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30-08-2005, 14:01
Welcome to the tale of darkness episode one recruitment thread. This is another inquisitor leads retinue roleplay but I have planned a good story and hopefully you guys will love it. This roleplay will start in2 weeks or whenever i ge enough participants. You may selec one or two characters from the below list.

0-1 techpreist
0-1 commisar
0-1 imperial guard veteran sergeant
0-1 psycic- not uber
0-1 zealot
the rest of you be guardsmen, scum, mercinaries arbites (not psycic) etc
-No power armour
- No psycers except the pyker
-no god characters

my characters

name: Ruben
rank: Inquisitor lord
ordo: maleus
sex: male
age: unknown
equipment and weapons: twin revolvers, shotgun, thunder hammer, custom excruciators, custom power armour (im aloud) other interrogation tools
background: Little is known about this inquisitor and what is is classified.
aperaence: Tall muscular build. Wears a suit of dull gold powerarmour and large crimson cloak, has a close shave head with a deep scar running down left side of face.

name: Stern
rank: grey knight justicar
belif: imperial/ ordo maleus
sex: male
age: unknown
equipment: grey knight power armour, force halbard, storm bolter..
background: Stern has been serving with ruben for many years, he is basicaly a grey knight.
aperance: grey knight

nmae: iki
rank: interogator
ordo: maleus
equipment: Bolt pistol, power sword, crapace armour, interogation tools, inferno pistol.
background: Iki's world was destroyed by deamons when she was a young girl. Ruben found her and took her into training as a zealot. She has now become an interogator.
apearence: wars jet black carapace armour, has beautifull pale skin and flowing red hair.

post your chars.

Thane McHammer
30-08-2005, 17:11
Hmm...sound fun...it's McHammer time!

Name: Thane McHammer (Evidently, not his given name)

Rank: Magos of Mars, he's now a freelance tech-priest, more akin to a Rogue Trader. He deals in information, protection services, some smuggling, and Arco-tech recovery, and loyally serving the Imperium...

Age: 392

Weapons: Twin pistols. One is an ancient plasma pistol, the other, a mastercrafter bolt pistol. He prefers not to fight, but is an expert marksman and gunfighter.

Armor: Agumented carpace armor, including extensive bionics. Includes built-in targeting and scanner systems, and a refractor field generator. Over this, he wears his old Magos robes.

Other equipment: Mechandrites, servitors of different types, cigars.

Appearance: At a tall 6'2, McHammer isn't a pushover. Both his eyes have been replaced with bionic ones, and over these he wears a pair of rounded, red-tinted goggles. Both his hands, left leg, and the majority of his internal organs are bionic. He has an square-jawed appearance that might have once been called handsome, but is now criss-crossed with thin scars. Servo-links are implanted in the back of his neck, though his full brown hair covers most of them. An implanted comm-link can be seen behind his ear. He's often seen with a lit cigar in his mouth.

Background: Thane McHammer has been a troublemaker from the beginning. Born on Mars, to a family of workers, he was inducted into the Priesthood after a stunning display of making machines work, without having to go though all the rituals. This was shown after he successfully booted up a plasma reactor in twenty minuets, as opposed to the usual 2 hours of chanting, ritual application of balms and oils, and prayer. Pragmatic and rational, he's also prone to sarcasm, but can be grim on occasion. Rising to the rank of Magos, he decided he needed to see the galaxy himself. Since then, he's gone from place to place, gathering what he needs, and then moving on. He's currently imployed in Ruben's service, both for his skill as an adept of the Machine God, and as a loyal retainer.

Personallity: Unlike his more aloof and arrogant bretheren, McHammer actually has a human personality. His motto is "Seek out knowledge, and use it. Don't seek out knowledge, and let it use you". As such, he has no regard for the overbearing rituals of the priesthood, and is more inclined simply to push the "ON" button if he wants to start something, than light inscence and pray it works. Polite and curteous, he is sociable, wily when needed, perfect gentleman when the occasion calls. He prefers not to fight, instead leaving that to his servitor bodyguards. Brains, not brawn, are McHammers gift.

To go along with Thane, I've included his bodyguard.

