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29-08-2005, 22:48
This is my first attempt at the WEs and im sure that everyone will be sick of hearing about them soon enough!

Bow of Loren
Hail of Doom Arrow
Scout Kindred


Idea being he is practically a waywatcher but a bit cheaper than paying for a kindred (which would be a waste with magical stuff) Hes just gonna hang around and cause nastiness to warmachines and small units etc. while he remains (hopefully) hidden.

Level 2
Deepwood Sphere


I see the woodelves spells as a big supporting role for the troops rather than an offensive thing so i feel ill always be going for spell one (very useful) and hence the sphere.

10 Glade Guard


16 Glade Guard


Glade guard, nuff said

6 Scouts

These guys are gonna be set slightly forward to cause hassle more than anything. Probably stick the lord around with them but he can go off on his own.

8 Glade Riders


Fast cav that march with no penalty to shooting and through difficult terrain that can reform at will.... who can resist!

12 Dryads

Flank holders mainly. Something that will require some effort to get rid of.

12 Wardancers

Similar to the dyrads. I see these as something that enemy will want to get rid of. Hopefully engaging on my own terms using dances etc these can be nasty.

4 Treekin

Probably place on the same side as the wardancers to get up and hold an enemy for some flank action.

6 Waywatchers

Set up as close as possible and keep loading arrows into the enemy. Then if i get the chance engage some nice small units with WS5 2A each.

3 Warhawk Riders

These guys can get where they are needed with the extra S on the charge cos of spears and the Unit Stregnth for being flying cav (brets aint the only ones now!) can get around a bit.

1998 total.....

My concerns are mainly that I havent got enough of one thing of the other... Ive purposely tried to make it a 50 50 split of missiles and combat. (ive ended up about 800 pts of combat stuff, 800 pts of shooting and the remained is 'support')

The other is that my wardancer unit is too big.

Anyone got any ideas?

Nothing has been bought yet so it an all go if needs be. However i want to stick to a mainly elf theme with scouts and ambush being the main theme. (which is pretty much the same for all WE armies! :p)

30-08-2005, 01:29
10 Glade Guard


16 Glade Guard


Teddy, Teddy, you just going to give them 200 victory points worth of standards? I can understand maybe one bait standard, but two? With 16 Glade Guards? Forrget about it!

And one wizard in a 2k point battle for magic defense? Don't expect to win against... anything with more than 1 lvl2 wizard. Sure arrows are nice, but they are still harassers. 12 wardancers at 18 points a pop also seems overkill to me for the general purpose they serve.

30-08-2005, 07:03
So ok..... i love wardancers but ill drop the unit size to 10 or 8, drop the standards... and ummm ill try and fit in another spellsinger or a branchwraith.

30-08-2005, 11:50
Also you can't shoot the HoDA from the bow of Loren, which is best combined with the other arrows. Either invest in some (Satrfire or Arcane Bodkins) or drop the bow and buy Pageant of Shrikes, which will set you up better for sniping.

31-08-2005, 16:02
Where does it say you cant fir HoD Arrow from the BoL?

It does say that all magic arrows maybe fired by normal or magic bows with the exceptions noted

There is no exception noted..... however pagent of shrikes would be a pretty good idea.