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hi all
fluff for my home grown chapter

The Storm Fists Chapter

The Storm Fist space marine chapter, are a successor to the Imperial Fists chapter, and are devoted to Dorn eternally. Their Chapter Master, William Wilson, like every other chapter master, has his armour in the same colours of the Imperial Fists chapter; this is to show loyalty to Dorn, and to their founding Legion. The Storm Fists home world of Hust IV is in the Segmentum Obscurus, the Scarus sector, and the Melok sub-sector. It is a harsh planet, and only the strongest survive, and only the strongest out of them become space marines. The Storm Fists chapter only recruit from their home world. They specialize in close combat, and do not follow the codex particularly closely, unlike the Imperial Fists. There Tactical squads are able to carry their boltguns in one hand for easier use in close combat, and are deadly in close combat. Their first company is entirely terminators (like the Deathwing) and the second and third companies, along with their 9th reserve company, are entirely assault squads. Apart from that, company organisation is like the codex chapters. The Markings are also different, the company number is on the right knee pad (they use a number, not a colour to differentiate between companies) and the squad number, inside the squad marking (tactical, assault etc) is on the right shoulder pad, the chapter symbol is on the left shoulder pad.

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dont bump like a noob. just because you did that I think your fluff sucks, and you should rename your chapter the noob chapter of noobtopia.

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thank you i appreciate your comments and will be taking apropriate action on the fluff

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So whats the revised fluff now that you changed the name.

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I like it, i did like the Chapter Master idea i myself was throwing round a similar idea.

Well done keep up the good work.