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06-09-2007, 21:05
I used to indecisive, but now I'm not sure... :eyebrows:

Anyway, so many ideas and models, so few painting hours! I've got a load of old models plus some current models off eBay, but am not sure what to put my limited painting time into. :(
Also I'm a skinflint, I'll be buying the Apocalypse book (maybe even the backpack) but don't want to buy a huge amount of new models.

Option 1
Carry on with the Nurgle Renegades I just started, aiming to put together a (mostly metal!) Battle Company for Apocalypse.


This would be the return of parts of my old Emperor's Lightning chapter, with several battle barges having been adrift in the Warp for a little too long...

Pros: I've got enough infantry models for a basic Company made up of CSM/Death Guard squads plus Raptors (old metal jump-pack Marines) and Havocs, plus original Chaos Dred and some extra Nurgly models to have some Chosen. Easy paint scheme.
Cons: Need Rhinos. Loadsa models. Might be a bit boring to play footslogging CSM. Could do with buying a Deamon Prince and a Defiler or two.

Option 2
Waaagh! I've also got one or two Orks, mostly unpainted/in need of stripping, or simply painted in too many different styles. Not sure if this would be for near-future Apocalypse games for the fun of making Battlefortresses, or wait until the new codex comes out.
This would be a combination of Evil Suns and Bad Moon klans.

Pros: Da boyz are back in town! Lots of potential for scratch-built monster machines for Apoc. Got lots of models already, including Shock Attack Gun.
Cons: Even more loadsa models. Start now and potentially have to redo things with the new codex? Don't have many vehicles, just a Battlewagon and a couple of buggies and a squad of bikes.

Option 3
Squat Guild Bikers. Yep, those long-forgotten short guys who got eaten by the 'Nids. I've got a squad or two of painted bikers, a couple of squads of painted infantry (including an all-heavy bolter unit), exo-armour Warlord, two painted heavy weapon trikes and lots of unpainted models. The plan would be to use the Ork codex to represent them.

Pros: Just seeing them on the table again. Several painted units which just need touching up.
Cons: Old painted models might not match too well with my current painting styles. Really need to wait for the new Ork codex.

Option 4
Finish some more Harlequins and Eldar.

Pros: Lots of painted stuff already. Touching up a few more of the mostly-painted models would easily give me a large (4k?) Apocalypse force. Doing the unpainted stuff would take me up to 6-7k. Have a Falcon and two Prisms waiting to be assembled.
Cons: Short attention span. Don't have any Wave Serpents. Not much experience painting large Eldar vehicles.

Option 5
A little bit of everything. Who needs sleep, anyway?

This would probably involve painting up 1000-1500 points of Nurgle Marines for regular games, using my Eldar for Apocalypse, then once the new Ork codex is out doing some Orks plus big machines. The Squats would probably be limited to 1k points using the already painted models with minimal retouching.

Pros: Lots of smaller projects to keep swapping between. Might not need to buy much. More variety in games.
Cons: Lots of work. Easy to get put off by the amount of things to do. Only have one evening a week for gaming, so each army would only get to a tabletop once a month.

Thoughts? This thread will become the project log regardless of which route I take.

06-09-2007, 21:15
You're making me choose between those killer harlequins of yours and dwarves on motorbikes? That my friend is cruel ;) My vote goes to the squats though - don't think I've ever seen an army of them done before.

Dominus Ex Machina
06-09-2007, 21:19
Why be satisfied with just one project when you can run several? ;)

That is one lovely marine, I love the old-school models!

06-09-2007, 21:53
Well, you might have guessed what I'm voting for!!

Oh, you don't?!?!?

Well then, I think it should be squats, bring on the angry halfers!!

06-09-2007, 23:34
Cruel, me? Nah!

Ross - great stuff!

In the meantime, here's a few more photos of the WiP Nurgle Renegades. The first ones are copied from a thread in the main M,P&T forum about underpainting.



Fluff-wise, the Emperor's Lightning are an old Chapter who seem to lose an unusually large number of ships to the Warp. This has been going on for several millennia with the blame being placed on enemies within the Navigator's Guild, a psychic taint in the geneseed and countless other ideas other the centuries.
What the Chapter Masters are coming to realise is that the missing Brothers have not simply vanished into the Warp but have been tainted by Chaos, with the missing barges eventually congregating together into a single force equipped with armour from all the major periods from the Heresy onwards, but comprising a large number of Mk6 suits, and even ancient Contemptor Close Assault Dreadnoughts (colloquially know as the "Chuck").

06-09-2007, 23:44
I had a go at darkening the test scheme as the Bilious Green was a bit too bright even for me, but wasn't that pleased with the result:

Some more about to get updated:

On this one I hit the right colours for the green/yellow - by applying only a single thin coat over the grey/white underpainting, the colours are much more Nurglesque, particularly where there are areas of grey underneath. This can be seen best in the crease by the helmet ridge:

It's also a lot faster than underpainting, adding a top coat and then shading the top coat...

Most of this group have the green and purple done. Bronze detailing, pouches, bases and rusty brown inking on the metallics still to go. Pictures to come at a later stage.


07-09-2007, 06:38
Guess you've made you descsion then :D

Looks great mate, can always count on you to have stunning old models, good stuff .



When Black Roses Bloom
07-09-2007, 06:48
I would preffer to see moulddy old chaos space marines spreading desease and muckus all over the place. KILL! MAIM! BURN!

07-09-2007, 07:44
Guess you've made you descsion then :D
Nah, these were done a couple of days ago. Although I have to say I'm edging towards a bit of everything.

07-09-2007, 20:58
A couple of shots showing the bulk of the Marines:



If you look closely you can see that it's mostly old Beaky Mk VIs, but there's a lot of others mixed in there, from the Mk IIIs painted up as Marines Errant (blue and white halved), a fair few Mk VIIs (chest eagles will need replacing/covering), plus a few Nurgle-specific models from each edition.

07-09-2007, 21:24
One or two Orks awaiting conversions and painting:

The army will mostly consist of Bad Moons and Evil Suns, perhaps with a nautical-styled Battlewagon full of Freebooters. :p

Including some crappy plastic Space Crusade Orks if I get really desperate to bulk up the numbers.

This was a real bargain on eBay, something like 35 old metal Orks, including six of the old Power Armour Orks and the old metal buggy - all for a grand total of 15.29.

Now to go and find the Squats for their group shot...


07-09-2007, 23:00
P.S. That's only a fraction of the Orks, there's still a big bag full of RT-era metal Boyz, some Warbikes and a Shokk Attack Gun.

On to the Squats, who seem to be moving quickly ahead in the poll... the first two images are from my 'old figure collection' thread, photographed properly in a diffused box.



07-09-2007, 23:13
And some not quite so well photographed ones:

There's another sort-of-painted infantry squad somewhere (all with Heavy Bolters that are about the size of modern Bolters), but they will need stripping anyway. But this isn't a bad core for a small force, the bikers only need some minimal retouching. The rest of the Thudd Gun is around as well.


This heavy Trike was converted so that the gunner has a proper seat, and the whole gun assembly rotates on a pin.


And... (drum-roll please!) the Guild Master.

This guy's sole aim in any game was to split off from the rest of the army, ride hell-for-leather towards the enemy table edge and leave his little flag thing stuck in the ground. It got to the stage where people were so irritated by this that they would send 2-3 squads after him, almost ignoring the rest of the army! Note - this was around the time of the X-Y coordinate grids for shooting at vehicles, and the bikes were so small on the grid that they were almost impossible to hit. Especially once you added in the modifiers for suicidally fast targets - was it 32" a turn they went? Oh happy days.

07-09-2007, 23:33

Holy Cr*p! I knew I'd been keeping this lot locked away in case of a need for urgent funds via eBay, but I'd forgotten how many of them there were!

That's another five Heavy Trikes for a total of seven, another 15 normal Bikes for a total of 23, one-and-a-half command squads, an Exo-Armour Biker and most of a Hearthguard unit in Exo-Armour.
Oh, and a load of heavy weapon gunners and loaders, and a couple of Judge Dredd Powerboards (Death from Above!).

let's see how the poll changes in the next few days... :eek:

08-09-2007, 00:01
Screw the poll, get cracking on the Squats!! :D

You've got a fantastic collection of 'classic' models in all theat, lucky barstewered!! ;)

Acolyte of Bli'l'ab
08-09-2007, 03:01
I love this post already! and always fun to see more squats :D

08-09-2007, 08:05

Now for a photo-less post.

Game-wise, the Squats would be represented by the new Ork codex, assuming that the leaked 'playtest' codex (http://warseer.com/forums/40k-news-rumour-discussion/101190-new-ork-codex-summary.html) is similar to the final version.

Squat Warlord in Exo Armour w. Multi-Melta
Represented by Ork Warlord in Mega Armour w. either Big Shoota or Shoota with Shootier and Blasta. Alternatively, if Big meks can take Mega Armour, go for a Kustom Mega Blasta.

Squat Warlord in Exo Armour on Trike, or the Guild Master on Trike?
Represented by Wazzdakka Gutsmek, to get Bikes as Troops

Hearthguard in Exo Armour, possibly in a Rhino.
Represented by Meganobz mob, possibly in a Trukk.

The much-feared Heavy Bolter unit.
Lootaz Mob

1-2 Units of Squats
Boyz Mobz

2 x 10 Bikers
Warbike Mobz

Fast Attack
3 units of Heavy Trikes (3,2,2 or 3,3,1) with a mix of Multi-Meltas and Heavy Bolters
Warbuggies, with a mix of Mega Blastas and Big Shootas
Alternatively, use Deffkoptas and ignore the bits about moving over terrain - Hit 'n Run would fit Guild Biker tactics very well.

Heavy Support
Thudd Gun and Mole Mortar
Big Gun battery

I guess that lot to come to 1600-1900 points, so I could even leave out the footsloggers and go for a 'pure' Guild Expeditionary Force. Yay!

08-09-2007, 12:38
In the meantime, Kult of Speed isn't a bad list for a pure Guild Biker force:

Guild Master (KoS Warboss with Choppa)

10 x Bikers (Warbikes)

10 x Bikers (Warbikes)

3 x Heavy Trikes (Warbuggies w. TL Rokkits)

2 x Heavy Trikes (Warbuggies w. Skorchas)

3 x Heavy Trikes (Warbuggies w. Kustom Mega Blastas - about as close as you get to old-school Multi-Meltas)

Total: 1001 points, nothing but HQ and Troops. :D

Rogue Trader
08-09-2007, 13:01
some great stuff here, i would love to see he squats done

08-09-2007, 21:02
Given the way the poll (and my interests) are going, for now I'm going to carry on with the Renegades and start putting together the Squat Bikers. Stay tuned...

13-09-2007, 18:45
Some almost-finished Renegades, as painted a week ago:


Brass bits and some detailing to come.

P.S. It's not supposed to be a valid squad, it's just the test models. ;)

13-09-2007, 18:53
Now, back in the day, there used to be a benefit to using more than one of the same weapon, and this 'ardnut used two powergloves.

Given that it's not really a useful choice anymore, I thought he should have some Lightning Claws (plastic skelly scythes). Oh, and a jump-pack, making him the leader of the Nurgle Raptors. I'm assuming that the jump-packs are turbo-boosted. ;)




13-09-2007, 18:58
I've also been hitting eBay pretty hard over the last week.

First up are some tanks for the Nurgle Boys:



The Whirlwind will probably end up going to the Orks. If you look carefully you'll realise that it isn't a 'kit' Whirlwind, it's made using the original WD instructions, made from a 40mm monster base plus spares from the Rhino kit. Makes it about as old as the rest of the figures!

13-09-2007, 19:39
Righto. Orky stuff via eBay.


Two-and-a-half Mega Armour Nobs - pretty sure I've still got some Titan close-combat weapons somewhere to replace the missing arms. :D

Pulsa Rokkit and four rather nice Grot Crew. This went for about the price that four of the Grots normally go for.

Three of the really old Power Armour Orks. This takes me up to about a dozen of them, should make nice Flash Gitz.

13-09-2007, 19:44
Not really related to any of the options, but it was in mint condition and bidding stayed at sensible levels.


I still rate this as one of the best Assassin sculpts. There's also a personal reason for getting this one - I've painted the sculpt three times - once for sale (and haven't seen the model since), once for GW Torquay where it was stolen within a month, and finally once for myself, which also got stolen within a few months. :cries:

Maybe this one will stay around a bit longer, although I'm getting paranoid about putting paint anywhere near it...

13-09-2007, 20:04
Interesting. Whatever I post last gets voted for...

More Orky bitz, this time some Robogear sprues which are wonderful for conversions.

Guns (lots of guns), tracks, claws, buzz-saws...

Jet engines, more guns, go-fasta fins...

The wings and a jet engine from the last sprue, gatling cannon, misc bits...

Now for scale, the Assassin, a 25mm base, one of the buzz-saws and a Gatling Cannon. A Gatling Cannon with a grand total of eight shells.

I'm not sure if the Gatling Cannon will end up on some kind of Stompa, or a BattleFortress.

