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07-09-2007, 22:27
hi fellow warseer members!

finally i decide to make a thread, here it is:

a newbie to midlevel painting experience!

iīm into warhammer 40k for about half and a year, and in this time i managed to draw a lot of people to the hobby. iīve been painting like a maniac and now itīs time for results. however i dont want to take all the critiques for myself, so i decided to post pictures of the overall process from all members of my gaming community. most off us havenīt painted that much (me being the exception) - so please keep in mind that all the minis you will see here are more or less the first steps in achieving a solid paintjob.

you will be seeing this:

-kreshekīs chaos undivided army
-rolīs catachan devils
-patriots dark angels
-felixīs necrons
-b@shotīs eldar
-bdoīs ultramarines
-bdoīs nids
-terrain we (mainly rol and myself) make and have made

nobody from the above mentioned persons does have a warseer account (me being the exception, again) - BUT they will take a look at this thread, and iīm sure one or the other will create a account to join the posting and replying :)

this thread will live from updates and comments, so i will take care of the update part and you from the comments, alright?

whenever you like or dislike something in here, post it - we are glad to hear opinions.

without further ado here are some pics of the overall armies (the īcrons and eldar will have to wait a little, need to take some pictures when iīm there on sunday).

here we have a shot with flash of the chaos forces:

here we can see a few tanks and some red (yes, red) dark angels in front of them


07-09-2007, 22:29
here are a the ultramarines:


the other half of them


a few nids, mostly based


more nids


07-09-2007, 22:30
leaves us with some sentinels and infantry


and more infantry


tell me what you would like to see close up, i will provide pictures :)

08-09-2007, 16:23
well well well,

some more pics here,

i decided to bring you a few close ups of the chaos marines,

here is a sorcerer, from one of the very early days of kresheks painting:


with this fella there come a few chaos marines:


more is bound to come....


08-09-2007, 17:34
more pictures, more close ups

what do we have here... itīs a guy without legs!


and also one of the red dark angel scout snipers:

he brings a power armoured friend with him, but i think this one is unfinished:


another catachan.

i forgot to mention: everyone around likes more or less to paint, with one exception: rol - he hates painting, 5 in hundred are painted if we are lucky, so expect more conversions and cool poses from him than painting.

08-09-2007, 17:47
and another catachan painted


and on we go with some of my genestealers and a ravener



and here we have a few of my marines, the one on the left is the first marine i ever painted, the other ones came later, but still need a complete mock up paint wise... but anyway, pictures


08-09-2007, 18:04
Nice Painting bdo !

I'm liking the catachan and the Nids especially.

09-09-2007, 00:54
thanks n810 :)

here are two pics of kresheks obliterator:


i will post more nids and catachan as we have a vote (more or less) for pictures... wont take long


09-09-2007, 14:46
here is an ultramarine attack bike with multi melter, nearly finished... but thatīs the latest mini i have painted... you can see that there is quite a difference to the marines i posted up to now. and thats exactly the reason why i need to upgrade the paintjob of about 70 marines :cries:

here it is:

09-09-2007, 18:53

here are some eldar pics, first starting with a few harlequins.

btw. the first pic shows the mini b@shot ever painted:





nice freehands for a person who painted about 25 models so far...

09-09-2007, 19:17
wild looking harliquin.

09-09-2007, 19:34
hmmm some of your reds seem to be a bit off...

have you ever considered going back with foundation paints?

09-09-2007, 19:43
which red?
... the chaos ones? or the red on the ultramarines? or maybe on the nids...?

please specify

thanks :)

10-09-2007, 06:56
Drogmir: i now realize you mean the chaos marines.... it canīt be anything else except the red angel marine.

for the red dark angel: heīs still work in progress. patriot takes forever to paint his minis... the sniper with the barrel took about 2 weeks and he still considers to paint a little more on him... i would have gone mad, were i so acribic with my first painting attempts.

for the chaos ones: kreshek is steadily improving, the pictures dont do justice to the red (i will post new images of them soon), as it looks quite nice in reality. however it is no clean red by any means, he said it should look dirty and morphed. thatīs drybrushing for you-

after coming home from work i noticed that i still got a few eldar shots waiting to be posted.

here are a few guardians - all of them are still WIP. the first blue (the darker one) b@shot painted is no more to his liking... so he decided to do this shiny brighter stuff, you can see a few details painted, but a lot of stuff still needs to have a little more brush-sex.

the one the left is standing on some lego piece, nice idea i think... maybe anyone else wants to leave a comment?....


on this pic is a farseer thingy to see, too... i hate those guys, their invul save makes me go nuts.. especially with the re-roll your saves psychic power... grrrr


and the heavy weapon for his guardians... i think b@shot has real potential painting good freehands in the near future...


oh yes, and my honourguard ancient - the mini on which i learned to highlight.. it really gives good results when you have to paint some places good... or an entire repaint will await. pressure on me works fine for my minis - if you know what i mean


any.. more will come

11-09-2007, 20:24
hereīs another update.

this time more nids

first off a broodlord:

then here we have a nice cheap dakka fex. need to fix the eyes, though:


i got this model with a broken and pretty twisted back... the lowerst part of the carapace in the middle was cut out.. so here is what i did:


and last but not least two warriors with my typical load out. painted a year or so ago... i dont know what to do with the nids paintjob.. to keep it this way or not.


thats it for now.

maybe someone will say something about this, please...?

11-09-2007, 20:53
what do we have here... itīs a guy without legs!


use an old brush, and dab some superglue onto the lichen, then paint it when dry. the lichen will solidify and be easy to paint.

you're scout looks gr8 though is crying out for some bullet holes in the oil drum:evilgrin:

keep it comin'


12-09-2007, 05:06
schoolcormorant: i will tell rol the tip with the superglue on the lichen.
thats not my scout, itīs patriots - and he is kinda angry :D he says "there ARE bullet holes in the barrel!!"....ooops, maybe a little too small :D

thanks for the input :)

12-09-2007, 08:17
That lascannon marine simply screams out an "I'ma go medieval on you ass" image :evilgrin:

13-09-2007, 20:23
thanks neknoh - although that marine still needs highlighting as he is now just drybrushed.


here is my best painted model so far, my assault terminator sergeant.

however he still needs a name painted on his left shoulder pad. but sadly i cant come up with one, as the name needs to bo short i will mess up the writing again. also the front of the shield still needs some writing.

how do you like him?

oh yes, a closer pic of the banner, iīm proud of it :D (yes, itīs a third company guy on the banner :))

13-09-2007, 21:08
Excelent bdo the face :)
(Espicaly the eyes):eek:
and the the lightning:evilgrin:
also the banner rocks. :D

17-09-2007, 07:30
thanks, glad you like the yet nameless terminator brother :) - it took a really loooong time to paint him, but it was worth it. one of the models that makes you think you have become a lot better at painting.

anywas, here is a little late a pic of my workingspace (the actual place on the table changes alot, but itīs always on this table). also my tools of the trade.


and finally i got my hand on this:


a friend had it in the basement, not knowing what kind of treasure it is. lucky thing for me: he doesnīt play warhammer and doesnīt intend to do so. because it is too time intensive for an upcoming actor to start a tabletop he decided to give me the box - thumbs up :]
including the cool floor tiles, 20 oldschool genestealers and 10 terminators, also the doors, books and anything else except the timer everything is still there - yeah, thats really cool retro action!

and i put all of the space marine stuff i have on the table to show my overall army. when all is assembled it all comes down to:
6 x 10 man tactical squad
1 x 10 man devestator squad
1 x 8 man close combat scout squad
1 x 7 man sniper scout squad
1 x 10 man fast attack marines
1 x 6 close combat terminators
1 x 6 shooty terminators
2 x 5 man strong retro terminator squads with heavy flamers
1 x 8 man strong tyrannic war veterans
1 x 10 man command squad with tigurius
1 x techmarine
2 x attack bike
1 x rhino
1 x whirlwind
1 x predator
1 x dreadnought
1 x land raider

so i just need 10 more marines with jump packs and 10 normal marines for a devestator squad and i will have a complete third company. that was fast somehow, just a year of collecting ultramarines - too bad only half of it is painted...*starts to laugh deranged*

and a pic of it:


Crazy Ivan
17-09-2007, 08:33
Nice stuff you have there, bdo! Good idea to combine the tank commander torso and legs with Catachans parts! The Terminator Sergeant looks very good. I always wonder how people do the lightning...

As for a name, aren't Ultras supposed to have 'Roman' names? So maybe something like Gaius, Marius, Lucius, Marcus, Quintus,Tertius, etc.?

The UnNamed One
17-09-2007, 10:53
Nice stuff bdo and friends, will be in impressive looking marine army when its all painted. oh and if you need names for Marines just google 'english to latin translator' or watever and type in a word or 2 and you should get some names you can play around with a get a good name.

18-09-2007, 17:09
thanks a lot :)

actually rol made the tank commander conversion... i will have to post a little more of his nifty non-green-stuffing conversion work

Crazy Ivan: the lightning is not that hard, but time consuming. the next time i paint them (another assault terminator with thunderhammer is on the way...) i can take pics of the different stages and what colour i used at which place, if youīre interested :)

more is bound to come

18-09-2007, 20:02
oh and here are two more eldar units...


Crazy Ivan
18-09-2007, 20:08
Crazy Ivan: the lightning is not that hard, but time consuming. the next time i paint them (another assault terminator with thunderhammer is on the way...) i can take pics of the different stages and what colour i used at which place, if youīre interested :)
Sure, I'd like to see that! I'm very interested.

The Eldar units are looking good too! I know nothing of Eldar colour schemes, but the red contrasts nicely with the blue on the War Walker.

