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15-09-2007, 15:11
Off went bretonnians, in came dark elves. Off went dark elves, enter the empire! HereŽs what I figured would put the most of my models in to use, leaving a host of characters and some pistoliers+a mortar outside. I think I can manage without them, what do you think?
General: armour of meteoric iron, icon of magnus, GW=136
BSB: barded steed, full plate, white cloak=132
2 LVL mage: 2 scrolls=150
2 LVL mage: scroll=125

24 spearmen: shields, std, mus=156
+8 free company 40
24 swordsmen: std, mus=159
+6 handgunners 48, +8 free company 40
24 halberdiers: shields, std, mus=156
+5 handgunners 40, +8 free company 40

great cannon=100
20 great swords: std, mus=218
+5 handgunners 40, +9 free company 45

Steam tank=300

Most often these will be fighting either "balanced tomb kings" and flagellant-heavy empire.

16-09-2007, 01:21
Nothing exceptionally bad about the list.

Characters seem pretty standard with a well defended general and some magic defense.

I'd think twice about magic weapon on the BSB as he really only needs to stay alive, not inflict damage, to be successful and this would save you some points.

I really have never seen the point of the ring of volans. A one-use-only randomly determined spell seems less than stellar. For my points I prefer the doomfire ring although since it has changed in 7th ed it seems slightly less powerful than before.

For your core troops the only thing that stands out is the tiny size of your detachments.

I'd be tempted to take all 16 handgunners and make 2 8-man detachments out of them. 5 or 6 shots just isn't going to do that much to any given target. The free company are a fine detachment but again, really need to have more numbers to insure they still number >5 when combat is joined.

Cannons are fine.

Your greatswords really need detachments at least as much as your other infantry blocks.

The steam tank is effective but frequently unpopular.

Given your other models available I'd consider:
drop the steam tank
use the points to buy detachments for your greatswords and bulk up the detachments for your other blocks and then get some pistoliers.

Against your two primary opponents I'd think long and hard about swapping out one cannon for the mortar as well. Both TK and empire are going to have BIG blocks of juicy low toughness troops and a mortar can do an obscene amount of damage early in the game even with a scatter.

16-09-2007, 11:32
Cannon&sword of might->mortar+5 handgunners for greatswords. IŽm currently out of state troops and militiamodels, I could gather from those leftover parent units (24 instead of 25) maybe 5 free company or something, but from where I get the points for that? 5 free company wonŽt be around too long... IŽll remove a detachment of one of the core units and give it to the gswords...

My empire-opponent has had some nice succes with ring of volans, but he manages to roll spells 5-6 everytime...

16-09-2007, 18:02
Well the limitation of models will certainly drive your ultimate troop selections.

If you have any knights or archers available, dropping the halbard unit completely and replacing it with a small (6 man) unit of knights would save you quite a few points and deployment real estate as well. This would keep you at your minimum core selection requirement.

Were you to do this, you could use the handgunners and freecompany from that unit as two bulkier detachments and use the halbards as detachments as well.

As for volans, I'd suggest you test drive it and see how it fares for you. You have relatively weak magic (6 PD and the one-time bound spell) so you may have a challenge suckering out his dispel scrolls and dice to even get the Volans spell through if it is the barn-burner #5/6 spell you'd hoped for.