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10-09-2007, 01:24
Okay, we decided to do the Mighty Empires at our store. So far we are enjoying it and are into week 2 of the campaign. My currenly ally has been a Lizardman player, and we are trying to hold the right north side of the map, with the river basin and mountain range, and some marshes.

So a buddy and I decided...hey in this one there isn't a point limit..so lets go 4k points for the first time. So I'm like...sure that will be fun, especially with the gold settings allowing us to even take more.

So it will be 4k Empire vs 4k Blood Dragons and a bit of "special"

From what I know his Empire runs 2 lists, both completely seperate, the first one is a 2k list of Mounted knights, about 24 knights, steam tank, 2 cannons, and the like, pretty solid. The 2nd is his footman force that he plays for fun, its 2k points of shooty/swordsmen and halb's. So knowing him hes going to combine them and run both a mobile and stand list, with most likely 6 cannons including the 2 steam tanks.

So far this what I plan on running


Blood Dragon Lord /w barded nightmare, lance, shield
Lvl 3 Wizard, heart piercing, red fury, black periapt, ring of the night

Blood Dragon Count /w great weapon, level 2 wizard, flayed hauberk, red fury, heart piercing, talisman of protection

Master Necromancer /w Dispel Scroll, Cloak of Mist and Shadows, Wrist Bands of Blackgold, and lvl 4 wizard

Blood Dragon Thrall /w Heavy Armor, Lance, Shield, Barded Nightmare, Red Fury, and Strength of Steel (for busting the Steam Tanks and etc)

Blood Dragon Thrall /w Heavy Armor, Great Weapon, Red Fury, Enchanted Shield (for against shooting)

Necromancer /w Spell Familiar, level 2 wizard, and Dispel Scroll

Necromancer /w Power Familiar, level 2 wizard

Core Units:
6x Dire wolves /w Doom wolf
6x Dire wolves /w Doom wolf
5x Dire wolves /w Doom wolf
10x Ghouls /w Ghast
10x Ghouls /w Ghast
19x Skeletons /w Captain,Banner, and Light Armor (For necromancer)
19x Skeletons /w Captain, Banner, and Light Armor (For necromancer)
15x Skeletons /w Captain, Banner, and Spears

Special Units:
19x Grave Guard /w shields, banner of the barrows (For Count on Foot), full command
19x Grave Guard /w shields, war banner, full command (for thrall on foot)
11x Black Knights /w barding, banner of doom (Lord Mounted, and Thrall to hide in and break out of to hit vital units.)

2x Spirit Hosts (To tie up Steam Tanks till Thrall can bust them down, or till a unit with high str can get to them.)

Rare Units:
Dogs of War Cannon (For hitting high T units, aka Steam Tanks, or to pick off knight units.)

= 4005 pts

Now its 5 points over, but he said thats fine, since I totally forgot a DoW cannon was 85 and not 80, but hes fine with that. So far the only thing I see down about the list is its movement, but I do have plenty of wolves to screen with, and unfornately I only have 20 ghouls, or else I would run more then 2 units of them. Tbh I am debating running some Norse Marauders with the unit since I have some, and it would go well with the theme we have on the map, since I am holding the north, in the mountains, norse would fit that well. For those that don't know what im talking about, its a DoW unit thats 7 points per, subject to frenzy, and can have great weapons with a nice ws4 for that matter. Basically to run it I would drop the block of 15 skeletons and drop the 2 19x to 14, and since I have plenty of spell dice I can raise into them easy.

I would use the Norse men unit with Great Weapons to break the line, being they are s5 on the charge with ws4, any opinions on that one?

I do understand running 1 knight unit is going to take a lot of fire, but unfornately I haven't converted more yet, hence why I gave them the 5+ ward save to shooting, because god knows they are going to need it.

Now for the record, I do not own zombies anymore and refuse to use them, so please don't suggest using them, as I have made up my mind they are useless and should never be fielded unless using a Necrarch list, for their d3 bonus (+ the 3 bonus already for them.) with the blood power.

Power Dice Total: 12, possible 13
Dispel Dice Total: 8, possible 9 (black periapt for the possibles)

10-09-2007, 14:10
it looks like quite a solid list to me but those units of skeletosn need musicians. i know it isn't much but it could quite easily mean the difference between a drawn combat (with your opponent not having one either) and loss/win.
Drop something for a unite of fell bats as you need something which can easily take out warmachine crews. I know the wolves could try but for me bats just do it better.
Appart from those 2 things you should do well. Let us know how it goes.