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12-09-2007, 13:49
as the title says i usually run a magic heavy lizardman army, but recently iv been finding at 4k level my magic doesnt work as well, so i thought id try a more combat style army list.

slann - 2nd gen, bsb, warbanner, diadem, plaque of tepok, protection 610
oldblood - Light Armour, Shield, Blade of Revered Tzunki, aura of quetzl,
Carnasaur Spawnings : Tepok, Quetzl,Itzl 496
oldblood - Light Armour, Pirahna blade, Maiming shield, Glyph neckalce
Carnasaur Spawnings : Tlazcotl, Quetzl,Itzl 508
Scar vet - GW, Light Armour, Shield of the Mirrored Pool, Venom of the firefly
frog Spawnings, Quetzl, Tepok 176
Skink Priest - Lv2, 2x Dispel Scrolls 150

30 skink - 180
20 skink - scout 140

25 saurus - f.cmd, Quetzl 360
20 saurus - f.cmd, Quetzl 300
20 saurus - f.cmd, Quetzl 300
3 Krox 174
3 Krox 174

stegadon 235

3 salamnders 195


PD - 8
DD - 7

my idea was to have the 2 carnasaurs on one flank, the steg and salamanders on the other. witht the slann and his 25 unit with scar vet in the middle. with the sarus blocks either side for support and 1 krox unit on either flank. the skinks would be deployed as 1 unit with each flank and the scouts goin for war machines/ wizards. then the other 10 would be in front of the slann for a meat shield against the unit. so both flank move up fast, while my slan stays put. tries to cast spells while rest of army moves up and hits them from the flanks. the skink priest would just be wondering about ducking and diving while trying to cast some useful spells (hes lv2 to increase chance of getting a useful spell)

thoughts ideas?

hopefully if this works im goin got try making a 2k list from it, beacuase i like the way this formation should work

12-09-2007, 18:25
Saurus with a sacred spawning are elites, meaning you lack enough core units, unless you are planning to break them up into lots of small units. I also think if you're going to spend 300+ points on a saurus unit, you might as well spend the points on a temple guard units with less warriors, but since its almost unbreakable it can anchor the middle of the field. It would also make me feel more secure than fielding a slaan without a unit. Otherwise think it should work well.

12-09-2007, 19:05
First off, imo, you have far too few troops for a 4000 pt battle. I would never write a list like this but since you have and since it's here I might as well critique it.

Slann - fine
First Carno - You have plenty of ways to deal with heavily armoured targets. Blade of Revered Tzunki is a waste on him. Instead, give him the Scimitar of the Sun, or whatever the one is that gives a pile of attacks.
Second Carno - I don't know if pirannah blade is the best choice here. Your carnosaur will already do d3 wounds to large targets, so save points and grab the bane head instead. It won't be as useful but it'll do the job. This one is up to you. Why does he have Tzlacotl?
Scar vet - I don't know what you're trying to do with him. If he's running around on his own, JSOD him, if not, then why does he ahve the shield of the mirrored pool?
Priest - fine
Skinks - Since you lack numbers, the last thing you want to be doing is giving the opponent an opportunity to panic a whole lot of them at once. Split them up. They will be ever so much more versatile and will be harder to kill off. This will also solve your problem of the list being ILLEGAL. Also, you should get more. There's 2k lists that run more than you have.
Saurus - 2 units of 20 are fine, but the one with 25 should really be 20 Temple guard to go with your Slann. The last thing you need is for that unit to fail their break test and get run down thus giving the opponent (360 + 610 + 100 + 100 + 200 = 1370) victory points.
Terradons - You're running an army with two huge cannonball magnets, my question is "why aren't they here?"
Kroxigor - fine
Stegadon - Rarely earns back points cost (i think you said so yourself at one point) so drop this for more salamanders. You should definately have more than just 3 in 4k
Salamanders - fine but see above

The one thing I would highly recommend if you're dead set on staying taht top heavy is dropping one unit of 20 Saurus for 2 small units of Saurus Cav. Saurus cav work better for support than do 2 blocks of Saurus, and it'd be a brave opponent that would charge a block of saurus with Saurus cav and Kroxigor nearby. With 2 anvil rank and file units one with a scar vet (he will be fearsome if you fix him...) and the other with TG + Slann along with Saurus cav and kroxigor support in addition to Skink and Salamander annoyance not to mention the two Carnosaurs blasting down the side, you should be alright.

Phew, long post