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Hasan ibn Sabbah
14-09-2007, 21:39
It is my first thread, and first of all I must appologise for not updating this thread often (I'm studding in other town than I have all my models + my studies don't leave me much time for painting). But I hope that I'll manage to paint at least some models this year.

1. Finally look what new chaos is (heard terrible stories) and decide what to do with my chaos models. (I'll try to post at least some photos later)
2. Finally start my Dark Eldar army.
3. Sleep a bit (I'm after 3 exams in 2 weeks: Physics, Ontology of human and Bio-chemistry)

Ok. First of all I want to make Dark Eldar army BUT
1. Original DE models are disgusting (no, I know that in fluff they should be, but they're mostly sculpted in GW old fassion and look more like band of frenzied catachans with kinefelter syndrome).
2. I love Idea of light armored, high speed and high firepower army, fragile and deadly.

Conclusion? My girlfriend is big fan of Eldar models, especially Harlequins (no, she's not playing, but she's highly skilled artist and new Eldars are some pice of art). Harlequins fit's nicely into idea of swift and deadly army so my idea is to make sth. like this:

Archon --> Harlequin Shadowseer
Incubi --> still thinking
Wych --> Banshee/Striking Scorpions (maby both)
Wariors --> Propably heavy converted Eldar + Dark Eldar warriors with Death Jester and Fire Dragon as Dark Lance/Splinter cannon guys. Maby Dark reaper to add more diversity in minis.
Raider --> Raider :)
Reaver --> Propably Reaver
Thalos --> Wraithlord!! (must be, propably main reason for all this stuff above, I just want to have at least one in my army).

First models gonna be in october, till that, I'd like to find color shame that would be:
-fit to "frenzied pirate" theme
-must inject terror into hearts of all IG/SM/TAU minis.

My idea for Wraithlord is to paint his body in black with maby some red ornaments. Paint head all-black and add multiple opened red eyes (If anyone knows Alucard from Hellsing anime, that is what is on my mind.

Thanks for every idea, and excuse me my rusted english.

Hasan ibn Sabbah
29-09-2007, 13:13
First Mini!


It isn't finished yet, still needs some love, but had to show it. I'm quite proud of him, Its my first non-chaos mini and I had to discover how to paint orbs. I was afraid how it's going to look, but It came quite nice ;)


My cat (found him occupying my computer).

Hasan ibn Sabbah
29-09-2007, 17:50
Finished Shadowseer


I'm sorry for low quality of photo, I have new camera and still fighting with it ;)

Hasan ibn Sabbah
30-11-2007, 17:10

Finished Harlequin

(best photo I managed take)

Having Fun with TS (lots of CSM laying around and had some free time) made this fella in 3h and it was my first fun with GS (jop, I'm sculpting noob). Isn't finished, still needs sth. with upper torso.


Some photos of my favorite minis: chaos warriors (I know it isn't sf but it's al that remained from my old fantasy army)


Hope you like it. :)

Hasan ibn Sabbah
24-12-2007, 19:50
Well, Qdeu persuaded me to order some Renegades from forge world (it means that whole Idea of finishing DE army is suspended till... probably until new Codex release... yes). They will serve as Traitor allies for Thousand Sons fellas (and because new Chaos codex is a bit ******, It will be build basing on Daemon Hunter's list, which nicely combines with main idea of TS- magic marines :D ).

While my Renegades are on the way, I build Destroyer Lord for my brother's Necron army (he had bits for one destroyer and warrior, :) ) It took me 4h to build and paint it, and I'm quite happy with It.


Comments are always welcomed. :)
Sorry for bad photo, but battery died, and must wait until it recharges.

Hasan ibn Sabbah
29-12-2007, 17:55
No minis to paint (renegades are still somewhere near end of January) and my Girlfriend gave me beautiful paintbrush set for Christmas... so i bought this:


there will be updates :)

29-12-2007, 19:07
Nice work on the shadowseer :D

Hasan ibn Sabbah
29-12-2007, 19:10
Nice work on the shadowseer :D

Thanks, You're my first guest :)

29-12-2007, 19:18
I like your work. It sort of drifts but hey, who cares its your thread to have fun with! I like the look of that chaos marine with the green stuff. Gonna look really good.

I cannot wait to see those 1k sons painted up my friend!

I will be checking in every once in a while... well every 15 minutes cause I have no life...

Hasan ibn Sabbah
29-12-2007, 19:55
Well, I'm oldest brother/cousin in family, so always have sth. to help with painting (cousin => orks & tau, brother => tomb kings & necrons). I also try to collect actually one army but usually it ends with buying few beautiful models, painting them and... and than I see sth. shiny, beautiful (like shadowseer) and must have it :)

But I promised myself that this year I'll make at least 700 pt. of Chaos & renegades built around Daemon hunters with storm troopers and IG allies. Hope I'll manage to do this :)

29-12-2007, 20:14
Just wondering but what is sth?
If you ever need encouragement just talk to people on here!

