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When Black Roses Bloom
04-09-2007, 22:19
Well since the new CSM codex is out, Apocalypse is about to brake loose and Autoumn comming again (that means a lot more hours inside the house), I felt the urge to start over my CSM army. It's not a small army, neither too big, it's about 2,5k-3k. It's going to be a classical Undivided/Black Legion army, with a lot of conversions, a lot of mishaps, and (please don't hate me for this) a lot of learning. My main problem was that I couldn't get my **** down and get some proper work on these minis (most of them are assembled but not painted). The list will contain (but will not be limited in) the following models (for the moment):


1 Chaos Prince
1 Medusa V Chaos Lord In Terminator armor
1 2007 Chaos Lord
1 2007 Chaos Sorcerer


2 Chaos Dreadnoughts
2 predators
1 Defiler


5 terminators
3 Obliterators

Fast Attack:

5 Raptors


5 Possessed CSM

45 Mixed CSM (heavy weapon specialists/Aspiring Champions)

Heavy Support:

6 Havocs


2 Rhinos, zombies, chaos spawns, cultists, followers.

These are the models for the moment. Half of the Possesed squad is painted and based (if anyone remembers the Possesed CSM project a while back), one of the Obliterators is nearly finished, the Defiler is all preped but needs details and chaos stuff on it (spikes/bodies/chains/etc) so there will be a lot of add-ons on most of the models (along with the painting). I told myself to sit down and do a mini each afternoon, so I think this will be a reasonable pace for me to acomplice in the long run. I would like the feedback (good or bad), I'm not Boltman :chrome:, but I'm prety good in GS and conversions. Please love me and embrace me like an infant. Be gentle. This is the first time that I will try something in this magnitude. And to show you that I'm not kidding, today, I finished one of the first plasma gunners and I have 3 more minies preped and ready for tommorow. So, let the battle begin:

This guy is the first one to come out of the paintshop. The pictures (as I saw later doesen't give him much credit and the camera is toooo close to him as I realised). He has a lot of detail though and the techniques are more than advanced (not a simple drubrush and paint over).

The next part of pictures is the overview of the rest of the army, scattered around inside its compartment:

Continues in part 2...

When Black Roses Bloom
04-09-2007, 22:27
Continues from part 1...

This is the storage comparment. It's more of a mess as you can see...

And something that I'm most proud of: A stable magnifying glass with pinchers to hold your mini for detail.

And the rest of the minis for tommorow. Do you remember the possessed?

That's it for the moment. I hope you will enjoy this log, as I will enjoy painting the minis. Thanks in advance.

04-09-2007, 22:36
Looks like you've got a lot of work ahead of you. It should be fun to watch!

When Black Roses Bloom
04-09-2007, 22:44
Like someone told earlier this day "It's fun when you sit down and do some modelling". :)

This is the old thread that died out with the possessed CSM.


When Black Roses Bloom
05-09-2007, 21:14
And as I promished, one marine per day. The second came out today, one of the possessed, the guy with the fettus at his feet. Enjoy:

At he back (at the photo that it a little bit from the top) you can see his exposed brain. At his feet lies a fettus, connected to him with an umbilical cord to his crouch.

Enjoy :evilgrin:

05-09-2007, 22:31
Subscribed. Looks like you got your work cut out for you. Good Luck. Nice job so far.

When Black Roses Bloom
07-09-2007, 11:22
Well I don't see too much feedback, but I will not back down!!!

Yesterday I was just checking my models for the weekend, so there will be a lot of going around. I was thinking about the defiler to add a few more things and make it complete, to start painting the trims and the weapons and finially to reach up to the battlecannon and the infernal engine. Actually I am a little bit divided between the rest two possessed and the defiler. Any suggestions? The remaining possessed are these guys. I think that you are all fammiliar with the defiler :P

So? Any suggestions? Any feedback?

Rabid Bunny 666
07-09-2007, 15:24
That first one looks suitably Warped, can't make much of the second one from that angle though :(

07-09-2007, 15:45
Looks pretty good there. It's kind of hard to see some of the details in some of the sculpting, but that will turn up when you paint it.

And don't give up on posting. My log is going through a bit of a lull right now too, and I won't back down either.

07-09-2007, 16:00
Really good start mate, maintaining the rage is the hard part, keep it up.



When Black Roses Bloom
09-09-2007, 21:52
Well, it's been a few days since the last update, with Suterday night out and stuff, but I managed to get some time and finish a thing. Now, a while back I managed to "finish" a Fabius Bile model, and I wanted to make something of a familiar-follower thing to acompany him. So I made this guy over here (the one on the right):


So, while I was waiting for the Defiler to dry out, I started to look at the bitz and thinking about a "brother" for the two handed guy. I gut off a catachan torso and legs and made a rough scetch in my mind of how this thing would look like. At first I thought I wanted him to look like a pestilent zombie, with rags and skeletal arms protruding from inside bile infused clothes. So I gave him a head from the WFB zombie sprue and some green stuff on his head and torso to make him look sinister: I intendet to make this mini a herald for a squad of possessed dedicated to nurgle. Perhaps a banner or a bell like the lepers used to carry in the dark ages.

But while I was placing more and more GS and the guy started to take shape, I've realized that the guy was not some punny little zombie, trying not to be eaten by chaos spawns. No. He was meant for something bigger.

So I thought of giving him some battle scars and trophies. When I finished placing the heads on this lap, a crazy thought passed my mind: Why not make him a head hunter? Perhaps a crude big knife and a steady arm would do the trick.

So, there he is. In less than an hour and a half.

Meanwhile across the table my roomate was preparing his new wraithlord:


He looks kind of creepy with his eyes closed, but he's an ok guy :P

C&C and feedback as always are welcome.

10-09-2007, 06:00
Excellent sculpting on the head-hunter! It's a brilliant conversion :) :cool:

10-09-2007, 16:59
That's one big arm.

The conversion looks pretty sweet. Nice work.

When Black Roses Bloom
11-09-2007, 19:29
At last, the main bulk of the army is primed and ready to undergo the second hand painting. Slow moves but... efective :chrome:

11-09-2007, 21:57
omg, WBRB is that you in the avatar? cos you look like a lot of fun.. you know when you see someone and you think "huh, i'd like to be in the same room as that guy"

and with that picture of you're roommate i'm smellin' a sitcom. :D

you're very talented with the GS, keep it comin'


Inquisitor D'selinas
11-09-2007, 23:47
omg, WBRB is that you in the avatar? *snip*

That was going to be my question you...you question stealing fiend! :p

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Nice scheme you've pick too, look forward to seeing more
Bravo that man!