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04-09-2007, 19:45
This is a question I was thinking of the other day while reading Ciaphas Cain- Can "Average Joe Hiveworlder" join the Adeptus Mechanicus? Or does one have to be a noble of some sort, or does one have to be born on a Forgeworld? Or can one only join if you are descended from a AM at some point?

04-09-2007, 19:55
There are mentions of being inducted in Shrines to the Omnissiah or somesuch on non-Forgeworlds. They have their own menial populations on Forgeworlds where most would come from I expect, and lay-brothers would come from anywhere and get only a small amount of training and then put back out into the Imperium to do their jobs. Sons of established tech-priests would probably be taken straight on as tech-acolyte, and any technologically minded nobles from Knight Worlds, etc.

I doubt many of the lay-brothers would become tech-priests, but some would. I would also expect that the lay-brothers who become tech-priests would come under some sort of derision from the Mechanicus born ones.

Any menials that have technological ability would become tech-acolytes (and those with potential for the military into the Skitarii, and such).

04-09-2007, 22:45
I feel that the majority of the innductees would end up as Enginseers in any case, who already face a certain amount of derision from the Mechanicus bigwigs (they are esential to the Cult Mechanicus, but only because they do the stuff noone else can really be bothered with so that the Magi can continue with higher issues).

I would think that it would also be possible to submit children who have already shown an aptitude to the Mechanicus for testing. Plenty of trader houses or merchant chapters would be keen on the idea of having an ally highly placed within the mechanicus, reguardless of how likely this is to actually happen.

04-09-2007, 22:54
This is one of those things that I personally turn to the Roman Empire for inspiration. It's about perfect... ;)


05-09-2007, 00:07
How's that then Kage? What on Terra do you mean?

Twisted Ferret
06-09-2007, 19:42
How's that then Kage? What on Terra do you mean?
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06-09-2007, 19:56
I presume in terms of foreign citizens (Imperial born tech-priests), which were of second class to the 'true' Roman citizens (Mechanicus born tech-priests), and the slaves (IE, Menials) who have little to no rights at the bottom of the chain, with the potential of becoming free (a tech-priest) with some stigma attached, perhaps. I don't believe they have recruitment preferences where sex is concerned, so women being a different class is something I doubt. That's not to say I couldn't be wrong, of course... :D

06-09-2007, 20:03
That's about the strength of it. But also the nature of political, military and secular life, etc.

Sorry, forgot about this thread.


06-09-2007, 21:06
This may come as a surprise, but I would have to agree with Kage here. (And- brace yourselves- I actually wrote that in my Mechanicus article from the ASP :p)

06-09-2007, 21:08
Those who aren't forge-born probably become tech adepts at the very most, overseeing the manufactoring of parts. The forgeworld born help in the crafting of unique and rare items, probably such as Baneblades, Titans and Artificer Armour. The highest of 'em all probably get to make a few modifications and variants of available tech.

07-09-2007, 00:29
i joined from menial and i own a psi-titan-it happens