View Full Version : Flyers in 4th (DE question)

13-09-2007, 03:09
What is the general feeling on Flyers in 4th?

I'm a DE player, and I love, love, love the FW raven.
I've never been to keen on Flyers in 40k - but I'm at the point where I have everything in the DE list (in abundance) and want "something new".

Have you used air units in 4th? If so how did it go? The rules for 3rd transfer well?

I looked at VDR to see about making it into a cool jetbike, but that didn't seem to fit too well.

Any thoughts?



13-09-2007, 03:35
XD. Wow, I had these same exact thoughts a week ago, finally caved and bought a DE raven. It isn't great, but fun.
The rules are odd, as flyers don't stay on the board, but the apoc rules have it so it can stay on the board. The Raven is about 9" in lenght, and 8" in wingspan, so a bike would be far too big.

14-09-2007, 21:39
Many people complain about flyers.

If designed/used correctly, you'll hear a lot of people tossing some hate on your favorite model because they can't kill it :P. Flyers rock, rules-wise.

Downsides, though:

You get a limited number of uses out of it. In a standard 6-turn game, you'll get to use it 4 times if you go first and get it on turn 2 (Imp. Comms is handy here), 3 times if you go second and get it on turn 2 - since it fires in the opponent's turn.

I don't know about anybody else's models, but my flyers are designed for a specific purpose. If they don't have an easy/ideal target, they're rather ineffective.

They aren't scoring units, so in a tournament I'd be wary of spending a lot of points on flyers. While your opponent will not get victory points for it unless he destroys it, you won't get any bonus VP's either...However, if it VP's are based off killed/surviving and not table quarters or mission objectives, this becomes an advantage.

All in all, I love flyers. I've got a small (about 2250) IG army that's entirely drop troops and supported by flyers instead of tanks. I like it, if only because of the theme. I haven't had a chance to test it in real play yet, unfortunately...

14-09-2007, 21:47
under the current rules i use the flyers just for fun.
However under the Apocalypse rules they will become much more of a tactical opption...if the news is correct, flyers no longer leave the table and arrive automatically on the 2nd turn.

ummm...the mind boggles at the Manta under those conditions