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29-08-2005, 13:37
hi there

i'm building my first WHFB list, and i've decided upon a deamon legion.

looking through them i really like nurgle as it seemed really hard hitting but the idea of an all flying army seemed too good to be true, and i really like tzeentch magic.

so, i've been play testing em and found that i like their style of play, so heres a 2000 point list that i'm planning on entering to a small tournie next year.

its a 2000 point army:


“Aneuao” (Lord of Change)

Total: 665


Boundless Nightmare (10 Horrors): Acolyte (Champion)

Total: 199

Boundless Nightmare (10 Horrors): Acolyte (Champion)

Total: 199

Boundless Nightmare (10 Horrors): Acolyte (Champion)

Total: 199


Heralds of Change (3 Changebringers)

Total: 210

Heralds of Change (3 Changebringers)

Total: 210


Changing Tempest (Chariot of Tzeentch)

Total: 140

Changing Tempest (Chariot of Tzeentch)

Total: 140

Grand Total: 2000 points

the real problem i had was ranks, so the LoC was included as he can punch through ranks.

the horrors i admit are a bit of a liability but the extra power dice and bound spells can prove to be dangerous.


29-08-2005, 13:55
it looks fine, though the horros work best at 12 rather tha 10.

don't expect this list to win you any friends though.

my tzeentch deamons are going on ebay, they are terrible for sports and comp scores.

and they just made me lazy, I would strongly advise you pick another list, for your first army.

Brother Edwin
29-08-2005, 22:19
If he is going to the UKGT this type of army is good.

I would lose the 3r unit of infantry.

29-08-2005, 23:44
if its flying were are the screemers.

30-08-2005, 00:54
Where indeed? And you're missing out on a large unit of Flamers - quite possibly the best skirmishers in the entire game. Not only that, but they do wonders for your comp scores and generally make your opponent slightly less easily frustrated. I'd lose the Changebringers altogether and replace them with Screamers (faster) and some Flamers. Though it then becomes a bit less of a flying circus and a little harder to play with...

30-08-2005, 08:47
the flamers are a good suggestion.

but, the screamers:

they are good i admit, but i like changebringers...they are staying i'm afraid

Panzer MkIV
30-08-2005, 15:02
Tzeentch deamonic legion is a VERY HARD army. They excel at taking out other armies support(warmachines, skirmishers, fast cavalry) and then turning their attention to take out their ranked units.

I was toying with the idea to start one myself and proxied some armies to get the feel of them and scored 4 massacres out of four games :cheese: :evilgrin:
OTOH deamonic legions don't have much choice in the way of different units so I switched over to Mortal tzeentch.

You should realy consider taking a unit of screamers. They are usefull against units that doesn't need the attention of the change bringers

And maybe even think about swapping the greater deamon for a deamon prince: it's cheaper, as good in combat, Their casting abilities are all but identical and they are not large targets.

Here's my list for reference


Deamon prince 545pts
Tzeentch will, Diabolic splendor


2x 16 Horrors 2x 310pts
full command

2x 5 flamers 2x 125pts

5 Screamers 165pts


4 Changebringers 280pts


1 Chariot 140pts


I hope this helps

30-08-2005, 16:24
the problem with a deamon prince is that he doesn't punch through ranks like the LoC.

screamers i admit are nice and all, i might replace one of the horror units with a small unit and see how well it does.