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30-08-2005, 13:10
I was wondering if it would be possible to make a skaven-army themed around clan skryre without ending up with an army that people would hate to play against (and might not be very fun to play WITH either).
For example, an army with 2-3 warlock-engineers, 2 warplighting-cannons, a bunch of globadiers and maybe a warpfirethrower but without jezzails (the hallmark of SAD) and without ratling-guns.
Would you hate to play that? Or merely dislike it...

30-08-2005, 13:19
Obviously it depends exactly what you end up with in your list, but if a skaven army doesn't have too many jezzails & ratling guns I have no problem with them. I don't even think you have to cut them out of the list altogether, just make it clear that the list doesn't exist to get those units onto the board. You might still get a few comments like "Oh no, not another SAD army" when you take your miniatures out of the case, but once the game starts I reckon opposing players will lighten up to your army.

In all truth I don't know why more players don't take warpfire throwers anyway, maybe they aren't as reliable as ratling guns but a good hit can be devastating and causes an automatic panic test.

30-08-2005, 14:12
I think the ratling gun lends itself far more to the "point and click" style that many SAD players must use to win a game. Heaven forfend there be an element of guessing, requiring actual skill on the part of the player!

30-08-2005, 14:43
just take more of the lesser used elements of skyre, keep ratling guns and warpfire throwers on a 1:1 ratio and I'd be cool with it

oh yeah and make the clanrats 25-30 strong as opposed to 20 and a gun

General Jones
30-08-2005, 14:48
might be nice to theme the clanrats too with metal bits or bionics....

30-08-2005, 16:02
might be nice to theme the clanrats too with metal bits or bionics....

You know, I've actually though about that... Would be a bit of a pain to convert 100 clanrats though...
Thaks for the input. I haven't got much experience with SAD, my former army mostly relying on plaugemonks.

31-08-2005, 00:53
if your making a skyre army thats non SAD id steer away from 2 WLC and 3 warlocks,
there what ticks me off most about SAD armies not jezzails.

just feture a decent amount of slaves, id swap a engineer for a warlord
( you want something to go with the clanrats)

also if you want any non skyre elements in yoru army but want them to fit in i found a realy good model that im buying that looks skyre'ish.


a clan skyre robotic rat ogre =)

just dont have more than 1 ratling gun and keep the jezails below 5, not to many warlocks and WLC and you should be fine.

try to incorperate as much close combat as possible but without making your PWG and other skyre units a waste.remember slaves= fodder

31-08-2005, 01:20
Yes I'd say the 3 engineers is another annoying part of these SAD armies as well.

But its fluffy! :rolleyes:

31-08-2005, 01:37
its the most annoying part. nothings more annoying than fighting a close combat army that suddenly BBQs your units when it should be running away. very un skavenlike

31-08-2005, 12:56
Yes I'd say the 3 engineers is another annoying part of these SAD armies as well.

But its fluffy! :rolleyes:

Indeed, that's the problem.

very un skavenlike

Well... that's your opinion. Personally I think it's more to skaven than running away.

31-08-2005, 13:14
Me too but it generaly happens and you said you want to avoid a SAD army so the classic signs of a SAD army for me anyway is 3 warlock engineers + a greyseer if allowed, as many warplightning cannons as they can feild and very small clanrat units just to have lots of ratling guns.

obviously theres more to them than running away but they have low level leadership for a reason, running away is in character with the army and if running away isnt expected to happen frequently then they wouldnt have the 'he who runs away' special rule