18-09-2007, 20:51
i dont know anything about eldar colour schemes, too :D :D - but as said before, b@shotīs painting is quite nice for a starter.

i will post a tutorial for lightnings tomorrow, provided i can finish the lightning on the thunderhammer in time, but in a few minutes i can post a work in progress picture :)

18-09-2007, 20:57
and here is the wip pic of err..... veteran brother orlus i think


and patriot right beside me is painting, too. here is also a wip shot of one of his terminators :)

19-09-2007, 19:47
here is another update:

sadly i cannot provide a lightning step-by-step, as i was really busy all day long and must head off to work in an hour. i was also distracted by green putty out of the tube and some grey stuff i acquired today... i couldnīt resist and started to use some of that stuff... the result is... err.... i think a greater nurgle demon or something like that. the only thing that is for sure now is that he will belong to my nurgle-ork-cult. he isnīt finished and i think i will give him wings... yeah... wings... maybe a head wonīt be too bad, too. the left leg looks a little bit unnatural.. but who cares? pestilence is everywhere where nurgleīs minions step.. even inside the steps (or something like that?!)

however this is my first work with any kind of modelling substance and it was rather dodgy to apply all that, maybe i need to get something else beside a knife to model...

but here are pics:

Crazy Ivan
19-09-2007, 19:55
sadly i cannot provide a lightning step-by-step, as i was really busy all day long and must head off to work in an hour. i was also distracted by green putty out of the tube and some grey stuff i acquired today...
No problem mate, real life is important too ;) Won't be trying it myself in a while in fact, far too busy...

The greater daemon looks very daemon-y anyway! Quite gribbly...:eek:

Son of the Lion
19-09-2007, 20:03
Very cool patterning on the warwalker mate. Like it.

Space Hulk intact? For free? You lucky Bastich.

19-09-2007, 20:51
I hear people use Dentist picks and stuff for sculpting...
but you could use anything ... toothpicks, pencils, piece of sprue.

20-09-2007, 04:45
Son of the Lion: hehe, yes i am :) next time i see b@shot i will tell him that you posted positive response about his walker... he will jump up and down i think ;)

that demon has some big arms... maybe a little bit too big. oh well, it can never be big enough - at least thatīs what some of the threadheads in this forum might say, but right now iīm sitting here, holding two monstrous scything talons, a paperclip and a dremel in my hands and think "why do the wings have to be so big...?" i know the answer.. smaller wings wouldnīt really look good.. so i have this bucketload of work awaiting me.

wings are a hard thing to do. especially if you dont really know if nurgle greater demons will have the option to have wings in the rumored demon-codex or not. anyway.... i will post pics tomorrow, the first steps of the lightning tutorial will come tomorrow, too.

i hope you all cant wait :D :evilgrin:

22-09-2007, 17:43
here is another small update.. nothing important anyway... i made a shot of my soon coming nurkle-ork-cult project.

i have 44 orks and 77 gretchins from the old 2nd edition box - the plan is to modify every single model very nurgle heavy and use it as a DiY army. ruleswise they will be a combination of.. you guessed it: orks & chaos (more likely lots of gretchins, orks, gretchins, gretchins and gretchins with mark of nurgle, nurgle demons when codex:demons is released and the so far modelled demon thingy i have)

yeha, gretchins with t3! normally everybody would say that is useless except when imperial guard is your opponent.. more likely the instant death rule will be changed for them.. so they are not insta killed by S4, but it requires S5 to do so.. thoughts?

but here is a group shot first:


and my first attempt at sculpting an arm, looks kinda... urr... like a barbie stabbed several times with a lava hot chainsaw... but it is not finished yet :angel:


if anyone has some of those old orks & gretchins and wants to get off rid of them for cheap, let me know :)

oh and for the tutorial: it is quite delayed, but tonight i will post the start of it, and maybe up to the finish, depending on how far i come with cleaning this whole mess of my surroundings up.

02-10-2007, 19:51
more than a week has passed and still no tutorial... sadistic me :evilgrin:

but taking care of reality is a little bit more important so i hope you all can understand.

i finally managed to do the thunderhammer (and nearly the complete terminator) and stormshield, thus the tutorial is ready. the only problem is that i took photos while painting (not at the [i]exact[/] time...) and only checked for picture quality after i took the first photos. my camera decided to rebell against me - all settings are somehow twisted. my camera is a real pain in the a**e sometimes. meaning: only the first pictures are non-blurry, sorry :(

but for those of you who are still interested (more precise: Crazy Ivan) here is it anyway:

first letīs start at looking how real lightnings look, here are pics:


02-10-2007, 19:52

we can see clearly that the lightning arcs are bright in the middle and getting a little bit darker to their ends.

too hard to paint.

so i simply decided to use a certain more easy to paint look for all lightnings i do.

look at the second picture in the lower right. there are clouds in front of the lightning, which makes it looks as if not the complete lighning is bright in the inside, but only at those spots where 2 arcs cross each other. i thought this was a good base, so now on the transfer to the mini.

this is how i did mine:

1) prime the piece black
2) paint the complete area on which lightnings should be midnight blue.
3) start painting thick lines in this manner. this defines the basic shape of the lightning, so make sure you paint some zig-zag-like line. mine is not soo extreme, here:


and here made a little bit more visible where i exactly tryed to paint the first shape


02-10-2007, 19:52
4) the next step is to paint a little bit of regal blue inside the just painted midnight blue lines. make sure that the edge of the midnight blue lines are still visible, as this is simply multi-layering.

for the eye to see:


and with a little helper:


when we have done this, we have done the hardest part already. hardest because it is hard to see where midnight blue/black is.. and not painting over everything alltogether with a little brighter colour.

5) now the time consuming process starts... mix a little bit of regal blue with ultramarine blue and a little water for consistency. the mix ratio should be somewhere between 3:1 of regal/ultramarine blue, but in reality i have no idea how much it is really - i mix by gut feeling and found that it works best. all that is important right now is to get a colour which is a little brighter than regal blue... easy, hm?

we will paint this colour inside the just painted regal blue lines, but not the complete lines. again the edges keep free of brighter paint, and this time donīt paint the whole line... where there are parts of your lightning line that do not cross with others for some "space" dont do it. i hope everyone gets my wording, so here are pics for you to see what i mean (and here is the start of the blurr machine... x_x )


6) we go on and mix more colour, this time itīs regal blue and ice blue, i think the ratio was 1:1 and a little bit water. we do the same as before, the lines are just getting smaller:


02-10-2007, 19:53
7) the next step is almost the same as the one before, this time we will take a 2:1 iceblue/ultramarine on the usual places and a little bit of water of course:


8) yeah, now we donīt need to mix anymore colours, we just do the same as always with ice blue:


nearly there... just one last bit of colour and we are there...

what colour to take? white of course... here you go:


and thatīs about it.. hoped that could help out anybody. if you have critics on how to improve, or notice something plain wrong with this way of painting lightnings, please post it.

i will try to fix my cam settings and get a shot of the mini with the hammer... but in the meantime i show you the start of my holydaymarine...


03-10-2007, 20:46
camera more or less fixed.. those settings can give me a headache from time to time... so here is the almost finished brother orlus. the eagle on the chest, the targeter like thingys, the face, most highlights and details still need to be done correctly.



and a close up of the face... by seeing this i think the eye needs a touch up, too...


what do you think?

Crazy Ivan
05-10-2007, 11:59
Thanks for the tutorial bdo! It's very comprehensible and I really like how it looks. I'll have to try it myself in the future on a power sword or something. :)

Anyway, brother Orlus looks good too. I'm looking forward to seeing more of your and your friends' work. What is the holiday marine for? That is one big sunhat!

05-10-2007, 17:29
great model bdo :D

05-10-2007, 22:42
glad you like him, painting him was really a pain... hope you will still like him when heīs finished.

but on the other hand i really wanted to do something with the ork-chaos-nurgle-demon-lord-prince-thingy. here are the results:


almost everything you see here is still WIP - you can guess what is not :D

12-10-2007, 22:15
primed a part of him, so i could see how it really looks like in one colour... also made him a little larger, still not finished though.

got a new cam, the old one died. so i am still experiment with the settings... these cam seems to be more modern, but with not that many options... mhh


16-10-2007, 22:41
well... here is another update:

i present the first necron in this log! it is his first painted mini:


i didnīt paint anything - BUT i started to make terrain together with patriot and rol, iīll just post the pics in hope of some c&c.

here you go:


16-10-2007, 22:42
and more...


16-10-2007, 22:42

this is what we did today... more updates soon

16-10-2007, 23:38
Your terrain is really improving bdo. :)

ur Necron looks great.:skull:

I can't wait to see how those tree come out. :D

And you definetly have got the hang of making sand bags ;)

17-10-2007, 06:34
thanks, the materials for it are growing, too.

the necron isnt mine but felixīs - i will tell him :)

same here about the trees, wonder how i will do the leaves this time...

and i wish i could take the credit for the sand bags, but i cant. i aquired them a few months ago via ebay from deadlyheadly...

today/tomorrow i will work a little more on this pieces...

can anyone tell me where i can get miniature... however they are called... this in minature??:


any tips are greatly appreciated.

17-10-2007, 20:36
more terrain!!


just to comprehend for the lack of updates

17-10-2007, 20:36

more comments, please :angel:

17-10-2007, 20:44
You have definately improved alot since you started! I really like your lightning effect! Keep up the good work! :D

Colonel Stagler
17-10-2007, 22:32
thats some alrite terrain there bdo mate, nice one
Stagler out

17-10-2007, 22:44
Tyrion: donīt worry, i will. thanks for the kind words :) - need to get my fingers onto a brush and resume painting... i feel somehow guilty when i look at my biz bix with all those marine legs lying in there...

Colonel Stagler:

thanks :) - but i still need to make more... too bad i ran out of wire for new trees. on the other hand thatīs not so evil so i can focus on finishing these pieces... next up is the spray can for the little suckers :D

and an idea for a ruined shack, a leaking damaged water tank and more jungle pieces...

17-10-2007, 22:46
oh did i mention that i will attach holders to each piece? itīs a holder for a pole.. and on that pole is... guess what. right, a flag :)

so we can mark wich terrain piece is occupied by whom. thought this was a really cool idea :D

now i just need to design a flagg or something completely different for my nids.

18-10-2007, 03:25

same here about the trees, wonder how i will do the leaves this time...

and i wish i could take the credit for the sand bags, but i cant. i aquired them a few months ago via ebay from deadlyheadly...

today/tomorrow i will work a little more on this pieces...

can anyone tell me where i can get miniature... however they are called... this in minature??:

TIP: Visit Places with Fake Plastic Plants :D:D
they don't have it online , but this is where i got it for $3 :D

18-10-2007, 03:48
oh you donīt know how much you just made me want to have your hand and the stuff on it... :evilgrin: :angel:

guess i will have a look... although i have no idea where to start.. maybe i will ask a female for directions... they will know for sure where to find plants, wether fake or not :D

20-10-2007, 15:07
I'd say midlevel. They're good, I like them, but I would suggest using less contrasting colours, specifically on the chaos.

