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29-08-2005, 02:32
Well I am pleased to announce this RPG more than likely won't die like Daemonworld did. In truth, Daemonworld crashed and burned as I kind of lost my way in it.

This RPG should not be like that.

Right enough with the apologies to the veterns as I got a new RPG to launch.

This one is officially called The Hunt: Legends of Kartmoor VI.

This RPG takes place on Kartmoor VI, a planet isolated from the Imperium in a way that it is almost completely untouched by technology, but it is monitored and the Emperor's rule is enforced upon it from two things: The Ecclesseriach and the Imperial Base on the planet's moon.

Kartmoor VI's culture is based upon 18th Century America and the Medieval era. Bascially the Nobles live in massive castles, with personal armies raised from the peasants etc. They are bascially knights on horses. They wear chainmail and carry broadswords, but only to war. The rest of the planet live in log cabins and live in a 'Puritan' life style.

These people believe they have to go to church every Sunday, they are a farming culture mainly, and are extremely superstitious. (Think the Salem Witch Hunts and you got the people) These people are also very hateful of strangers and oddities.

Now the Inquisition has been attracted to this planet for sometime now, mainly tracking down rogue psykers that seem to crop up more than any other planet in the sector, mainly because of it being close to a Warpstorm. They have a section of the Imperial Base to themselves and well, something unusual has cropped up.

A team has been called and you are them.

Now I want dregs, low life, and other assorted scum.

Limitations are as follow:
-Nothing Imperial Guard related
-No heretical or rogue Tech Priests etc
-No assassins of any kind, I don't care if you slap the name Rogue on him, the answer is NO!
-Nothing in Power Armour or related to Space Marines or Sisters of Battle
-No psykers
-No Pariahs
-0-1 Inquisitor (already reserved)
-No drug addicts
-No Imperial Priests either
-No Xenos

What is allowed:
-Scum: low life people with nothing better to do so got roped into the Inquisition
-Merceranies: (see above)
-Gunslingers, desperados, guy with more than one gun
-Bounty Hunters
-0-1 Drill Abbot (a fighting Imperial Priest)
-Mutants (limit mutations to just unusual features and be expected to cover up)
Anything else in this vein of thinking...........

Plot line:
More and more reports of people being bitten and found drained off their blood in their body has increased. Then after the people were buried they would apparently come to life and disappear. The graves being found empty the next morning.

The Inquisitor in charge of Section Rogue has found these disturbing and has requested for an assortment of followers to go to check it out. He needs people that are not worth a damn, useless cannon fodder who can be killed and not missed. His orders were sent and people were arrested and brought in.

Okay I only ask one thing for your background: In your recent background, you were either captured or arrested and brought to the moon base. Once the RPG starts, all of you will be in jail cells ok? Exepct the Inquisitor ;). (Including my character)

Now heres the fun part and the evil part:

You are MORTAL and you can loose body parts, die or much worse. So I am giving you a chance to have two Characters. Now for my warning:

I will not be rewarding power gaming nor down playing, if I feel you are doing one or the either I will have you wounded or killed got it? Depending on how I feel.

Also a note on your two characters, they don't have to know each other ;).

Right, also a note on wargear:

-Nothing above the technology of revolvers, stub pistols or autopistols. Laspistols are too advanced. I do not want anything 40K technology got it? So no shields, nothing. However, the Inquisitor may have what he wants.

Okay any questions PM me or ask in thread. And welcome to the RPG, where I promise to make it dark, gritty and hopefully tense to a degree.

29-08-2005, 02:44
Hey can i call the Drill abbot
ill post the character later.