Hmm, thinks - a Battlefortress could be an interesting way to bring in some LEGO Mindstorms - how about a caterpillar-tracked Battlefortress that you can drive around the battlefield via your mobile phone? Totally impractical given that it only ever moves 6" or maybe 12", but fun.

13-09-2007, 20:22
Finally, a small smidgin of progress on the Squats. (And the crowd goes wild!)

First, some slight less fuzzy photos of one of the painted Heavy Trikes.




In theory, the gunner is supposed to stand on the platform at the back and reach up to the gun, but that always looked... bad (http://solegends.com/citcat911/c2056squatsbikers-h.htm).

This was converted using some bits of sprue to form a seat, and a bit of plasticard as a backrest. Looks much better, but I'm going to be three short when it gets to regular bikers. Oops.

13-09-2007, 20:29
I've got two bikes cleaned up ready for assembly:

Along with a Heavy Trike. Like the two painted ones, this will be converted so that the gunner has a seat, and I'll be swapping out the exceedingly tiny Multi Melta for a bigger one (bottom-left).

However, there's another six bikes to clean up before the bike squad is ready for assembly. :eyebrows:


13-09-2007, 22:58
Curse you, You've got all the toys I want.....

Nurgle raptor looks cool, as does the swivel seat on the trike :)

13-09-2007, 23:36
Would you like some more Squat riders?

14-09-2007, 03:28
Curse you, You've got all the toys I want.....

Nurgle raptor looks cool, as does the swivel seat on the trike :)
Somehow he has just the right pose for it. The swivel seat is based on one of the Paul Bonner illustrations back in WD111 when the Squats as we know them were introduced. I'd take a photo and upload it, but technically that would be a copyright violation.

Would you like some more Squat riders?
Definitely! That way I can use all the Bikes, and maybe even convert more of the unpainted Heavy Trikes.

14-09-2007, 06:14
on those old power fists dark eldar bayonettes work wonders making lightn9ing claws. alot thinner and smaller than what your using, you may like a little better.


14-09-2007, 07:34
I quite like the length and curve of the scythes (and it keeps the whole model 'old-school'), but I'll have a look at the DE bits. Thanks.

14-09-2007, 08:07
I had a play with some LEGO bits - anyone reckon this could be a good start to a Battlefortress?


With two motors between tracks, and a bit of room to get the motors in and out (I need them for other projects), it'll be pretty wide:



The superstructure would then be quite substantial to house the control brick. I'm quite please with the tracks as they are, but might also play with gluing big plates onto every second link.
The outer facing inside the tracks would be covered with tons of metal plating, maybe with a couple of Grot-infested sponsons.
The Gatling Cannon seen earlier would make great sponson weapons on the side of the superstructure, with ammo feeds leading into the main body. Oh, and ejection ports for the spent rounds - on one of the sponsons it would be amusing to see the ejection port facing the side of the tank, with the gunner having to cower from ricocheting cartridges. :cool:


14-09-2007, 08:31
And they say it's not the size that counts!!

That out to be a monster of a machine. I for one support this monster tank :)

14-09-2007, 16:03
Another package turned up today.

Orks. LOTS of Orks. This was an eBay 'let's bid on it and see what turns up' special.

Deciphering the two unhelpful photos and braving the 31 postage fee, I plonked some money down and hoped I wasn't making a fool of myself. No need to worry, though.

OK, nice big box, heavy as well...

Lots of bubblewrap, slightly worrying.

Slight signs of relief at the sight of three Kans, a couple of Mega Armour Nobs, some regular Nobs and assorted metal heavy weapon boyz.

Two Wartrakks, a Warboss and a ton of Boyz in both metal and plastic. The box is still fairly heavy!

14-09-2007, 16:25
Delving further into the depths...

Loadsa Boyz, metal and plastic, with a tendency towards Stikkbombz.

More Loadsa Boyz, plus some old and new Stormboyz (clokkwerk jumpy-packs FTW) and an old Ghazkull. Plus 'stretch' Trukk with wrecking ball.

Finally we descend into the bottom of the Abyss - even more Loadsa Boyz, some more Stormboyz, an unpainted Dred, four Warbikes, some more Nobs and a wide variety of Trukks and Buggies.

Oh, and a codex.

14-09-2007, 16:28
Here it all is again, sorted into piles:



After combing through this lot and picking out the best bits, looks like I'll have a nice pile of eBay lots. :D

Death Korp
14-09-2007, 16:35
Damn, you've got alot of nice models (and that was a great steal from e-bay)! I'd say to do a bit of all, because, well really you are!


14-09-2007, 18:49
Croikey! You can't help feeling ever so slightly sorry for the bloke who parted with that many orks for 40 odd quid though :p

14-09-2007, 21:31
I'm quite harsh when it comes to badly-advertised eBay auctions. But if I do end up making lots on what I sell I might well pass a little of it on to the original seller.

I did some more fleshing out on the LEGOwagon, with a couple of old and new Orks for scale:


Height-wise the superstructure would be about as high as the tracks are, maybe with turrets. I like turrets. :)
The superstructure would lift off so that the control brick can be put in and removed.

Even with plating going over the wheels, I think they are going to need plasticard disks put over them to hide all the holes.


This gives a feel for the minimum width, but it looks like it needs to go a bit wider:
- I'd like to have more room between the tracks and the sides of the superstructure, with the bare tracks being the widest part of the model,
- it'll end up looking very top-heavy,
- it gives more room for getting the motors in and out.

The track links will definitely need bulking out, if just to cover the holes.

Other thoughts:
Rather than having the 'traditional' Deff Roller, I fancy an assault ramp on the front, maybe surrounded by flamers.
Maybe combine a ramp with an alternative to the roller, such as big electrical contacts sticking out with an electrical arc sparking between them, or a couple of grabber claws.
A cabin tucked just over the ramp, or a driving platform on the top. For added silliness, have some of the control rods connect through to the control brick. :rolleyes


P.S. I think it will end up as a non-powered model most of the time, just with the option to put the motors in when I feel like it.

15-09-2007, 17:53
Here's a photo-mockup of my initial plans for the powered Battlefortress, with the emphasis on fortress.


There would be an assault ramp under the cabin, and enjin gubbinz under the balcony to the rear. I also fancy a crow's nest on a rickety bit of scaffolding.

I'm pleased with the track sections but the top half is still a bit blocky. The cabin is not very Orky either. Any ideas or inspiration?

15-09-2007, 23:38
"Any ideas or inspiration?" maybe......

LOTS of scaffolding, the obvious smattering of mismatched armoured plates, either bust open the cabin (so it's sorta 'open topped') or a great big plated ork face on the front (as if the cabin's be scavenged, whacked on, then orked up).

My 2.59 cents (I always give that little extra :D )

16-09-2007, 19:53
a great big plated ork face on the front (as if the cabin's be scavenged, whacked on, then orked up).
I'd not read your post until now, but by some strange form of telepathy, I though about a Mek that loots a Stompa/Gargant head and uses that for a cabin...


Lots of hydraulic gubbinz so that the head can move down and scoop up the enemy, counting as a Deffrolla in the game. Underneath is the assault ramp. On top is a pintle-mounted Big Shoota.


On top we have a tower in each corner and a big open-topped troop section, possibly with a big gun mounted there as well, between the front two towers.


A bit more fleshing out on the towers - each has a biggish gun in the bottom (maybe Big Shootas instead), the rear two have an extra storey with the Gatling Cannons mounted on top on swivel mounts. With big cylindical ammo hoppers plus seats on the rear for the gunners, rather like the Squat Heavy Trike conversion.

Oh, and for full Orkiness, one of the rear towers needs loads of bullet holes and reinforcing from the time when one of the 360-degree-fire-arc Gatling Cannon accidentally tracked through the other tower when shooting something fast-moving. :rolleyes: Oops.

19-09-2007, 17:55
Nurgle Update

I've been putting together the Raptor Champion, with lots of pinning...

Two pins from the body into the jump-pack, and you can see the holes in the back of the powerglove, ready to take the scythe blades.

Scythe blades with pins, ready to be glued on.

After gluing.


I was wondering about having wires coming out of the tops of the scythes and into the bits underneath the powergloves. Any thoughts?

19-09-2007, 18:48
And here's a couple of photos of the painted Renegades, they're starting to come together. Since the last photos of them I have added bronze detailing plus chestnut/brown inkwash on the bronze, and a mucky inkwash of chestnut and brown inks plus black and brown paint to all the other areas of metallics.



Brother-Marine Multi-melta in the middle is the closest to the final scheme, colour-wise.

P.S. In the background you can see the infamous pot of Bilious Green...
P.P.S. These older models mostly have Bolt Pistols and CCWs tucked away somewhere, making them even better fits for CSM. ;)

19-09-2007, 19:29
A few more arrivals from eBay...

A lightly battered 'Weirdboy being aimed at the enemy':

Bad Moon Boss plus some snotlings:

Assorted LEGO wheels - the big ones could work well on the back of Orky Dragstas:

Don't worry, I haven't forgotten the Squats...

19-09-2007, 20:06
It seems that the studs on the Nurgle shoulder armor should have a bit of black lining around them. Painting the studs all black before painting on the metal would allow you to leave a tiny bit showing on the edges. Now the metal goes right into green and in some places where the stud isn't entirely painted it looks a bit off.

Other than that, love them! How are they going to be based? I think a dark gray would look really nice, either in stone or cityfight rubble. I'm hoping you won't go overboard with the "old-school" look and make the bases green. That'd be a tragedy.

19-09-2007, 22:01
Yes, I could black-line the studs, but there's more than a full company of them. :( But I can take a bit more care when adding the dark wash, so that it gives nearly the same effect.

Basing - yes, definitely dark. Probably a greyish-brown (possibly a brownish-grey), with small patches of browny-green vegetation.

P.S. The obligatory desk shot. Note the presence of an anglepoise on each side. :)


EDIT - only one more day to go, folks!

P.P.S. Any ideas for the cables on the lightning claws?

20-09-2007, 10:18
angle what?

cables? guitar strings, cheap too, heat them with a lighter and it will remove the springyness out of them so you can bend them to shape easier.


20-09-2007, 10:34
Anglepoise = light on a jointed arm. Technically it's a specific make, but like Hoover it's become a generic term.

I've got stuff that can be used for the cables, I was hoping for ideas on how to integrate the claws better. Although I may have come up with something - some Fabius Bile-esque storage canisters on the backs of the gloves, with pipes leading into the blades, then model/paint green yucky stuff dripping off the blades... :p

26-09-2007, 17:08
This afternoon I finally started on the Squats again:


More to come once I've gone and found the black spraycan...

26-09-2007, 18:04
First I assembled the Trike, complete with rather a lot of pinning - the wheels are pinned and the front forks are pinned as well! Look closely between the handlebars and you can see the pin, which runs through the forks and the bit which stuck out the top of the bike body.


Next I got rid of the old (and very small) Multi-Melta and replaced it with a larger (and even older!) one. Then I started building a seat for the gunner, and chopping up arms to fit:


The gunner, seat and gun assembled - try to ignore the unfortunately-placed pin underneath the gunner, it won't be visible with the black undercoat... there's also a pin from the gun into the first piece of cut up sprue.


Rear view, showing cross-section of sprue:


26-09-2007, 18:09
I love all theolde stuff in this log. keep it up!

26-09-2007, 18:14
The completed model:

In total there is a gun-sight added to the top of the melta barrel, two pieces of sprue forming the seat, two pieces of plasticard forming the seat-back, another two pieces forming the footrests and a bit more plasticard on top of the fists to form handles.

A three-quarter view showing the footrests a bit more clearly. The plasticard doesn't line up exactly with the bits on the bottoms of the boots, but it's close enough from a distance.


Another alternative view, showing the backrest.


Oops, just realised that I'd meant to shave down the lower part of the backrest to be the same width as the sprue. Oh well, it's undercoated now...

26-09-2007, 18:59
A very thoroughly undercoated bike, gunner and rider:


26-09-2007, 19:13
Now with wet-brushed Boltgun on all the metallics. Once this has dried it'll get a wash of black and brown ink, a drybrush with Boltgun and a final highlight with silver.


26-09-2007, 19:32
After the black paint and chestnut ink wash:


26-09-2007, 19:51
And drybrushed again with Boltgun:


26-09-2007, 20:06
Plus silver highlighting:


27-09-2007, 08:50
Now with colour!


And not a lot else...

27-09-2007, 09:05
Models never really 'come alive' until the faces are done:


So it's time to do some flesh... I never found a flesh paint that I was really happy with, so tend to mix it myself - roughly 2:1 Skull White and Bleached Bone, with Bestial Brown to taste, and tiny dabs of dark green and red. The Bestial Brown basically controls how tanned the skin looks, while the green tones down the colours so that they aren't too bright and red can help give the skin a bit of life by making it pinker.


As the Squats mostly live underground I went for fairly pasty skin complexions.


The assembled Heavy Weapon Trike:


I may try and do a better photo today, but this gives an idea of how it came out.
Now, any good ideas for basing?

