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15-09-2007, 01:19
so new to the game and was looking at creating a 1000 pt nurgle army. Sounds like going be a pretty big campaign (so far armies seem to be skaven, tzeentch, lizard men, green skins).

What I'm looking at fielding right now is

1 exalted champ + mace of filth + mount + MoN + shield = 193
lvl 2 sorcer = 120

5 knights + MoN = 215
15 marauders + shields/larm + command = 130
10 warriors + MoN + command + extra weapon = 250
2 nurglings = 80

total = 988

Was thinking of instead of the MoN for the warriors maybe a Banner of wrath. Main idea so far is to slug across the map using nurglings and marauders to screen my army and hope the warriors and knights can make some plaguy pulp :D

15-09-2007, 01:38
Dont put price costs please.
Just put totals.

The exaulted champion looks good the filth mace isnt really needed though.
A sword of might would be fine,or the armour of damnation,or the gaze of the gods.
No command on the knights?(standard would be helpful)
Marauders seem okay,bit small,maybe dropping the filth mace will free up some points for 20 or more of them.
The warriors arent very good at all im afraid,your better off with knights instead.
The nurglings are alright though(although with the changes I sugguested they are a tad slow....you may want to swap them for furies if you follow my ideas).

Sorry if thats changing your army a bit too much,no need to follow my advice of course(seeing as its more my sort of army rather than yours,no reason for you to make my army :P).

The main point is that you have several different speeds to the list,and my idea's are more streamlining to keep everything together,hence despite me liking the nurgling they seem a bit slow compared to knights(which is a shame).

At 1k the sorcerer isnt really needed,especially a level 2...your magic phase will be largely inconequential.
Plus you'de save the point spent on him for slightly larger units,and maybe a screen or 2 of warhounds,or some furies.

15-09-2007, 04:23
ah sorry removed the costs.

I'm coming from mordheim so not too familar with WHFB rules yet. A friend suggested that with the knights I can just have my champion lead them instead of giving them command (and even if I drop the mace can't afford to give them command :().

I know people say warriors are pretty meh but stats wise them seem strong (again though looking through mordheim glass :D). figured if they had the MoN can have my sorc with them casting as they get to the battle or give them the banner of wrath so can fire as they march to kinda compensat for the slow movement.

and yes I'm only making nurgle case of the mordheim carnival of chaos :D (whats not to like about diseased clowns)

bigbear bailey
15-09-2007, 08:41
I understand that you want a nurgle army but at these points you are going to need to make your units undivided and your general marked. I know that might not make sense to you but being "unmarked" doesn't mean that you worship all the gods. It also means that their favored deity hasn't given them his FULL blessing. With that being said, to make your army more points effective and fluff wise make the general MoN and make everyone else MoU. That would show that it is a small band of men that are trying to urn Pappas gifts...
I am a big fan of putting chr on mounts in chaos (unless their marked Korn) The reason being is that the base size doesn't change (as a matter of fact they give the whole unit more unit Str), better armor saves, and they get another str 4 attack... So if you’re going to keep the wizard then throw him on a steed...
And remember that with the new rules people can shoot over swarms so the nurglings won't block line of sight any more... Just tell me what you think and I can help you out some more...

15-09-2007, 16:21
okay so reading a few threads it sounds like Nurgle warriors in less than a unit of 20 just aren't worth it.

not to sure how strong this would be but how is this looking

1 exalted champ + mount + MoN + shield = 158 (leading the knights)
lvl 2 sorcerer + 1dispel scroll = 145 (on chariot)

5 choosen knights + MoN = 300 (or better to make normal knights command?)
10 marauders + larm/shield + command = 95
10 marauders + larm/shield + command = 95
2 nurglings = 80
1 chariot = 120

total = 993

15-09-2007, 17:48
Hi there

I thought i would just show you what i would use for a small nurgle army hope you get some ideas from it.

