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10-09-2007, 22:21
I finaly made the best most disgusting list i could for chaos so here it is

Chaos Lord 670
Berserker Sword
Enchanted Shield
Crown of everlasting conquest

Sorcerer 190
power familliar

Bray Shaman 166
bray staff
2 despell scrolls

14 Warriors 250
2 hand wepons
standerd bearer

20 maurauders 130

5 knights 225

5 maurauder horses spears musican

5 knights 165

6 warhounds 36

beast herd 6 gors 12 ungors 100

there it is so what do you think

10-09-2007, 22:28

The warriors seem pointless... the knights have no command and why the marauder horsemen?

oh and WHY WHY WHY crown of everlasting conquest over Gaze of gods..

in 7th edition its not only worse but costs more aswell!

10-09-2007, 22:31
Looks good, but why you'd pick the Crown over the Gaze is beyond me. Also, I'd very much like to emphasis the fact that your dragon will be out there on his own since the chosen knights (they need a musician and a Banner btw) would hang arround with the other knights, protecting and supporitng the Infantry due to your Horsemen not packing enough of a punch (get flails instead of Spears, much more useful).

Also, you still lack some sort of fast unit to attract fire next to your dragon, count on every cannonball in the game and every handgunner shot being directed at that Dragonlord, you don't want to use the horsemen, knights or dragon to kill such things, a unit of Screamers or Furies would be insanely good here, where to get the points from, I don't really know, but do consider it

10-09-2007, 23:03
The only reason I'de take the crown is beacuse it says "model" not "bearer" gains regeneration.So that means his dragon gets it too(by RAW).

The warriors seem a bit out of place in that list,much too slow compared with the rest of the list,more hounds or marauder horsemen would be helpful to get rid of artillery that would harm your dragon.

11-09-2007, 01:12
there are to resons i chose the crown was 1 it does say model which is infinetly better when as said all the magic and fire will be thrown onto that model. that and if i roll badly i dont want my 670 point lord turning into a spawn.

the warriors and maurauders are there to be a distraction and a back up in case the enemy makes a hole in my line and breaks through.

I do agree i need more warhounds.

thanks for the replies

where do you suggest i take out points

11-09-2007, 06:04
i think you can take out the warriors unit and add one more warhound unit and 1 more marauder unit. it is more economically astute on the points.

i also noticed that your running a undivided army, which is a good way to save points.

however, because of the lord, you can't invest in more warhounds or a unit of furies. i dunno if you can cut the beastherd abit and stick in another warhound unit... but i guess the beastherd is better as a screen / distractor?

or them marauder horsemen... i'd trade them for a unit of warhounds instead.

11-09-2007, 21:47
Just to clear things up:

HoC pg. 51: (Crown of Everlasting Conquest): The model gains the regenerate ability.

HoC pg. 52: (Gaze of the Gods): The model gains a 4+ Ward save. (rest of the text has to do with turning into a spawn and VPs)

And finally:

HoC pg. 52: (Golden Eye of Tzeentch): The model and his mount have a Ward save of 3+ against all normal and magical missiles.

So, using the word "model" either (a) refers to the character only or (b) refers to the whole model -including mounts-, the latter effectively having Golden Eye of Tzeentch seem less appealing now, since a 3+ vs. shooting/magic missiles only doesn't seem to par up with a 4+ overall ward save.

However, Crown of Everlasting Conquest is still ******** compared to the Gaze either way you cut it, since they both say model.

Only reason I can see for wanting to take the Crown is for a Tzeentch character to hope for Yellow Fire and get it through, so he would have a ward save as well as regeneration.