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10-09-2007, 10:24
Evening all,

I've decided that part of the reason I wasnt getting any work done was my lack of enjoyment in the hobby - it'd become work instead of pleasure - so here I am with another of my crazy schemes.

If you have comissioned me for anything dont panic - I'm ploughing through them. Just keep me going on this and I should have yours done quicker.

Over the next three to six months I'll be building a reasonably large Black Legion army with some renegades and other dramatis personae all based around the invasion of the Scipio system.

The current plans for the army are...
- 55 renegades (enough for 2 platoons and command sections, a legal army)
- 10 Spawn (I want to use them as Ogryns as the FW ones are out of my price range).
- Terminators (I'm not a huge fan of the new ones, but I want to have a play around and see what I get).
- Marines (to me, black legion are all about the marines).
- Acolyte Phral and her Master w. Retrinue(I ordered these last night.. my bad :D)
- The not so Secret centerpiece (Rictus made me do it!)

All I ask is that everyone please keep me going on this. I have so much on but I want an army damnit, and I know I can do it. TOFP is helping me get a fantasy army, now you gits have to help me get a 40k one so that at the next GD I can give some of you lot a run for your money!

Anyway, heres a shot of my Command section work in progress. Still cant decided what color to do the armour, hope you enjoy...


My Lord Inquisitor,

I am reporting to you from Scipio Prime, the hive capital of the Scipio System.

I made contact with the Agents you sent ahead of me, who informed me of there presence on Scipio for several weeks. During this time they have observed an increase in gang violence. In addition to this, several guard regiments have started to venture in hive on the orders of the Planetary Governor, who is also the system Governor Lord Hoylan.

Whilst this would appear heresy, it is the only course of action left available. The Arbites sealed themselves within there preceinct little over a month ago. This roughly coincides with a Warp storm just outside the system and an echo in the warp seen by astropaths throughout the neighbouring systems. The precient itself is unapprocable The governor has had no response from the High Marshal, and his attempts to enter the bunker have resulted in much loss of life.

Worse still, in the last several days a full regiment of PDF has gone AWOL and feared traitor. Looting the armouries, they seem to have descended into the hive and are slowly recruiting from the local gangs and arming them.

I will keep you informed but for now I must go my bodyguards have informed me that it would be best to move into the Upper hive. I wait further orders my lord,

- Inquisitor Acolyte Guinnan Phra

Thats all for now, as always, comments and critism welcome

Currently listening too = Luciano Pavarotti singing Nessun Dorma, and soon his duet with James Brown - I've done it before I go to bed for the past few nights and it always leaves me smiling.

10-09-2007, 10:48
Sounds like it's gonna be a really fun project! I cannot wait to see the progress! I will definitely be watching!

10-09-2007, 12:07
another great one from Preston, so the M6 isn't the only good thing to come out the place! ;)

Penguin of Death
10-09-2007, 12:08
I'm a glutton for punishment but I'll support your log despite my alliegences being elsewhere, cough cough space wolves cough

Looking good so far, I'm waiting for marines and termis, despite your feeling the new termis do have a lot of potential, I'm sure you'll change your mind once you start on them

When Black Roses Bloom
10-09-2007, 13:46
The more we convert the better it is! For the dark gods!

10-09-2007, 13:59
I like the combination of kits, looks like a proper berserk army

10-09-2007, 15:34
Evening guys

I would have loved this log to be me ploughing ahead with space wolves, but there like Pacman - they simply munch away at all the time I have until I cant do anything else. Dont worry, they aint gone, but I know how busy Vee is and I dont want to surge ahead.

Yeh Marovian its bizarre how well they all fit in the right combination, the next batch even has a zombie bit or two...

Ta guys. I'm off to work now buy Ill update when I get back in with some of the newer recruits and a dramatis personae (nowt exciting, just one of Guinnans bodyguards).

Red Scorpion
11-09-2007, 00:28
Those renegades/traitors are awesome! I absolutely love the combination of bits. I need some flagellant pieces. I've just got back into the hobby and I told myself I wouldn't buy anything else but they're tempting me!

Looking forward to more stuff!

16-09-2007, 15:19
*AD spies Games Workshop, after being up well over 20 hours including a ten hour shift*
'Right Mark, just some possessed, nowt else... alright some marines, that makes more sense... dont get a battleforce...dont...no.. stoppit...STOPPIT! BAH!'


My first ever battleforce, woo! Its mightily good although exhaustion is slowly taking over me..

