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07-09-2007, 05:35
Hi All

I have dwarves and for some thing new I have purcahsed a choas army. Now I know most people hate choas warriors but as they are the reason I chose choas I will stick with them. So at present I have

choas lord Mounted
Several heros on foot
3 magicians on foot
1 mounted magican
1 Doom bull

24 choas warriors
5 choas knights
6 choas hounds
1 beast herd
1 choas chariot
5 Centigores
12+ minitors
9 choas furies
4 spawns

I am thinking of going with

Doom bull or Choas Lord/exhaulted Undivided
choas armor, sword that give wounds for each kill, crown that give regen.
2 lvl2 wizards with power familar (extra power dice)

20 choas warrior (mark Khorne)
best herd
Chariot of tez (for power dice)
6 hounds
5 knights (chosen Mark Khorne)
5 centigores
5 minitors (khorne)
4 minitors (undivided with leader)
6 furies

I think this about 2000 points with 9 power dice. Any suggestions?

07-09-2007, 05:36
Magicans are mark of slanesh.

07-09-2007, 06:05
Well first thing its "Chaos" not "choas". Apart from that you have the beginnings of a doombull led beast army or a solid mortal army.

If you want to use as many of your models as possible I would suggest going for the doombull army, 3 units of 4 minotaurs. Hounds all as core, maybe a beast herd.

Chaos knights, warriors, centigors and daemons for specials, spawn for rares. Might not be the most effective army but would still be pretty good and a change from the usual, it would also allow you to use most of your models as noted.

I would strongly suggest though that you choose a chaos power- which one do you like the sound of? The four powers or undivided? If its undivided fair enough but try not to mix too many things in just because they are better with a certain mark, first some people won't appreciate it, second an army is not the sum of its parts but a holistic thing. If for example you took 1 Tzeentch unit of knights with an exalted for extra power dice, and warriors of khorne for fightiness and minotaurs of nurgle for the save it all sounds good. But if your exalteds unit is hit by a warmachine so he no longer gets a look out sire roll, where can he go? Nowhere. Also all those different marks will cost a lot but you will not benefit from their concentration.

08-09-2007, 02:44
I think a doombull of Tzeetch or Khorne led army would suit you well. See if you can't get something else for your warriors. Atleast paint them up last. A big beast herd or two would also serve you well. More warhounds are important too.

It is a pretty good start. I would suggest keeping the mark of undivided on your chaos knights. Tzeetch won't give them the ld advantages they need, and khorne would be too hard to control to start off. One of the best units for me is 5 chosen knights of undivided with only standard and warbanner. At 270 pts, it is pretty hefty, but can pack a wallop.

08-09-2007, 19:06
I suggest that if you are going to use the warriors, that you break them up into 2 units of ten or 12 with 6 wide frontage as warriors are just too expensive to have have in big units of 20. Make one unit chosen and give them shields and the other unit xtra hand weapons. They need the attacks. I also suggest giving a warbanner to one of those units. To ensure that you can get the charge with you warriors spawn could be very useful as they are unbreakable, so you can tie up his units with them and then charge in your warriors