19-11-2007, 19:06
thanks Trilbydude@Dragon. Kreshekīs the owner of the chaos army, i told him that - letīs wait if i get an answer about that out of him.

but this is not just a reply to a comment, this is also an update!!

i came around to painting a little bit. i think brother orlus is finished and i nearly completed another assault terminator, this time it is one with lightning claws and of course he still has no name. the highlights on him need to be touched up nearly everywhere, but most important on his back - much to fat there. also the face looks kinda "ugh, thatīs gross" - iīm thinking about repainting the entire head.

this was my first attempt at lightning claws, i had no idea how to paint the sides of the claws pointing to the inside. hope you know what i want to say with my bad english. after i finished the claws it turns out they look a little bit like a magic +1 frost damage claw and not a lightning claw - but i think they look good, i will keep this style for the other lightning claws.

but now for some pics:


here is a group shot of the three (nearly) completed assault terminators, from left to right: brother orlus, brother nameless and brother abel:


i also bought a manufactorum box to have a look at the building peaces - this is what i made out of this box:



19-11-2007, 19:08

that is all made out of that box... i think a little expensive, but they sure look good with all the details.

however, i also started to make the water depot :)


19-11-2007, 19:12
but that is not all, i also put some paint and other stuff on the terrain pieces i made a few weeks back:



there is still a lot missing, for example static grass... stay tuned for more updates

19-11-2007, 19:16
Wow BDO & friends your skill have improved greatly!

Love the Power Weapons... (the claws look hard to do)

Terrain look great CoD parts, Mage Gothic ruins parts?,
not sure what the last one is from? It looks awesome thou.

19-11-2007, 21:15
first i thought the claws are a pain to do, but it is just layering/blending and basically the same effect as the lightning, but more white overall :)

the last one is from the old 40k starter box, its over 5 years old at least.. propably more.

...Mage Gothic ruins parts?...

you mean the one before the last? are those parts "Mage Gothic ruins parts"? i got them from a trade here at warseer and already asked where they are from, but got no answer. do you know what these pieces are from?

i need to get my ass in gear and get the static grass ready :)

19-11-2007, 21:32
I'm sorry, I had the right company ... wrong model.
it was "Gothic City Ruins"

20-11-2007, 15:57
mh...close up these look quite different, but anyways a good direction you pointed me in - these sets look really good... and from the description it seems there is more stuff in it than in the cities of death sets... so it seems i will soon own more buildings :)

20-11-2007, 17:26
By Bad ... I think those where forge world pieces, that the other guys copied.

but I think yours are the originals.

the gothic ruins are a good model to look into as they are similar and very cheap.

20-11-2007, 20:02
now iīm confused....

what were forgeworld models copied/not copied? .... uhh.... :wtf:

20-11-2007, 23:21
now iīm confused....

what were forgeworld models copied/not copied? .... uhh.... :wtf:

sorry I'm rambeling... You have the forgeworld originals I think? :confused:

21-11-2007, 02:16
no, they are no forgeworld pieces... this are the pieces i got from a trade very close up: they are multipart plastic pieces... and i have no idea where they are from, but would like to know. but since i saw those plattformer sets i guess itīs not too important anymore :D

but for the sake of project logs, here are the close ups with overexposure to light. thanks to the flash for that :rolleyes:


21-11-2007, 21:04
here is mooooorrreee:

okay just one wip shot of the next terminator, have not bothered to finish the other one yet :D



21-11-2007, 21:20
i realize i still have a lot of stuff left to show... for example kresheks dreadnought:


how do you like it?

21-11-2007, 23:15
i also found the power generator i made for one of the terrain pieces:


26-11-2007, 09:27
i finally decided how much of the ultramarines i want to own. at least the third and fourth company, with about half of the 10th company and about half or more of the first company... i really dont know if i ever will have the chance to play all this, but apocalypse is out and my mateīs armies will increase.

beware, so far is only the third company list done, no transports yet as i have to think long and hard about the question if i want to have 16+ rhino-based transports...

mind you, i have 5 command sqauds in total for these two companies as it looks...the overall number of marines will be a little higher than 100 per company... who else than ultramarines would be justified to do that? :evilgrin:
it also doesnīt make sense fluff wise how the commandsquads for the companies look like equipment-wise, but i wanted to have something i can play... letīs just hope that in codex:sm redux (whenever it will be the time for that..) i am not dwarfed to 5 man command squads.

so... here is the list
every squad consists of ten space marines + independent character(s).

3rd company

1st. hq squad
Captain with stormbolter, energyclaw, iron halo, artificer armour, bionics
command squad armed with: 8 boltguns, 2 lascannons, 1 standard bearer

2nd hq squad
Epistolary with bolt pistol, fury of the ancients, artificer armour, iron halo
command squad armed with: 6 boltguns, 2 heavy bolter, 1 apothecary, 1 veteran sgt with stormbolter, energyweapon & meltabombs

3rd hq squad
Master of Sanctity, jump pack, powerfist, adamantium mantle, terminator honours, bionics
no command squad here, the chaplain is intented to fight with his fast attack bretheren :rolleyes:

1st tactical squad
1 plasmacannon, 1 plasma gun, 7 boltguns, 1 vetsergeant with plasmapistol, ccw & meltabombs

2nd tactical squad
1 Missle launcher, 1 flamer, 7 boltguns, 1 sergeant with bp+ccw

3rd tactical squad
1 lascannon, 1 plasmagun, 7 boltguns, 1 vetseargent with powerfist + b-pist

4th tactical squad
1 Heavy Bolter, 1 plasmagun, 7 boltguns, 1 vetseargent with stormbolter, energyweapons & meltabombs

5th tactical squad
1 Missle launcher, 1 melta, 7 boltguns, 1 vetseargent with combi-melta & powerfist

6th tactical squad
1 lascanon, 1 plasmagun, 7 boltguns, vetseargent with plasmapistol, powerfist & bionics

1st assault squad
2 plasmapistols + ccws, 7 b-pists + ccws, 1 vetseargent with powerfist + b-pist
squad has meltabombs

2nd assault squad
2 flamers, 7 b-pists + ccws. vetseargent with a pair of lightning claws

1st devestator squad
4 missle launcher, 5 boltguns, 1 vetseargent with powerfist+b-pist

2nd devestator squad
4 heavy bolter, 5 boltguns, 1 vetseargent with lightning claws

thats it so far... i have to work out my fourth company... and more important the number of honourguard minis i will need...

03-12-2007, 18:53
and here is a bulk of the stuff that will make this list.
this is a space marine battle company, half of which is mine, the other one is felixīs.
also a emperors fist tank company for my mate rol. this will take some time....


btw. why have i 5 apocalypse vehicle command sprues? can anyone tell me how many in the battle company/emperors fist tank company are?



Crazy Ivan
03-12-2007, 19:14
no, they are no forgeworld pieces... this are the pieces i got from a trade very close up: they are multipart plastic pieces... and i have no idea where they are from, but would like to know.
They are Lord of the Rings wall pieces (I got some from the old Return of the King Starter set); you can still get them in this (http://uk.games-workshop.com/storefront/store.uk?do=Individual&code=99221499007&orignav=9)set.

The terrain is looking good, btw! And that is a huge load of plastic! :eek:

03-12-2007, 19:43
thanks :)

the other pieces seem to be of good use, too.

but as always with GW terrain a little pricey. maybe next month :)

06-12-2007, 20:38
and here is a small update, right now patriot is at my place and working on his dreadnought... they are still some gubbinz to be added, but itīs clearly to see where he is going... sooner or later a venerable dread will try to slaughter my nids and marines.

i am working on the next assault terminator, almost finished. here are the pics


06-12-2007, 21:41
Holy crud thats a lot of sprue $$$$

06-12-2007, 22:04
yeah... but buying with 4 people and christmas ahead itīs okay :D

i recommend gwonline.biz - if the inquisition doesnīt care for happy buyers adverting a nice shop :)

this week i will start to try fighting this sprue giant... hacking it to bits and giving it some life...

i will count how much i have to paint... there are still some ebay purchases that need to be painted and partly assembled. wihihihihi i think am going nuts ^^

06-12-2007, 22:32
okay... i counted.. i have 206 marines in power armor. 20 scouts, i have to repaint all of them. about 40 or so already ultramarine blue and need a better coat of blue... expect for 10 or so. the rest ~160 marines needs complete assembly/stripping of paint. all of those miniatures are planned to be painted up to the standard of my assault terminators. hell awaits me. vehicles and veteran/elite units will come tomorrow, as i have to go to work now.

06-12-2007, 22:34
that I'll keep you busy until next year. :D

07-12-2007, 03:31
most likely - if i can paint at a good rate i might even buy something for my nids :D - there i just have to assemble 8 gants, 1 venator and 2 warriors... not that much.. mh.. i already have the wings for a winged hive tyrant....

oh my god, i just realised that i must be totally insane.

...but thatīs just good for the hobby, right? :skull:

07-12-2007, 06:31
"yes thatīs right bdo. what is good for the hobby is good for you. what is good for you, is good for the emperor. what is good for the emperor is good for all of us."

thanks little voice from the back of my head, you really helped me out here.

i decided to arrange the minis i have into groups of pain. there are seven groups at this moment, consisting of the 6 tactical and 2 devestator squads for the 3rd company of my ultramarines. assault marines will be added when i get around to take pictures.

i wanted to use the minis i already have assembled, so none of the battle company marines are off sprue, yet.

in all group there should be at least one marine painted in ultramarines colourscheme. that is my work. all of the ultramarines need a paintjob upgrade, and the rest: more work than just an upgrade :eyebrows:
every group consists of the same type of model, i.e. group #1 only bolter marines, group #5 only missle launcher marines and so on. even if you canīt see all the necessary bits for every model on the pictures - donīt worry, my bits box is nearly bursting.

and finally here they are, the groups of pain

#1 group of boltery pain

#2 group of lascannon pain

#3 group of Heavy Bolter pain

07-12-2007, 06:33
#4 group of plasmagun pain

#5 group of missle launcher pain

#6 group of weapons only once in third company pain (?)