27-09-2007, 09:41
for me it would depend on your typical game table


27-09-2007, 09:52
My typical gaming table is whatever is available at the local GW, which is usually green flock, but can be CoD ruins, strange orange mud with purple lakes etc. etc. :(

Colour-wise I'm currently thinking in terms of churned up mud with areas of grass on top, and adding bits of turf to the wheels. Base sizes and shapes is another thing altogether... Does anyone know where I can buy 'oval' bases? Not really oval, but a rectangle with rounded ends, the same effect you would get putting half a round 25mm base on each end of a square or rectangular base.

27-09-2007, 10:48
guess you are screwed for gaming tables then. :evilgrin:

you can make an oval base from a 25mm square and a 25mm round, split the 25mm round in half.
saw one that looked like that was how it was made and fill in wherever.

try a 60mm round for the trikes, they work good for a space marine attack bike.


27-09-2007, 10:59
I know I can make the bases that way, but as there's 24 of them to do I was wondering if there's anything available pre-made. Not that I'm lazy or anything... :)

27-09-2007, 11:01
try the 60mm rounds then, also gives you a little more room for landscaping, to make that table of thiers look better :D


27-09-2007, 11:04
Love the way the Squats came out, very nice shading.

As to the color of the base, I'd go for some reddish mud or summink....

27-09-2007, 11:30
totally agree the result is amazing, Ross will be banging your door down! awesome

27-09-2007, 19:28
Thanks all! Red mud on the bases would be particularly appropriate, given that that's the local soil colour...

I dug out the lightbox and took some proper photos:





27-09-2007, 19:36
A couple of comparison shots with the old one:



The new one looks a bit top-heavy next to the old one, and the whole weapon is a bit too far back. But thanks to Charlie I've got some more Bikers on the way so should be able to convert the rest of the Trikes in a similar way.

The skin is also a bit too pasty.

27-09-2007, 19:48
Not sure if I posted these before in another thread, but while I had the lightbox out...


And some more shots of the existing Bikers:



P.S. Some photos of local red mud (http://www.devonperspectives.co.uk/budleigh_salterton.html).

27-09-2007, 19:53
Some old part-painted Orks:



Da Bad Moon Bosses are base-coloured, the idea was to do most of the shading by adding a dark wash of the relevant colour.

27-09-2007, 20:27
Now some assorted models to offer up to Papa Nurgle.

First up, a variety of 'Ye Olde Dreadnought Armour' - Chaos Dread, Termie MkI, Termie MkIII and Chuck (or was it Eddy?). I picked up the Chaos Dred on the bring-n-buy stall at a local games show this Spring - surprisingly it was still there at the end of the day at 8.


I always find it interesting to look at old Jes Goodwin Sculpts (Termie MkIII in case you hadn't guessed) and realise how well they've aged. You could almost see that being released now as a Terminator prototype.

Now a couple of old 40k models - proto-Beakies! The unpainted one was the model of the cover of the Rogue Trader book. The green-and-check one was probably the fifth 40k model I ever painted, which makes it about the tenth one in total. I was so proud of the weathering on the legs... :angel:


Then some of the first few CSM. The left-most one was the second Chaos Marine (then called Treacher Marines) ever released. Originally it was a limited edition, but GW then added it to the regular catalogue. Grrrr.


Somewhere I've got the original model with a tentacle arm, but I've not tracked it down yet.

Hmm. Maybe it's time to resurrect my 'pictures of old models' log...

Rogue Trader
27-09-2007, 20:45
oh wow, the memories come flooding back, great stuff, nice to see some of the old dreads still alive and the squats are looking great, i always liked the ork bosses mini's aswell, sweet dude! lol :D :D

27-09-2007, 20:54
A lot of people claim to hate the original Dreadnought models :eek: but I reckon with some Nurglification it should be fine.

28-09-2007, 17:50
Found some rounded bike bases, yay!

http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/FOUNDATIONS-OF-WAR-WARGAMES-RESIN-BIKE-BASES-X5_W0QQitemZ280140399470QQihZ018QQcategoryZ56363QQ ssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem

At 80x45mm they should work quite nicely for the Heavy Trikes, and I'll see if I can find something a bit smaller for the normal bikes.

28-09-2007, 18:04
ah nostalgia, i think i had most of those mini's when i first started. great to see them all again.

looking forward to nurglification!


28-09-2007, 18:49
Two more bikers ready for undercoating:


Doubt I'll get near them before Tuesday/Wednesday, though. :(

28-09-2007, 21:46
Another source of odd-shaped bases (this time called 'pill' bases) - Litko (http://www.litkoaero.com/Merchant2/merchant.mvc?Screen=CTGY&Store_Code=LAI&Category_Code=MB).

I've ordered some of these in 3mm ply, if they are good they may end up being used to base all my Eldar Jetbikes as well. Hmm, and for the Vincent Blackshadow bikes I'll be using for the Nurgle Renegades.

looking forward to nurglification!
So am I. :)

02-10-2007, 13:27
Courtesy of charlie_c67 I've now got some spare riders for the Squats (thanks!), and should be able to convert the remaining four Heavy Trikes. :)
The Ork biker will get used somewhere as well...


Below can be seen the basis for a couple of small CSM Biker squads - old metal Vincent Blackshadows:



The riders are a mix of plastic RTB01 Marines and old Rhino crew.

02-10-2007, 13:36
Almost forgot - the larger bike bases turned up:


Quite a good fit for the Heavy Trike, but I think they'd be a bit over-sized for the normal bikes.

02-10-2007, 23:17
nah, just more to decorate XD

13-10-2007, 08:07
An absolute joy to see so many classic minis in such numbers- particularly the squats. All looking great- I had a thought when the tracks appeared for your ork battle fortress that a tracked tank for the squats would be cool at somestage[it' not like you have much to do!]. But brilliant to see all this, brings back a lot of happy memories [and a slight touch of envy!]. Looking forward to seeing the churned mud bases- oh and your photographs are fanatastic- very professional and really shows your painting off really well.

23-10-2007, 04:43
I'm rather new to the hobby and I've been poking around ebay looking at the classic models. I'm really enjoying your thread and seeing some of these classics in action, I love the old orks. Keep the posts coming :D

15-11-2007, 00:39
It's been over a month, but I've been rather busy with other things...

Assorted Marines heading to papa Nurgle:

15-11-2007, 01:36
Two of the underpainting stages. As you can see, it can afford to be fairly rough.

One model base-coloured, the rest of the batch underpainted:

15-11-2007, 02:05
The rest of the batch, totally finished apart from one base, one face and two heavy weapons.

Front and back of a finished marine, for comparison with the underpainted photo earlier. Note that the Imperial eagle on the Bolter was removed on the other similar models, but I forgot on this one. Given the Renegade nature of the model, it'll need to be defaced in some way.

Three heavy weapon gunners. Note that the plastic one in the middle has LOTS of fishing weights glued in the base, and takes the same guns as the old Chaos Marine heavy weapon troopers like the one on the right.

15-11-2007, 02:18
More close-ups. It's always amazing how much the base and face add to a model.

Now, bases. This is the first time that I've done non-flocked bases on a unit basis. The initial texture is made up by adding some flock to some Bestial Brown (NOT in the paint pot!) and a smidgin of PVA glue, then slathering this onto the base. After drying, three levels of drybrushing where used on the base, going from Bestial Brown & Bleached Bone to Bleached Bone & White. The darker tones were taken up the lower leg greaves to add a bit of weathering. Then watered down PVA glue and static grass in places.
Not stunning, but pretty good for army standard.


They're a bit out of focus in the base shots, but you can see my attempts to add 'glass vial' effects onto the fuel tanks for the multi meltas.

15-11-2007, 02:51
you know how much a fan i am of your work, the vibrant colors and what not. keep it up.

15-11-2007, 02:52
Group shot of all the Renegades so far:

As an experiment, I tried a bit of lighting effect on the plasma guns, inspired by Hortwerth's moonlit Eldar, in particular the Star Cannon (http://warseer.com/forums/science-fiction-project-logs/109448-eldar-army-post2035800.html#post2035800) and Fire Dragon (http://warseer.com/forums/science-fiction-project-logs/109448-eldar-army-post2065289.html#post2065289).

I'm not it really works, though. Maybe in red/yellow rather than blue tones.

And in case you're wondering, I haven't forgotten the short guys...
The Litko laser-cut ply bases turned up a few weeks ago and are great. Light, easy to work and very cleanly cut.


Attaching the bikes should be easy, just drill up through the base directly into the wheels and pin.

15-11-2007, 03:04
you know how much a fan i am of your work, the vibrant colors and what not. keep it up.
:) It's worth noting that the greens are a bit too vibrant in the photos (at least they are on my colour-calibrated screen) - the green on the most recent batch of Renegades is almost more yellow than green, and quite 'olivey' where the underpainting is black.
More Nurgley than I'd feared at first, so the colour scheme is pretty fixed now, apart from a chapter symbol. The scheme is also flexible enough with the addition of bronze edging to cope with models like the skull-headed model.

More squats - the Litko bases are 25x50mm and do look a bit small for the normal trikes, but not too bad:

Plus a comparison of normal bike on Litko 25x50mm and a heavy trike on a Foundations of War 40x76mm resin base:

15-11-2007, 03:20
Of course I couldn't resist seeing how the bases look for other models, so here's a metal Jetbike and an old Vincent Blackshadow Marine bike.



Looks like I'll be ordering some more.

On the subject of not being able to resist... Litko do these neat perspex tokens, including ones where you chose a shape and colour and can then get custom text added on top. For someone who tends to forget about his Eldar re-rolls...



Unfortunately some over-helpful soul corrected my purposeful mis-spelling of 'Dooomed!' and took out the extra 'o'. Oh well.

15-11-2007, 03:47
How could I forget...?

In a momentary lapse of sanity, I bought this guy's bigger brother on eBay. :angel:


Yes, it's an Armorcast Revenant Titan. Bear in mind that the Epic model between it's feet is on a 40mm monster base.



Eventually to be stripped and repainted, but for now it's being used as-is.

15-11-2007, 12:42
Soooooooooo many pics! The renegades look ace, the group shot is sweet. I dig those custom markers, and nice work on the revenant, time was I was hunting for one too but had a fit of sanity :cries:

- Salvage

15-11-2007, 13:58
I absolutely love those nurgle marines, absolute things of beauty. There is something about them that I feel captures the scene of the siege of the Emperor's palace. I can almost see them having debased their armour on the journey to Terra and the horror of their counterparts on the walls looking at what they've become.

And the titan! That is an insane, but beautiful model. Hope its proving to be as fun as it looks. (I did chuckle when I saw the perspex tokens...)

15-11-2007, 14:16
And the titan! That is an insane, but beautiful model. Hope its proving to be as fun as it looks.
You're in Exeter - come along to GW tonight and you'll see it in action...

We used it last week and it was insane! It took down two Land Raiders, a Predator, a Defiler an Obliterator and a squad of CSM without being damaged. Mind you, I'm unbelievably flukey when it comes to 4+ holofield and primary weapon saves. :D

15-11-2007, 14:26
Unfortunately some over-helpful soul corrected my purposeful mis-spelling of 'Dooomed!' and took out the extra 'o'. Oh well.

I'm still giggling from that.

16-11-2007, 00:57
Nothing really new, but here's some shots from this evening's Apocalypse game where some of the new models were used.

The Revenant walked on and took on the two Chaos super-heavies, eventually killing each one by charging it, due to abysmal shooting rolls. 4 shots, 3+ to hit = one actual hit...
Mind you, the only Structure Point it suffered was from the nearby Brass Scorpion blowing up.



I should have taken a photo of the Baneblade before it eventually went down - a Structure Point, a destroyed main cannon, two shaken lascannon and a shaken hull cannon left the model half-covered in little red status markers, contrasting nicely with the green colour scheme.
Then the Revenant played trampoline on the last turn, freeing up the objective that was behind the tank.

In the exact middle of the battlefield, the Nurgle Havocs were busy guarding the captured Astropath, the main objective for the game.



The objective was eventually contested, but the total between the two sides was so close in points that we called it a draw for the Astropath. The Imperial side (with Eldar allies) still won, due to a ton of flukey Disruptor Beacon rolls on my part - the Baneblade, Typhus, two units of 1k Sons, two units of Chaos Terminators, a Predator and a couple of other units all got lost and turned up on the back edge of the board, with only a Terminator squad and three Obliterators remembering to take their maps.

And to think that people complain about Flank March...

16-11-2007, 13:11
Glad to hear the Rev has done so well for you on the field, those are some impressive kills it's amassing. A guy at my FLGS has a nice painted FW Rev, and when it shows up it's always stunned and/or torn apart without doing anything of note. Course it's gone up against 3+ titans in APOC games and nidzilla in normal games - and carnifex eat it for breakfast.

- Salvage

16-11-2007, 17:04
I've been working a bit on the army structure for the Squats, going by rumours of the new Ork codex (taking a special character to get Bikers as troops etc.).

Here's the group shot:

From top left, top row:
Mole Mortar & Thudd Gun as Mortas, with the three loader figures at the back as ammo grots.
Seven Bikers as Warbikes, only the bases shown.
Eight Bikers as Warbikes, only the bases shown.

