View Full Version : Getting the most out of Outriders.

Mad Doc Grotsnik
09-09-2007, 21:31
This is more a plea for help than any advice coming from my quarter.

When I got my Army Box, I went a bit daft and built up 10 Outriders, when ideally, I should have gone half and half with Pistoliers, which I have found are now a mainstay in my list, with two units of 5, fully kitted out.

But I still want to use the Outriders. So far, the best idea I've had is to stick the Barding on them, and use them as resilient replacements for the depressingly unarmoured Handgunners! Obviously, this has it's ups and downs. For all that 5 can kick out 15 shots, and they have the 4+ save, they are a bit pricey to just stand around shooting, when they have that lovely movement I'm just dying to exploit.

I guess I just can't get my head round them. Anyone have sneaky tricks they use with them?

09-09-2007, 22:22
I uselly just field my 2 unites of outriders standing next to a block and i think 2*4+sniper is the way to field them. I mostly use them to take out champions so that my character with VHS can challange the killer lords. A sniper is really cool with a WP that can cast prayers on him.

I never use barding on them, shooting 360 degrees helps you alt when people comes behinde your lines, or ambushes on you.

10-09-2007, 08:42
I also use them as a sniper unit, first of all. I sit back with my other H.Rifles and go to work on LOS champion, mages and characters(the BSB is the best target).

Second use in the opening 2 turns is to help my magic phase get rid of meat shields, their high rate of fire lets you through a bucket load of dice at usually low toughness/armor units. Their mobility will open up good lanes of fire for the unit.

Outrider movement comes into play first when you position your units to put pressure on your opponent while selecting charges, is he going to take on the main battle line or get drawn out by the unit thats been pumping 15 dice a turn into his rank and file. And then late on in the game outrider movement in basic work horse task jobs. getting to the falnking better positioning etc, etc.

I've become a huge fan of outrider units, at first I really disliked them, but now they're my favorite empire unit (..... besides my lucky cannon blackbudha off course), they're a real pain in the neck for their points cost and can lay down a lot of smack down through out 6 turns if not taken care of..

10-09-2007, 18:30
Defending war machines is great. As many armies will try to send scouts or fast cav at my batteries of machines, I defend 3 or so machines with a unit of 5 outriders and 5 nilla knights. This will deter or destroy most lighter units that stray too close. Also, lose the barding, move or shoot is hard to deal with, at least you can shoot backwards in the saddle as fast cav.

13-09-2007, 01:30
To use your movement as a bonus, just make certain that you move to a unit's flank, and then shoot them at close range. If you are outside everyone's charge arc, they can turn, but you are Fast Cav and can outrun them in any direction. If you get 2-3 units trying to track down a 5 man unit of Fast Cav, you have done well. If they don't try to do that you can run wild.