#7 group of veteran seargent pain

so.. where should i start after i finished the remaining assault terminator?

07-12-2007, 07:26
That latest Terminator looks fantastic. It really is nice to see people improve so drastically over the course of a log. I'd love to see where you are a year from now.

(Probably still working on that Battle Company!)

07-12-2007, 08:01
thanks a lot - that pushes motivation forward :)

for the part of improving: it is interesting. first i drybrushed simply everything. i heard about inking and washes, but i thought: "why? my models look good." and after a time i noticed that it was very hard to drybrush out every detail without messing up other parts of the model nearby. some things donīt look that good drybrushed, but i didnīt admit it. after fiddling around with the smallest drybrush i have ever seen (have to search, right now all is in a mess with plastic everywhere), and about 100 models later, i had enough. i decided to spent more time for every mini i paint, crashcursing in highlighting and inking and watering down and mixing paint. and about 10 models or so later, you get the actual painting quality my assault terminators have :) - it takes longer, is more work intensitive, not that much motivating while youīre painting because everything takes longer and it can drive you easily nuts when one of you mates just ruined your 10/0 brush and thatīs the only one you need for the rest of the evening.

but it is SOOOOO worth it!

i deeply recommend everyone to spend more time on painting until you are really satisfied :)

...but as i said, i am going nuts :D

14-12-2007, 22:58
and just a little update to let you know that i have not drowned in a pile of plastic.

i started to prime and assemble one of the rhinos...


and also worked on a little bit of terrain. i donīt like the look of the tank itself, and will repaint it for sure. i also did not prepare enough water effects to fully cover the ground.

btw, what do you think of itīs colour?



itīs a little dusty *looks ashamed to the ground*

14-12-2007, 23:06
also did not prepare enough water effects to fully cover the ground.

you should take advantage of not filling you pond completely
and put a little color in between layers...
this should make the water appear to have more depth.
use colors like you had before only thiner and lighter.
(so they are transparent) :D

by colors i meant paint or ink.
just a little if you ever decide to add more water.

15-12-2007, 04:13
thanks for the advice - now it flashes back that i heard similar things somewhere else, just canīt remember where. unfortnuetaly i think it wonīt be possible with this piece anymore, as the height of the stone circle does only permit a very low water level, so no layering with transparent colours between...

but i am just getting an idea for a overgrown, but still filled toxic waste dump... mh.. yeah... i just hope i donīt start something else before i finished a few terrain pieces.. that seems to be my curse, start on one or two terrain pieces, work a little bit with them. after two days i put them aside, because "right now" i donīt have the motivation to finish it. what happens: two weeks later i start something else, work a little bit on it, put it aside...

GODDAMN! i need to finish something! but for now sleepy sleepy bdo

26-12-2007, 04:21
it has been some time, but here are more piccies to prove i do something. just not very much right now : /

however, rol started to assemble his emperors fist box... soon i will have a massive amount of av14 against me:


i wonder how he will paint them... i took the liberty of undercoating a little bit to point him out that he should start painting them - very subtle, right?

i did also a little bit, here is a wip shot (taken with flash due to very ba light conditions) of the last assault terminator... not very much left... but the face will freak me out - i know it.


27-12-2007, 07:50
and here are some tanks, mostly for motivation in cleansingfuryīs thread here (http://warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=118072)

painted some time ago i see that i will have to do touch ups on them, too...


27-12-2007, 07:56
Wow man!
Your stuff is really coming together. I like the groups of pain. If I did that I would have to quit the hobby...

27-12-2007, 18:05
ah, really... the groups of pain are my friends now, group of lascannon pain is charly and group of boltery pain is max. *chuckles frenzylike*

but they do affect my mental health i think - just one more assault terminator
*looks at paintbrush*
*runs away*

P.S. from a place far away from brushes and paint: if i am lucky i can finish the last nameless terminator brother before the new year.

01-01-2008, 23:26
I really like your tyranid army. It looks different from anything i have ever seen before and i like that. anyway i am pretty new to the game and im just starting to paint my first minis. i hope someday theyll look half as nice as yours

06-01-2008, 01:10
youīre really flattering me :) thanks

i wish you good luck and all the best for starting this game, itīs really fun :)

and tonight... i will finally finish my assault terminator squad... after realizing that those were the only five minis i painted in the last four months i have to admit that i need to get my **** into motion....

06-01-2008, 04:13
update with pictures!

well.. after posting a few hours ago that i need to get my **** into motion... i did.

itīs one of those horrible nights, where you originally planned to go out with a woman, whose face always flashes in your mind, but you donīt. because... well because you are too late... when you finally get to talking to her, arranging that date...it turns out she is already out on an only women-night... meaning tonight. meaning also that bdo is sitting at home, really doesnīt know what to do, doesnīt really want to go out with other friends and is somehow depressed. so after i cleaned up a little bit here ,i started to paint; to set my mind apart from my emotional desires. damn thatīs hard.

but this is what the results are: my almost finished last assault terminator. looking at the pictures he still needs some tidying up here and there, especially the white parts. and the face. and the crux terminatus. but thatīs the best i can come up with when i canīt concentrate at all... here you go:


and a group shot with the rest of the squad.

i also noticed that i had another build in progress pic of rolīs tanks.. we said he can use it as baneblade proxy if he wants to.


sooo... what do you think?

and also.. how do you like my new avatar? thatīs actually me.

06-01-2008, 04:59
im loven the smurfs! very nice... i also like the pile-o-tanks funny but at the same time scary. and i do love the avatar lol keep it up

06-01-2008, 05:31
Hey, man lets see a pic of the face, not just the hippe hair...

Any whom, the smurfs are really the best in this log, I don't mean to diss on the onther stuff, mostly because I haven't read the hole thread, but the smurfs are good, (but lose the red weapons =).)

Also the building terrain is really good, not to sure about the paint job on the oil tank or what ever it is at the top of the page.

06-01-2008, 05:41
Holy Tank! It's a tankaramid!


06-01-2008, 10:14
wow you really improved in such a short time, but then you painted a lot. keep up with the painting

06-01-2008, 19:34
Green_RangerAK-47: thanks. yes.. the pile-o-tanks is scary... but it will still grow...

Great_Destroyer: thatīs no hippie hair! thatīs metal hair! :skull: - the rest of the stuff in this log (except for the nids) is painted by friends of mine, not me... i just thought i place everything in one big thread.
and for the red weapons: right now iīm thinking about another colour... scab red somehow isnīt the best colour option... maybe a greyish/black/metal colour will do... wait.. isnīt that somewhat standard? the tank will be repainted, donīt worry.. i just dont get to it.

MF3000: yes.. it is.. but as i mentioned.. it will still grow...

jakub: thanks, i hope i will keep the pace up in the new year.. not like the last 4 months where i only managed to paint the terminators... however my motivation-gauge has received a boost due to the replies :cheese:

now get on with the painting... throw all those distracting faces of woman out of your head and you will be fine. at least for the time being. until reality catches up...

09-01-2008, 04:39
LOL bdo I also have hippie/metal hair... :cool:

12-01-2008, 05:38
see? if two persons agree, they cant be wrong :]

so... besides no new pic of me (why would anyone want that? i did not even post my pet(s) in here... so i thought people wanted to ask for that before the personal pictures... but somehow i know why.. please donīt quote me)

back to the plan:

i did not do anything worth mentioning beside primering three marines black, painting the first layer of blue onto one and doing no touchups on my terminators at all. because itīs hard for me to get motivated these days, i decided to trick myself: just get something new and the creative juices will flow.. maybe the paint, too. i organized myself a pretty big piece of high density foam:


when i had that, i remembered that i still need more sandbags for terrain... so i moved heaven and earth to get this:


my brothers girlfriend works in the "styling and costumes" (i donīt know what the enlish word is: the place where everyone who has a part in a play getīs their make up and costumes etc.) part of a local theatre. so she has to do with a lot of modelling work.. and it flashed my mind that she may be able to create moulds for me. and it worked. yeehaa! too bad the regular gw plastics have to much small detail to be cast with methods she knows of/has experience with. but there is ebay....

anyway, here is a copy and paste of the sandbags, the brighter one is the one i cast:


and while the sandbag was hardening in itīs mould, i started to train with greenstuff. rol plays catachans - that means he has a lot of flamers in his boxes. an awful lot. other special weapons (meltas, plasmaguns and grenade launchers) only come in metal blisters.. something both of us shun due to paintchipping/conversion-problems. so i decided to throw together a two flamers and two plasmapistols.. my first attempt at doing something "specific". i either need to file the rough parts down or add more GS to flatten the area.. or just glue on some bits to hide the bad/green parts... but here is the latest wip shot:


any opinions on anything?

12-01-2008, 08:03
from the looks of it your really improving because your marines at defo more than midlevel IMHO.

12-01-2008, 19:21
thanks a lot :)

but i am still learning - however, this goes faster due to the nice comments :D

now this weekend i will try and paint more...

13-01-2008, 01:41
look what i found in the post:



and a forgeworld hive tyrant without arms... now that i own this mini i think it is better looking than before...


he will become my flyrant.. when i am confident enough in my greenstuff skills...

but everything is prepared:


14-01-2008, 03:52
You look like you could use some arms for that flyrant my friend!

I really like where all of this is going and want to see those rippers assembled! I love rippers just because they are rippers!

Keep up the good work!

14-01-2008, 20:53
soon they will all be assembled... but i need some more bases for them...

also the arms are not yet attached to the flyrant because i normally paint and then assemble... but in this case i am not sure which arms to give the tyrant... either twin devourers, or twin scything talons, or 1x scything talons and bonesword+lashwhip...

15-01-2008, 01:24
My opinion is to go for the bone sword and lash whip and venom cannon. The combo works wonders on enemy vehicles and infantry.