Next row-and-a-half:
Rhino carrying a unit of Squats, leader with Powerfist (Boyz inna Trukk wiv a Klawnob).
Five Heavy Weapon Squats - they could take entire units of Heavy Bolters at one stage (Lootas)
Eight Bikers including Guild Master with Imperial banner (Bikers wiv Bosspole/Klawnob).
Four Hearthguard in Exo-Armour with Rhino Transport, one with a Multi-Melta (Mega Armoured Nobs inna Trukk, one wiv Kombi-Skorcha)

Front rank:
Three Heavy Weapon Trikes with Multi-Meltas (Warbuggies wiv Skorchas)
Two Heavy Weapon Trikes with Heavy Bolters (Warbuggies wiv Big Shootas)
Two Heavy Weapon Trikes with ??? (Warbuggies wiv Rokkits)
Exo Armour Warlord on Trike, with powerlance and it'll get some kind of big gun added (Wazdakka Gutsmek).

With a bit of tweaking this will hopefully be around 1500 points, reasonably fluffy as a Guild Expeditionary force plus regular supporting troops, and be a good gaming army as well. The gun battery and the HB squad forming a nasty firebase, plus loads of really mobile stuff.


P.S. Any opinions on the blue lighting on the Marine's Plasma Guns?

Asi the Red
16-11-2007, 18:00
Hey ya'.

Haven't been spending much time in the Project Logs section recently, so I just found and read through this thread and I have to say I'm enjoying it as much as I did the Masque log!

I'm not so much a fan of the lighting on the plasmaguns, not sure why though.
However... the skull headed flamer CSM is pure awesome!!!

16-11-2007, 19:51
Glad to be of service! I might try changing the lighting effect to dark red-through-to-yellow, alternatively just go back to the original scorched metal look.

Skully-head guy came together at the end, the skull was the last part painted and it was worrying me how it would come out. :( On a similar subject I still haven't decided to do the skin tones on the models without helmets...

29-05-2008, 15:28
Has it really been six months? :eek:

I've had a bit of a break from gaming (again) and modelling/painting (again), but am slowly building up momentum again...

The Squat Guild Expeditionary Force has seen the field a few times, but keeps getting eaten by Tryanids. Maybe GW got it right. ;)



The Bikers are still mostly just blank bases which has caused a few raised eyebrows, but I'm finally working my way through cleaning them up and gluing them together.

More to come later today...

29-05-2008, 16:48
Some assembled Bikes (no riders yet):


I've also glued together most of the Exo-Armour Biker:



Who says GW models have got more cartoonish over the years? :D

The pole will give me a good excuse to do a big printed banner, like the back banners I did for the Harlequins, probably something like a flaming wheel, spanner or hammer. The Bolter looks pretty wimpy, though, so it'll probably get chopped off and replaced with something bigger/with more barrels.

29-05-2008, 16:53
On that subject, I've been having so much fun with the Multi Melta (Kombi-Skorcha) on one of the Exo-Armour Hearthguard (Meganobs) that I've added another:



This is the front end of an old Conversion Beamer, one of the more arcane guns which has gone the way of the Squat. They projected a beam which turned matter into energy, explosively - the bigger and tougher the target, the bigger the explosion! Also useful for getting rid of those pesky terrain pieces such as hills that were blocking the LoS for your Devastator squad... :evilgrin:

29-05-2008, 16:59

It's become painfully obvious, in game terms, that the Bikers need Bosspoles. And Powerklaws, but that was already planned...

Raiding a few dwarf sprues:


The hand will be chopped off and rotated 180 degrees, so that it rests on the handlebars.

The arm is pretty good as-is, but I may do something about the chainmail shoulder.

For reference, the back banner is from the old Space Marine backpack sprue.

29-05-2008, 17:03
On that subject, I've been having so much fun with the Multi Melta (Kombi-Skorcha) on one of the Exo-Armour Hearthguard (Meganobs)

I forgot to say what the fun was... apart from general mayhem, the last two games were against IG, with the hearthguard taking down all but one of a deepstriking command squad with the Skorcha and then charging the poor remaining soldier...

This Guildmaster/Nob is not going so well, as the axe (which will have power-gubbins everywhere) looks crap like this:


29-05-2008, 17:07
Not much better from the side:


On the other hand, holding a big banner looks neat:


But where to put the powerklaw-substitute?



I'm still not sure about this as it looks like the axe handle is about to mess up the back wheels of the trike.

Any inspirations?

29-05-2008, 17:23
Another Heavy Weapon Trike on the way:



29-05-2008, 17:25
Squats...hell yeah.

29-05-2008, 17:48
I've shown my pintle-mount Trikes before in various versions:


For the new ones I'm thinking of moving the mount further back and putting a gunner and gun side by side, rather like the turret on the eldar Vyper:



This would make it relatively easy to magnetise the weapons as I'd like to be able to swap between Rokkits for AT, Skorchas for close-range anti-infantry and Big Shootas (Heavy Bolters) for long-range anti-infantry.

P.S. The Exo-Armour Hearthguard's greatest moment so far was jumping out of their Rhino/Trukk and stomping a foolishly-unsupported Hive Tyrant in the first turn... :angel:

29-05-2008, 20:25
Here's a quick mockup of the Trike turret, but I'm not sure if it's too top-heavy in looks:




29-05-2008, 20:36
Skorcha Variant:

Big Shoota Variant, using Heavy bolters off a Mk. I Land Raider:



30-05-2008, 11:19
I almost forgot the Hearthguard blingmobile... err... Rhino mockup.

Gamewise this will be a Trukk with Reinforced Ram, Red Paint Job represented by an over-size engine taking up the interior and possibly Armour Plates.




The rear will be opened out to show engine stuff, and I will probably add steps going down the slope as a way for the eggheads to get in and out. Although a crane might be more convincing...


Plus bigger exhausts, hopefully without making it look too Orky.


30-05-2008, 11:39
As you can see, there's still a bunch of Bikes & Heavy Trikes to clean and assemble:



30-05-2008, 11:52
And just in case I run out of Bike models...




I found a couple of old powerboards buried in a drawer. :eek:

Squatty death from above! And no, they won't get used as Deffkoptas, if I go down that route then building smaller versions of the old Epic Squat Gyrocopters (http://www.stephane.info/res/gallery/ne_squat/_specialist_battlecars.jpg) would fit better. 'Nother pic. (http://www.flickr.com/photos/kaptainkobold/2343349033/sizes/o/)

Hmm. Battlewagon substitutes. How about a Termite (http://www.epicast.com/lostbanned/EpicastTermite.jpg) as a covered Battlewagon with Deffrolla?

13-06-2008, 10:43
And now for something completely different...

In a break from the Squats, I'm putting together a bit of terrain for an Apocalypse game on the 24th, Nids assaulting an Imperial city. What better focal point for this than a Defence Laser!

Starting off with an old tower from the GW store:


The addition of some LEGO which will form the mount for the DL:



Some more LEGO plus some Robogear guns and Imperial bits to make up a couple of rotary cannon as anti-aircraft batteries:


13-06-2008, 10:54
Another shot of the AA guns for scale:


It should end up something like this, plus Heavy Bolter sponsons all over the place:


There will also be a series of fortifications/city walls made from one row of Necromunda & CoD sections plus walkway and parapet. Here's a test with angled parapets:



13-06-2008, 11:38
On the other hand the walls have several kinks which makes life more complicated, I may have to go for vertical parapets.



One or two walls to go...


13-06-2008, 20:25
A bit more work on the DL. A shorter top tower for the DL itself looks more beefy, plus the addition of a large fighting platform lower down makes it a lot more useful/practical in game terms, and adds the chance of a proper tower for the second AA cannon.




I'll be adding large buttresses under the platform to support it, and some kind of larger support underneath the outer tower.
A stairwell would be good somewhere.

14-06-2008, 03:12
THIS is a truly impressive log, and THAT is a great looking DL!

19-06-2008, 15:59
THIS is a truly impressive log, and THAT is a great looking DL!


Here's some more WiP shots:





19-06-2008, 16:03

I'm still not totally sure what to do about the supersoaker, maybe just lots of cables.


And here's one of three fortification pieces. Thanks to Rob for finishing touches on the other two.

10-09-2008, 10:43
After another looooong break...

The Defence Laser got a quick spray job and has now been used in a couple of linked Apocalypse games.


And the full gallery of it's preparation can be found on the new club website:

Some minor updates to come for the Squats!

10-09-2008, 11:31
I've decided to give the Nobs/Champions in the Squat Biker units slightly bigger bikers so that they stand out a bit more. A quick raid in the bits box came up with this:


Move the back wheels to the front - cutting off the old wheel and replacing it with plastic rod for an axle, plus chunky LEGO wheels on the back.




Note - the rider is just a standard one, the Nob/Champion models will be the Guild Master models with long coats, seen earlier in the thread.

10-09-2008, 13:37
Of course, quad bikes for the Guild Masters makes them look a bit similar in size to the Heavy Weapon Trikes.

Cue Heavy Weapon Quads, with even bigger rear wheels!



This will then have some kind of pintle-mount gun-plus-gunner arrangement like the other trikes.

10-09-2008, 19:05
A couple more shots of the Heavy Weapon Quad:



10-09-2008, 19:29
cool space dwarves! :D
I loe he retro nurgle renegades aswell! real past harm to them

10-09-2008, 19:30
cool space dwarves! :D
I love the retro nurgle renegades aswell! real past charm to them

09-10-2008, 21:15
cool space dwarves! :D

After another rather long gap, I put together another couple of bikes. Here you can see one with pinned wheels ready to be glued onto it's base.


09-10-2008, 21:23
I also started construction of one of the squad leader's quad bikes. Which involved rather a lot of pinning...

He really didn't want to glue to the bike, so the first pin went through the seat and into the rider's back.

All the different components.

The top of the forks can be a bit of a weak point with these models. This one was a pain to drill out. At the lower end of the forks you can see where the front wheel was cut off and some pins glued in.

And the holes in the front axle for the fork pins.

By the time there were another two pins to hold the back axle on the total came to six - and it hasn't been fixed to a base yet...

16-10-2008, 23:26
Awsome work man. I started with 2nd Ed, so it's great to see the old Orks and Squats.
Makes me wish I still had all my old stuff.

Lost Egg
19-12-2008, 09:32
Am loving the squats! Its nice to see some of the old marine & squat figures being painted up.



21-01-2009, 22:53
And to think, two days ago I couldn't find any decent pictures of Squat bikers!

Exceedingly retro and none the worse for that.

It's funny how playing them as orks has led you to bigger and bigger wheels and engines...


23-04-2009, 09:33
Nurse, it looks like this thread is in need of resuscitation. Stand clear!




Ba-dum, ba-dum, ba-dum...

Yes! We have a heartbeat!

Asi the Red
23-04-2009, 19:46
I'll believe it when I see new photos... but I am looking forward to that.

24-04-2009, 16:02
Yeah, photos are kind of a requirement...

Some of you may remember this from earlier in the thread:


Well, as the club has an Orky Apocalypse game rapidly approaching, I decided to get going again. First up, the track section was a bit small and too regular:



With a couple of piratical RT-era Orks for comparison.

24-04-2009, 16:10
Next, to disguise all the Lego beams, some side panels are added in plasticard.


These will be held on with neodymium magnets for easy removal to paint, and customise in the future. I'll also be adding extra layers of plasticard to represent the Orky approach of "Rivet on some more armor panels, it's bound to be ded-ard then!".

24-04-2009, 16:25
Front view, to get an idea of the width:


I've still not quite decided on the positioning for the side guns, here they are as sponson-type balconies:



The extra armour plates on the sides will include a doorway to each balcony, plus the balcony itself will have a small retaining wall (plus crenelations/battlements). I'll use these guns for now, but in the long run would like to scracth build them out of some small tubing that I've got, including HUGE ammo drums. In-game these will either be two Supa-Gatlers or two Gigashooters. :evilgrin:

24-04-2009, 16:50
big, very big

24-04-2009, 16:54
Yep, big... and that's without any superstructure yet.

The first of the additional armour plates, with some distressing around the edges.


Bullet holes started:


Bullet holes starred with the help of a craft knife. The use of a knife gives nice crisp edges to the starred holes - some of the edges of the plate were also cut with a scalpel but then filed down to make them look older and to disguise the plasticy-ness.


24-04-2009, 17:12
The first plate in place.


I made the spalling around the bullet holes a bit sharper with the knife, they still looked a bit too artificial. Note the old bullet hole partially covered by the new plate.


24-04-2009, 19:03
Why not more lego as rivets?

24-04-2009, 19:07
Balcony glued on, another small extra armour plate added, plus the doorframe and hinges.


The underside of the balcony, showing right-angle supports to make it stronger. These might get thin strips along the exposed edge to make then look more substantial.

You can also see some more battering added to the leading edge, where enemy vehicles have been run down...


Some idiot Mekaniak built the door too low, so the Orks keep hitting their heads on the lintel.



Balcony railing/fortifications to come next, plus I need something for a door handle.

24-04-2009, 20:07
Why not more lego as rivets?
Oh, there'll be rivets, but LEGO is mostly too big - I'll be buying some styrene rod and cutting it up.

Most of the balcony edge in place.


Same shot with strip placed over the edges of the supports to visually bulk them up.


I was going to do rectangular crenelations, but decided that diamond 'teef' shapes would be better.