My Lord Inquisitor

I feel this may be my last report to you. I have made preparations for your arrival although it will not be pleasant. The Hive is in rull uprising, with the Upper Hives sealing themselves off with explosives and flame units. Govenor Hoylan has ordered his honor guard to protect the Upper hive and has sealed himself in his appartments. I believe he has, as it were, asked for the Emperors forgiveness.

Worse still my lord there have been tales of dark ships in the night sky and only today were the cities astropaths struck by possession and daemonic influence. Were it not for myself and my bodyguards then the whole hive would have been lost.

A few pockets of 'Sanity' remain, mainly the ports through which the starved and rejects leave the city and munitions enter which is were we are now, however we have had continuous reports of daemons and nightmares coming alive and decimating the refuge convoys. Usually I would put these tales down to tiredness and depravation were in not for Solst - one of the young bodyguards sent with me to this cursed place, whose shredded remains were found close to our sleeping quarters.

My lord I must humbly insist you come to this forsaken planet and deliver the Emperors justice.

- Inquisitor Acolyte Guinnan Phra

Currently listening to - Jeremy Clarkson. Off to sleep. Aboslutely smegging exhuasted.

Inquisitor Steinmann
16-09-2007, 21:01
The command squad is looking good, and the flesh tone is very nice. Could you give a painting guide for it? As for the armour, you could go for a limited pallet approach and keep it a brown (probably darker rather than light) or go for a deep red?

16-09-2007, 22:52
- The not so Secret centerpiece (Rictus made me do it!)
Don't blame me, you're only doing it to try and justify the purchase to yourself. You know you wanted it as much as me...

Looking good so far, i'll be watching you (in a friendly supportive way, not in a sexually frustrated and obsessed stalker kind of way)

17-09-2007, 00:12
Inquisitor Steinmen - You want me to give you a painting guide?? Praise indeed fella, Ive been lurking your log since it started and its fine stuff although you should realise that your enginseer conversions probably going to crop up here...
1) Overbrush the entire thing in scorched brown
2) Paint the skin with a translusent coat of tallarn flesh, enough so it covers evenly and the scorched brown shows through a bit. Its not a science really, just do the logical thing (repaint the abs if needs be)
3) Ink the buggers - you can see this on my colonel
4) Redo the abs in tallarn flesh watered down. You can then basically build up the coats till it looks good

Rictus - Its your fault though! Filling my head with heady dreams and ambitions! Although I may have suggested it...

Looking good so far, i'll be watching you (in a friendly supportive way, not in a sexually frustrated and obsessed stalker kind of way)

Then I'm extremely disappointed and saddened.

18-09-2007, 08:33
Hmm, nice work so far mark, but i think we needs some more updates;)

by the way nice little stories from Inquisitor Acolyte Guinnan Phra, so far they are good
keep it up :D

18-09-2007, 08:58
Hmm does GW have new boxes for their battleforces?
The old ones were square, right?

Looking forward to more updates AD... but don't stress yourself, keep listening to Pavarotti...

18-09-2007, 09:15
For Emmidiate attention of - Ordo Hereticus Acolyte Guinnan Phra
From - Admiral Barack, commanding officer 'Scipio Sentinel - Orbital space station/relay outpost'

Greetings Acolyte,

As per your instructions, we have maintained extreme vigillance on the systems defences and the space lanes as per your instructions. So far we have burnt out several lex-mechanics and astropaths looking into the blankness of space with no instruction of what exactly we are looking for.

Several days ago, a routine patrol was lost. We emmidately sent out the Scipio battlegroup (for what its worth) to investigate. Wreckage was found, amongst which data pertaining to a ship - The Perseus - which was the last ship in the area when the attacks began.

I crossed referanced this with friends in neighbouring systems, and it turns out they have also been looking to identify the ship. It turns out the ship was lost, presumably hijacked, during the last Black Crusade by a Black Legion Commander by the name of Aberdark the Lost.

Find enclosed the only known pictures of this butcher. I await further instructions.


Still plenty of work to do yet but he's looking good and my sprays ran out (so thats it till after games day sadly as Im well skinted). Comments and thoughts appreciated as always

EDIT: Yeh fella, there about half the size but deeper and much better I reckon. I'm using them to store all my random bits of chaosy goodness at the moment

18-09-2007, 09:20
Looking good there AD.. I especially like the horns on the commander. Something I always have difficulty with is that type of horn....

18-09-2007, 09:53
wow. looking absolutely brilliant! I love the armor and the horns. Excellent wor indeed!

18-09-2007, 10:00
The horns are, sadly, a trick of the light I think - they were done with foundation paint so chances are there not that good (eyes to tired to really investigate this).