15-01-2008, 06:48
mhh.. i donīt know.. i already have a shooty tyrant with venom cannon and barbed strangler... ah there is still time to decide, i still have lots of other things to do, but as requested here are the assembled rippers:



i still have 36 individual ripper models left, but i am out of bases. i also need more spinefist rippers, the ones that can be found in the genestealer box - if you have some and want to get rid of them/sell/give away: send me a private message

*coughs* sorry for that... but i hope you understand that i need them to complete my rippers...

oh... there is a lot of dust on the sporemines and on their bases, too. hehe... i somehow canīt bother to paint them.. i painted three of them when i got the mcragge box. but thatīs it...

and i also decided that i will do a step by step marine painting thingy. i donīt know if anyone is interested in another ultramarine "tutorial" - i will do it anyway *hides in corner and giggles excited, while rubbing his own head with his left palm*

so here we go... first i basecoat my miniatures in black, i use citadel paints, so it is chaos black.

then i start to drybrush (slightly wet) the entire miniature with ultramarine blue. it normally needs 3 to 4 layers to look fine... these are still not done with the colour.. but i will update soon. at least i hope so.


you get two different light settings because it is pretty dark around here (8 in the morning)...and just because the camera can do it :D

19-01-2008, 16:45
Look at what i and my evil minions have created!!

itīs the

"The Almighty Demonical Panda Knight!"

itīs the almighty demonical panda knight-poetry session:

heīs there to fly and slay ,
to find his prey,
slaughtering all along the way,
you better obey,
or your hair turns grey.
now stop your play,
itīs a m*************** DPK! (aka The Almighty Demonical Panda Knight)


19-01-2008, 17:08
LMBO !!!!!

I love the screwdriver of Doom :evilgrin:

31-01-2008, 06:07
well.. what alcoholics can do...

i am glad you like him, N810 :) (yehaa - this time i even got a smiley in)

but here is a little bit of progress with the ultramarine tutorial (hehe):

the next step after painting the marine blue, is to paint all that whatīs not supposed to be blue, back black.

there is no extra picture for that, so i go on to to the next step, the first stage of armour highlighting.

for rank and file troopers we mix ultramarine blue with ice blue in a 3:1 ratio. add water to that, so the colourīs consistence is not like syrup, but more like milk. too much water isnīt good either - the colour will form pools and coverage goes down the drain.

when mixing is done we grab a 5/00 brush (i use a pegasus brush in this case. no special reason, except that my LGS sells them) put some colour on the brush and start to paint the edges of the armour plates... like this:


that takes some time... but when it is done, the next step follows:

we need to mix colours again *sigh*. this time we will take 2:1 ratio of ultramarine blue and ice blue, water added for milky consistence again. in this case we should normally use a smaller brush, as we are going to paint over the already painted highlights - but not as much to the inside of the armour plates as before. here is a picture of what it could look like:


and thatīs it for today... or maybe a few days more. next time we will have the last part of armour higlighting and will go over to...uhh... well i donīt know... but you will see what it is.

i hope you are not bored to death. if you are: i hope you will fall onto your keyboard to type some characters, and hit the "post reply" button by accident with your mouse and post here.. that way i know it is too boring. although i donīt hope anybody dies while reading stuff i write it would give interesting possibilities :]

31-01-2008, 13:31
Zzzzzz..... (smack) uulidgbikxzc bviul tyyy7lkjcxv nb79fanzxncv:eek:

Ok I'm awake....

Nice Smurf Marine.
lets see some more higlilighting
and drybrushing. :chrome:

31-01-2008, 18:56
so at least the only person who posts regulary in this thread hasnt died :)

but your posting motivated me to paint the remaining marine to the stage the last one is... in other words: here is another pic :) :D


31-01-2008, 22:14
hey bdo whats that thing near his foot

31-01-2008, 22:30
that was supposed to be a mushroom.. something to try to improve my feeling for greenstuff. after work i can provide more pics. i almost finished the highlighting on one of the marines, too :)

and i sculpted some nurglings.... so stay tuned for pestilence & death :)

01-02-2008, 04:03
oh boy,since i started nurgle fantasy, i cant get enough of other people doing it. i cant wait. check my army out in the fantasy log or in my signature. you might get a kick out of my jolly green giant lol

01-02-2008, 11:44
look like i made some small brothers for your greater demo, green ranger :D

i only made this base, and this was my first try at snot-like-beings :D

more are to come in the future.. but that will take time as i still have lots of things to do with my marines and my nids (ordered another battleforce - yehaa).

but here are pics of the nurglings:


i wonder how theyīll look like when they are painted

01-02-2008, 12:32
very nice cant wait to see some paint on them!

01-02-2008, 17:38
thanks :)

but they will have to wait until i have finished the 3 marines i am working on.

but thatīs what i do right now. i finished the armour higlighting and made a few pics.

hereīs what to do in this step:

take ice blue and water, mix until consistent, grab your 10/00 brush and start highlighting the edges again...

kinda like this:


i am aware that some spots are a little messy, but i wouldnīt risk derrangement by going over it again.

boredom strikes again :skull:

02-02-2008, 00:33
I like the colour scheme a lot, and it's very neatly painted. Are you going to highlight the shoulder pads on the right guy?

02-02-2008, 03:12
the shoulderpad on the right guy will be highlighted. i havenīt done it yet, because i overlooked it :rolleyes: - thanks for pointing that out :)

i am glad you like it :)

03-02-2008, 21:42

this time the hive tyrant.. i glued the wings onto his back and started to greenstuff.. but as i see the pics i have to tidy up a lot more of the gs.

here is the first side.. didnīt came out too well but is acceptable, i think:


here is the other side, came out alot better - still not perfect:


and here is a front pic...


08-02-2008, 05:02
update time.

i started to paint the flyrant... there isnīt much done because i had to introduce a new guy to the name. it worked - he will probably start nids, the style of play and the look of the minis are really to his liking. i canīt agree more :)

so... i only basecoated him and started to paint the green, hope you all like - but more is bound to come as this is obviously still work in progress:


08-02-2008, 05:26
Oooo that's a freaky looking alien!


08-02-2008, 17:40
yes yes :D and it will eat a lot :) :D

if i keep it up i will be able to give another update tonight/tomorrow morning.

and thatīs the plan :D

08-02-2008, 18:15
:Dthat a prety good looking conversion bdo :)
like some sort of tyranid gargoyle.

The green paint scheme is right on. :D

08-02-2008, 18:39
Wonderful colour scheme! And the green-stuff work looks just fine.

10-02-2008, 18:52
thank you :)

i know i said i would update sooner, but life (literally) got in the way. one of our five dogs was pregnant until not long ago, and i had to help out during the birth of these little fellas:


they have no names, yet - but i might incorporate them into the hivefleet :skull: :wtf:

now that things have settled down a little i will take a brush and paint a little before i head off to work...

if i keep it up i will be able to give another update tonight/tomorrow morning.

this time for real!

10-02-2008, 21:11
its logs like this that really show you how your painting comes along in quality as you progress.
I'm liking this stuff BDO, seems you and your mates have a good little group going on. the terrain is especially good.
kudos on the space hulk aquisistion. how much did it set you back?

10-02-2008, 21:21
thanks for the kind words Marsekay :)

our group is nice and friendly. not a competitive vibe going on here, so i would say: i agree :D. although i am still the only one who says "i get nothing done, letīs have a paint day on <insert random day here>" - they all come and paint.

the terrain will be worked on one day... probably a few days after i say "oh the terrain is still unfinished, and look: i got this new flock and some ideas for new terrain; we also need more jungle. so how about terrain-day on <insert random day here>?".... and they will hopefully come with the same motivation they normally bring for painting.

and i hope this log will show more and more progress, as i am still at the beginning of learning how to paint properly. for example: i planned to use lots of washes and glazes for the hive tyrants wings, letīs see how this turns out... :)

10-02-2008, 21:23
Experimentation is key, if you try 100 different things and end up liking only 2 you have still got 2 more good tricks up your sleeve!

10-02-2008, 22:17
thatīs right. if you dont try new things, you wonīt be able to do new things :D
i noticed that i always try new things on models that i really like (it helps if they are good rules-wise, too), and they always turn out very nice. an example of this is my terminator chaplain (looks crappy now, but back then.. pure genius ;)) or my honourguard ancient standard bearer, who was the first with a real energy weapon and more than a halfhearted attempt at highlighting. so i am in high spirits that it will work out this time, too.

i have progressed a little with painting, started the scything talons, added the first shades of red and grey to the respective places on the hive tyrant. i would post pictures, but the batteries of my camera are recharging, so i cannot do that :(

and i have to head off for work, so i will post pictures later. if i am lucky itīs only a short shift and i will be back around 4 in the morning :)

11-02-2008, 09:31
i wasnīt back at 4 in the morning, it got a little bit later. update anyway:

i added two more colours on the tyrant, namely red and grey... the grey shall soon turn into bonelike colour, the red will be shaded (at least where itīs possible):



i also started the arms:


and lucky as i am i found something in the post this morning, yehaa... looks like there will be indeed work done on terrain.


the white sheets are plasticard if youīre wondering....

11-02-2008, 18:30
The green looks really really neat! Im looking forward to see that painted. And too see the finnished terrain :]

11-02-2008, 18:53
right now i am painting... so here is a little in between update (another one):

with added bleach bone and the start of the wings:




11-02-2008, 19:09
Hmm... im not as fond of the wings as I am with the rest of the model. Perhaps you should Ink it some to darken it down?

11-02-2008, 19:13
itīs still being painted, especially the wings :D

11-02-2008, 21:02
so we have a few more updates:

more of the wings

they are still not finished, i am not sure what to do with them right now, but i will figure something out...

and i got distracted... :angel:


is that way and heap of grass an okay addition?

11-02-2008, 21:42
I demand an update on the puppies. The flyrant is sweet but it is not a quintet of infant canines.

11-02-2008, 22:25
That better not be an imperial fist under the flyrants foot! make it something like an iron warrior or something....

But seriously mate, the flyrants looking really good.

12-02-2008, 04:02
I demand an update on the puppies. The flyrant is sweet but it is not a quintet of infant canines.

if it were not 5 in the morning i would give you that update, but i donīt want to risk to wake the small ones up. once they are up and running, there is no stopping to this 5-part-poo-machine, so i hope you can wait till tomorrow. your wish shall be fullfilled then :angel:

That better not be an imperial fist under the flyrants foot! make it something like an iron warrior or something....