24-04-2009, 20:33

Endless diamond cuts and sanding down later...


It's starting to come together.

24-04-2009, 20:47
The balcony, finished for now. I used the handle off an IG autocannon magazine for the door handle, it's a bit flimsy for Orks, but I can always find something more substantial for the other balcony.




24-04-2009, 21:34
Now comes the hard part - the superstructure. :(

A quick test for a single big tower. This would have lots of extra bits on to disguise the original shape, plus extra gun ports all over the place - this will be a Gunfortress rather than a Battlefortress.


I still fancy the idea of a Stompa-style head, though, with styling inspired by the Mark Gibbons Stompa concept sketch, and also the old Adeptus Titanicus Warlord Command Heads. Especially the second one with the huge lower jaw.



25-04-2009, 21:52
so so cool

27-04-2009, 10:24
Looking good Ian! Look forward to seeing it!

27-04-2009, 11:10
Looking good mate, nice use of all the oll,dskool bits and bobs :)



27-04-2009, 20:08
Thanks folks. Tim - I'm frantically trying to flesh it out a bit more before tomorrow night's game!

Yesterday I managed to get some work done on the engine block at the rear. Note that like the side panels this isn't glued on and just sits on top of the LEGO.

The upper bit that the figure is standing on will have another battlement like the side sponsons, as another shooting gallery, plus ventilation hatches for the engine underneath. The engine block from the Land Raider that can be seen underneath will have yet another balcony in front of it, holding a puzzled-looking Gorkamorka Mek and some Grot assistants, looking in through the open doors - the top hatches from a Rhino happen to be the same size as the engine block.



The plan for the front is still to have some kind of small drawbridge/assault ramp, plus a large-jawed head above it, if I can make the jaws look fearsome enough it'll be a counts-as Deffrolla. Here's the front with some sheets of plasticard on to see how it looks bulked up.



27-04-2009, 20:31
A quick trip to the local builders merchant got me some cylinders which should make some OK turrets, and some angled pipe things which will make great exhausts:




The ends will have hinged flaps over the end like you see on tractors and juggernauts (lorries, not Khorne daemons...). The only problem is where to place the exhausts.

27-04-2009, 20:37
Option 2 - exhaust stacks more vertical, coming out of the back of the engine area:




27-04-2009, 20:42
Option 3 would be for the exhaust stacks to come out of the back of the superstructure:


This looks quite nice, but then the exhausts aren't coming out of the engine area. :angel:

I'm tending towards option 1, but with the exhausts mounted a bit further back, right over the back of the engine room.


27-04-2009, 21:03
Option 2 is more obviously exaushty i think,

They could be Supaguns in the other positions.

27-04-2009, 21:56
Good point on the gun appearance.

The low position also gives the exhausts a slightly tail-like feel which will go with the head to make it a bit like a ginormous face-eater squig. :)

The area to the sides of the engine doors is currently too narrow for the exhausts, but I need to add extra plates here anyway, to cover more of the LEGO beams. Unfortunately, the full height needed is also wide enough to foul the tracks. Oops.


A bit of carving into shape and the tracks are clear again. Taking notes from some of the scratch-builds over on Dakka Dakka I've started making the armour plates rougher in shape with more dents.


Tacked together.


In that last photo you can also see the cutouts around the engine for the hinges on the Rhino hatch doors.

27-04-2009, 22:02
From the other side. With this angle you can see the flange around the base of the exhaust, a perfect place to add loads of rivets.


Both exhausts tacked in place, plus engine/Rhino hatch:


Plus da Mek:


The outer edge of the Mek's platform will get thin strip along it to make it look bulkier, rather like the buttresses under the sponson balcony.

P.S. The monstrosity now has a working title, 'Da Land Ironklad' after the H. G. Wells story.

27-04-2009, 23:26
Some testing of the deathtrap jaw/head idea for size/bulk, using whatever came to hand that was the right shape. ;)




27-04-2009, 23:43
Plus a few bits of detail.




You'll have to imagine it tilted even further forwards, and raised high enough that an Ork could duck underneath.

The static grass container is slightly too wide for the proportions I want and is also too far forward compared to the jaw as I'd like the jaw to look a bit like a JCB/backhoe (https://www.publiquip.com/heavy-equipment-M/JCB-Backhoe-Loader-1551836942.htm) about to dig in.

28-04-2009, 11:52
I quite like the Skullhamma datasheet in the Apocalypse book, apart from one big flaw - it's woefully undergunned for an Orky Superheavy. I might be able to do something about that...


Well, more than something. :)


I'm basically taking the Skullhamma rules, removing the guns and half the transport capacity and instead giving it two sponson-mounted Gigashootas plus a Deff-Arsenal from WD351. That makes a total of 15d6 shots per turn, plus d3 Grot Rokkits. Plus a Deffrolla. Eek.

I think that'll have to be in the region of 800+ points...

29-04-2009, 20:08
Minor update - Da Ironklad survived last night's game almost unscathed, but it wasn't shot at all that much - by the time it entered the game, the opposing Warhound had lost a gun and the other gun was stunned.


I didn't have time to attach the mockup head in a sturdy enough way to survive the game, so the armament consisted of the two Gigashooters, plus the entire top surface covered with all my spare guns to represent the Deff Arsenal.

It's starting to bulk up nicely, the top will have added superstructure and turrets. The right side has now been magnetised for easy removal from the tank/painting, I'll probably magnetise the exhausts as well as they tend to scrape against the edges of whatever the 'Klad is carried in.

The row of RT-era heavy weapons are all plonked down in the holes in a LEGO beam just to stop them falling around during the game, but this gives me an idea for the final modelling - build a rickety trestle affair with all the guns strapped down on it - then have a Snotling or a Grot pulling on a rope that runs through all the trigger guards. :p

Another modelling idea inspired by a gaming mechanic - in the 'design a single-model datasheet' thread someone did an Orky flyer which had so many guns and firing ports that it got to shoot at every model in range (a little like the Monolith).
Now, this is an absolutely lovely Orky idea and greatly suited to the insanity of Apocalypse, so having seen the little tip in WD351 about making gun mounts by placing half a spherical bead on a shield, I'll be adding gun ports, firing Grots and small guns all over the place.
Ruleswise, it'll probably mean that all enemy models within LoS and 12" get hit at with a single Shoota shot on a 5+. In the crew's frenzy of firing they have trouble keeping track of the IFF system (if it ain't green, shoot it!), all friendly models also get shot at, but are only hit on a 6.

02-05-2009, 21:40
this tank makes me happy and warm and GREEN

07-05-2009, 19:46
Another very minor update. I ordered some plasticard rod for the purposes of rivet-making. Here's a start on the 1.6mm rod:




Some of them will require a little filling, but a small enough amount that I can do it just by adding a little extra paint.

08-05-2009, 15:46
Some rivets in place, in two sizes. The smaller ones one the door are about 1mm diameter, the larger ones are about 1.6mm.





I'll probably add a horizontal line of rivets along the floor line on the outside of the sponson, plus vertical rows along the edges of the furthest-out wall. Lots more armour plates needed on the side as a whole, though...

08-05-2009, 17:02
looking good.

19-10-2009, 20:20
Back again...

I'm taking the Squats to the UK GT 3rd heat at the end of November, so it's time to get constructing/painting again...

I'm looking at changing my list around a bit to include some Killa Kans with Kustom Megablastas for anti-tank. Background and model-wise this is likely to be either robots (playing on the Squat's greater knowledge of older tech) or big monsters being driven by Squats after the Ian Watson description of cybernetically enhanced Ambulls with Heavy Bolter-toting Squat riders. :evilgrin:

Ambulls are about as common as fairy dust and not that nice models in the first place, so if I go that route it'll be some other type of model. Such as a Screamer Killer plus howdah. ;)

There probably won't be any new photos until later in the week, though.

19-10-2009, 23:05
A quick mockup to see how silly Squats on a Screamer Killer would look.


Pretty silly. ;)

I think the Thudd Gun Operator with a leash is worth it for the shear amusement value (walkies!), but might only be present off-table. A support rig on top of the Carnifex isn't too bad, especially if the bottom ends of the supports are visibly riveted onto the carapace.

This approach has the advantage that I already have two painted Screamer Killers which don't need massive amounts of work. Robots are a bit trickier because I no longer have any of the RT Robot models and they weren't that good anyway.

A nice idea for the robots would be big egg-shaped bodies supported on little legs with track units on the ends of the legs, and big WFB Dwarf ancestor faces, but this would be a lot of work in the time available and might not include enough GW parts to be useable in the GT...

20-10-2009, 08:29
the Ian Watson description of cybernetically enhanced Ambulls with Heavy Bolter-toting Squat riders. :evilgrin:

oh lordy. can you give a link for that?
An identical idea came up in the "Death of the Squats thread" for the Chaos Varyngr.

Also, have you seen the looted carnifexs about? may be good inspiration

20-10-2009, 09:19
I can't remember if it's in the Inquisition trilogy or in Space Marine. Probably it's Inquisitor/Draco.

Looted Carnifexes from Apocalypse are part of the inspiration, but I've not looked around for examples yet.

The army list which I'll be trying out tonight:
Exo-Armour Squat (Warboss in Mega-Armour)
Exo-Armour Hearthguard x 3 (Meganobs, 2 Kombi-Skorchas)

Exo-Armour Biker (Wazzdakka)
Guild Bikers x 12 (Warbikers, Klaw Nob)
Guild Bikers x 7 (Warbikers, Klaw Nob)

Squat Warriors x 12 in an open-topped Rhino (Shoota Boys in a Trukk, Klaw Nob)
Squat Warriors with Heavy Weapons x 14 (Lootas)
Looted Carnifexes x 2 (Killa Kans with KMB)

It looks like a reasonably rounded list and is fairly fluffy, but no longer has the Heavy Weapon Trikes/Warbuggies in it. :(

20-10-2009, 09:19
Wasn't it in the Space Marine novel? Why not go the whole hog and have posessed Tzeentchian squats?

Ian, that screamer killer conversion is insane! Do it! Either that or hard boil some eggs...

20-10-2009, 13:38
There was some discussion a while back as to the exact nature of the Nids who ate the Squats.

Heavily armed, defensive desert worlds aren't ideal for biomass, so the suggestions was made of a massive Genestealer Cult Epidemic, with the proud, fractious, insular nature of the Squats only compunded by their tradition of Ancestor Worship.

Makes the Cults near impossible to detect, but also let them spread rapidly.
Screamer-Killer's may be in short supply, but it could easily be a massive, mind wiped, cyborg genestealer squat hybrid...

Or is this just a chance to show off your collection of venerable models?

20-10-2009, 15:04
Or is this just a chance to show off your collection of venerable models?
That's always an influence. ;)

Background-wise I'm thinking in terms of a group of Squats who were quite active in going and hunting down Tyranid infestations - the Exo-Armour Warlord is probably going to be standing on half a plastic Carnifex head and I may find a few other remains to drape around the place.

The Screamer Killers were left wondering around in a daze after the rest of an infestation was purged, so the Engineers inserted slave thrall units into the brains... Hmm. I'll have to drill into the sides of the SC heads and add a little plate with an aerial sticking up.

Tim, I think you're right and it was in Space Marine.

24-10-2009, 11:36
Very great work i love

floyd pinkerton
25-10-2009, 19:31
just read the whole thread, i love your huge range of old minis, especially the Nurgle Marines :D

28-10-2009, 00:38

I've been doing a bit of mocking up - here's another Exo Armour/Meganob with Kombi-Skorcher, using the Multimelta off an Attack Bike. Click on the thumbs to see larger images.

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/40k_squat_111.thumbnail.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/40ksquat111-exo-armour) http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/40k_squat_113.thumbnail.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/40ksquat113-exo-armour)

The existing (painted) Exo Armour with big gun will be relegated to being a Meganob rather than the Warboss, just in case anyone at the GT complains about ambiguous equipment upgrade order. So this model is going to be the new Warlord/Warboss:

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/40k_squat_114.thumbnail.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/40ksquat114-exo-armour-warlord) http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/40k_squat_116.thumbnail.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/40ksquat116-exo-armour-warlord)

This Brotherhood weren't eaten by the Nids, they go and hunt Nids, so the Warboss will probably be standing on the remains of a Carnifex head...

I'm moving them onto 40mm bases, again partly to stop arguments, due to Meganob models coming on larger bases.

Take a closer look at the top of the Bosspole - I found a few Epic scale Exo Armour Squats which seemed like a good idea for banner poles.

28-10-2009, 00:57
Plus some more work on the Exo Armour Biker/Wazzdakka. The model is severely undergunned compared to the Ork character, so I've swapped out the mini-Bolter for a Heavy Bolter, again from an SM Attack Bike. Also added is the original banner pole plus Epic Exo Armour. This and the previous banner pole/Bosspole will be magnetized for easier transport. They may get printed banners like the ones I designed for the Harlequins, but that will depend on how the rest of the constructing and painting gets on.

