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Slaaneshi Ice Cream
14-09-2007, 06:39

I've been looking through the main rulebook and I'm wondering why is it that most armies have like 5 heroes and then 1 or 2 warrior choices? For Elven Havens, your only warrior choice is an elven warrior! Dwarves also don't have much to choose from... and neither does Moria. Is this remedied in later source books?

It seems to me that people would want to play armies that have more choice like Gondor and Mordor. Does anyone play the smaller armies?

Bun Bun
14-09-2007, 08:11
And that is why they brought out the Legions of Middle Earth book so that you have a bit more variety. :cool:

14-09-2007, 09:16
In the begining this wasn't much of a problem as simply arming warriors with different weapons makes them tactically different and very few lists had a large number of troops.
However, as the game has developed so new troops and options have been released, some armies have many more than others. This is due to some lists being naturally restrictive in what troops they take such as the reclusive rangers of the north, sometimes it's because the latest new units have not been released yet.
Those elves will see some Knights and chariots at some point in the future.

14-09-2007, 09:33
Yeah. A "simple" warrior can play very differently if it is armed with a shield (shielding rule), spear (supporting rule), throwing weapon (throwing weapons rule), two-handed weapon (two-handed weapons rule), or pike (pike rule), or carries standard (standard bearer rule).

That provided plenty of variety, although it did get nerfed a little when all warriors got armed with hand weapons as standard for free with the OR.

Add in allies and cavalry options (which again include shields, spears etc...) then you can get plenty of variety. You just have to think about it a little is all.

A block of a dozen Uruk-hai pikes will require and promote very different tactics than a dozen Uruk-hai archers, even though the basic troopers are ostensibly the same. The bottom line is that in the "real" world, most people are pretty much the same in capability when it comes down to it (certainly in the days before intensive modern training methods - consider the days of mass-conscription in WWI rather than modern US Navy Seals or the SAS!) What causes different units to function differently is their equipment and the use to which they are put, rather than the fact that they are "stronger" or "tougher". The only difference between Middle-earth and the real world in this regard is that heroes are more powerful relative to their fellow man, but that's another issue.

14-09-2007, 09:34
The Legions of Middle Earth book gives you an accurate picture of what is available to each force, even if the models aren't out yet. If you're making decisions on an army to collect, I recommend you consult this book first.

Dr Death
14-09-2007, 09:41
If you're used to either of the Warhammers, the LotR style of army building can be a bit of a shock. Armies generally consist of differently armed versions of the same troop (the basic three being sword and shield, spear and shield and some kind of bow). These are sometimes augmented with things like scouting troops (with higher shooting ability but less defence) and bodyguard units for heroes.

The range is expanding to take on the now prominent style of 'pitched battle' play but the game was conceived as largely hero-centric (in the best possible sense) with warriors in a supporting role.

Dr Death

Kroot Lord
14-09-2007, 15:26
ORB (the one you have) is an "older" book, and since it was released ALOT of new models have been released.