 Hellblaster/Hellfire Gun

The current reinforcement battallion set

10 State Troops
10 Handgunners
10 Flagellants
1 Cannon / Mortar
5 Pistoliers
8 Knights

Is that it? If i'm correct.. you really don't need much.

What i'd recommend is to sell some of the stuff if you don't plan on playing huge (as in 5000 points + games.. usual games are set around 2000 points).

You have :

50 infantry.. good enough to make 2x25 strong units (recommended size for empire infantry)

50 Handgunners.. way too much. 20-30 are usually enough except if you want to build every variant and have multiples of them (Crossbows or Guns).

30 Flagellants.. enough for a really big lock or 2x15 units for holding up units

28 Knights.. way too much if you don't want to play an all knight imperial army. For a standard army 10-12 are usually enough as hard flankers or one big block used as a hammer unit (10 are enough for that too).

25 Light Cavalry.. way too much. You'll field a unit or two at 5-6 riders each in some games and only if you want to have the variety you should keep them.
Personally i'm a bigger fan of the Outriders since they put out a hell of an amount of shots while not risking themselves in close combat so i almost exclusively use them.

2 Cannons/mortars and 1 Hellfire/Hellblaster.. that's ok. No need to sell or add to that (except for variety sakes if you want mortars and cannons in the same army when you play a warmachine heavy army).

So.. what would i do?

Sell 10-15 knights, about 10 of the light cavalry and 10-20 handgunners and use the money to buy at least one militia box. That gives you usable detachments for your main blocks of infantry.

Additionally i'd buy about 20-30 more of state troops and build them to your taste. I use Swordsmen as my main infantry (WS4 and a 4+ armor save in close combat) and depending on the enemy different detachments.. with standard toughness 3 and low armour opponents i use militia (2 attacks each) and against T4 and better armor Halberdiers so buying 2-3 boxes of State Troops wouldn't be a waste.

Next would be a Steam Tank of course.. not as powerful as in the previous edition but still a terror to some armies. Useless against high strength, armor ignoring shooters (cannons, Bolt Throwers) but against other armies totally worth it.

I'd also buy a box or two of the plastic mages and then the various goodies if you want them.. Arch lector on War Altar, Pegasus riding hero, Imperial Griffon rider and other characters like Sigmar Priests and combat heroes.

However you have already a rock solid force with all these purchases and don't need to change much. Have fun.

Etienne de Beaugard
04-09-2007, 18:47
No, you should have more than enough for quite some time.

Seriously, its going to take a long time to get those minis painted and on the table. Work through what you have box-by-box, unit-by-unit. Play small games first, using what you have painted or in progress. As you play more, you'll discover what to paint next. Both your army and skills will grow with each other.

04-09-2007, 19:50
No Tournaments, just casual fun. I always go big so I can have multiple types of games. I currently have five 15K+ 40K armies.

04-09-2007, 20:48
A hero on Pegasus always comes in handy. Its my favourite character in my army. I would refrain from the Giant and only go for the Steam tank if you get one cheaply or like the model a lot. Its worth it pointwise, but usally a pain for your opponent. Beating them with lots of infantry is much more fun and gets less grumbles.

04-09-2007, 22:07
No Tournaments, just casual fun. I always go big so I can have multiple types of games. I currently have five 15K+ 40K armies.

In that case i'd recommend several boxes of State Troops and one or two militia boxes as the first additional purchases while keeping the other stuff.

Steam Tank and a selection of character models would be next and then you can fill in the gaps to have a selection of everything.

06-09-2007, 00:36
The reinforcement battalion (as opposed to the standard one) has 20 flagellants, 20 state troops, a hellblaster/hellstorm and 2 wizards.

Standard battalion is 10 gunners, 10 state troops, cannon/mortar, 8 knights, 5 pistoliers.

I'd pick one army box + one battalion box and then get any special troops or characters. Most empire armies would have one or more warrior priests on foot or mounted (latter is typically Luthor Huss). Then, Greatswords are also a good option, as is Steam Tank.

Militia can be used as cheap road block units of 5, or can be effective detachments. They can also be made as archers/huntsmen.

The limited army box depends on whether you like the LE wizard, a lot of people don't, and the plastic set in the reinforcement battalion is very nice.

I'd probably get the standard army + standard battalion + wizards + warrior priests.

If you can get it, you might want to look for the older battalion box which has 20 state troops, 20 militia, 12 knights (maybe enough for 14, if you play with the kits) and a cannon. The old state troops could be configured as swords/halberds but not spears (that was the empire detachment). That may be a better deal in terms of numbers (and you already have more than enough pistoliers in the army deal), depends on whether you want the older state troops in there.