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/40k_squat_117.thumbnail.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/40ksquat117-exo-armour-biker) http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/40k_squat_119.thumbnail.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/40ksquat119-exo-armour-biker)

Boyz Mob Nob with added Bosspole:
http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/40k_squat_120.thumbnail.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/40ksquat120)

The Lootas will be represented by a mix of Squat Heavy Weapon Troopers, Loaders and a few other models with extra ammo:
http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/40k_squat_122.thumbnail.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/40ksquat122-lootas)

28-10-2009, 01:03
Finally (for tonight), a mockup of the Killa Kan stand-ins:
http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/40k_squat_108.thumbnail.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/40ksquat108-robot) http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/40k_squat_107.thumbnail.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/40ksquat107-robot)

This is a Sentinel cabin which will be riding on tracks, supported in the air by hydraulic pistons of some kind, a bit like active suspension.

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/40k_squat_109.thumbnail.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/40ksquat109-robot)

On one side is a gun with over-size ammo feed to represent the Kustom Megablaster, on the other is an Adeptus Titanicus Chainfist for the DCCW.

I may also add a dozer blade on the front, again on a hydraulic arm:
http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/40k_squat_110.thumbnail.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/40ksquat110-robot)

As this is supposed to be a robot rather than a driven vehicle, the cabin top will be boxed in without eye slits, and the front facing will be covered with a large ancestor mask to make it more obviously Squat-related.

28-10-2009, 01:52
Seeing as the pistons allow it to walk on it's tracks (bit like R2D2) i think the dozer blade is unneccesary.

28-10-2009, 16:51
awesome kans there.

03-11-2009, 23:40
Slightly more awesome now, or at least a step closer to construction...

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/40k_squat_127.thumbnail.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/40ksquat127) http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/40k_squat_130.thumbnail.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/40ksquat130)

The hexagonal base is to show the rough size and position of the ancestor mask.

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/40k_squat_128.thumbnail.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/40ksquat128) http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/40k_squat_129.thumbnail.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/40ksquat129)

Nice & 'cute'-looking, but don't call it short or it'll buzzsaw yer kneecaps!

03-11-2009, 23:42
The last three Bikes in the army list are cleaned:
http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/40k_squat_125.thumbnail.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/40ksquat125)
...and now glued together as well.

04-11-2009, 11:33
The major components for the first Kan - a Lascannon, tracks from a Robogear toy, the body, engine block and 'waist' of a Sentinel, a barrel, an Adeptus Titanicus Chainfist* and several short bits of plasticard tube.

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/40k_squat_131.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/40ksquat131)

Cutting out the indent underneath the body, and trimming the LEGO piece so that it would fit along the centreline of the body.

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/40k_squat_132.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/40ksquat132) http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/40k_squat_133.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/40ksquat133)

Sub-assemblies pretty much complete.

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/40k_squat_134.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/40ksquat134)

The plasticard tubes happen to fit one-in-the-other, so makes it easy to construct pistons to support the track units. The LEGO beam underneath the body will then take the upper ends of the pistons, and give me something to attach the barrel/fuel tank to. The part of the Sentinal that the legs were attached to now forms the top of the body, and gives places for the two weapons to attach - probably magnetised.

*You know, the rest of the model is just too new to fit in with the rest of the army!

04-11-2009, 11:42
A couple of close-ups of the body, now with fuel tank attached.

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/40k_squat_135.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/40ksquat135) http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/40k_squat_136.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/40ksquat136)

The front strip of plasticard on the top isn't very neatly done, but this will be covered by the ancestor mask anyway.

04-11-2009, 12:41
Checklist for the GT:

Red = major construction work still required, plus painting.
Orange = minor construction, painting required.
Yellow = constructed, needs painting.
Dark Green = partially painted or needs basing.
Green = finished.

Warboss in Mega Armour
Meganobs x 2 plus Meganob x 1

12 Boyz inc. Nob


12 Bikers inc. Nob

7 Bikers inc. Nob

14 Lootas

Killa Kan 1 (robot, just the ancestor mask to go)

Killa Kan 2 (Carnifex) OR Killa Kan 2 (robot)

There's rather a lot of red & orange left in that list, and no green at all... :(

04-11-2009, 12:53
The 95% complete Kan:

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/40k_squat_137.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/40ksquat137)

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/40k_squat_138.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/40ksquat138)

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/40k_squat_139.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/40ksquat139)

Still needs basing, the mask/face, a targetting array where the Multilaser would have been mounted, and ideally something to disguise the mould lines on the ends of the fuel tank, but that last bit may have to wait until after the GT and a minor repaint.

As you can see the weapons have been magnetised using 5mm diameter magnets which gives enough surface area and grip that the weapons are posable!

04-11-2009, 22:12
Time to fix the remaining three Bikes to their bases. Given the small contact area, this needs more than just a dab of glue...

Holes drilled in wheels, paperclips glued in:

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/40k_squat_140.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/40ksquat140)

Once the glue has set, the paperclips are snipped down to length. I like paperclips for pinning as they are:
a - just the right malleability, not too soft and not too brittle, also 0.8mm is fairly standard and a nice diameter of a lot of stuff,
b - cheap and readily available. ;)

After snipping, I press the Bike down hard onto the wooden base, showing me where to drill holes in the base:

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/40k_squat_141.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/40ksquat141)

After this I can happily superglue the Bikes to the bases, knowing that they won't get broken off too easily.

04-11-2009, 22:21
On to Da Good Ole' Boys.

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/40k_squat_143.preview.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/40ksquat143)

There's not much painting left to do on these, but I've decided to run them with Sluggas & Choppas rather than Shootas, so they need a few more combat accessories. Note the pair of RTB01 chainsaw bayonets on the right:

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/40k_squat_144.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/40ksquat144)

But before that, Ole' Bushy Brows needs his Bosspole. I found an anvil standard in my bits box which will be mounted on his backpack by drilling a hole the right diameter vertically into the backpack. As the model is standing at an angle this meant mounting the model on a big lump of blu-tack to make the backpack upright.*

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/40k_squat_145.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/40ksquat145)

Hole drilled and pole inserted, after a small amount of filing down to a snug fit:

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/40k_squat_146.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/40ksquat146)

*The model had to be mounted at an angle because I have a mini drill-press rather than using a hand-held drill.

05-11-2009, 00:53
First two 'assault-pimped' Boys:

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/40k_squat_150.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/40ksquat150)

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/40k_squat_151.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/40ksquat151)

The painted one has had an RTB01 Combat Accessory plus a modern telescopic sight added to his gun, the other has had an axe hung off the side of his backpack, complete with strap to hold it on (made from a strip of paper).

The Good Ole' Boy's unofficial motto - "Shoot it, then if it's still moving - whack it with an axe that's taller than you are! If it's a Tyranid, whack it again to make sure..."

Three of the plastic Squats - one with an RTB01 Combat Knife added to his off-hand, the other two with axes strapped on. These aren't glued on yet as they need to be painted first, they will have paper straps as above.

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/40k_squat_152.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/40ksquat152)

05-11-2009, 01:00
A couple more metal models, this time with Combat Accessory and Combat Knife - this time the knife is from the first Mk. 7 Strike Force Marines set.

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/40k_squat_153.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/40ksquat153)

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/40k_squat_154.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/40ksquat154)

I'm not totally sure about the knife, but it'll do for now.

Before & after shots of the whole unit:

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/40k_squat_143.preview.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/40ksquat143)
http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/40k_squat_155.preview.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/40ksquat155)

Two of the untouched models already have combat blades on their guns, albeit rather small ones.

05-11-2009, 21:05
Looking good.

Are they all going to be based the same?

06-11-2009, 00:46
Yes, I'm going to use basing as a way of tieing the look of the army closer together - probably the same as the Plague Marines/Nurgle Renegades earlier in the thread - brown earth with patches of static grass.

Next - creating a Bosspole. I used a couple of small ancestor faces and a 2nd ed. Marine backpack with a hefty banner pole on it.

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/40k_squat_157.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/40ksquat157)

The skull faces on each side of the Imperial eagle were cut off and replaces with ancestor faces. Note the magnet on the bottom end of the pole, at an angle. On the right you can see before-and-after versions of an arm for one of the two Biker Nobs. Cut at the wrist, shortened and the hand turned 180 degrees.

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/40k_squat_159.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/40ksquat159)

Next, the guns on the Exo Armour models are the poorest bit of the model in terms of sculpting quality, and in terms of size. Oversize Kombi-skorchas aside, they're just too wimpy to look like they count as twin-linked Shootas, especially one wielded by a Warlord! A bit of searching through the bits box and I found a twin Storm Bolter from somewhere, which looks great.

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/40k_squat_161.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/40ksquat161)

I also found a couple of old round shields the exact size of the fuel tank, so the gaping crack between the two halves is now covered:

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/40k_squat_162.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/40ksquat162)

06-11-2009, 00:51
The arm that we just saw, now in place:
http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/40k_squat_163.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/40ksquat163)

Now from the other side. I'm going to mount both of the Nobs/Guildmasters on larger bases to make them stand out more from the rest of the units. It's not too clear in this photo, but the front wheels will be lifting up off the roadkill Ripper.

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/40k_squat_166.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/40ksquat166)

06-11-2009, 01:00
The oversize Skorcha arm is now finished - the Attack Bike Multimelta is pinned thoroughly into the shoulderpad, and due to the model looking so front-heavy I added a bipod to the front end. I wondered about wheels on the bipod but though that would be silly. ;)

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/40k_squat_167.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/40ksquat167)

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/40k_squat_168.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/40ksquat168)

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/40k_squat_171.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/40ksquat171)

This member of the Hearthguard will have an Ork theme to his base, standing on remnants of a Warbike and a Loota, with several severed heads at his feet.

06-11-2009, 01:11
Right. Warlord time!

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/40k_squat_172.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/40ksquat172)

Construction-wise, the model is finished, ready for undercoating. The base is another matter...

Note the drilled out barrels and the dangling ancestor mask under the barrels, and the 'mini-me' Epic Exo Armour model standing on the anvil at the top of the Bosspole.

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/40k_squat_173.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/40ksquat173)

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/40k_squat_174.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/40ksquat174)

I'm hoping to have a different theme for each of the Exo Armour bases, in this case Tyranids - aiming for 'standing upon the heaped corpses of his enemies'-style, including a Carnifex.

Since taking the photo, I've had another go at the base, adding a 1st ed. Genestealer body to bulk it out and raise the Warlord another 5-6mm up in the air. In case it's not clear, this Brotherhood did not get eaten by the Nids, rather the other way around...

06-11-2009, 01:19
Partly for painting purposes, partly for easy transport and partly down to indecisiveness when it comes to weapon options, everything is magnetised. The mounting pins on the shoulders were just under 3mm diameter, so I drilled the holes out to 3mm wide and 2mm deep, cut the mounting pin off the body, then glued a 3x1mm magnet into the bottom of the hole and another onto the body where the pin was.

This gives invisible magnets and accurate registration because the 'body' magnets actually go partly into the shoulderpad. The banner pole was filed flat on one side at the bottom and a magnet glued on, with the other magnet going into an existing depression on the back of the body. A couple of 3mm magnets easily keeps the arms in position, so keeping the banner pole upright is no problem.

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/40k_squat_175.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/40ksquat175)

And a couple of lower views:

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/40k_squat_176.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/40ksquat176)

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/40k_squat_179.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/40ksquat179)

Also done but not photographed is attaching Wazzdakka's/Exo Armour Biker's Heavy Bolter to his arm, again with drilled out barrel.

06-11-2009, 01:27
Progress so far:

Warboss in Mega Armour (construction done, needs basing)
Meganob 1 (still has wimpy gun), Meganob 2 (oversize Skorcha, just needs gluing), Meganob 3 (painted, needs rebasing)

12 Boyz inc. Nob

Exo-Biker/Wazzdakka (gun arm done, lance arm done, banner pole and base to go)

12 Bikers inc. Nob

7 Bikers inc. Nob (some riders still need cleaning, Nob still needs a Powerfist/klaw)

14 Lootas

Killa Kan 1 (robot, just the ancestor mask to go)

Killa Kan 2 (Carnifex) OR Killa Kan 2 (robot)

That's all for tonight...

06-11-2009, 13:16
Biker Nobs/Guildmasters - I'm happy with Mr. Hammer, but not totally sure on armament for the other one.

With axe:
http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/40k_squat_181.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/40ksquat181)

With left-handed Powerfist:
http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/40k_squat_182.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/40ksquat182) http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/40k_squat_183.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/40ksquat183)

Opinions? The 'Fist is much more WYSIWYG, and will also make for a less fragile model.

06-11-2009, 13:24
The revised "Pile 'O Corpses" base for the Warlord:
http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/40k_squat_172.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/40ksquat172) http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/40k_squat_185.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/40ksquat185)

More views of the base:

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/40k_squat_186.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/40ksquat186)

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/40k_squat_187.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/40ksquat187)

06-11-2009, 13:26
And, while I was at it, a close-up of the banner pole magnets:
http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/40k_squat_188.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/40ksquat188)

You can see the filed down area at the bottom of the pole, with magnet attached, and the other magnet tucked into the indented area in the middle of the back.

06-11-2009, 13:39
Do magnets really make that much of a differerance when you're writing out army lists?