29-08-2005, 02:56
My two characters: (For those that remember Elana, I edited her out as she won't work)

Name: Chakra
Age: ???
Appearance: The man is 5'8, lanky and has long black hair. His eyes are big and they are a dark brown, almost black. He wears a long red cloak and always has a hat on. He wears a black tunic, suiting of Kartmoor VI.
Background: No one knows of Chakra, but there is a legend on Kartmoor VI about him. It is said he stalks the night, constantly hunting the Night Daemons that live deep in the woods. He carries unusual muskects that can shoot six rounds faster than any normal man could, its as if he loads all six at once and does not have to pause with the black powder. He also skins his kills and hangs the flesh to tan in the sun where all can see. It is said he is the Angel of Death, sent from the Father to protect them from evil and see them safely into their deaths.

What is true about the legend is that he is a night stalker, but what else is true is hard to understand. However, it is known this legend is 10 years old and by tracing that, the man has been on the planet 10 years.

Chakra contacted the Inquisitor upon the Imperial Base and literally offered his services. For what purposes are unknown, but the Inquisitor took the chance as he too had heard the Legends, even they proved unfounded. It was as if this man could disappear into the night.

Weapons: 2x Six-Shooter Revolvers. They are customised to be thicker, longer and rounder than the normal revolver and the bullets too are twice as big as a normal round. For what purpose Chakra has them like this is unknown. He also carries a long slim sword, but it can never be seen. (Basically a samuri sword, power weapon( Yes I am breaking the rules, but this character is a GM special character)).

Personality: A Loner, a lone wolf who hates people and hates being around them. He will only talk when he sees fit too and even then he will only say the point.


Name: Ishzu 'Twice-Fated' Mysha
Sex: Female
Class: Sell-sword
Weapons: 3 samuri swords in varying length, a stub pistol and a series of throwing knives.
Appearance: Rounded face, big deceptive eyes, black and long brown hair. She is slim and looks helpless and incapable of a fight.
Background: Mysha grew up in a society where the sword was a way of life. Even women were taught the sword. It was an assassin society that the Inqusition regularly tapped for capable Death Cult assassins.
Mysha was young when the Orks came and over ran her people, killing them all to a prescious few and she only suirived because of a Rogue Trader taking her away from the planet. She took her families swords and worked for the Rogue Trader as a bodyguard. FOr ten years, she worked with him when he was brutally murdered by a Drug Lord. Mysha hunted the man and returned the favour.

She was thrown into prison where she stayed for ten years until a messanger came and took her out of the cell. All of her weapons were given to her and she was sent to an unknown destination.

Personality: Mysha rarely speaks and is highly lethal. Be wary of her.

Right, these are my two characters. Lets have some fun eh?

29-08-2005, 03:23
Name: Lothar Kelmer (Deaths Hand)
Class: bounty hunter/Professional Killer
Age: 22
Appearance: Lothar has long black hair, fair skin, his eyes look as though he is blind, though it is just a condition he developed when he accidentally inhaled some chemical fumes, he stands roughly 5'11" and is quite wirey, though his frame disguises his strength, he has a scar running from forehead to chin and a tattoo of an angel on his back, a tattoo of a skull on his face.

Weapons: Shotgun (pump action), stubber, long sword, knife

Background: Born into poverty on the planet Korinth IX, he was raised as a farmer by his father untill he was 15, his father was always a violent person and contstantly beat Lothar when he was drunk, one night he tried and Lothar slit his fathers throat, Lothar fled into the forest and hiding for several weeks, on the edge of starvation he stumbled onto a village and was nursed back to health though his acts became known to the villagers who called the arbites from one of the main cities, they arrested him and began to transport him back to the city, he knew he would be killed if he was brought there. His guard was light, only one arbite, killing the arbite, though suffering a gunshot wound to his chest and a gash from his forehead to his chin by the dieing arbite Lothar made good his escape and fled into the forests.

Finding that he had a nack for killing he decided to make a living for himself by being a hired killer, but his first order of buisness was to go back to the village that had sold him out to the authorities, and go back he did, only one villager survived the slaughter, he came in the dead of night, before anyone knew he was there, all the militia had been grusomely murdered along with about half the residence, he hunted them like animals, killing with unrestrained joy, arbites eventually came down in force, but at that time Lothar was long gone.