Exaulted Champion
Great Weapon
Mark of Nurgle

20 Chaos Warriors
Great Weapons
Full Command
Mark of Nurgle

20 Marauders
Full Command

20 Marauders
Full Command

Beats Heard
11 Gors
Extra Hand Weapons
7 ungors
Full Command

I prefer your first list as units of 10 marauders will just end up giving your opponent easy victory points. I wouldnt use a sorcerer at such low points as i dont think the magic phase will be very eventful and even if it is one guy aint gonna do much.

hope this helps


15-09-2007, 21:57
Personalyl i think you main issue is trying to field Knights + warriors at 1k.

pick one or the other at this points cost, you really cant afford both till 1500.

15-09-2007, 22:10
Your exaulted champion would do well to be given a flail or a halberd(I know it cant be used in conjunction with the sheild but its worth having for the extra killing power,and within the remaining 7 spare points you have.

Your chosen knights are okay.
Swapping them for normal knights with command isnt really nessecary,your losing out on a few additional attacks to gain a standard bearer and a musician..you also lose survivability vs st4 things.

I wouldnt really bother too much about command for the marauders.If you dropped just the cheiftan in each unit you can buy them flails,which is some added flexibility as you can use them to hit hard against the enemy.
St5 attacks are far more useful than St3 attacks.
Definitely keep the musicians though.

The nurglings are fine as is the chariot.

15-09-2007, 22:21
I prefer your first list as units of 10 marauders will just end up giving your opponent easy victory points. I wouldnt use a sorcerer at such low points as i dont think the magic phase will be very eventful and even if it is one guy aint gonna do much.

I could put the 2 groups together but than wouldn't have a good unit to protect/screen the knights? I do want to keep the sorcerer in my army for fluff reasons but if magic isn't too useful for such a small army guess a lvl 1 sorcerer wouldn't be too much of a waste? ALso messed up with the knights so they are a tad cheaper

1 exalted champ + mount + MoN + halberd = 160
sorcerer + 1dispel scroll = 110

5 choosen knights + MoN + bearer = 295
20 marauders + larm/shield + command = 165
2 nurglings = 80
1 chariot = 120
5 hounds = 30
5 hounds = 30

total = 995

edit: GAH are warhounds only sold 1 model at a time for $5??????

Be Afraid
15-09-2007, 22:39
thats better, altho, minor as it is, i would swap the halberd for a flail . . . and a unit of hounds for lv 2 . . . that should do quite nicely

15-09-2007, 22:45
Hounds for lvl 2 is a good idea however i rate Halberd above flail.

15-09-2007, 23:16
lol so back to the lvl 2 sorcerer. so marauders cover 1 flank and the nurglings and wolves the other. than hope the champion, and knights can go kill some things

any suggestions of a model for warhounds? thinking of goblin wolfriders and hoping the wolf is seperate from the goblins

Be Afraid
16-09-2007, 00:51
yep, they are, its what i used for my wolves ;)

16-09-2007, 00:58
Yeah goblin wolf riders are the cheapest wolf option out there,plus they are plastic so very easy to convert(or simply carve chaos marks into.....pretend they are emo ^_^ ).

You get a load of goblins to go with them as well which you can hack to pieces and use to littler your armies bases with(or mangle together in sort of goblin spawn creature thing.....)

22-09-2007, 00:31
paying 4 or 5 pts a model for the warriors to have fear is not a good pts value.

I suggest maybe just taking undivided warriors that are chosen w/ add'l HW's and taking a good 12 (6 wide).

At 1000 pts, paying for the chance of a terror bomb (filth mace does that doesn't it?) is risky.

so,... well take the mark of nurgle on your sorcerer for that #6 spell!?!?!?!

I suspect you'll struggle using your 5 knights.

15 marauders are in need of at least 10 more models, but you've armed them correctly.

magic banners at 1000 pts could be used to buy units.

never underestimate how useful a spawn is; it's what makes the army not suck.