But seriously mate, the flyrants looking really good.

no, no. that is no imperial fist, that is an...errr... ah yes! itīs a stuntman sent from the imperial fists! :D he was just lying under the feet to check if the angle and weight would be okay for the normal-nothing-special-marine, he has to know, imperial fists are especially sturdy ;).

but the reality goes like this: the marine is only lying there to stabilize the foot, and it wonīt stay imperial fist colour scheme. i have no yellow miniatures, except those i got from trades/ebay. still need to repaint those. but it gives an idea what will decorate the base :skull:

and thanks for the kind words, right now i am scratching my head and wonder if it is a good idea to blackline the recesses on the wings, then apply one or more layer(s) of a dark green ink. or maybe fill the reccesses on the wings, then apply a lot of yellow washes followed by dark green ink/black ink. mhhh....

12-02-2008, 05:56
if it were not 5 in the morning i would give you that update, but i donīt want to risk to wake the small ones up. once they are up and running, there is no stopping to this 5-part-poo-machine, so i hope you can wait till tomorrow. your wish shall be fullfilled then :angel:

good, the only thing better than a puppy is five of the little buggers scampering around at once.

14-02-2008, 04:43
*steps out of time machine*

so, here is another update, and as prom... what is this? oh no :eyebrows: - i set the wrong target date for my new toy *points to time machine* - actually i wanted to jump to a little bit earlier.. mh.. need to fix it :rolleyes:

okay, here is an update:

first, this picture is for you triggerdog:


well.. that isnīt exactly a puppy (and that are not 5 puppies piled on each other, too)... but the mother of the puppies. i wouldīve made new pictures of the sleepy ones, but when i took the pictures for this update the camera broke down somehow. right now it is over at the place of a friend who should be able to fix, as he says. that means it will take a day or two (if i dont have to whip his back with a hard evil whip while screaming "WORK FASTER YOU MAGGOT!") to get new pictures. maybe i can make a video then, too.

but letīs not focus the attention too much on anything that could draw pet-pic-haters here, that is for later posts reserved.

what did i do?

i painted more on the wings, still not complete and kinda fuzzy here and there. they need lots & more lots of highlighting, after that i can attempt the washes/glases/paintjobkillerexperiment and maybe highlight again after that. but at least a tiny bit of progress can be seen right now:


14-02-2008, 04:44
i also worked on the arms - need to fix the grey places


and there was something in the post... the order rol had taken after the emperors fist set... now i have a real problem:


the funny thing is: rol was pretty much in a hurry when he assembled the baneblade, guess what happened?


right... the lower part of the hull was not in place until after the rest was assembled... kina tricky to get that attached to the model after glueing it together.... it looks like this:


i will update as soon as i have a working camera, i will answer questions and all somesuch, too ^^

so look forward to, uh, more.

14-02-2008, 04:50
I guess thats what happens when you try to rush. :p

14-02-2008, 04:55
that happens when you suffer from insomnia :D :skull:

but no, really... highlighting these large areas, especially round ones is hard for me. so i decided not to be too whacky with the colour and diluted it a lot, but somehow it has a lot more pigmentation to it compared to itīs wet state. but i hope i can fix that with additional layering :)

edit: on the other hand, you could have meant the tank... :angel:

18-02-2008, 22:13
well... update.

it took far to long to get all things done i needed to do in real life, so thatīs my excuse for not updating, even though i said so.

first things first, here is a link to a video of the puppies (http://gentlefire.de/filmewurf2/html/../assets/multimedia/MVI_0153.wmv) - i am sure you all klick in here just because of this. hehe.

so now for the real update. while i wanted to finish the winged hive tyrant, i got distracted again. this time with plasticard:



some of you might know what this will become once itīs finished...



18-02-2008, 22:13
i did a little bit on the tyrant after all. started to shade the red, also nearly finished the talons. i also started to paint the teeth, but thereīs still a lot to tidy up there. here are the pictures:





the wings have made no progress at all.

18-02-2008, 22:58
Flyrant looks good so far, but might I suggest painting his teeth bone instead of white...

Also, have you checked out chris' and my new thread?

19-02-2008, 06:25
yepp, have seen the new workload ahead of you :D

and for the teeth: all of my nids could be used in adverts for toothpaste or toothbrushes :)

but i kinda like it, gives them a very sharp, dangerous feeling (at least i like to think so ;))

19-02-2008, 07:08
well... update.

it took far to long to get all things done i needed to do in real life, so thatīs my excuse for not updating, even though i said so.

first things first, here is a link to a video of the puppies - i am sure you all klick in here just because of this. hehe.

so now for the real update. while i wanted to finish the winged hive tyrant, i got distracted again. this time with plasticard:

awwww! Puppies! I love puppies, with their little pink snouts and paws and their flopsy bellies and legs. Always sniffling and grunting in their little puppy way.....Do you live anywhere around St.Louis, Missouri? My wife and I have been looking to get another dog. That is if you were looking to sell to pups after a certain time.

19-02-2008, 07:38
i am sorry, but all the puppies have already found owners where they will "move to" when they are old enough.
when we suspected that talitah was pregnant and told a few people about it the interest was massive, so we could pick persons we trust and know. the final decisions were already made a month (or so) ago, i am sorry.

and as i live in germany it's probably a little too far off, too ;).
i really wouldnīt want to put one of those cute little creatures in an animal-flight-box for a plane flight over the atlantic. i am too softharded to do that, but i guess that benefits the puppies in a way :)

and.. err.. stay tuned for updates & stuff ;)

19-02-2008, 09:27
i am sorry, but all the puppies have already found owners where they will "move to" when they are old enough.
when we suspected that talitah was pregnant and told a few people about it the interest was massive, so we could pick persons we trust and know. the final decisions were already made a month (or so) ago, i am sorry.

and as i live in germany it's probably a little too far off, too ;).
i really wouldnīt want to put one of those cute little creatures in an animal-flight-box for a plane flight over the atlantic. i am too softharded to do that, but i guess that benefits the puppies in a way :)

and.. err.. stay tuned for updates & stuff ;)

I am not above traveling across the atlantic to obtain a new companion (technically it would be my wife's companion as I already have sidekick dog). If anything it would be a good idea because it would allow my spouse to become accustomed to the animal (consider the fact that she's a woman and its a puppy this wouldnt take long) and I could also bring my dog so that he could inspect his new roommate.

Believe me, I know my canines and respect them highly. About a year ago I did some volunteer work on a farm where they bred dogs of a variety of breeds and types. Thats actually where I got my sidekick, Trigger the Pembroke Welsh Corgi.

but if the pups have already been spoken for then that is fine as well. We can look for dogs in our own country, lol.

19-02-2008, 21:50
so you seem like a person who has real interest, thatīs very good. there are some people who "just want a pet" but donīt really care... good to see you are not :)

but here are some updates: i painted the wings a little bit more (still messy), but the main wash to tie the colours together and darken them is still ahead.


and here are some catachans from rol:



what do you all think?

20-02-2008, 00:36
when selecting a dog I do not go in looking for a pet, I go in looking for a side kick or personal advisor on the natural way of things. Then again I'm also one of those wierdos that if a dog tries to establish dominance over me I pin it on the ground and bite it on the ear. I picked that up at the dog farm, apparently if you do that the first time they start to get an attitude then you establish yourself as alpha-male from then on. It works, even with dogs that are usually ill tempered and difficult to train such as labs that are older than puppies and dont have access to a body of water, bull terriers, and Doberman Pinchers.

I remember when the farm owner wanted me to "break in" a Bull Terrier that they had gotten from the pound that had been a stray and I thought she was insane. When I didnt jump right into it, she did and a minute later that dog was her best friend.

Nice wings on the flyrant and that metal guy is pretty cool too

20-02-2008, 23:04
Hey bdo I was thinking are you going to paint the tail or does it stay white ?

21-02-2008, 05:40
when selecting a dog I do not go in looking for a pet, I go in looking for a side kick or personal advisor on the natural way of things.

that is very good :) - everybody should approach animals this way, there would be a lot less abandoned animals and more happy people....
i have my own lot of stories to share about pinning dogs on the ground, teeth over their mouth and growling intimidating, so they stop trying to eat your food and starting a fight with you over it... :rolleyes:

but normally i have an aura of calm to the dogs, so i thatīs not really an issue most of the time :)

Hey bdo I was thinking are you going to paint the tail or does it stay white ?

itīs not white, itīs bone :evilgrin:
i will paint it, but right now process is slow - i still have some major cleanups in my real life, and insomnia isnīt really helping either. but i hope it wonīt take to long.

oh, on a side note: i think i messed up the wings today, but i am not quite sure yet...

21-02-2008, 06:17
yeah I think he has five little rolly-polly things causing innumerable amounts of clean-ups right now

21-02-2008, 18:15
yeah I think he has five little rolly-polly things causing innumerable amounts of clean-ups right now

and they are trying to walk now!! :eek:

however, here are the results of my somehow messed up wings:


so.. there are some blotches which happened to come in existene due to much soap in the mix and not enough awareness on my side. i am not pleased. really not. mind you, the pictures make it look better than it is in real life.

in other words: i need help!

i want to avoid to repaint the whole wings, but i want the dark blotches gone... is there anyway i can do it? i am in dire need of help...

edit: the reason why itīs so shiny is because of the ink used in the colour mix, that was planned to be removed - so thatīs not part of the problem....

21-02-2008, 19:09
Might try lightly dry brushing over them?

Doesen't look to bad...

21-02-2008, 19:14
and they are trying to walk now!! :eek:

well make sure that you dont have any sharp corners, drainage pipes, or slick floors where they're trying to walk.

correction, go with the slick floors because that would be hilarious and you should totally take a video of it and post it.

flyrant is coming along nicely. I'd recomend some shading on the teeth because right now they look kinda like a crest commercial.

22-02-2008, 21:47
they are in a safe enviroment, but we have floor tiles... expect some videos as soon as i can get my hands on that camera again ...

yes... a crest commercial... thatīs how teeth should look, right?
maybe i will shade them, maybe not... anyway.. i did some work and here are results. i am not sure what to do with the tail. i will let it stand a little in my display case beside my other nids, then i will decide.

needs some cleaning up here and there:


22-02-2008, 21:48
and one more:


but i can do some work on the base.. mh...

