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Afraid I don't know the DM rules, but I will answer any questions from the Codex: Tau you need.

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Tau units and Tau Ranks

Fire Warrior & Pathfinder Teams (Tau: Shas'la)
XV8 'Crisis' Battlesuit & XV15 Stealth & XV-88 'Broadside' Teams (Tau: Shas'ui)
Gun Drone Squadron (Tau: Kor'vesa)
XV8 'Crisis' Battlesuit Bodyguard Team (Tau: Shas'vre)
Commander (Tau: Shas'el or Shas'o)
Ethereal Caste Member (Tau: Aun)
Devilfish Troop Carrier
Hammerhead Gunship
Kroot Carnivore Squad
Kroot Hound Pack

Battlesuit Support Systems

Sensor - Multi-tracker
Sensor - Target Lock
Shield Generator
Drone Controller

Battlesuit Weapons

Burst Cannon
Missile Pod
Plasma Rifle
Fusion Blaster
Smart Missile System

Hard-wired Support Systems

Target Lock
Blacksun Filter
Drone Controller

Other Weargear

Bonding Knife
Photon Grenades
EMP Grenades
Honour Blade

Tau Weaponry

Pulse Rifle
Pulse Carbine
Ion Cannon
Rail Rifle
Kroot Rifle
Kroot Gun

Tau Vehicle Upgrades

Sensor Spines
Targeting Array
Blacksun Filter
Gun Drones
Flecette Discharger
Decoy Launchers
Disruption Pod
Target Lock
Seeker Missiles

If you require anything else, let me know.

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Bonding Knife
Range 1, Fire 0, Power 2, Effect: Portable

Just to make sure your clear on something, the Bonding Knife in Codex: Tau isn't actually a weapon, its a ceremonial item, which allows a team to regroup even if below half size.

Vehicle Weaponry

Range 12+, Fire 0/4, Power 10/3, Effect: Ordnance, Multi-purpose: None/Blast

The Hammerhead/Vehicle Railgun has two fire modes.

Sensor - Multi-tracker
A Tau equipped with a multi-tracker may engage any eligible targets during Advance actions, rather than just the closest.

Not sure if you've done it like that because of the way your game system works or because of lack of familiarity with the Tau army but the Multi-tracker allows a Battlesuit to fire two weapons rather than the standard one.

Sensor - Target Lock
A Tau equipped with a target lock gains +1 to the MoS of any hits against one eligible target a turn.

40K version: Allows the model to fire at a different unit to the rest of its squad.

[quote]Pathfinder Armour - Adds +3 to the model's armour rating.

Firewarrior Armour - Adds +4 to the model's armour rating.[/qoute]

Fire Warriors and Pathfinders both have an armour save of 4+ in 40K.

Some of this you might know, just wanted to make sure its because of different game mechanics, rather than lack of knowledge. :)

02-09-2005, 00:43
Good point about the Multi-tracker though. I think the 40k effect might be better represented by another piece of equipment:

Sensor - Enhanced Fire Control
A Tau equipped with enhanced fire control is able to use an additional weapon during combat.

Sounds right to me. :)

Looking at the Pathfinder armour it looks kind of skimpier than Firewarrior armour, but heavier than Imperial flak armour. I think it works better in DM to give them slightly lighter armour, especially since they get fancier kit (marker-lights, rail-rifles, etc).

Fair enough, although they will have smaller units. 4 - 8 Pathfinders, as opposed to 6 - 12 Fire Warriors.

Thanks for the heads up though. Some of it was because of different game mechanics, but some was also unfamiliarity with the Tau Codex. A little bit from column A and a little bit from column B...:)

Thought it would mostly be column A, but better to be on the safe side. ;)

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are you going to add the Kroot in here as well (and Human Auxila/miners from the Taros book)?

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Okay, now I'm just working on the organization for the Tau. Ignoring the Tau 40k force organization chart, how are Cadres organized?

Difficult to say. Cadres seem to be created by the commander being allowed to select units from a pool of resources to achieve the tasks assigned to it. Generally, its considered to be 50 - 100 Tau though.