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05-09-2007, 10:41
Dwarfs i am using at the moment:


142: Thane (MRoSwiftness, RoMight, MRoChallenge) [warriors]
145: BSB (RoCourage, RoDetermination, ancestor rune) [longbeards]
149: Runesmith (3x RoSpellbreaking, great weapon) [bolt thrower crew]
125: Dragonslayer (MRoSmiting, RoSpeed)
215: 19 Warriors (FC, great axes)
335: 20 Longbeards (FC, great axes, RoSlowness)
120: 10 Quarreller Rangers (standard)
315: 20 Hammerers (FC, RoCourage, RoDetermination)
120: 2x Bolt Throwers (engineers)
90: Bolt Thrower (engineer, MRoImmolation)
120: Organ Gun
120: Organ Gun


1996: As Above
255: 23 Warriors (FC, great axes)
258: 15 Slayers (musician, standard, 3x Giantslayers)
90: Cannon
135: Cannon (RoForging)
120: Organ Gun
142: Thane (RoMight, 2xRoFury)

not sure about the 3k list, as that one is using the only models i have, but the 2k list seems to do rather well.

07-09-2007, 00:41
what use do you get out of the dragon slayer?

Also I have never had qualliers work and pale in comparison to thunders. I have also been running a similar list except I have;

Thane - General
Rune Smith

22 Iron Breakers
21 Iron Breakers

20 warriors
20 warriors

Organ Gun
2 str7 bolt throwers

The warriors guard the flanks and the iron breakers straight up the middle.

This army seems to do really well as people don't realise how hard iron breakers are to kill. The thanes are just there to add that extra killing ability to iron breakers when they hit a high armour oponent.