Name: The Shadow.
Rank: For intents and purposes, it's treated as a Death Cult assassin.
Age: unknown
Equipment: Lightening reflexes, twin power-swords, targeting systems, combat drugs, extensive bionics, mechatendrites.
Background: The Shadow is a tall, thin figure wrapped from head to toe in black leather. Twin power swords are strapped to it's back, and it weilds these with great dexterity and finess. Created by Thane from the broken body of a Death Cult assassin, the Shadow is more machine than human. Agumented to the point of perfection, the Shadow is utterly loyal to it's master, and will do anything to protect him. The Shadow is very agile, and increadibly hard to hit, but it fragile in nature, and it's bionics can be crippled with a well placed blow. Should it come to the point of distruction, it will explode in a spectacular fashion instead of letting itself fall into the hands of an enemy. Thane wouldn't be to happy with this though...

So, one gunslinging thinker, one close combat bodyguard.

30-08-2005, 17:33
that sounds fine mc'hammer

30-08-2005, 20:45
1 pskyer here Please Character later

31-08-2005, 21:36
Name: Tes Ogard
Age: 18
Gender: Male

Tes was raised as a astropath but it was soonly more obvius that He was desitend for something much greater he was One of the few Pyskers He was a Guard Deep with in a Inquisatoral Fortress on request form Inqustior Ruben. A Powerful Telepath as well as a egoist. And a powerful one at that able to jump things that would be impossabile for anyone with out a jumppack. Able to speed him self up to macth the speed of a eldar. He is not the usal Weak Pysker.

He is a very Powefully built man ofetn traning with loose fitting Pants and a small Cloth shirt

Equipment: Armoured gaulents

01-09-2005, 07:01
I'll take the veteran sergeant spot, if that's ok.

Are you in need of a medic aswell? :p

01-09-2005, 08:39
Name: Thomas Jackson
Rank: Imperial Guard Veteran Sergeant
Sex: Male
Age: 52 (He’s an old dog)

Equipment: Master-crafted chainsword, laspistol with laser sight, combat knife, carapace armour, bionic left arm (average quality), 2 frag grenades, 1 haywire grenade.

Appearance: Bald, white beard, blue and grey eyes that always look halfway closed, he has a scar on his forehead going from up right to down left.

Background: Not much about his past before joining the IG is known. He doesn’t speak about it either. Jackson was borne in Adoris II in the Segmentum Obscurus. He joined the IG at the age of 16. By the age of 21 he had faced rebels and eldar pirates and was promoted to sergeant. At 29 he served under Commissar Yarrick’s command against the orks in Armageddon losing his left arm taking down an ork nob, making his way into captainship. In his 38th birthday he took off in a crusade against a group of traitor controlled systems. He was a colonel. But by the end of the crusade when he was rounding 43 they were securing control in a minor planet when he disregarded the order to execute every civilian found in the capital city as punishment for their rebellion. He was imprisoned under the charge of high treason and the civilians where shot to the last man, woman and child.

After 5 years of being locked away and thanks to the important friends he had made throughout his life he was not punished with death but instead was downgraded back to sergeant. His next battle was on his homeworld where a chaos cult had taken root. He faced the horrors that are kept within the realm of the Warp as daemons poured into the land through the desecrated temples that now praised the dark powers instead of the God Emperor.

The loyal forces couldn’t regain the planet and Jackson saw how exterminatus was brought upon his beloved home through the tears that clouded his eyes.

By inquisitorial order every man that fought on Adoris II had to be cleansed from any chaos taint or in other words shot. But as Jackson waited silently for his fate he was offered the chance to work for the Ordo Malleus instead (some say that a convenient message sent to the Inquisitor in charge from a very important commissar saved his life). With the chance to achieve the slightest degree of revenge for his lost homeworld he accepted the offer.

01-09-2005, 12:52
Name: Klaas van Welden
Rank: Imperial Guard Grunt
Sex: Male
Age: 28
Equipment: standard issue lasgun and imperial gear, compact missile launcher, 2 frag and 2 krak missiles, jopall cashpad
"aquired"* equipment: night vision goggles, auspex, fake catachan knives, shabby boltpistol, amasec
Appearance: Blue lively eyes, dark brown hair, always unshaven with a small beard going from the lower lip to the chin. Klaas is a rather scrawny man with a quick smile and a dozen little scars on his left cheek where a broken beer bottle hit him.
Uniform/regimental info: See here (http://www.armageddon3.com/English/Campaign/Troops/jopall.html). Added to the uniform a big backpack and a utility belt with lots of unidentifiable stuff.

