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09-09-2007, 10:01
General of the Empire + Full Plate + Shield + Barded Warhorse + Icon of Magnus + Holy Relic + Sword of Might = 180 pts

Warrior Priest + Armor of Meteroric Iron + Barded Warhorse + Great Weapon = 133 pts

Level 2 Wizard ( Lore of Metal) + Rod of Power = 130 pts

Level 1 Wizard ( Lore of Light) + 2 Dispel Scrolls = 115 pts

25 Swordsmen Full Command = 175 pts
10 Free Company = 50 pts

25 Swordmen Full Command = 175 pts
10 Handgunners = 80 pts

25 Spears + shield + Full Command = 170 pts
10 Halberdiers = 50 pts

20 Flagellant with Prophet = 210 pts

5 Knights + Musician = 123 pts

5 Knights + Musician = 123 pts

10 Huntsmen

2 GreatCannons

5 Outriders = 105 pts

This is my first empire army list at 2K pointage. Need advice on how to improve this list

bigbear bailey
09-09-2007, 12:45
In the future you will need to include what unit you plan on putting your lord and heros.I am guessing that you are putting the warrior priest with the knights and the lord with the other group?
My advise is:
Most people don't know this due to the new rule set but you CAN put heros that are on horse back in units that are on foot. It is ALWAYS a good idea to put your big guys on mounts so you can get the extra attack and armour saves. I always put my lord in a unit on foot and make the warrior priest go out on a mount. That said, you don't need to give the priest the armour of M. Iron if he is on a stead. Just give him h.armour, shield, barded horse, and the sword of +1 str. That makes up for his loss of a great weapon and he will swing at int. If your lord has the sword then you can figure out what else to give him... Tell me what you think and I'll be more then happy to help you out...


09-09-2007, 14:18
Eh...My original plan is to put my heros on horses with those infantry units. If my guys break the enemy unit, the hero will jump out of the unit and attempt to chase down the fleeing unit.

bigbear bailey
09-09-2007, 15:47
Sorry to mess up your idea man, but it doesn't work like that. A hero can only leave or join a unit in the movement phase. So the whole unit will have to chase... Also I assume you are making the knight units as flankers so you may want to give them champs to make sure they win the combat...

09-09-2007, 16:26
Eh it can actually work. Look at page 73 of the rulebook bottom right hand corner. It says the character can declare a charge of its own and leave the unit

09-09-2007, 16:46
i suggest removing your huntsmen. Replace them with either crossbowmen or a war machine. Imo the strength of the Empire lies in it's fascinating war machines. USE THEM.

In a 2000 point game try not use Level 1 wizards. Make that guy level 2 and reduce points from somewhere else.

The Warrior Priest shouldn't be on a warhorse. he should be in the thick of battle (with the infantry). Give him to a unit which will be in thickest of battle (Hatred, Unbending Righteousness, Soulfire).

I see you have solid blocks of infantry. Thats good. Empire infantry is not so powerful but very versatile. Good choice of detachments. But versatility will not be enough to beat an enemy which has strong infantry. If you are going against an enemy with strong Close Combat units i suggest Greatswords.

As in magical items, i suggest including Doomfire Ring and Rod of Power somewhere in your army. They are too good not to include in your army.

bigbear bailey
09-09-2007, 18:07
Eh it can actually work. Look at page 73 of the rulebook bottom right hand corner. It says the character can declare a charge of its own and leave the unit

Yes they may charge at a unit and leave their own, BUT that is concidered in the movment phases as charges are part of the phase... Just look up "chasing fleeing unit".
Besides the rule war we're having, is there any thing else you want help on with the list... And like I said you can leave the priest on the horse for an extra attack at str 3 with the ground pounders... Just save the points on the a.m. Iron.

10-09-2007, 04:08
Which lore of magic is consider defensive? I don't need my wizards to be on the offensive but I need one of the wizards to be a follower of the Lore of Metal due to my fluff

10-09-2007, 12:16
Defensive, i'd say Heavens.

10-09-2007, 13:38
I don't think this is a bad list at all...very TVI (see the Warhammer-Empire forum for details/tactics, but I guess you already know this).

I'd lose the barding on the Priest's horse (as he doesn't need the extra armour and the extra charge range might be useful). I'd perhaps lose the huntsmen's scout and have them screen the flaggies, on the other hand, the marchblocking may get you some extra shots in... No, there isn't enough shooting to make this viable, making sure your flaggies aren't chasing a 60pt skirmish unit all game is more important. Points saved could go into making one of the knight units IC with great weapons.

I'd have crossbows over handguns too, but that's personal preference these days.

Perhaps swap a wizard for a BSB?

10-09-2007, 14:06
Yeah I saw the TVI article. My original list was very infantry heavy and I tweaked my list to some extend after seeing the article since my original list was kinda like that.

I'm relatively a newbie in warhammer. What's march blocking and re directing? Where do you usually deploy the Great Cannons? And the purpose of screening and what troops to use to screen

10-09-2007, 22:28

March blocking is to get a unit of your own within 8" of an enemy unit and prevent it from marching (ie doubling its movement). Ideally you do this without putting yourself into the enemy's charge arc and with a unit that is fairly disposable if all goes wrong. By slowing down their movement, you can get yourself in a better position to flank charge them, or just shoot them more. The troops the Empire has to March block the best are Pistollers (who can easily flee out of trouble and can reform to shoot), huntsman (who can scout into position and are fairly cheap), detachments (who can be real cheap and don't cause panic) or a pegasus (who can fly behind the unit to be march blocked).

Redirecting is when you place a unit at a funny angle in order to bait enemy units into revealing flanks or into over-running into far away places on the battlefield. For example, place your flaggies in front of your parent unit but at a 45 degree angle to it, the enemy will charge the flaggies but will have to wheel to align to the flaggies, giving you a flank to charge next turn. I also play with a Vampire army and raise zombies in order bait the enemy into charging and then overrunning into areas of the table which then means they are doing nothing for the next few turns. Frenzied troops are easily the units most susceptible to baiting and re-directing...

Which brings me to screening. Screening is to put a unit in front of another in order to protect it. Archers are our best screeners as 10 of them can stretch to screen two units, they also give a modifier to those wanting to shoot them as they are skirmishers. Another use of screening is to put them in front of your frenzied troops to prevent them from charging out of sync and being redirected. Knights also can make decent screens as arrows tend to bounce of their armour, I wouldn't recommend this against dedicated gunlines though, a volley of outrider shots will shred a knight unit fairly quickly as I found out last week.

Deploying Cannons, preferably on a hill so they have a good view of targets, you can also shoot over units to hit things behind (so other artillery, for example). If you have no hills in your deployment, then perhaps out on the flank (protected by outriders) to increase your chances of seeing something (remember if something is on a hill, it can be seen by everything and large targets can also been seen by cannons on ground level. Another tactic is to deploy them between infantry units to soften up enemy units, but this is best left as a last resort. Don't forget that cannons can move 4" a turn if you do need to get it to a better position (which I have often done with helblasters).

Anything else?