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Hashut's Li'l Helper
13-09-2007, 03:00
The situation was this

I was in two combats. One was a unit of clanrats that had charged a unit of ogre class monsters. The other was a large unit of stormvermin that had charged another unit of ogre class. This unit had the general on the edge of the back row.

Hoping to destroy the unit and overrun with the stormvermin I attacked with them first. Sadly they did not do their job and I took 3 attacks back which managed to kill 3 stormvermin. but still won combat handily We then moved to the other combat where I ended losing by 2. When we went to measure for the generals leadership we found that although in range at the beginning of the turn, that if they had been recentered on the back row following the stormvermin losses they would be out of range. As it turned out the clannies would have passed their leadership anyway, but I figured I should ask in case it came up again.

So the question is this. When do you neaten up the ranks? Immediately after the individual combat, or after all combats are done. I realize, that this is a problem unique to skaven, as most generals stay put, once they are in a combat.

13-09-2007, 04:41
Fully work out each combat before moving to the next.
Redressing the ranks is part of combat(part 5 infact)

Just like how fleeing or pursuing could put the general out of range,so can redressing the ranks.
Diagram 36.2 shows how this can happen in a non skaven army(assume the general is part of the archer unit).

Certainly not unique to skaven.

13-09-2007, 06:51
You redress ranks aftre each individual combat.