Background: Like most citizens of Jopall, Klaas started owing the planetary government a lot of cash the moment he was born. After working as an errand boy for a local techpriest in his youth, Klaas finally joined the Guard after it became obvious that he would never be considered for being trained as a proper member of the mechanicus.
During training, Klaas was assigned to an anti tank squad and enjoyed a hefty bonus on his monthly payroll.
Klaas was serving in the 115th Jopall Indentured when small scale rebellions were cropping up on Pester's Glory, a civilised world the 115th was guarding from nearby Tarrelian xenos.
The rebellions were put down quickly, but Klaas' anti-tank unit had taken several casualties and was to be assimilated into several regular squads. Fearing for his payroll, Klaas bribed one of his superiors into recommending him to one Inquisitor Ruben who was on the planet for a short stay.
Klaas is a lively guy, making friends fast and trying to live the easy life as good as humanly possible in the Imperial Guard. He is, however, always on the lookout for good opportunities to make some cash or get some nice gizmos which he often trades for other nice gizmos before even having used them. While his faith and sense of duty are as good as they get on Jopall, he faithfully tallies up everything he does for the Imperium so he will hopefully be without debts when he leaves service.

*"aquired" doesn't mean stolen here. Usually these items are traded with quartermasters of other regiments/ships or locals.

01-09-2005, 19:39
good so far- Tyranix a medic would be cool.

01-09-2005, 22:19
Ok, here goes.

Name: Adrian Haffle
Age: 28
Sex: Male
Position: Medical Officer
Equipment: Medi-Kit, combat knife, stubber, flak armour, family ring.

Appearance: 1.79 meters tall, dark brown hair, light brown eyes, thin, yet strong enough to defend himself quite decently (though he appears rather weak at a first glance).

Background: He was born in a noble family on a peaceful planet in the Ultima Segmentum. After finishing his medical studies at the age of 23 he went through one year of military training (this was mandatory for all citizens in the planet), when he was about to finish his training a genestealer uprising took place. Being in one of the regiments that stood loyal to the Emperor Adrian fought in the civil war that tore the planet apart. His family was slaughtered in the early stages of the rebellion and with no place to go after the cultists were defeated he decided to stay with his brothers in arms. He was 25. He participated in several campaigns and his efficiency as a medical officer was quickly noticed (some said that wounds healed almost with no apparent explanation just because he got near them) taking him away from the frontlines to take care of the casual illnesses of the high command. Seeing his abilities wasted he asked to be transferred to a location were his knowledge could be of better use.

Though he is skilled at fighting up close he feels much more comfortable (when not treating the wounded) in ranged combat at which he excels.

01-09-2005, 22:23
Could I Bring Drago form the skewed between Grays RPG? if its cool Tyranix Drago and Adrain could be sort of partneers because of that experince

01-09-2005, 23:01
i suppose so yeah.

01-09-2005, 23:29
If not its fine as well

01-09-2005, 23:41
I might have fun with the zealot position.

But final desicion and character up later. If you could give me a better idea of what sort of zealot you're after, I can see what I can come up with.

01-09-2005, 23:44
right the zealot (i stole it from warhammer fantasy battles, namley captain marius) the level below interogator, they must prove themselves worthy to the emperor by remaing barve and vanquishing the emperors enemies.

02-09-2005, 01:05
Yeah firs RP I'm in on the site wooo Oh and dibs on the Techpriest

02-09-2005, 01:29
Name: Novax Leviticys
Age: 39
Sex: male
Position: comissar
Equiment: Flak-armor, power axe, flamer, grenades

Apperence: Novax is tall and muscular. He has a long leather cloak that reaches the ground and is muddy around the bottom. Novax's long black hair reaches his waist and is plated to keep it out of the when fighting. He is missing an eye and has a large scar in place of it.

Bio: Novax was a normal IG at one point just 'higher powers' made him a Commisar after exeptional service. He has fought in many battles from then on killing to stay alive first, the emporor second. For each kill he remembers he scraches a mark onto the handle of the axe. His current count is more than 100.

Now someone's going to say they'd made a commisar arn't they

Thane McHammer
02-09-2005, 18:17
I do believe I have already called the Priest position...

02-09-2005, 19:49
Balls, Oh well I'll make another character sorry

02-09-2005, 21:00
you do that, make two characters if possible, ill start this after one more signs up.
and welcome to the warseer kaisO.

02-09-2005, 22:42
every one make 2 or just Kaiso?

03-09-2005, 00:04
You could still post Drago. ;)

03-09-2005, 00:57
I got confused his names set let me go find him Gotta love the big brute

Name: Set

Weaponry: wirsted mounted pistols (1 one each arm) flak amour all over his body and armoured helm that incorprate many different systems such as night vison stuff like that. throwing knives on his legs, and two large dueling knives.

