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Dragon Prince of Caledor
05-09-2007, 00:56
I play my brettonian friend quite frequently. We have been playing 1000pt games because that is the amount of points i have painted. (all core units pretty much.
List includes
bsb with battle banner

10 archers
15 seaguard
6 silver helms
bolt thrower

that is pretty much my 1000pts in a nut shell and my biggest problem is character deaths and the loss of my bolt thrower. I recently discovered that the chariot adds 2 to my bsb's armour save. I use the chariot to wipe out weak units and run them down. This leaves me behind his army. Then i combine charges with knights and chariot. Problem is even in challenges simply to cut down on attacks against my bsb he dies. if my knight unit chariot dies a whole whack of points are gone. however when it hits it hits! My bolt thrower always dies. I am thinking that a stubborn block of spearmen could save it when it is done shooting. (throw it in front) any ideas? Anything is appreciated!

05-09-2007, 05:57
get a age and use lore of metals. nasty against brets and a few eagles to march block.

keep the bolt thrower thats the best anti-bret machine you got. use single shots up the front of the lance should kill a few knights

05-09-2007, 14:54
can't you get 2 bolt throwers per rare slot?

I'd figure a way for that.

05-09-2007, 15:09
You need to find a way to deflect (or atleast speedbump) his lance units so that he doesn't get off combined charges on your main units.

Small units of flyers to march block would also help.

Bretonians live and die by breaking the enemy. Try to get some stubborn, unbreakable units on the table too. A defensive BSB also help keep your units around.

For me, I hate playing against guys that use sacraficial units. Small cheap units that march out ahead of the main force that misdirect charges. If you can misdirect charges against a bretonian player, then you are well on your way to victory.

Dragon Prince of Caledor
07-09-2007, 21:58
I have used the lore of metal with my mage but it is a boring way to win so i stopped and started beating him without it. Magic is quite unpredictable. I have done the eagle march block thing with some success in the past but i think that my best bet is to get another bolt thrower.
The biggest thorn in my side undoubtedly is dumb pegasus knights
I hate them. They are too strong. The toughness 4 makes them un hurtable with my core heavy army. Bolt throwers take them down but I would like to kill them and allow the bolts to mow down the kotr.

07-09-2007, 22:37
My bolt thrower always dies. I am thinking that a stubborn block of spearmen could save it when it is done shooting. (throw it in front) any ideas? Anything is appreciated!

Well, it seems you are doing okay. The thing is, at 1000 points things can get a bit shaky (i.e. unpredictable), so don't take defeat badly. Next time around things can be different!

A few things you can do:

1) Deploy your artillery away from your main troops. That way your opponent will waste time by diverting troops to a remote area of the battlefield. Sure, the artillery piece will die just as quick, but those attackers won't immediately fall on another unit! Also, while distant you can exact some missile-based revenge with your archers!

2) Deploy your bolt thrower within a wood. Though this may limit its arc of fire, it will be less vulnerable to fliers. Any unit that *does* attack risks getting bogged down in difficult terrain.

3) If possible, mount you characters on barded steeds to improve armour saves. There isn't any real reason why you shouldn't - they are just as well protected in a unit of infantry as cavalry.

4) The Sword of Might and Biting Blade are good "budget" weapons against Bretonnians. Note that they both have the same chance of wounding and defeating the armour and ward saves of the Bretonnians rank-and-file knights. The cheaper Biting Blade is thus the best choice.

6) Bretonnians are quite fast, so you won't get much shooting out of your missile troops: Two rounds at best. You might be better off swapping the archers and sea guard for regular spearmen, but only if you have the models for it.