View Full Version : Idea for necron army fluff(is it possible/)

11-09-2007, 19:38

Bascially the idea of my fluff is that during the sending of a very stressful psyhic message a pyshcer goes insanse and breaks free and runs off , obsviololy the nearest space marine sends bullets into the heritecs back but he surives and runs off , deep into the jungle of the planet he was on , after many days he finally crawls into a strange temple he found and makes his home there , this planet has been surroned by the warp since the war in heavens ended and has only just become free from the warp

anyways , the temple is a necron temple is it possible seeing as the necrons cant do anything with the warp that they necrons inside the temple will no longer have any remerbance or reccolation of the ctan and could this pyschker "own them" as such if he awakes them??

bascially is it possible for the necrons to switch alligence and be used as a weopen for a mad pyscher witha grude against the imperium of man???

11-09-2007, 20:36
If the planet had been in the midst of a warpstorm since the war in heaven how can humans of any type, marines included be present

11-09-2007, 20:41
In terms of mainstream background, it seems extremely unlikely that Necrons would be vulnerable to psychic domination; they are utterly lacking in any sort of warp presence to be targetted. While no-one can stop you building an army around this theme, it is basically up there with the pink, flower-decorated Necron armies that occasionally turn up.

That said, if your aim is to have a recognizable personality leading the army, an alternative might be to place a renegade Adeptus Mechanicus techpriest in lieu of the rogue psyker. Perhaps, finding the temple, he is able to strike a bargain with its overlords and then appears as a Necron Lord (in game terms) within the army.