Set may or may not be this mans real name but his takeing off a acneit god of death is very suiting. haveing worked over much of the impermuims space at one time or another. even working for less then leagal empolyers at times as well. a large built man with a heavy basement deep voice.

03-09-2005, 13:58
cool 2 more char's and we can start

05-09-2005, 14:03
so we have
thane mchammer- thane mchammer engiseer/ magos
the shadow- thane mchammer bodyguard
tes ogard- bmaxwell psyker
set- bmaxwell mercinary
thomas jackson- sergeant- tyranix
adrain haffle- guardsmen/ medic- tyranix
klass won welden- guardsmen- babarosa
Novax Leviticys- commisar- kaisO
Calista Salentia- zealot- xhalx
Salrian Magnum- abhumn- khaoslord
kerin boneweld- eldar xeodite- khaoslord
radis firestorm- eldar/ human halfbreed.

okay i'll wait for xhalax to post then we can begin the tale of darkness.

05-09-2005, 20:31
When you starting it then soz if I sound impatient I don't mean to be

06-09-2005, 09:32
Hey, am I too late to jump in to this? Your call, but I''ll throw these into the mix if it's ok

Salrian Magnum]
Male Abhuman Hybrid. Age: Late 30s.

Appearance: Salrian looks, for the most part, like a well built human of late 30s. He's clean shaven with short hair and a wry smile. His eyes, the only part that betrays his xenos origin is is eyes. Jet black orbs, they give him a truely disconcerting stare, and have been the source of much heartache in his life.

History: Quick to anger, but equally quick to laugh, Salrian's lived in the underclass of imperial society for most of his life, shuffling from world to world and occupation to occupation. He's survived as a servant and slave, as a spy for criminel organisations, and an assassin for other criminel organisations. He did a stint with the mechanicus, but got booted when the adepts realised he was actually paying a lot of attention. A decade or so ago, he was recruited by an Inquisitor named Xavier, and renewed his faith in the Emperor, to a degree, at least. After Xaviers death, he signed on with a Rogue Trader fleet and travelled the galaxy for many years. His adventures left him with a renewed faith in humanity, though they've also left him terrorfied of Daemons of any shape or form. They haven't improved his temper any either.

Gear: Salrian carries a bolt pistol called "Revenge" given to him by a dead friend, an Inquisitor named Xavier. He also carries a xenos made dagger capable of excreteing a powerful tranquiliser or caustic poison, another gift from a dead friend. Both are extremely prescious to him, and only under the direst circumstances will he relinquish them. His left hand is bionic, though only those who'll pay for a night of serious drinking ever find out he lost it to a Bloodletter's hellblade. Sal also wear a black storm-coat woven with armored panels, and given his history, it's very rare for him not to be carrying a few shivs secreted about his person.
His history has given him a set of diverse skills. Though he can't claim to be a master or adept at anything in particular, he can forge documents, pick locks, bluff his way past guards, and has a broard if haphazard knowledge of electrical and mechanical operation, though if he tries anything too complex, he's liable to electrocute himself...

Kerin Boneweld
Eldar Adept Bonesinger in exile, age: Unknown.

Appearance: Kerin is a tall, slim Eldar woman with bright gold hair tied back. Her eyes are deep green, and, despite her origins, her garb is usually oddly human-looking..

History: Kerin began as a junior bonesinger aboard an Eldar trader fleet under captain Radis Firestorm, who she took as a close friend and mentor. When Salrian joined Radis' crew to recuperate from his close encounter with Xavier's Demonhost, she fell in love with him and has travelled alongside him ever since. During her tenure with Ricardo, she passed the test that granted her the rank of Bonesinger Adept. Though she is true to her Eldar heritige and traditions, she has adapted well to human society, and still feels that she has decades worth of exploring to do before she's ready to drag Salrian back to a craftworld and settle down to raise a family..

Gear: Kerin carries a long sword of wraithbone, and wears a gauntlet on her right hand that is capable of excreting tiny wraith-seed crystals, giving her the raw material to create just about anything she needs given enough time... Caltrops, small tools, lockpicks. The Gauntlet is both the mark of a Bonesinger adept, and her tool of the trade. The process drains her though, and leaves her exhausted and disoriented. For ranged combat, she carries "Injure" a bolt pistol that's the twin of Salrian's "Revenge"
Kerin favours comfortable, close fitting clothes when she is at rest. When she's expecting a fight, she wears a storm-coat similar to Salrians, though where Salrian's in reinforced with metal, hers is reinforced with Wraithbone, giving her a measure of protection against psychic attacks.