06-11-2009, 13:49
For the banners it's more about transporting the models easily, and making it so that wild gestures near the table only take the banner off instead of taking the whole model over the edge! I've not had this happen to my models yet, but I've seen it with other people's models. :(

For the Exo Armour arms it's partly weapon swaps but more about easy painting.

For the robot it's transport, plus weapon swaps for different lists and weapon destroyed results.

07-11-2009, 15:47
Next update.

I decided on the Powerfist for the second Nob/Guildmaster Biker, he's now been pinned to a base.

Holes drilled in wheels and pins glued in:
http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/40k_squat_189.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/40ksquat189)

First hole drilled in resin base:
http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/40k_squat_190.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/40ksquat190)

As resin doesn't have lot of flexibility, the holes have to be placed quite accurately. After drilling the first hole, I used a felt tip to mark exactly where the pins touched the base, to know where to drill the back wheel holes:
http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/40k_squat_204.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/40ksquat204)

07-11-2009, 15:55
In a similar vein, here's the first Nob/Guildmaster plus the roadkill ripper. You can see the pin running from the wheel, through the ripper and into the base, but once undercoated black this should be near-invisible.

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/40k_squat_191.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/40ksquat191)

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/40k_squat_192.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/40ksquat192)

Same deal with Exo Biker/Wazzdakka. The lance arm has been glued in place, the gun arm is magnetised. Note the drilled out barrel. The rider isn't glued in place on the bike, but has a pin sticking out directly underneath ready for gluing after being painted. In the first photo you can just make out the 3mm magnet on top of the engine block, ready for the banner pole.

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/40k_squat_193.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/40ksquat193)

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/40k_squat_194.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/40ksquat194)

07-11-2009, 16:10
The Skorcha bodyguard is cleaned up and glued on to his base. The gun arm will be glued in place once painted. The two Ork heads will be attached when adding texture to the base, so that they can be placed slightly 'in' to the base material rather than looking plonked down on top of it. One of the bipod legs overlaps the front edge of the base by about 2mm.

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/40k_squat_195.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/40ksquat195)

The Warlord's base is finished apart from a bit of texturing around the edges, again to make the bits of Nid to 'sit in' to the basing material, and create a bit of a crater around the edge of the Carnifex head.

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/40k_squat_197.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/40ksquat197)

Rear view:
http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/40k_squat_198.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/40ksquat198)

All components of the Warlord. The base is drilled out all the way through to the bottom, ready for the body to be glued down once painted.

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/40k_squat_199.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/40ksquat199)

07-11-2009, 16:16
I tried to dig out enough of the top of the pile so that the Warlord's feet appear to be pressing them down:
http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/40k_squat_200.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/40ksquat200) http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/40k_squat_201.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/40ksquat201)

Finally, all the components in place:

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/40k_squat_203.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/40ksquat203)

P.S. Does anyone have one of those twin Storm Bolters? I don't even know which kit it's from. :(

08-11-2009, 12:29
An idea for an objective marker:
http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/40k_squat_207.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/40ksquat207)

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/40k_squat_208.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/40ksquat208)

Plus the last two Exo Armour Hearthguard/Meganobs. These two will just get 'plain' bases for now, with a view to coming back to them if there is some time remaining before the GT. The unpainted one has a magnetised gun arm, but the left arm is glued in place.

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/40k_squat_209.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/40ksquat209)

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/40k_squat_210.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/40ksquat210)

08-11-2009, 19:30
All remaining Bikes needed for the list are cleaned up, along with their riders. I was originally planning to paint the riders separately (see the two on wire holders), but have decided to glue them in place before undercoating, due to the short time available. The black undercoat will help a lot with this...

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/40k_squat_211.preview.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/40ksquat211)

Gluing the riders on brings up the next issue - the Bolters and rider's feet don't get along too well with each other.

'Lights' bike v. 'Bolters' bike:
http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/40k_squat_213.preview.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/40ksquat213)

Bolter bike and Bolter bike with the rear bottom half of the Bolter cut off:
http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/40k_squat_214.preview.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/40ksquat214)

09-11-2009, 10:09
"That's not a gun..."
http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/40k_squat_215.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/40ksquat215)

"This is a gun."
http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/40k_squat_216.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/40ksquat216)

"No, this is a gun."
http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/40k_squat_217.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/40ksquat217)

"Pardon? Sorry, my hearing isn't very good, did you say something?"

09-11-2009, 11:13
Thunderers in older editions of 40k were equipped with Heavy Bolters and the occasional Missile Launcher. I've got a bunch of the old plastic HBs (front row, 2nd from left), but they've lost a certain something when it comes to scale creep - modern Ork Shootas aren't much smaller!

The Rogue Trader era metal Imperial Heavy Bolters are bigger, but still a bit small to represent S7 and enough range to shoot across the whole table, as Deffguns are effectively Autocannon. Hey, wait, I've got some IG Autocannon lying around, I wonder what they'd look like? ;-)

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/40k_squat_218.preview.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/40ksquat218)

They do look a bit over-size, though.

09-11-2009, 21:31
This afternoon I managed to get about a dozen bases textured, using a mix of paint, flock, sand and PVA.

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/40k_squat_220.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/40ksquat220)

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/40k_squat_221.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/40ksquat221)

I don't normally do this before undercoating, but it'll save time later on...

Half a dozen assembled Lootas. I managed to find an unused RTB01 Missile Launcher which fits nicely.
http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/40k_squat_223.preview.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/40ksquat223)

And the basic chassis of the Hearthguard-mobile for the Exo Armour models:
http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/40k_squat_224.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/40ksquat224)

09-11-2009, 21:35
HGM continued.

Front panel:
http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/40k_squat_225.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/40ksquat225)

Retaining wall (it's supposed to be open-topped, after all):
http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/40k_squat_226.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/40ksquat226)

Gun and Reinforced Ram:
http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/40k_squat_227.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/40ksquat227)

Side view, with Exo Armour model for comparison:
http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/40k_squat_228.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/40ksquat228)

The dozen textured models are undercoated black, at this rate I might be able to do some painting later this week...

10-11-2009, 14:24
I hadn't realised lootas were THAT heroic!

10-11-2009, 20:24
Well, there's no point in being slightly heroic, is there? :)

12-11-2009, 12:04
Thanks to DarkAngelDentist for some 3rd ed. Warbikes, which will be used for a variety of purposes...

The exhausts make great replacements for the missing ones on the Rhino:
http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/40k_squat_232.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/40ksquat232)

After a break of a few days for sanity (and catching up on actual work), I've done some more to the Hearthguardmobile.

Front section scraped down to plastic ready for gluing:
http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/40k_squat_229.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/40ksquat229)

Back of Dwarf banner top cut down flat, ready to go on the front panel:
http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/40k_squat_230.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/40ksquat230)

In place but not glued:
http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/40k_squat_231.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/40ksquat231)

Fifteen days to go... :eek:

12-11-2009, 13:50
The bikes have been cut up to make more tracks for the second robot:
http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/40k_squat_233.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/40ksquat233-0)

I'm not sure if this will be an R2D2-alike three-legger, or if I've got a fourth bike hidden somewhere.

Magnets - I ordered a variety of sizes, including 8x1mm, 10x1mm, 1x1mm and the 2x1mm and 3x1mm ones that I use most often.
http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/40k_squat_235.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/40ksquat233)

12-11-2009, 13:54
Partially assembled Hearthguardmobile with exhausts, front panel, front panel icon, ram and Heavy Bolter/Big Shoota.

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/40k_squat_236.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/40ksquat235)

On the subject of magnets:
http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/40k_squat_237.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/40ksquat236)

Nothing visible on the surface, because the hull is thin enough and the magnets strong enough to hold through the plastic:
http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/40k_squat_238.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/40ksquat237)

12-11-2009, 22:16
The Heavy Bolter/Big Shoota for the Hearthguardmobile, now with drilled barrel, bullet belt and grips:
http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/40k_squat_246.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/40ksquat246)

Same for the Good Ole Boys' Trukk, but without grips as it's turret-mounted:
http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/40k_squat_245.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/40ksquat245)

Now the mystery object...

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/40k_squat_239.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/40ksquat239)

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/40k_squat_240.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/40ksquat240)

Any guesses?

13-11-2009, 09:03

For a better sense of scale:
http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/40k_squat_247.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/40ksquat247)

With hinges:
http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/40k_squat_248.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/40ksquat248)

Put together:
http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/40k_squat_250.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/40ksquat250)

13-11-2009, 11:34
It's the inside of an open-topped Rhino:
http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/40k_squat_241.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/40ksquat241)

Complete with hatch to get down into the rest of the vehicle:
http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/40k_squat_251.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/40ksquat251)

Plus doors glued in place, with some tubing cut in half to represent the hinges.

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/40k_squat_254.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/40ksquat254)

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/40k_squat_255.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/40ksquat255)

Apart from doing something with the exhausts and some grab-handles on the inside of the hatches, the construction of the Boy's Rhino/Trukk is complete.

13-11-2009, 11:38
Alternative load-out, if the Boys get out first...

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/40k_squat_244.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/40ksquat244)

The main gun is (of course!) magnetised.

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/40k_squat_252.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/40ksquat252)

Similar to the other vehicle, the main magnet is glued onto the underside of the hatch:
http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/40k_squat_253.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/40ksquat253)

13 days to go, as two weeks today we'll already be on our way up...

13-11-2009, 12:36

Warboss in Mega Armour (to be painted)
Meganob 1 (still has wimpy gun), Meganob 2 (to be painted), Meganob 3 (base is textured but needs painting)
Trukk (still needs barriers on top)

12 Boyz inc. Nob

Exo-Biker/Wazzdakka (to be painted)

12 Bikers inc. Nob (to be painted)

7 Bikers inc. Nob

14 Lootas (some cleaning and a couple of guns to add)

Killa Kan 1 (robot, just the ancestor mask to go)
Killa Kan 2 (robot, copy of existing one)

Still nothing completely finished, but a lot closer.

13-11-2009, 21:09
The 'Walk short and carry an even BIGGER gun' bunch are ready for base texturing and undercoating, yay!

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/40k_squat_256.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/40ksquat256)

"Time out, I need more ammo!"

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/40k_squat_257.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/40ksquat257)

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/40k_squat_258.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/40ksquat258)

13-11-2009, 21:21
Another Advanced Space Crusade Heavy Bolter - nice and chunky. The cowling just fits over the top of his helmet...

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/40k_squat_259.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/40ksquat259)

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/40k_squat_260.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/40ksquat260)

"Here's lookin' at you, kid."

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/40k_squat_263.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/40ksquat263)

Plus a close-up of this guy, just because I like him.

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/40k_squat_264.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/40ksquat264)

19-11-2009, 23:21
Seven days without an update. Oh bleep.

Between catching up on work, going down with flu, then catching up on the work that that stopped me doing, all of a sudden more than a third of the remaining time has disappeared...

Anyway, the Good 'Ole Boys' Trukk is finished as far as construction is concerned, with the firing platform glued in and the addition of some snazzy exhaust flaps. The worst bit was trying to get round bits for the flaps, I ended up slicing up some round-section sprue frame.

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/40k_squat_265.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/40ksquat265)

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/40k_squat_267.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/40ksquat267)

Work has started on the second robot, but I won't get another of the hip joints that I used as the 'shoulders' until Saturday (thanks Salvindogath!).

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/40k_squat_269.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/40ksquat269)

Plus an idea for another objective marker, based on the stacks of Cadian Lasguns that you sometimes see. For this army, though, lasguns are a bit wimpy...

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/40k_squat_271.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/40ksquat271)

20-11-2009, 01:37
Chopped up track units with plasticard coverings. Still needs a bit of trimming around the edges.

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/40k_squat_272.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/40ksquat272)

As with the previous one, these will be on the ends of hydraulic 'legs', but I will have a look around in the charity shops tomorrow to try and find some plastic beads - cut in half, they will make good ball-joints to connect the rams to the tops of the track units.

One of the bits I've not been looking forward to is the ancestor masks for the robots. Here are a few sketches.

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/40k_squat_273.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/40ksquat273)

The bottom row are the most successful and the most recent, having done a bit of visual research via the Leviathan rulebook - a Warhammer-like game that Grendel produced in the mid-Nineties with lots of concept designs and illustrations by Adrian Smith before he went back to doing stuff for GW. Anyway, Leviathan had some very steampunky Dwarves with ornate slightly bestial facemasks (before GW used ancestor masks anything like as much as they do now).

Looking back, Leviathan was more influential than it appeared at the time as it was relatively high-tech fantasy, the dwarves had tanks (http://leviathanwar.blogspot.com/2009/10/update.html), war golem (http://www.scotiagrendel.com/Products/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=47_57&products_id=291) (Warmachine's earlier warjacks are almost carbon copies of the concept illustration (http://www.spiritgames.co.uk/figs/leviajpg/wargolem.jpg)) etc.

Shame it was let down by a rather inconsistent range of miniatures. The rulebook is now available for free as a scanned in PDF and has a some great stuff - the background was mostly done by Bill King.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch... some sketching directly on to plasticard, trying to get it the right size. The left one was done first, but is still too big.