After having exacted his sweet revenge, he decided to settle down and try to raise a family, and he suceeded, he soon married at the age of 16 and had a child the same year, for years he was calm and happy, though he always lusted to make a kill, to see another man dieing, soon he snuck away from his family and started his grusome career of killing and murder. After several years his wife found out about his work, and killed herself in a fit of grief, being left to raise his daughter alone Lothar made the decision to raise her in his line or work, and they travelled the galaxy togeather, him teaching her anything he learned or had learned in the past.

At the age of 25 Lothar had already made a reputation for his grusome work as a bounty hunter, none of his bounties had ever been brought in alive and he was known as death's hand, an acolyte to the reaper, though two years later he accepted a bounty that would be his last as he was sent to kill a ranking noble, Lothar completed his mission, the noble was found flayed, hanging from his ceiling, though he did not manage to escape the palace where he lived and was subdued by the guards, handed over to the arbites he was placed in a cell and awaited his execution, though through some fluke he was asked for personally by someone of high ranking to help in a mission, the guards were eager to see him gone as he had already killed one arbite when he tried to brake up a brawl in the mess hall. Upon hearing that he was released, his daughter was quick to find him and accompany him.

Personallity: On first meeting Lothar seems like a nice person, his farmboy nature comes through and he is friendly, though he is prone to mood swings and is actually quite mad, he has a love of killing and a battlelust, he never feels right unless he has taken a wound or has killed someone, quick to anger he has an explosive temper, he hates figures of athority or people who follow all the rules, as he see's them as weak fools. He respects strength and intelligence and not much else, he tries to be quite social but usually fails because most people are afraid to talk to him because of his appearance.

__________________________________________________ _______________

Name: Lacy Kelmer
Class: Gunslinger
Age: 15
Sex: Female.
Weapons: 2x autopistol 2x revolver.

Appearance: about 5'6" tall, Lacy looks at least 20, though she is only 15, her black hair drops down to half way down her back and she usually wears quite revealing cloths to enhance her already fit form, she bears no scars and is very clean, pale and she has blue eyes which might have come from her father though no one can be sure.

Personally: Rash and stubborn, she attempts to be like her father in every way, she does not show fear and is very determined, though she is quite soft when it comes to anything not "work" related, kind spirited and helpful Lacy sometimes does not know when to keep her mouth shut.

29-08-2005, 03:42
This looks like a good one, characters tomorrow.

Would an Ogryn be acceptable?

29-08-2005, 04:38
bounty hunter Jasper Duff more later

29-08-2005, 06:08
Can i have a Mutant that hates the church thats on planet? and actively attacks church members and does things like graffite,arson etc

Commander X
29-08-2005, 07:08
How about we see Urgo again, I'm sure the rest will like him a lot ;)

29-08-2005, 11:27
bring back urgo:D

Brother Smith
29-08-2005, 14:25
Name: Inquisitor Maledictus (Yea yea... I get the Inquisitor because this RPG was partly my idea :p )
Class: Inquisitor
Age: 356
Appearance: 6" Tall with long flowing red hair, red eyes and is large and muscular.
Equipment / Armoury: Lasbow (A regular crossbow, but is rapid fire and the bolts are surrounded by a red energy glow), Two autopistols fashioned in a similar way to muskets, a powerblade (not a blue energy crackle but a red one). He also has a hidden adamantium vest,a small shield that generates an invisible field and many, many daemonic wards. All his equipment is chemically treated to pass metal detectors and such.
Maledictus' past is shrouded in mystery.
It is known, however that he has had many stations, the most recent of which, and the longest lasting is his station on Kartmoor VI. Totally facinated by the population, who live grim, puritan lives (a stark contrast to his homeworld, the hive world of Cycladus) and spends many months on the planet living amongst the community, and venturing into the forests of the world to eliminate the daemons that plauge the planet (since the planet is near a warpstorm a the forests are home to chaos spawn that can sometimes venture out into the villages). He is known for his bright red eyes that light up in the dark. (thought to be of mystic origin by the people, they are actually bionic implants).

