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15-09-2007, 18:37
Evening all,

I'm generally wondering what everyone has as a long term plan in this hobby.

For example, my mate James tells me that he'll just keep buying armies add infinitum.

Another friend, Phil, collects Orks. Always has since he was 11 (he's 24 now!) and will continue collecting Orks.

I've decided to stick to nothing but Chaos and will simply buy a new army with every update (because your old army always gets humped!).

I used to want just 3 armies. One for friendly, one for competitive play and one for downright stinking cheese, but Chaos grabbed me...as well as other expenses like chasing women. :D

So how about you? What's your long term plan? Do you even have one?

15-09-2007, 18:39
Meh, I┤ll just take what fancies me. But I will always "finish" an army (atleast 1250 points) before starting a new one.

15-09-2007, 18:39
My short term is get my IW up to snuff for the new codex

Next is get enough to play in apocalypse this summer. Im assuming there will be a campaign.

Long term??? I dunno, collect more chaos stuff and edit as needed with different editions

Acolyte of Bli'l'ab
15-09-2007, 19:02
I always buy in bulk, sometimes ill have whole armies sitting around for several years before an idea sparks in my head and ill do something interesting with them, but I never regret buying the amount I do like that because it usually ends up being worth it :D

as for the long-term plans :

Tomb-kings - got a few battallions of these and I love em. Waiting for an idea to spark.

Dark Angels - Got a battleforce and terminators, iv had ideas floating around my head for a successor chapter which ties into my new Boron Division album which the music is about.

Carnivore Adaption - Based on the tribal death-robots from the music-project in my signiture. Obviously id be using necron rules.

C'tan The Engineer - Backround for him made and some of his necrons already done. Aim to make this a huge ongoing project I can always add to..best for Apocalypse.

Iaethlein, Chelonions, Jequerita, Karuthrax, Masters Of Unlife - Made up weird alien races where the miniatures will double as props for the sci-fi shows each is written for as well as for 40k games.

15-09-2007, 19:05
Long term plan - Practice sculpting! Cuz one day I want to own a truly unique army and have the skills to make some really sick conversions. Until then...practice makes perfect.

15-09-2007, 19:07
to buy more models, and paint them, and play more tourtys.
I am working on a 100 man chaos army. I have 70 marines(with special weps)
I want 5 20man squads with 2 meltas each. My chaos lord(Need to re stat him once I get the new chaos dex.) then if I have room for terms maybe add a few.

15-09-2007, 19:07
Finish my Chaos army before the GT season. After that it's unclear. I have to spend some time to find what I want to do next 40k-wise. On the other hand I want a Wood Elves army. If you mean long term as in for the rest of my life I suppose I'll just start/finish new projects as long as I have time/money/imagination to do something fun and cool.

15-09-2007, 19:07
Got a load of Dark Eldar models to repair and paint up, while I'm up in Cardiff. So I can get the army up to 2000pts by xmas/January hopefully. Then I'll probably think about entering GT with the force.

Then I will restart my Guard army (I'll probably go for a Slave levies force, this time).

I am tempted to get a Nid'zilla army just for tournaments.

15-09-2007, 19:13
My long term plans are as follows:
Finish my guard armies completely (Almost done with my catchcans, need to get my praetoreans, feudal guard, cadians, and ogryn auxillira.)

Expand my armoured company (I needs more tanks!)

Get a superheavy detatchment (planning on getting the first baneblade soon and then will need a mecharius and another baneblade)

Get my marine army up to a full company(Actually pretty close to that)

Build a small titan legion (I'm planning on having 2 warhounds, 3 reavers, and 1 warlord. I have a total of 1 warhound. This is an extremely long term goal)

15-09-2007, 19:39
My current goals are to boost my Witch Hunters a bit in points so that i have a few choices when it comes to larger games, as it barely reaches 3k at the moment.

After that i'll probably start a new army, although i havent decided which one yet.

15-09-2007, 19:44
Finish my collection of first founding legions.

15-09-2007, 19:48
I'll likely always plug away a Da Ladz and my Imperial Crusade (Inq/IG/Marines).