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/40k_squat_274.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/40ksquat274)

Lastly, the outline traced onto squared paper by holding a light behind the plastic, dimensions made more consistent in the process, then marked out again on the plastic in the top right by pricking through the paper with a pin. Didn't show up much in the photo, though. You might need to click through and look at the original.

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/40k_squat_275.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/40ksquat275)

20-11-2009, 01:50
Mask silhouette cut out and a few features drawn in to see how it looks:

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/40k_squat_276.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/40ksquat276)

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/40k_squat_277.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/40ksquat277)

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/40k_squat_278.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/40ksquat278)

Still not 100% happy with the cheeks, I may cut off the points so that they end up looking more hexagonal.

Quite a bit of time later, most of the layers cut out ready to be glued down. The mouth/lips still need cutting out to show some teeth behind, and the beard will be cut into a series of vertical stripes with chamfered edges.

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/40k_squat_279.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/40ksquat279)

Time to stop now as I need some sleep...

20-11-2009, 09:14
oooh. looking good though.

I could never get my stern ancestor masks to work, they tended to come out too long.

20-11-2009, 11:23
Yes, getting the shape and proportions was really hard.

The other eyebrows bits added, with less of a slant to the eyeslits.

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/40k_squat_280.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/40ksquat280)

After a few mishaps like the lips flying across the desk and vanishing into a big pile of bits, never to be seen again, here's the finished mask. Note that the cheeks have been cut down because it just looked like a hamster!

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/40k_squat_282.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/40ksquat282)

An angled view, showing more of the rivets.

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/40k_squat_281.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/40ksquat281)

Scale shot with a Squat Commander.

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/40k_squat_284.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/40ksquat284)

I had been about to magnetise the mask in case I came up with something better and wanted to swap it, but decided that this was getting silly and it was time to commit, so it's glued in place now and will hopefully be undercoated later today.

20-11-2009, 11:31
Progress with seven days to go:

Warboss in Mega Armour (to be painted)
Meganob 1 (wimpy gun will be replaced if I have time next week, but will be painted as-is for now), Meganob 2 (to be painted), Meganob 3 (base is textured but needs painting)
Trukk (still needs barriers on top)

12 Boyz inc. Nob

Exo-Biker/Wazzdakka (to be painted)

12 Bikers inc. Nob (to be painted)

7 Bikers inc. Nob

14 Lootas (ready for undercoating)

Killa Kan 1 (robot, ready for undercoating)
Killa Kan 2 (robot, partially assembled, picking up last few bits tomorrow)

Still a bleep-load of painting to do so there's not going to be much in the way of fancy paint jobs, but there's not much actual construction left to do - just finishing the second robot and adding hand rails around the top of the Hearthguardmobile.

20-11-2009, 20:07
The Lootas, the first robot, the Boy's Rhino/Trukk, all the remaining Exo Armour arms, the Exo Armour biker and a bunch of banner poles were all undercoated black this afternoon, I'll need to swing past Halfords and pick up some more primer tomorrow.

The undercoated Eyren-class robot:
http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/40k_squat_285.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/40ksquat285)

In case you're wondering what's behind, it's a bottle of polystyrene cement inside a jam jar, because the bottle lid isn't airtight...

Close-up of mask, the rivets are much easier to see now:
http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/40k_squat_286.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/40ksquat286)

I've done a bit more to the second one as well - the front track unit is attached via a cut-down Sentinel 'shin'. Ignore what looks like a leg at the back, that's just to hold it up until I've added the suspension to the other track units.

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/40k_squat_287.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/40ksquat287)

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/40k_squat_288.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/40ksquat288)

For now I'm just going to use the Dwarf standard top instead of a mask, but this will be magnetised for later swapping-out for a mask. This one will have a Rokkit instead of a KMB to get points for another Bosspole, and the missile pod seemed like a good fit.

21-11-2009, 10:39
Awesome stuff is very very awesome :D
I hope I get to face it, although you know I'm going to get totally lost, my brain can't solve maths,rules, tactics, conviviality and imagination all at the same time:eek:
:) (one of the blokes wearing the team Age of strife T-shirts with bikish smurfs)

21-11-2009, 12:51
Hopefully so, we're planning to arrive around lunchtime on Friday if you're getting there early.

I'll be doing a cheat-sheet handout in a few days which has photos of the Squat unit next to the equivalent Ork unit to make it easier for people.

21-11-2009, 20:01
Today I gathered together the last few ingredients, and made use I could get everything into one case...

Bottom layer - transports, robots, biker Nobs, Exo Biker, about half the bikers:
http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/40k_squat_289.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/40ksquat289)

Middle layer - rest of bikers, gaps for all the tall stuff from the bottom layer:
http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/40k_squat_290.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/40ksquat290)

Top layer - Boyz, Lootas, Exo Armour:
http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/40k_squat_291.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/40ksquat291)

It's going to be a really tight fit, but one case is quite enough to carry around.

21-11-2009, 20:05
Oops, forgot the ingredient list!

1 x Sentinel hip joint to form the shoulders of the second robot.
1 x clear lacquer spray.
2 x black primer spray cans. I did a double-take in Halfords when I couldn't find any black primer, and another at the desk when they told me they don't sell it anymore, just grey & white. B&Q to the rescue.
3 x assorted brown paints from GW, mostly for basing.
Assorted different size beads to form the ball joints on the second robot's track units.

Not sure I'm going to get any more actual work done this evening, getting everything into the case properly was quite involved.

22-11-2009, 03:16
Here's a rough version of the Field Guide to Short Beardy Orks, for handing out to GT opponents. I'll be swapping out photos for painted models as they are done.

22-11-2009, 12:58
"What the bleep is that?"

"If you look in the handy field guide that I gave you at the start of the game, you'll see that it's a Trukk full of Slugga Boyz."


http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/field-guide-rough.preview.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/field-guide-short-beardy-orks-rough-version)

22-11-2009, 22:58
Finally got some paint on models this evening, even if it was just some metallics followed by washes, but they already look a lot better.

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/40k_squat_292.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/40ksquat292)

Plus some dirty black washing. A darker wash will go on the guns to make them look more like gunmetal, while the bike parts will be highlighted with silver.

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/40k_squat_303.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/40ksquat303)

22-11-2009, 23:08
The regular Exo Armour Weebles will be shades of silver with some black and gold detail a bit like the finished one). Here they are, no washes yet.

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/40k_squat_301.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/40ksquat301)

While the Exo Armour characters will be bronze or copper in colour with some dark silver areas and a few details picked out in bright silver and/or some warm colour like orange. The Warlord's base will be painted up in 'traditional' Genestealer colours in dark purple and blue, which should contrast nicely with the warm colours that the armour will have.

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/40k_squat_298.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/40ksquat298)

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/40k_squat_297.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/40ksquat297)

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/40k_squat_299.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/40ksquat299)

The vehicles (Rhinos and robots) will stay quite dark, with dark green panels, bronze and dark silver detailing and fairly grimy workings for the wheels and suspension.

Gu Long: Ancient Dragon
23-11-2009, 05:18
OMG dude, this is so awesome, just found this and its soooo cool. I started 40k towards the end of ed.2 with Orks, so was nice seeing all the old Ork mini's :)

Gotta say tho, your squat army looks like the dogs b****x. Makes me wish i was a competitive game who went to tourneys just to see models and armies like this. but nvm :p

Thanks for the awesome log man,


24-11-2009, 00:14
just washed metal and it looks so gorgoeus!

Are you going to add anything more to the army post tournament?

actually. don't answer. paint.

24-11-2009, 07:30
actually. don't answer. paint.
That pretty much covers it.

Most of the metallics have had another drybrush followed by another wash.

The Warlord Exo Armour and Biker are now quite nicely gold.

The robot's mask is brown/bronze and really fierce, and has some dark green panels.

The Boy's Rhino has metallic exhausts, guns, tracks and ram, and is very roughly green on one side.

Nine models have the brown part of the bases done.

The bikes from the last photo have been highlighted silver.

Lastly, the "Pile o' 'Stealers" TM on the Warlord's base is a fetching mix of purple, blue and icky purply/red bloodstains, yay!

It'll probably be tomorrow before I get any more photos, today is rather full with other stuff...

05-12-2009, 19:26
Now that it's all over, maybe it's time for an update...

I managed to take a grand total of two work in progress shots before the GT, so here they are.

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/40k_squat_305.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/40ksquat305)

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/40k_squat_306.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/40ksquat306)

The photos show some wooden beads cut in half and filed down until they would fit into some small round shields, to form universal joints for robot number 2:
http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/40k_squat_324.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/40ksquat324)

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/40k_squat_322.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/40ksquat322)

As you can see the second robot came together reasonably well, although lacking the back half of the rocket pod didn't help.

05-12-2009, 19:34
And the front view:
http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/40k_squat_321.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/40ksquat321)

Not amazingly painted - there's neither shading nor highlighting on the green panels, but I didn't hear any complaints about the painting during the heat. Yay! A good thing, considering I put down the paintbrushes at 2am on Saturday morning, but more about that later...

The first robot, finished apart from shading/highlighting on the armour panels, some washes on the gun and a bit of work on the beard. The base edges were all painted black before the GT.

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/40k_squat_320.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/40ksquat320)

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/40k_squat_316.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/40ksquat316)

I'm really pleased with the way the mask came out, lots of different wash colours in there, and shadows painted in while the wash was still slightly damp - effectively wet blending the shading wash. ;)

05-12-2009, 20:01
The Good Ole Boy's transport also came out well, and was the only one of the four vehicles to get some highlighting done - eve if it's just a pale keyline along the edges.

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/40k_squat_308.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/40ksquat308)

The metallic areas were drybrushed either Boltgun or bronze, and then given dirty black washes with varying amounts of chestnut ink and brown paint in. The brighter metallic areas (ramp surrounds, headlights, mesh surrounds) were done afterwards by base-coating with foundation brown then a couple of coats of bronze followed by a couple of glazes of chestnut and brown inks mixed with some brown paint (old-style Bestial Brown? Not 100% sure).

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/40k_squat_311.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/40ksquat311)

The side door edge highlighting wasn't very even in width and it's also a large area given the lack of shading, so they may also get the bright bronze treatment.

The Hearthguardmobile was painted second (on the grounds that I had to finish making it first!) and took a few lessons from how the first Trukk/Rhino went.

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/40k_squat_312.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/40ksquat312)

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/40k_squat_315.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/40ksquat315)

Fighting platform construction ended up being quite basic - two front panels with some plasticard angles stuck behind to make them stronger, plus a hand-rail all the way around. Combined with the panelling that was already on the model from eBay, this worked quite well to represent the open-topped status.

The majority of the metallic areas are waiting on their two glazes of chestnut/brown, to match the bright bronze on the other one. Obviously, the Hearthguard deserve something that is richer in colour. The metallic doors definitely help to break up the green slab of the side.

05-12-2009, 20:33
The Bikers and Lootas did well, both in painting and gaming.

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/40k_squat_352.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/40ksquat352)

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/40k_squat_353.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/40ksquat353)

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/40k_squat_355.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/40ksquat355)

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/40k_squat_356.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/40ksquat356)

After these shots were taken the Lootas got textured bases, but it didn't end there...

We arrived at Warhammer World on Friday afternoon, and several of us set up for a few practice games. This was a good idea on my part, as a mix of flu, deadlines and manic painting meant that I'd gone nearly three weeks without playing 40k. Oops.

Oops number two - unload the army and wonder why there are only 12 Lootas/Thunderers when there should be 14. Somehow, between assembling/painting the unit in two goes, I managed to miscount and had only put together 12 models. Oh cr*p. One box of Dwarf Thunderers/Quarrellers and one box of Marine Devastators later I had the parts to make two more Lootas. At 18 a piece. I've sold off the remaining Devastator sprues (thanks Jonathan!) but still need to sell off the Dwarves.

Anyway, after a bit of frantic cutting and gluing through the evening, and painting through the first part of the night, the two additions were finished. Photos to come tomorrow...

05-12-2009, 20:47
The Cheat Sheet was updated the night before, with one being printed for each round, with army list on the back.

When it came to checking with a ref if the counts-as army would be OK, they took one look at the cheat sheet and said 'That looks fine!'. Quite a relief!

For best results, view the attached PDF version.

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/cheat-sheet-v3a.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/cheat-sheet-v3a)

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/cheat-sheet-v3b.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/cheat-sheet-v3b)

The print-outs got a lot of positive comments over the course of the weekend the first ref even sent a few of the other officials over to have a look. :)

06-12-2009, 15:04
Warlord with painted "Pile O' Tyranids" base:

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/40k_squat_326.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/40ksquat326)

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/40k_squat_328.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/40ksquat328)

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/40k_squat_329.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/40ksquat329)

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/40k_squat_330.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/40ksquat330)

06-12-2009, 15:10
Exo Armour Hearthguard. I hadn't spotted the unpainted Ork faces until Sunday afternoon! Both need a bit more detailing in the way of jewels and weapons, although the medals were painted on the Friday night before the GT.

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/40k_squat_333.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/40ksquat333)

http://exeter-inquisition.org/files-ei/images/40k_squat_337.medium.jpg (http://exeter-inquisition.org/images/40ksquat337)

The second one does look a bit lost on that huge 40mm base...