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Slaaneshi Ice Cream
04-09-2007, 15:11
Played a nice game yesterday trying to control a ruined city and hopefull get magic items for later use in our campaign. The objective was to control table quarters and the points where 2250.

My list was like this:

30 x clanrats, muso, sb, ratling gun, warlock engineer, all upgrades, dispel scroll x 2

30 clanrats, muso, sb, ratling gun, warlock engineer, all upgrades 1x dispel scroll, storm demon, grey seer with Twisted crown and 2 dispel scrolls.

20 slaves, muso

6 x globadiers

4 giant rack packs

4 rat ogres

25 monks, FC, Banner of Burning Hatred, Priest with Desolate Blade


2 x 3 Gutter Runners, Poison Weapons, Tunneling

Total 2237

Lizzie list: What I remember any way

2nd Gen Slaan w/ Temple Guard

2 units of sauraus warriors wtih FC

unit of 3 firebreathing lizards

2 units of skinks with blow pipes

skink priest with flying

2 characters on cold ones, not sure what they where. One had a MM deflecting shield

3 Kroxigors

From my left to right I deployed: Giant rats, Globadiers, Nightrunners (around some ruins), unit of clan rats with WE, rat ogres, unit of slaves, and behind them unit of clanrats with GS and WE, unit of PM with Priest and the PCB, then another unit of night runners.

From my left to right he deployed: Skinks, Skink Priest, Warriors, His 2 mounted Characters, Warriors, Kroxigors, Temple Guard and Slaan, Fire Lizards (can't remember the name)


I won turn one and went first. My Seer had Pestilent Breath, Death Frenzy, SkitterLeap, Warplightning. His Slaan had Wall of Flame, Healing Touch, Doom and Darkness, Drain Magic and Portent of Far. The Skink had a Lightning bolt spell and sometihng else.

I moved up my monks, and PCB, and supported their flank with night runners towards his Slaan and Fire Lizards. Also moved my slaves and giant rats. Didn't do anything in the other phases.


He moved up basically all his units. His Skink and Slaan cast some spells, including casting Doom and Darkness on my frenzied monks. In his shooting phase his fire lizards wiped out the 10 night runners on the right side.


I moved up my clan rats to have magical range and my ratling guns to hopefull shoot next turn. I think at this turn I was forced to charge my PCB and Monks at the skinks. My gutter runners popped up in front of the firelizards and behind the skinks, next to the kroxigors.

In my magic phase I blasted some skinks and they ran away! Yay! In the CC phase my rats killed all those skinks. I lost 4 PCB to their own censers (doh!). My PCB overran into the Temple Guard and my Monks over ran into the gutter runners who also charged the skinks because I was sure the kroxigors would murder them. His fire lizards massacured my gutter runners and chased one down.


He moved up more stuff. His skink flew over to say hi to my giant rats. Warriors advanced. One unit of wariors charged the slaves, who I'd put at an odd angle for that charge. His kroxigors charged the left half of my monks.

In his magic phase he again cast D&D on my monks and I again reminded him that it doesn't work on them. He tried to blast my rats with his priest but I dispelled. He healed one of his fire lizards. In CC my PCB died to the temple guard, instead of to their own censers. His kroxigors lost to my PM thanks to static CR, but I lost the Plague Priest in a challenge, b/c I'd hoped his champion would whiff. In retrospect it was a bad idea! My PM couldn't chase because the gutter runners were in the way! Oh, and my slaves rolled 2 1's and held. :)


I moved my giant rats towards to Priest, knowing I wouldn't catch him but hey they are claiming a quarter! I advanced my globadiers b/c I didn't know what else to do with them. My Rat Ogres Charged his two characters at this point. My gutter runners charged the fleeing kroxigors and caught them! They get MVP for that! Monks charged the temple guard.

In Shooting, my ratling guns killed a lot of skinks and they fled. In my magic phase I blasted the fire lizards with 3 warp lightnings and they fled (understandably). In CC my monks tied the temple guard and my rat ogres were destroyed by his characters.