When not amongst the populace, he is on the moon base, for he cares not for the indulgent lifestyles of the nobles.

Personality: Maledictus is fairly sociable, and enjoys the company of the natives. When he has to meet the nobles he does so with haste for he dislikes all but one, Lord Setra, who has endeared himself to Maledictus.

Second Character to come soon... Is an Iquisitorial stormtrooper on the moonbase ok?

Heh, think of all the lore these locals must have of seeing light in the sky when ships land and when the occasional lasgun goes off...

29-08-2005, 15:17
could my character be inquisitor malectus's bocyguard.
name: Ruben Quinn
age: 29
class: gunslinger/ bodyguard
equipment: twin revolvers, shotgun, torch, light armour
apearence. Average hight and build, close shaven head no identifying marks save a scar running down left side of face.

30-08-2005, 00:16
Right I notice alot of you are only posting one character. Trust me, two will be needed as I need the numbers.

Also Urgo can make a come back. Warlordgrubnuts, it depends on Brother Smith as it will be his choice.

Hmm an Ogryn will be pushing it. I need mortals, not something that can take a beating and keep coming back for more and more etc............

30-08-2005, 00:35
Name: Dawn
Class: Scum

Dawn a beautiful girl that worked at a bar that for some reason was found to be imoral and hertical and She was brought in.

Name: Drago
Class: Gunslinger

a modern sort of bully useing his pistol that he found to intimeadate people to get the way he wants he had a small crime family set up untill a inqusitor came knocking now he is in jail his prized gun "Marv" some where else.

OoC/ sorry for the small amount of background but it sounds like you want cannon fodder/OoC

30-08-2005, 01:15
Fodder yes, but not lifeless scum. These are characters you will be using.

Brother Smith
30-08-2005, 04:00
Sure be my bodyguard.

Here's my second character:

Name:Sergant Charon
Class: Stormtrooper
Age: 39
Armoury: White stormtooper armour (kasrkin / Guys from judge dredd in white armour) or hidden adamantium armour, hellgun Imperial style, Hellgun musket style, same with both hellpistols, auspex tracker. All chemically treated in a similar fashion to Maledictus'

Appearance: 6", grade one length grey hair, one red bionic eye implant (allows infa-red vision). Speaks with a Norwegian-esque language / accent, and it is also how you pronouce his name)

History: Charon's squad is currently under the command of Inquisitor Maledictus. Mainly statoned on the moonbase, Charon has supplied the members with covert clothing and equipment. Charon spends much time with Maledictus planetside working undercover.

Can I call upon the squad? Maybe some of the RP'ers here can take a stormtrooper as second character? They work covertly, dressed as natives, using technology in the veil of magic to keep track of any psykers or chaos spawn. There are also other Stormtroopers under Maldictus' command in the nobles houses.

And Maledictus has a more public identity as a witchhunter under the name of Sabbat (Holy Martyr to the natives). Is all this ok? if it's not thats fine :).

Thane McHammer
30-08-2005, 07:39
*grabs spots*

More to come when I've got time to put down some background.

And no rogue techies? Darn. So much for McHammer :p

Commander X
30-08-2005, 08:25
For some reason I managed to miss the sentence about the two Characters( :angel: ), I'll get myself another one then. Perhaps something more shooty...

30-08-2005, 11:23
second character
name: Dan 'dangerous' mc'grew
class: scum
sex: male
age: 32
equipment: knuckle dusters, slug pistol
history: an ex-hive ganger dan killed 67 people in his nebourhod and was set for execution befor being sent on tis suicide mission.