06-09-2005, 11:14
Hey its only fitting that if no one minds. I played Radis I will post is bio if thats cool.

06-09-2005, 11:43
ah what the hell heres Radis's bio

Name: Radis FireStorm
Age: 130 years
Race: Half human half Eldar

App: Radis look mostly like an eldar but with a more human face and somewhat pointed ears. 6'2"

Gear: Black runic exarch armor, Witchblade, 2 shurken pistols, blink generator built into his armor

abilities: some warlock like powers (healin, chain lightning, emolate, shield)

Background: Radis's father was a human rouge trader and his mother was an eldar fleet commander/Warlock. He was born on his mothers ship. The hammer of Vaul. His mother had father had him trained in a great many things. His combat skills where tought to him by his mother and by her personal bodyguard who was a striking scorpion exarch. His mother also tought him how to use the powers she had been trained to use. His father tought him about the ways of humanity and how to run a trader fleet. He soon took comand of an eldar ship from his mother. he eventualy took comand of the remaining ships in the fleet after they had been sent into a trap. Radis had lost both his parents that day and took his revenge on the traitores govener who had turned to chaos and had his father, mother, and manyfriends killed. Sense then his fleet of eldar ships has grown to a sizable force and has been the downfall of many chaos and ork ships. He was then called personaly to aid an old friend, Inquisitor Xaiver in a mission that led to Xaivers and his own wifes deaths. had it not been for Sal his wife's soulstone would have been lost forever. Radis considers Sal more of a brother then a good friend and after leaving Xaivers home the two have been through alot togeather.

I could keep going but I will stop there. so let me know if I can jump in!

06-09-2005, 16:37
laudens okay, but khaoslord; no full eldar i would prefer another human grunt. I'll pm xhalax to see whats goin on.

06-09-2005, 22:15
I know its not up to me but I have spent alot of time rping with kaoslord and he should be alowed to keep Kerin. its a big part of how he plays Sal and he does play both Cs extreamly well. plus she has a conection with my C as well. just give it a try and see how he plays them.

06-09-2005, 23:50
Name: Calista Salentia
Gender: Female
Age: 30
Rank: Zealot

Appearence: 5' 7, shaven head, left eye blue, right eye bionic, covered in various scars and devotional tattoos and markings. Has a slight limp due to a malformed pelvis.

Weapons: bolt pistol and chain sword (preferred over pistol)

Background: Brought up in a fiercely religious background, Calista learnt to obey and love the Emeperor with all her being and soul from a young age. Protecting the values and beliefs of the Imperial Creed to the letter and smiting all who oppose it.
Most of the time, Calista appears calm and tranquil, often found reading from the scriptures or meditating on the meanings of the Creed and how she can shape her life, and that of those around her to fit the Emperor's Teachings.

Not gifted with the physical strength to be chosen to join the Sisters of Battle due to a genetic problem, Calista joined the many folds of the Ecclesiarchy and became known as a zealot. So she was 'rented' out to help maintain the belief in the Emeperor at all costs.

Personality: Calista is quite serene, and quietly peaceful for the most part when she is allow. But the fires of passion and love for the Emperor burn brightly in her at all times, although they aren't always so violently expressed.
But when confronted with someone who lacks faith, she is explosively violent.

07-09-2005, 09:23
Do we have enough chars already or should I make another one?

07-09-2005, 16:03
yup ill start a thread now. Okay you can keep the eldar.

08-09-2005, 00:36
Yay! Thanks a million :D

12-09-2005, 19:22
oh poo I haven't posted a single story post, bit late now isn't is

14-09-2005, 19:37
nah post you arrived late then moved to he hangar bay.

18-09-2005, 13:12
gotta take some time out from this.

Major personal problems and events.

19-09-2005, 06:59
Bubye Xhalax. :(

Hope you come back soon.

Best of lucks.

19-09-2005, 16:37
ill controll calistica till you return.

03-10-2005, 21:16
hey guys sorry for not posting as much as I would like to but I am moving into a new apt this week and will try to post as much as possible. Plus the connection for my comp is down until I pay the bill so for now I will be using the library comps to post when I can. sorry about all this bust I will have it all fixed up in a week or so but I am still active.

07-10-2005, 23:33
Umm I dont really like being controlled by another PC so Thane just for future reference you are not Radis. I let Kaoslord say and do a few things for Radis but that is because they are linked togather and he never afects the story when he does use Radis for a few sentences. I am not pissed just anoyed so just dont do it again please.