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14-09-2007, 09:07
So after one long hiatus from the hobby due to one reason and another I have decided to come back to the hobby that I started with over 12 years ago and actually crank out an army this time.

So recently I have been cranking out model after model to Ebay or the trade section of this site and this is how I came across the army that I have at the moment. Through a swap with lotrcrown I traded my Eldar Army for the the Chaos Army below.



Now through succesful sales I managed to raise at least 250, now with a little self indulging I purchased one of the chaos army boxes from the net (making it 30 pound cheaper)

The plan is to concentrate on this army alone and assemble it to a size that gives me the option to play a 3000 point game and still have different options in army choice.

So without further ado lets go down what models I received.

* Abbaddon the Despoiler
* Fabius Bile
* 1 Bloodthirster
* 1 Daemon Prince
* 1 Defiler
* 1 Rhino (with Alpha Legion forgeworld doors)
* 1 Chaos Lord with Powerfist
* 1 Sorcerer
* 1 Metal Chaos Spawn
* 5 Chaos Space Marine Bikes
* 5 Chaos Marines turned into Possessed
* 17 Chaos Marines including 2 plasma guns, 3 aspiring champions, 3 heavy bolters, 2 lascannon and 1 missile launcher
* 5 Chaos Terminators

Well thats the army that I received through swappage. Now to add the Army Box.

* 1 Terminator Chaos Lord
* 5 Chaos Terminators
* 5 Possessed
* 15 Chaos Marines
* 1 Defiler
* 8 Khorne Bezerkers
* 2 Chaos Spawn

Phew! So some of you may have noticed that with the new codex this is pushing 3000 points already...

So quite a lot to build and paint ultimately so without further ado I will catalogue my progress with this log.

It will not be updated regularly because I am currently working two jobs, studying part time at uni and taking two part time a levels...plus having a social life cause I am mad, it hurts ones legs I will tell yah.


14-09-2007, 09:24
Ok so the wiley eyed amongst you will notice some models have some paint on them (other than the black undercoat) This is because I have already got cracking experimenting with the models before the new chaos came out.

Several revelations came about from this process. 1 Mechrite Red is absolute rubbish and the Red Corsair colour scheme is damn hard and time consuming to paint.

Now I can paint but ever since I became partially blind in my right eye complicated paint jobs that require finite precision are beyond me due to lacking in depth perception. Ever try to paint eyes when you cannot judge depth? yeah its a bugger...

This was my first attempt below...


Not very pretty is he. So cracking out more of my paint pots and the old chaos codex at the time I have a little experimentation and this was the result.


The picture doesn't do it justice but its a mix of liche purple and midnight blue giving a dark purple. The shading and the first layer has gone on the model and to be honest I ma happy with this as its relatively easy to paint (wait for later when I throw toys out the pram in despair )

Looking in the new codex this scheme is similar to the "Warriors of Mayhem" which are purple with silver trim which I quite like and is what I will try and go for with my army.

So now thats sorted onto building models from the chaos army box. Now being a stickler for detail its a long and ardous task due to mold lines and flash having to be trimmed but it was all worth it as you can see below.


The Possessed are so lovely if a bugger to assemble. Someone didn't think on the shoulder pads fitting so a little trimming of spikes here and there is needed depending on how animated you want your models. Personally I want them very animated and this one is my favourite.


Cause the model is literally running headlong forward with its claws out ot the side which looks nice but gave me grief on putting the backpack.


14-09-2007, 09:25
Okay it seems only allowed four pics per post and smilies contribute to that so heres the last bit for now.

So with them done the other nice model next the chaos lord.



Not sure the pics do it justice but the model has been assembled as bulk standard chaos lord with combi bolter and random combat weapon that can be either power weapon, daemon weapon or powerfist.

The head is one of the possessed one because I wanted mine to look a bit different and I know most will be using the heads provided on the sprues and I would like for mine to not be so generic.

Um thats it for now. Feel free to comment and criticise. Current job is assembling the Terminators with the plan of getting everything assembled, then sprayed and setting up a conveyor belt painting system i.e. black, purple basecoat, next layer, next layer, highlight, final highlight etc you get the picture.

Till next time sports fans


14-09-2007, 11:07
Yay for Corsairs with old school Chaos bolters!

Now I can paint but ever since I became partially blind in my right eye complicated paint jobs that require finite precision are beyond me due to lacking in depth perception. Ever try to paint eyes when you cannot judge depth? yeah its a bugger...

My left eye is junk too, never stopped me from winning painting awards though. ;)

The trick for me is to work very slowly when I'm doing fine details, and sort of get a "standard" position when I paint. That way you'll soon be able to, erm, 'feel' when your brush is about to hit the model (your first handful of models will probably look a bit botched, mine looked like clumps of congealed gouache paint).
Real men don't need proper eyesight. :p