30-08-2005, 23:57
uhhh warlordgrubnatz, im sure Slaz said no adv. technology in this rpg, which would mean no bolt pistol....but anywhooo... second character is in first character posty thing :P

31-08-2005, 00:12
Grey-Knight is correct no bolt pistol and I am confused as to these metal fists. If they were like knuckle dusters than okay, but if they are huge chunks of metal on your fist, no as the citzens would excute you on the spot.

We are under cover and WILL obey their laws and customs, hence why the limits are in operation.

31-08-2005, 12:52
[damn 10 word rule]

Commander X
31-08-2005, 17:02
Mutant Urgo
Wealth:7200 Credits
WS:4 BS:3 S:3/4* T:4 W:2 A:1+1* Ld:9 Sv:5+
Weaponry: Plasma Pistol, Autopistol, Sword(p), pitfighter gauntlet**
*Claw: The claw makes one attack a turn with S4, other attacks are made normally on S3
**Couns as second CCW, and allows parries.
***"Luck is with the dumb" Allows him one re-roll a turn.

(I left the PvP stats in, as I expect them to be used whenever the Inquisitor turns his back on us;) Also, because of the technology part, the Plasma Pistol he bought is scratched for now.)

Appearance+Background(Spoken as if by the other):

"As I might have guessed, this man's right arm is a crab's one. To hide it, he wears an over-sized trenchcoat and pretends to have just one arm and be quite broad. Underneath it he wears his plated armour and several weapons.

He claims to have been part of a gang that was set up by their leader. That sounds believable, you can't trust anyone these days. Although, if he is here, why aren't the others? My guess is he has quit on his own and later got caught doing something he shouldn't have. But I'll never know for sure, perhaps those stories about his time with that Jenkins are tru after all..."

The other entry is yet to come, I've had to scratch two ideas already so am working on more.

Thane McHammer
31-08-2005, 18:16
Ahh...time to post...

Name: Thane McHammer (Who didn't see this one comming?)

Rank: Mercenary

Age: 36

Weapons: One BIG hammer; large, but very well-crafted and ornate.

Other equipment: Cigars, his goggles, and a set of enscrolled knuckledusters (The writings engraved on them are Litanies of Faith).

Appearance: At a tall 7'2, McHammer is huge. He's got deep brown eyes, and over these he wears a pair of rounded, red-tinted goggles. He's exceptionally muscular, but not grotesquely so. He has an square-jawed appearance that might have once been called handsome, but is now criss-crossed with thin scars. He's usually dressed in a chain shirt with tight leather pants, and combat boots, over which he wears a black leather duster with the arms removed at the shoulders. Both his ears are pierced, and he wears a total of 15 studs and hoops. If you look close enough at his sculpted chest, you'll see he's got both his nipples pierced...if you ever do get that close....He's often seen with a lit cigar in his mouth. In public, he pulls out a black robe with a cowel, and draws this on so as not to attract attention.

Background: Thane McHammer has been called scum, punk, rebel, and heretic, but never to his face. He was once an Imperial Stormtrooper assigned to the world, but he went AWOL after he rebelled against some of the commanders less savoury use of life in the field of battle. He's now part of the planet's underworld/ Dispite his intimidating hight and dress, he moves and acts with a gentleness that belays his inner being. Slow to be drawn into a fight, even slower to anger, he can keep his cool in many situations. A former pit fighter, Thane earned the title "the Hammer", after his successful crushing of over 50 foes in the pit, and he took it as his surname. Now semi-retired, he does works part-time as a bodyguard and bouncer. As a cool cat of a man, he's well liked by all, and has many friends, connections, and informants along the underground. Just what an Inquisitor needs...

Konrad_Curze II
31-08-2005, 21:31
i suppose i could giv this a try...