His characters get into position to charge the clan rat unit with my seer. In Shooting the other skink unit wiped out my globadiers. In Magic, I finally used to Dispel scroll to stop the Priest from blasting my giant rats. In CC, Hi s Temple Guard broke my monks but didn't catch them.


My seer unit turned to face (and blast) the characters. My monks rallied. In Magic I blasted the one charater and the WL reflected off his shield, killing 7 clan rats! In Shooting, I killed 5 warriors with a daring (and desperate) ratling gun that shot 11 times on 3 dice.

At this point, his characters and other warrior unit are ready to charge my clan rats with my seer. My Monks are about to get charged by the Temple Guard/Slaan. I had totally forgot about my gutter runners.

I concede the game, considering that he has every quarter contested and I'm about to get slaughtered.

So my Skaven back off from the city. The Lizard player rolls a d6 and gets a ONE so he gets a magic item worth ten points. Huh.

04-09-2007, 20:47
In his magic phase he again cast D&D on my monks and I again reminded him that it doesn't work on them.

That just made my day! :D

06-09-2007, 15:34
unlucky about the game, good report though. can i ask what rules you have for army lists? as i am confused wht the lizzie army has 5 characters in it, 2 for the slann, 1 priest and 2 heros on cold ones??

06-09-2007, 16:50
Well, at 2000~2999, the Lizardmen CAN have five characters; 1 lord and 4 heros.

2nd Gen.Slaan = 1 Lord & 1 Hero (and a rare choice, ouch)
Skink Priest = 1 Hero
2 Saurus Scar Vets = 2 Hero Choices

It's legit, it's a lot of points to spend on characters though, in my opinion.

06-09-2007, 23:36
Actually, it's not. He can have 4 Characters, one which can be a lord. Carefully read the Choosing Characters section of the armybook for details.

06-09-2007, 23:43
Indeed, 4 characters max in 2000 points.

Think of it this way, having models counting as extra hero choices means that there is no downside if we take the rule as you are interpreting it Revenantx.

Further backing, read the southland skink lord option, it doesn't make sense unless the 'proper' character selection rules are used.

To reiterate, a model that counts as a Lord and Hero be it a Slann of the 2nd Generation, or a Lord riding a Dragon, they count as two character selections, that is two of the four at 2000 points.

07-09-2007, 15:13
Nice report.

Now that you have had some games with the rats I'll give you some advice on how to improve the list. (I'll keep the characters you're using now.)

- 5 Dispel scrolls is WAY too much, you'll never need more than 3, not even against a Toad.
- Grey Seer: Twisted Crown + Warpstone Charm (You don't want to miscast with the Seer)
- WE: full kit (no gun) + Daemon + Dispel
- WE: full kit (no gun) + Brass Orb (Skitterleap => Toad hunter) or simply 2 scrolls
- Priest: basic flail + Warpstone Amulet => 99 points, 4 STR6 attacks, T5 and 4+ Wardsave

- Clanrats are perfect
- Try for 1 more slave unit
- Take 2*2 globadiers so they don't cause panic when destroyed
Use them to screen your ratlings and divert (flee) the Saurus charges like this:
This makes the Saurus follow in about 45 ready to be flanked.

- I'd lose the Ogres and instead add a second Monk unit + Censer Bearers
The Ogres tend to get poisoned to death by skinks.
- Make the Censers 7 strong
- Get the War Banner instead of the Hatred one, otherwise the Monks will end up running after some skinks the entire battle.
Your Priest should be able to handle himself without Hatred (CR6 + Priest attacks is enough to break most things, even Saurus)
- Tunnelers are not really needed here but usually try to use at least 4.
3 have failed me too much before while 4 and 5 strong have been worth their weight in gold
- Ratpacks 4 strong rarely work for me, they only move 1" faster then Clanrats but have 2 CR less (Banner + musician). I'd take 3 to hunt skinks and Sallies and 90pts is not that much to sacrifice, 120pts is already expensive to throw away.


- You can always chase a unit you broke in combat (Monks vs Krox), if your roll is equal or higher you just cut them down before they flee.
- Try to divert his Saurus by placing the globadiers in front and threaten their flank with your censers. He should be in pain if he backs off or if he charges.