29-12-2007, 20:17
Well, Qdeu persuaded me to order some Renegades from forge world (it means that whole Idea of finishing DE army is suspended till... probably until new Codex release... yes).

Always glad to tempt people :evilgrin:. I've bought 20 renegades, I have absolutely no need for, other than the pleasure of owning beautiful minis.

Your log has actually convinced me, that it's time to start one of my own. I'll take some pictures tommorow.

Hasan ibn Sabbah
29-12-2007, 20:18
sth. = something
my native speaker in language school used to write it like this :)
Encouragement to paint more isn't needed, I have very limited founds and the biggest problem is to focus on one army... but it's hard with all this beautiful new stuff :D

Kasrkin 666
29-12-2007, 21:39
Lookin good! Can't wait to see more. Oh, and btw, you have one badass gf.:D(Don't mean it offensively, I mean it in a good way)


Hasan ibn Sabbah
29-12-2007, 22:16
Thanks... I think :)

Kasrkin 666
30-12-2007, 02:10
:D No problem!


Hasan ibn Sabbah
30-12-2007, 20:29
Sorcerer after first 4h of painting


still wery WIP but it's commnig nicely. Hand and backpack are waiting for my drill (wich I left in my studying place).

and more of my cat :) here riding on my back (photo made by my better half ^^ )
1) looks like he's going to kill somebody.

2) but here celebrity nature wins

Kasrkin 666
30-12-2007, 20:48
:cool: Lookin good!


Hasan ibn Sabbah
30-12-2007, 21:06
Today I discovered power of watered down paints... well I think I probably should be ashamed that I discovered it after "just" 4 years of painting __--__

Kasrkin 666
31-12-2007, 00:56
Lol. It happens. Although it took me about 2 1/2 years:p


Hasan ibn Sabbah
02-01-2008, 19:23
well, main body is finished (eyes left, but I have too shaky hands today). Hand and backpack will be done when I'll get my hands on hobby drill. I tried to make some power/lighting/sth. on the sword but my freehand was crappy. Than I used orange ink and still wasn't happy with it, so I decided that I'll cover it with chainmal and leave metallic... and after first layer of chainmal I appears great :D I'll try to make better photo in a day light. I also put a very thin layer of watered down bleached bone on gold because It was much too bling bling for my taste.

02-01-2008, 20:44
Looks highly detailed my friend!

I really like where this log is going if you do that on every model!

Hasan ibn Sabbah
02-01-2008, 21:10
Thanks :)
As hand and backpack must wait a bit for a drill, tomorrow I'll probably start another Son, as they count as gray knight's, I'll give them swords/hammers/maces that I have from WHFB Chaos Warriors sprue (I'm not sure If I have enough hand weapons there. If not, I'll be forced to take sth. from Tomb Kings bits that my bro have). Not sure how represent storm bolters. I'm considering making twin linked bolters, but I'm afraid being them too bulky. We'll see in practice.

27-03-2008, 08:04
Theres aboutt the Gold and Blue of the 1k sons that makes it eye candy to me.

More importantly you referenced Hellsing in your OP.

You "win."


Lord Cook
24-10-2008, 12:05
Your cat is clearly some kind of Greater Daemon of Chaos; it looks huge on your shoulder!

I really like the Necron Lord. I've not seen green used on Necron armour before, but it works well.

18-11-2008, 03:03
I'm studding in other town
Yes you are.

Well update please, I hope you have discovered a lighting effect for that sword, and something something

17-12-2008, 13:41
Today I discovered power of watered down paints... well I think I probably should be ashamed that I discovered it after "just" 4 years of painting __--__

To be honest, Ive only just stated to use watered down recently, and ive been painting for....8/9 years

17-12-2008, 14:03
Sabbah: I can heartily recommend Vallejo Matte medium for thinning paints. It maintains the pigmentation of the paint but allows it to flow better. Can be added to paints for normal applications or to create your own glazes, inks or washes.

Keep up the work on the 1kson, nice to see another Tzeentch player.


17-03-2010, 15:42
Today I discovered power of watered down paints...Don't feel bad. It took me about six years. ;)

It's one reason I never use Citadel paint, because there's no easy way to mix it on a palette without using a medicine dropper. Even then, it's messy. I go with the Delta Ceramcoat paints instead-- cheaper and easier to use. I'm not sure if you can get Delta paint where you live though.