22-02-2008, 22:30
Lookin good bdo :D

23-02-2008, 05:55
and it only took me three weeks! :eek:

thanks for the comment :) you like the teeth? or are you jumping on the "shade 'em more"-bandwagon like everyone else?

23-02-2008, 06:03
how does he floss with no hands!?! lol he's looken good, the teeth do look sharp, but im thinking toning them down a bit wont affect the "scare effect" at all, i mean look at him, he screams I'M GONNA EAT U!!! keep it up:D:D

23-02-2008, 10:35
Your flyrant is fantastic, I say you're done.

23-02-2008, 17:37
how does he floss with no hands!?!

luckily the hive tyrant is a synapse creature and can make other nids do all type off different things. thatīs when the rippers come into play....

Your flyrant is fantastic, I say you're done.

thanks a lot :)

23-02-2008, 17:56
who needs floss wwhen you have so many built in toothpicks :p

28-02-2008, 04:42
here is another update.

this time: my own personal backlog (part I: Ultramarines)

well... i took my time to sort what i have to paint, what i already have painted and what i have to touch up.

i will let the pictures speak for themselves (and a little comment to each)

1) the things i painted and consider mostly done. might come back for some minor touch ups or somesuch


comes down to: 8 men and 4 vehicles.

2) things i already painted but have to improve the paintjob by a lot


comes down to: 75 men and 1 vehicle

3) things that are assembled but are in dire need of paint (the bike and the two blue marines in the front row are painting in progress)


comes down to: 82 men and 13 vehicles

4) things that are still on sprue....


comes down to: 59 men and 0 vehicles

28-02-2008, 04:44
that means, all in all i have to (re)paint 221 men and 14 vehicles :eek: ... now i am officialy insane?

that is how it all looks like in one big picture...

did i mention that i still have to paint a battleforce + some other things for my nids? :rolleyes: :skull:

28-02-2008, 05:15
collect your chapter of choice's first company then you'll be on my level.;)

28-02-2008, 05:30
that was a part of the giant thing, earlier called my plan.

the 3rd and 4th company, the first company and the tenth company (okay.. maybe only a half of the tenth...)

i also still need a lot of tanks :D

28-02-2008, 12:17
.... Soo many unfinished tanks ...

11-03-2008, 09:30
i like this thread, really xD
but i would like it more, if i could see more models from me ;)

so bdo has to start a photo-shooting of my chaos guys :skull: ,
especialy of the newest creations : 2 spawns, 5 terminators and my flying khorne lord xD

so long, kreshek

11-03-2008, 17:37
in the near future you will like this thread more :D

when you come over today you will see that i have no mercy with the cam... be prepared for mass photographing :eek:

13-03-2008, 08:02
okay.. here we have some more pictures of kresheks minatures :)

first we start off with a khornate demonlord/prince (whatever the one with the demon weapon is). the pictures donīt do him justice, i have to take more of them with better light settings.


next up is a khornate chaos spawn:


and his friend, the more tzeentch oriented (in my eyes at least) spawn brother:


edit: something is wrong with the size of the pictures. in reality they are much larger, but not as large as to disturb the forum layout. (if you copy they url into your browser you can see them in the right size) mhh.. wonder whats the reason for this is.. iīm checking it out... means you have to wait for part 2 of the update.

13-03-2008, 08:11
okay... the reason for the wrong pic size is easy... the pics are too large. simple as that.

so here are the same pics as above, but just better to view :)

the khornlord:


13-03-2008, 08:12
next up is a chaos spawn, those are really wicked minis... i donīt know if i should like their rules or not.


13-03-2008, 08:15
and (who wouldīve thought it) the other chaos spawn:


and look what is following him! critters! (they develop/grow/appropriate word great)


Col. Wales
13-03-2008, 09:15
Nice Spawns

13-03-2008, 10:14
nice puppies (which I geuss are technically spawns except of something much more pleasent than a Chaos Gribbly)

13-03-2008, 15:36
thx for posting the pics, i like them although the cam makes sometimes too detailed pics ;)..but more comments would be nice :D

but i'm still missing my terminators..you just forgot it, right ? xD

my next project will be some possesed marines, this time in green armor...i'm bored to paint red and cuz they should carry the mark of nurgle all the time (yeah, my army gets support from nurgle:skull: ) , it makes more sense to paint them green xD

so long...kreshek

13-03-2008, 16:08
no i didnīt forget. if you take a look at post #178 you see that this are the same pics than the large ones. the pics of the termis are still to be cut into pieces, that they donīt resize on this board to a degree which is much too small. the rest will be posted today, but for now i have to take a few dogs outside for a walk.

13-03-2008, 16:36
grusome looking chaos spawn,
and cute pupies... lol what a mix.

I was thinking perhaps the bird looking
chaos spawn guy could use some
highlights drybrushed on his beak and
the other bony bits...

other than that great job. :D

14-03-2008, 05:39
you hear that kreshek? comments & advice xD

but here are more pics, this time the khorne flavored terminators:


14-03-2008, 05:43
and then we have another one, this time with detail shot


and we also welcome a new player in our group (and therefore his minis in this thread): reggie

reggie came over a few times to play with/against us, while using my nids or ultramarines. the game was really to his liking as it seems, so he decided to start orks. he never painted a miniature before, so please be gentle and keep in mind that the basics are still to learn here.

here is his first mini, i think he said it is finished, but who knows if he will work more on it.

i present reggieīs ork loota mek boy:


14-03-2008, 16:44
thx for the advice N810, i will check it, after i've done my possessed marines,
for now im satisfied with it ;)

and yeah, my termis xD..arent they.."beautiful" ? o_O

Crazy Ivan
15-03-2008, 15:10
Nice Terminators! Somehow I really like the last one, he looks really... angry (like he should, being of the "kill maim burn" persuasion). Nice spawns too!

Reggies mekboy looks good, not bad at all for a first try! For easy shading though, I would recommend using some appropriate inks. That really works for me, at least.

Oh, and who painted those puppies? Very realistic! :D

22-03-2008, 15:07
those puppies? i donīt know, could have been a member of my family while sleepwalking - but none of us is to sure :D

update-wise i will say this: at the moment i have got a huge motivation problem. i paint at a pace that is slower than anything good for me. on the other i hate lenses :mad: grrr i hate it to try to paint the gem effect into the lenses of space marine helmets, i always fail :(

expect an update with pictures soon. maybe i can complete an attack bike till then :D

27-03-2008, 21:22
yes! it is "soon"! i completed the attack bike (almost as always), and here are the pics:


and here is my first attempt at painting a screen:


all thats left to do is the lamp in the front of the bike, but i will get to it when i have found a way to paint lightsources in a way it doesnīt look like crap :D

if i forgot something and someone here should spot it, tell me

28-03-2008, 15:49
update time!

i had a few problems in the last weeks with building up to much heat in my computer. so i bought a new case with a big fan. that means that updates should flow in here more regular, as i had a motivation boost since yesterday with my painting :confused:

so here is the fan:

i also decided to resume the work on my bridge i started sometime ago. the bridge itself was put on halt because it was too big to be used properly in a game. here i what i did up to now with it :evilgrin:


more updates will follow

28-03-2008, 15:55
Ouch talk about your hack jobs :D lol

I was wondering what ever happened to that bridge.
Soo whats the new plan for the bridge ?
make it narower ?

and of course yours marines are looking nice as ever. :D

Man that is a seriously huge fan on that PC case...

28-03-2008, 16:28
I think this log needs more puppies

28-03-2008, 22:59
like this?


back on topic:

today i had a 3000 point game.

a friend and me (each 1500 pts) with eldar and nids vs kresheks chaos force.

it was a total massacre. in turn 1 the enemy defiler blew up due to a glancing hit, and a few casulties were inflicted on each side.

turn two was devestating, three broods of genestealers hit the enemy lines (khorne demon lord, suqd of khornberserkers, plaguemarine squad with attached sorcerer) together with two squads of raveners and a unit of harlequins. the wraithguard disembarked from their serpent and tryed to blow something to hell. the eldar falcon shot the side of the chaos vindicator and blew it to bits. after that round almost all targets were eleminated and the genestealers and raveners consolidated/charged into to rest. deepstriking chaos terminators in the middle of the board were annihilated by enemy fire after they killed 7 genestealers.

i congratulate kreshek for playing a game that he lost (and knew it) by turn 2 to the end. it was not a really satisfying game for everyone involved, but we saw how it looks when one side has total horrible luck and the other extreme luck. next time we will see how it turns out :)

30-03-2008, 06:24
so here is a minor update.

the plan is to paint on sunday a few things (or at least start with them)

1) a vindicator:


and 8 gaunts, 4 hormagants and 4 spinegants


not really exciting, but well, progress :D

30-03-2008, 08:43
like this?


I like the impromtu cardboard bed. puppies are awesome like that. "I is gonna sleep hurr an I dun care wat joo say."

Sounds like you had an awesome game too, cool.

31-03-2008, 13:45
haha, i wouldn't call that game awesome..
this just happens, when the god of luck didn't like you..or you dont believe in the heart of the dice :skull:..whatever
i will crush them next time (just need the masterplan to do it -.-) :evilgrin:
yesterday i finished 2 of my possessed marines, i hope bdo can post them soon :rolleyes:

so long, kreshek

[x] vote for no more puppies !!

31-03-2008, 16:58
Well, I must say that your skills have improved a lot! Both converting and painting.. Looking forward to see more from you. :)

Comrade Wraith
31-03-2008, 17:05
Hah, I remeber that old bridge, glad to see it again.

Lovely terminators.

11-04-2008, 05:24
that bridge... is lying cut in half on my sofa :D

update time! it took a while, but here is indeed an update.

first here are kresheks recently painted possessed (sspelling?) with mark of nurgle:

11-04-2008, 05:27
here is a counts-as-chaosspawn. in earlier days it was a confrontation dirz nemesis clone:

and i finished the gaunts:

ahh... and here is a shot of my "light box" lol:

and here is what i am working on right now, a vindicator:

keep in mind that only a part of the top has more than one layer of blue, and there is still a lot to do with the little tank.

