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05-09-2007, 07:45
Hi, fellow Warseers! When I play O&G, I find myself just working my way through the battle line for animosity and stupidity checks, but I feel that sometimes, the order of the two checks are important.

IIRC, the animosity tests are done before any declaration of charges. Stupidity at the start of the turn. Am I right in concluding that Stupidity checks are part of the "Start of the Turn" phase and therefore should be rolled before Animosity?

Related question: A We'll show 'em result is not part of the compulsory moves since you can declare charges after it is implemented. Logically, it must performed at once, before declaring charges. What happens when a unit that fails its stupidity check also is subject to Animosity? Does it ignore its Animosity roll and implement its stupid advance in the Compulsory Moves phase?


warlord hack'a
05-09-2007, 08:43
Hi fredmans,

animosity checks are taken also at the start of the turn phase, so before declare charges and before compulsory moves, but at the same time as terror and stupidity checks. Now which ones goes first I have no idea, I vaguely remember reading something about this in the O&G armybook yesterday but that is not of much help now.. Will look into it once I'm home.

05-09-2007, 09:00
Stupidity tests are taken during the Start of the Turn phase (BRB pages 48 and 52) which comes before the Movement phase. Animosity tests are taken at the start of the Movement phase (O&G page 16). So, Stupidity tests are clearly taken before Animosity tests. I'd also say that whether or not a unit fails it's Stupitidy test it can still be affected by Animosity.

05-09-2007, 09:09

As I recall, there is no provision in the Animosity rules for being Stupid. Stupidity also makes the unit Immune to Psychology and forces it to make a compulsory move. Again, none of these are taken into account in the Animosity rules.

The Animosity rules tells us under which circumstances units do not test for animosity, and Stupidity is not mentioned.

The only reason why a Stupid unit should not be subject to Animosity is that it is "wierd".