Name: "The Raven"
Gender: Male
Age: Thirties
Height: 6' 8"
Weapons: Fists
Skills: Supernatural strength and senses, extreme tolerance of cold temperatures, shaman (doesnt actually do anything but i just thought to mention it).
Appearance: a giant of a man, of inuit origin. Tattoo's that simulate warpaint all over his body, upper body exposed with lower body being combats and boots, has a tattoo of a raven on his forehead, bald, weathered look, has ravens flying around him wherever he goes.

second character

Name: "The Jaguar"
Gender: Male
Age: Fifties
Height: 6' 4"
Weapons: Katana
Skills: quick, agile, master at using blades, has a heapload of battle experiance
Appearance: slimlined, slightly toned body, wears bodysuit that goes up to the neck, wears a deathmask that is a smooth all around his head with no distinguishable features except for these two glowing red eyes.

both of these are mercenaries btw and work as a team

01-09-2005, 01:37
This is still in the recruiting phase so to speak, but I am opening the main RPG as well, I wanted to get it started.

So welcome all of those who have already signed up!

The Hunt (http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?p=196463#post196463)

Grand Warlord
01-09-2005, 01:47
+Reserving spot until he gets a reliable computer and internet...+

01-09-2005, 04:46
Name: Jesper Duff
Class: Bounty Hunter
Age: unknown
Sex: Male
Equipment:Twin needle pistols, Carapace Armour (has been fused to his body) IR Scanner, web pistol, and web solvent, Stasis grenades, 2 Ghand blades(a power weapon that can be switch to stun), Thermo Charge
Background:Raised in tha Halo stars, he doesnt remember his parents, except that they sent him as a present to the local crime lord, who later lost the child in a bet with another crime lord. Once he hit his teens, Jesper was offered a choice, he could become a bounty hunter for his Lord, and try to buy his freedom, or he could be a slave. Jesper decided to try his luck as a bounty hunter and was given a large supply of equipment, but had a bomb implanted in his stomach, if he tried a runner, the bomb was set to explode. Eventually he managed to buy himself freedom and had the weapon removed from inside him, and was allowed to keep it. Since then he has been working for anyone willing to pay the right price, but still owes his loyalty to the one who offered him his chance at Freedom.

01-09-2005, 04:54
Name: David Spector
Class: Bounty Hunter
Age: 21
Sex: male
Weapons:Mesh Armour, Blaster, Stinger, Refractor Field, Grav Chute
Background: Raised on the world of Commaragh, Spector learnt to hold his own from a young age in the pits. Trying to support himself enough to live. As his fame grew he left the pits to find another form of pay, at first he tried as a hired gun, but this didnt work, so he left the webway and headed for the Halo stars to try his luck away from the Imperium. Working for various buyers he has hunted down many people and shows much potential, though he is still only young.

Commander X
01-09-2005, 15:38
Psst, Diddimz, you might have missed this bit ;)

Right, also a note on wargear:

-Nothing above the technology of revolvers, stub pistols or autopistols. Laspistols are too advanced. I do not want anything 40K technology got it? So no shields, nothing. However, the Inquisitor may have what he wants.
Unless it was specifically allowed, I think you need to redo the equipment parts.

PS: My second character - a not so standard gunslinger - will be up soon, but I'll only post IC after that.


Manch - The all-seeing.
Equipment:Third Eye, Two Revolvers, short knife.

"To survive the Underhive in these times, one needs eyes in the back of his head. This man has one litteraly. It looks a bit weird, just one eye on the back of his head, but when covered with a hat, he looks just like a normal hiver. It's also strange that the two normal eyes are brown, but the third one is a dull grey.

I noticed he was wearing a trenchcoat like mine, can't blame the man as it's pretty standard in the Hives. After a bit of his showing off, I believe he's quit a Marksman with his Tiwn Revolvers. Although he has so far refused to tell me where he came from and how he ended up here, I feel this man can be trusted enough."

07-09-2005, 01:20
This RPG seems to be a failure, but I will hang on. I am placing it on pause and I am awaiting till I get back to the UK and get Internet access before I do anything ok?

Once I am back online....I will be able to give this RPG the nuturing it deserves ok?

Brother Smith
07-09-2005, 22:11
These characters are stupid... They don't realise blind stupidity = execution time.