11-04-2008, 05:29
itīs getting a little crowded in my display case... see for yourself:


must have something to do with the large base and the barbed hierodule on it. thanks to great_destroyer for this :)

also the only things that are not painted besides the barbed hierodule are the ripper bases... and another 7 ripper bases, 8 genestealers, 10 gants, 7 warriors, 1 dakkafex, 1 lictor, 1 ravener and 1 zoantrophe which all still need assembly.

looks like i need to increase the size of my display case..

11-04-2008, 13:18
Woah it looks like you are in need of another display case soon. :)
the chaos spawn looks prety kool. :cool:
keep pumping out those Chaos (kreshek) and Nid (Bdo) models... they are looking great

* fixed

11-04-2008, 16:05
i will try with the nid models, but the chaos one are all painted (and owned) by kreshek... so he will have to take the credit :)

12-04-2008, 01:08
I really, really hate it when people paint their Tyranisd green!

The whole "green tide" concept belongs to us Orkz!

That aside, they look awesome!


12-04-2008, 04:01
I really, really hate it when people paint their Tyranisd green!

The whole "green tide" concept belongs to us Orkz!

That aside, they look awesome!

in a way i can understand you :skull:

but donīt be sad that my nids are green... most likely my hive fleet comes straight out of the conflict zone with the orks :)

imagine how it would be like when the nids (not that i am saying they will, but it could happen) defeat the orks and come back with a new feature integrated in all nids: joy.

we wouldnīt have to face the great devourer, we would have to face the great devourer who loves to dakka and 'chop!! :eek:

and thanks for your interest, always gives a warm fuzzy feeling when someone says something positive about my minis :)

15-04-2008, 14:56
yeah, this acknowledgement-thing is quite nice ;)

3 more possessed will follow soon, when i find some motivation ^^

after that i'll try to make a demon prince out of..yeah..another old dirz clone :skull:..
it will be the first time, i have to use greenstuff..i hope i dont ruin the model :rolleyes:

16-04-2008, 08:07
it is. it is!

today you will find motivation, for sure - i also made a little progress on the tank, updates in due time :)

as for the greenstuff.. it will work out somehow :)

18-04-2008, 22:16
update time!

kreshek finished the other 3 possessed he was working on, here are results:


18-04-2008, 22:18
more update power!!


here is also a work in progress shot of the vindicator, the highlighting and detail work is very messy and needs cleaning up, as another highlight layer or two:


18-04-2008, 22:18
and last update photo, the other side of the tank:


02-05-2008, 08:18
woohoo update time! took a while.. but.. err.. that is because of some reasons.

anyhow, i also moved more or less to the ammobunker... a thread for my ultramarines is already created there and can be found here (http://z3.invisionfree.com/The_Ammobunker/index.php?showtopic=2240)

what i have done, is a little work on the vindicator.. but not that much.. here are the pictures:


comments so far..?

02-05-2008, 13:10
Nice tanks bdo :D the purity seals are nicely done,
& Kreshek the nurgle marines are as disturbing as usual. :skull:

06-07-2009, 05:32

okay.. it took only a bit more than a year, but i am back.

i had some time off of painting and warhammer (work can be a great timekiller :rolleyes: ), but recently it all started to go back into the direction of the hobby again.

To get our asses off the lazy state of grey masses, we decided to start a tale of (for now) 3 painters - goal is to paint 250 points each month, those who don't make it in time have to throw in 10 bucks when food is ordered on weekends when we play.

but to start things of, here is the land raider crusader i am painting (now that is a nice way to get 250 points painted, no?)

still unfinished as in highliting..details.. bits (as usual in this log, lol):

the vindicator is also finished. i never dared to do the freehand, so..yeah

in addition to that, i started to work on some terrain:

when it is finished, it is supposed to be a vehicle repair station, with the bridge featuring ..some kind of big mechanical device that can.. errr.. "repair" stuff..

it will be kept in a way that i can use the single buildings and remove the bridge if i want to, nothing beats variation in scenery.

06-07-2009, 05:35
unfortunately i had to take pics with real crappy lightning for the details of the left building, as that is the only so far that is kinda finished in terms of construction, hurt your eyes here:


the roof itself is removeable.

the building on the right side (previous post) did also undergo some adding of details:


06-07-2009, 05:38
it was filled pretty quickly with stuff:


at first i thought to add even more details. but seeing that this building was bombed down to pretty much nothingness, and then just retaken after the initial battle was over - i felt it didn't fit

plus it gets hard to put models in if you cramp it all together too much.

some comments and the like would be appreciated ;)

i still got a techmarine to post.. but first batteries need to be recharged

06-07-2009, 13:18
Looks like they just need some paint now. :)

Comrade Wraith
07-07-2009, 13:51
Wahey I didn't know this log was still alive and kicking! I'm liking the buildings, they look as if somone actually used them at some point. Nice work.

06-08-2009, 09:53
thanks a lot :)

this log is indeed still alive.. i just went through some major inactivity along with the pals i play with. but here it is back.. and the landraider is actually as good as finished - just (as usual :P) a few touch ups here and there still to be done, but it is ready to be put onto the table and see some action.


looking at the pictures.. dang.. i forgot the frontlights...

Comrade Wraith
10-08-2009, 00:01
Just say they're blacklights. :p

Everything else is looking nice and crisp. The lenses are well done.

EDIT: just noticed the tracks, keep them nice and light it makes a refreshing change to gun metal grey.

10-08-2009, 15:03
Nice tanks :D

20-09-2009, 22:46
Loving the tanks and Ultramarines!

Great work on the lightning effects.

Awesome terrain.

Your 'nids are pretty cool, but I preferred the Grey over the bleached bone.

Kreshek's Possessed are probably his best models imo.

Keep up the good work! Maybe post a few pics of your ultramarines duking it out with Kreshek's chaos on your terrain? Epic! Or, just your marines and nids in FULL FORCE?

06-11-2009, 20:28
soon pics of armies clashing will be up i guess. however, the problem so far was to get a good shot of the table and the armies on it.. most of the time those just look crappy thanks to very small space in overall : /

however, i did paint something (kreshek, too.. but dont have pics at the moment).


i guess the face could be a bit better..

06-11-2009, 20:34
Nothing a little Delvin Mud won't fix ;)

07-11-2009, 13:30
Nice progression throughout your whole log, this is the first time I've seen it, I've just had a quick scroll though the pages.

You can really you guys have improved alot since you started.

Tale of 'x' gamers is the best way to build a fully painted and finished army, in my opinion. I'm involved in my second one as we speak, with some khornate marines. Good luck with it!


08-11-2009, 06:01
Nothing a little Delvin Mud won't fix ;)

True, at the moment I still need some of that colour, though it is already inbound and will be in my fingers soon :)

Nice progression throughout your whole log, this is the first time I've seen it, I've just had a quick scroll though the pages.

You can really you guys have improved alot since you started.

Tale of 'x' gamers is the best way to build a fully painted and finished army, in my opinion. I'm involved in my second one as we speak, with some khornate marines. Good luck with it!


thanks man :) always nice to hear such comments.

Tale of 'x' gamers is something we actually started to do recently. I painted up a tactical squad (i didnt made it till the deadline :cries: ), from which i still have to take pictures.. and finish the head of the seargent from that squad, too.

10-11-2009, 12:15
Well, no pictures of the tactical squad :(

Turns out my light is broken and I had to improvise to take pictures. Holding every marine in my hand was really a pain, so i decided to just make a few shots of the current thing i am working on, a lovely Malanthrope. It's still WIP and I am a bit uncertain where to go with the rest of the paintjob... but for now, here are fresh pics:


13-11-2009, 08:34
and here's some more, the tactical squad is as good as done:


still a few things to touch up here and there, but besides the head of the seargent nothing major.

13-11-2009, 16:30
Good looking ultra Smurfs ya got there. ;)
(thats pretty gory trophy he has :p)

11-01-2010, 12:05
that land raider is awesome! loving the improvement in your painting since the start of the log (or plog, whichever way you look at it lol) I can just imagine that last marine saying here I got you a present :)


15-12-2012, 22:49
Ooookaaaayy... 3 years have passed, and i have painted something. Time to post it.

Sorry for the long delay, but uhm yeah.. you know..things get in the way, minis catch dust.. but sooner or later we get em out again and start working.. so after a very long hiatus, the mediocre-log (lol) returns, and i got pics of my veterans.

I am aware that i have painted some areas better in the past in this log, so have mercy oh painting gods ;o
http://www.mediafire.com/conv/5f0ba4c86da1368e7edb0d0f66e2cd85ca87c8138fde0af41c f97aa2d32e18716g.jpg
http://www.mediafire.com/conv/22c82f0a3c55f2368ce1d3de9d86a5a3354924eea920296a29 a8e76bccc22ef66g.jpg
http://www.mediafire.com/conv/6c4b6965ae4c110cf80fce5987c28ae805a74beadf2dac962d 736e31a88a83a66g.jpg
http://www.mediafire.com/conv/dd036414da69b9fe28a67848e532796eaff5c2ad9bea835e7c 4bb19e451f53dc6g.jpg
http://www.mediafire.com/conv/88feeb0315b539e7b7d4aa831d20a6ca1a557280b2f4d9cc9e bb3378b983084b6g.jpg
http://www.mediafire.com/conv/fe47b3c8ef090c5a26a07158c5477db4130bcbb9f933476c55 8d10965a3d711b6g.jpg
http://www.mediafire.com/conv/ad50da5cde84687c83f9d0198ee25ea6c5fd485f924c4594d5 d557a4d35cd69d6g.jpg
http://www.mediafire.com/conv/5361aaa868dc8966ba0ff32b62a31841926206c16c3c8cb7b8 b223044959a7516g.jpg

17-12-2012, 23:56
Indeed welcome back man. :)

20-12-2012, 14:46
Indeed welcome back man. :)

thanks man, it's also great to see you still hanging around these parts =)

i made a few more pics, but lighting setup really needs some more lamps.. so only 1 pic only turned out okay~ish.. consider it a teaser ;o

http://www.mediafire.com/conv/23ab3969023de6fdf2703cdf554b13f909e0e683c138e4a41c e5d58b4427a09f6g.jpg