The whole scheme has been done with speed in mind. Its....
1) Boltgun drybrush
2) Chainmail drybrush
3) Brown ink on the metal
4) Repaint metal with a mix of vajello gold and chainmail
5) Paint the black.

Im also tempted to add a wash of black ink to the armour so it looks shiny - give it a nice 'pop' effect to the usual armour without making the metal shiny as well

Knowing how many of these buggers Im going to be doing, and knowing how long it takes me to do an army, something cheap and dirty is absolutely necessary

18-09-2007, 10:42
Lovin' the log^^ Gonna follow this :D

18-09-2007, 11:04
That chaos marine is brilliant already :D

loving it


18-09-2007, 11:09
Looks good AD.

Are you going to finish this one ;)



18-09-2007, 14:00
You Mr Sheep, are a cheeky Sheep, and I will wear the furry or your kin to torment you (AKA Yeh hes nearly done, plus I need to make room for the rest of the battleforce - bought the spray paint a few hours ago and had a good thumb through apocolypse as well as handling those baneblade sprues...).

Cheers SC, need to ask you a few things when your online tonight (I need a date for games day, and whilst Rictus has bought my ticket you've got a nicer face :P - oh and I need a good way to paint gold and basing and some other bits)

Cheers Kraal, there should be another update tonight although Im fairly knackered - could do with a solid sleep before everything kicks off over the next fortnight (uni, games day, freshers fair, halo 3)

18-09-2007, 14:22
Looking good there AD... fast and good painting :)

18-09-2007, 15:13
Welcome to the dark side of the hobby!

Check out my log, perhaps it will inspire you?

19-09-2007, 09:31
bugger bugger bugger - Made a mistake Kieran, ill sort it out now.

- - -

I have had at your log several times darkseer but yours really arent my thing, I much prefer El-diablo's. I PM'd him yesterday saying how he was my inspiration to do this log and that my whole reason for plumping for black legion were his stunning models - they look exactly how I see the black legion on the table. No messing about looking fancy, keep it basic and ready to fight.
Thats not to say there basic as such, but the conversions arent obvious, they looks really natural and thats what Ive gone for with my army.

Well this will by my last update here for awhile. Uni's crazy, blah blah blah.

I just wanted to prove to sheep I could finish something :D


Okay hes not finished, but I'd he happy to whack him on a table and call him finished..

Im hoping to have the battleforce done by games day in which case ill have it with me, woot for speed painting!

19-09-2007, 09:41
What, whats bugger bugger bugger
im confused

22-09-2007, 17:56
Nice use of the possessed bits. He's weird without being too freaky!

22-09-2007, 20:41
Champions looking fantastic, I didn't think about using possessed bits for 'em. I might have to pinch that idea.

Im gonna have to subscribe now just to see if you can actually finish this project!

22-09-2007, 22:08
I..LOVE your champion. -end transmission-

02-10-2007, 15:53
Evening all

Time to confine my log to the sacrificial pile.

Recently, a lot of the veteran project loggers have felt disgruntled, non more so then myself and we all got chatting. We've decided its time to move on to a better place and you can now find us over at Ammo Bunker (http://z3.invisionfree.com/The_Ammobunker). We did consider organising a Warseer Council so we could tell the mods what we wanted from the project logs, but I dunno, it doesnt seem like the sort of thing they'd be interested in anymore and besides, we have our own place.

This site is just about modelling and I have to say its incredible. People dont skip each others work - they do actually bloody comment which for someone like me is a great help.

I'd like to take a moment to say thank you to people like Forces Unknown. Dark Sarge and PTMN who've provided me with work (I'll still check my PM's, feel free to email me guys), people like Penguin of Death whose followed my log since god knows when and even helped me with a few bits for my Space wolves (on which I'd like to mention that Vee is also on the site, and his dark angels are back in the swing...)

Whats so great about this new site? Well for a start its everything you loved before, but run by those people. SC, myself, DeadleyHeadley, and several other big names are all mods, and were all fairly easy going guys - I think so far one persons been modded and that was Daveisthebest (also a mod) for starting a new bloody army :D

Seriously though guys, its a website by modellers for modellers - which for someone like myself whose always building crazy stuff is an absolute dream.

Ill still check back here from time to time, but Warseer isnt what it was sadly and as Guilder, thats very upsetting. I'm gutted to be closing this log, mainly because its got comments by great people and was keeping me going, but its time to move on.

For now fellas good luck. May your dice be good, your painting frequent, and your victories bountiful,

- Mark

(Ill be closing the thread when I get back from work so that people like POD dont miss it :D)