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15-09-2007, 13:56
hi me and my club hav just bought the mighty empire box and are running a campaign in 2 weeks. the rules we hav so far are that :

500Pt army
+250Pts per round
no special characters
lsits must stay the same i.e. if you take a skink chief at 500pts he must be in the 2000pt one too
magic items must stay on the same characters

my opponnts are Vampire counts, Lizardmen, Skaven, Chaos - Khorne, Dwarfs, Orcs & Gobs.

my first list is :

Skink Priest - Lv2, Dispel Scroll 125
Skink Priest - Lv2, Dispel Scroll 125
10 Skink - Scouts, Brave, Blowpipes 75
10 Skink - Blowpipes 60
3 Terradons - Brave 115

then after the first round we get another 250pts to add on

planning on 3 krox 174, then another uit of skink scouts and brave 75.
then next round 2 salamanders, dispel scrolls, Krox, Terradon - 148

after that im not sure yet, my overall plan is to add a slann if we reach the 2000Pt stage.

there may also be specail events during the campaign, depending what tiles we capture, but they arnt know yet.

i hope this list can o ok, what do you think?

this is a regualr listing as spwaning are not allowed, southlands is legal but then im stuck with skinks, and i really want a saurus block and scar vet when i hit 1250ish.

from what iv been hearing the VC will prob have 2 necromancers, lv 2, familiar and sumthin that lets him store dice or gives him dice. then 2-3 units of zombies.

lizardmen is going heavy skink to start with

i am tempted to drop the terradons to start with, and the scouts and add 2 salamanders

Lord Tzeentch
15-09-2007, 21:18
Looks like your doing a southlands army. We had the same campaign a few months ago. Its was alot of fun i hope its the same for you.

I would say adding two heroes is a bad idea at the start of the campaign as they will stay with you the whole time. Also i never see the point in braves only use them when iv got points to get rid of.

This is the list i ran and won with;)

Scar-vet with light armour,Enchanted shield and Burning blade=122pts
14 Saurus with full command = 198pts
10 skinks with blowpipes=60pts
10 skinks with blowpipes=60pts
10 skinks with blowpipes=60pts
Total= 500pts

The reason was that they are all things that i needed later on in the campaign a strong hero, good combat unit and 3 units that can create hell for my opponent. In your list i see some of units that arn't needed early on. Two heroes might just come back and slap you in the face and Terradons will be better to sit on the side lines till round three as you will be able to see how your foes armys take place and if they will be needed or not.
Also your list is easy to read if that makes any sence as its got a very strong magic defence very early on and the other players will be able to create an army that makes your strengths useless against them later on in the campaign.

Anyway if spoke long enough so all im really trying to say is look at the whole campaign and build an army that combats everyones army.

Hope i helped alittle

Best of luck LT

16-09-2007, 08:23
looks a nice list though a bit heavy on characters for such a small points however you should dominate magic. Keeping the same models i would suggest dropping the braves and scouts and either 1) getting 3 more skinks or 2) playing it as a BS of Quetzl 500points shifting your magic to death, you get 1+ save for skinks for 5 points a squad/char all in all making it slightly more powerful.

If i was to change the list i would go for a scar vet instead of a priest with charm of jag war and gw, saurus could be strong but i personally find them to be slow and as such never use them. Strangely i agree with the choice of terradons, at 500points their range means they could cause major pain to ranked units by getting a rear charge or just hunting characters whom with limits of points shouldnt be to strong.

EDIT: Unless you know you'll face heavy magic id drop the 2 scrolls for a diadem of power and two skinks.

Be Afraid
16-09-2007, 11:41
i personally like the original list.

maybe some hard hitters with ur next points batch ( like the krozigor you have planned, and a re-inforcement of skinks is always good ) then, after that probally a skar-vet for trouble shooting, and salamanders. nice list though !

17-09-2007, 13:12
Since Southlands is legal, ask your friends if you can run the Red Host list. That list is murderous at low and high points games.