View Full Version : Battle Report - High Elves vs Empire (2000 Pts)

Lord Anathir
30-08-2005, 02:07
High Elves:
Lvl 4, Book of Hoeth
Lvl 1, Annulian Crystal
Commander, Steed, Barding, Shield, Lance, Dragon Armor, Loremaster, Radiant Gem of Hoeth
18 spears wSB
18 Spears wSB
5 SH
5 SH
10 Archers
2 Chariots
5 Dragon Princes
2 Eagles

Lvl 4
Lvl 2
Lvl 2
20 Spearmen
Detachment - 8 handgunners
20 Spearmen
Detachment - 8 handgunners
16 Handgunners
8 Pistoliers
6 Knights White Wolf Inner Circle

Depolyment: HE: DP, Spears, Spears, SH, SH, CH,CH (behind forest) (archers + RBT on hill)
EMpire: Pistoliers, Knights, Hellblaster, Spears, Deatchment, Handgunners, Detachment, Spears (cannon and mortar behind handgunners on hill)

Terrain: We both had a hill, he put a forets in his corner, i put one in between the two hills and one on the right flank just outside of my deployment zone.

Empire Turn 1: Pistoliers, Knights moved up, magic dispelled shooting out of range.

High Elves Turn 1: No movement, RBT, archers, magic (i took heavens, but didnt get comet OR uranon's tunderbolt) wipe out pistoliers. Knights of White Wolf fail panic test and run backwards.

Empire Turn 2: Knihts fail to rally and run off board. Shooting misses, magic dispelled.

High Elves Turn 2: Eagles fly behind hellblaster, RBT, archers weaken handguns. Magic fries the lvl 4 wizard.

Empire Turn 3: Hellblaster kills one eagle, cannon + mortar fail to score hits, handgunners are out of range.

High Elves Turn 3: Second eagle charges and destroyes hellblaster, overruns into lvl 2 mage. both units of silverhelms move into charge range of the handgunners, chariots move around the forest on the flank. Spears and DP advance around the centre forest. Shooting obliterates the detachment on the right side.

Empire Turn 4: Handgunners kill a knight, cannon misfires. No magic of course. Eagle kills mage.

High Elves Turn 4: Knights charge into the detachment on left and main unit of handgunners. Spears move forward. Magic + shooting brings a spear unit on right down to half size. Chariots stay where they are. Knights overrun into cannon and mortar.

Empire Turn 5: Spear units turn to face coming combats.

High Elves Turn 5: DP with commander charge and break first unit of spears, chariots break other unit.

Notes: Archers are pretty useful. Eagles are the greatest.

30-08-2005, 02:17
Wow. By Asuryan, that was not a close one.

Well done, but i have to say he was unlucky to lose his Knights of the White Wolf so quickly and cheaply.

Cruious about your commander loadout; and reason for the radient gem? how does he perform?

Lord Anathir
30-08-2005, 02:33
....i get that important 7th DD (especially with no scrolls) plus, it makes the DP a real shock unit. I could have gotten another mage, but that would leave the DP without a much needed punch. With this setup, the DP become as potent as 2 chariots on the charge. Which is why i usually set up with the spears in the centre, flanked by the DP + commander on one side, and two chariots on the other.... The silverhelms protection the flank. These units are surronding my hill (if i get one), making a complete castle.
Castles are the best....go figure im starting dwarfs.

lmao...i lost one eagle and a silverhelm in the battle...i feel kind of sorry for the chap. And i was lucky to get rid of the knights quickly. (that was his whole right flank gone by turn 1) Once i got rid of the hellblaster, i advanced and massacred.