If something catches my eye and seems worth the *cost* (time and money) then why not? The trick will be for GW to provide value to keep my buying...

15-09-2007, 19:50
Similar to Colmarekblack.

Finish off my Imperial Guard (only 39 models left), and then start on my new Dark Eldar force, as I also intend entering them into the GT this next year.

Then I initend building my Blood Axe Orks army. Just trying to decide on the colour scheme.

15-09-2007, 19:52
Collect about 2000 Points of chaos then collect a non elite army like orcs or IG with a bunch of woeful troops all thrown into the mixer against genestealers and the like!!!!

I want an army that always or nearly always loses, maybe with lots of fluff. Losing is the new winning!

15-09-2007, 20:03
Collect about 2000 Points of chaos then collect a non elite army like orcs or IG with a bunch of woeful troops all thrown into the mixer against genestealers and the like!!!!

I want an army that always or nearly always loses, maybe with lots of fluff. Losing is the new winning!

Hey! That's what I've been doing! Sweet.

15-09-2007, 20:17
Expand my Latd so that it can be played piecemeal as CSM, Guard or Armored Company.

15-09-2007, 20:31
Finish my Dark Eldar army (I already have 3000 points, but by finished I mean), Get 100 wyches (halfway there), get 10 raiders (Halfway there, will finish this when the Ravager Titan Hunter box comes out), and get 15 more jetbikes (1/4 there).
Afterwards, complete my Ravenwing company (This will take a helluva long time).

15-09-2007, 20:34
I basically just buy what I'm attracted to at the time. I like trying everything out, so I'll probably end up owning at least a small force of each army at some point.

15-09-2007, 20:47
my long term atm is to finish painting my ultramarines, now that iv found out a way of speed painting them i might be able to do this! only 150-200 odd models to go

15-09-2007, 20:49
I have plenty of Tau along with some DH and SM forces, and my long term goal is to develop the SM into a bike/marine heavy force, and depending on how the next Codex is, start an Ork or Thousand Sons army.

I like the idea of owning 3 factions. Gives you lots of room to play if you get bored.

Khornies & milk
15-09-2007, 20:54
I am already done with my DH - 3500 points - have everything I need.
When(ever) they redo the Codex (in whatever form it takes) I will update it.

With Apocalypse coming along when it did, it is a great way for me to finish my 3000 point AC list. I'm going to include the Emperor's Fist, Emperor's Wrath, and Emperor's Talon Forces to this mix, so I feel I will have Apoc. wrapped up in a nice little bundle.
there is a Baneblade included in that mix as well, and maybe a second.
I have a lot of faith that GW will do a Plastic Titan eventually for the touted ongoing additions for Apoc., so I will have to have a couple of those.
We have a 9x5 CoD board nearing completion at home, with 18" roads to accommodate the Super Heavies, and it's been a long but worthwhile project.
Then that's it for me for 40K anyway.
Then there's Fantasy.

Brother Enok
15-09-2007, 20:54
Im a marine fan. Loyalist or Chaos, it makes no difference. I love the devout Paladin/ Tragic villan thing they have going on. My plans:

Slowly exspand my SoM: Thunderhawk and converted Captains next

Get my Tzeentch army to 2000

Create a 1000pt army of Salamanders: Because they rule and are my chapters fouding legion.

Collect another chaos army of either Khorne, Slaneesh or Nurge.

15-09-2007, 20:57
Long term plans are to expand my Chaos armywith a few titans, some flyers and god-specific stuff...

VERY long term plans are to get my Chaos army to 40,000pts... or more...

15-09-2007, 20:57
Finish my Sisters army and get it up to 3000 points. Add in some Valkyries for air mobile when it strikes my fancy.

15-09-2007, 20:59
Im gonna get a part time job to fund a collectors army, y'know like a Death korps or a special metal IG.

15-09-2007, 21:05
I plan to eventually restart 40K, probably with the new orks, after finishing my EMpire army in WFB. Then an army for Warmaster and Epic.

Long term, no real plan TBH. I buy what I like, if i don't like a revision, I dont buy it - hence why I dont play 40K at the mo...

15-09-2007, 21:11
Mission objectives:-


Complete my 1500 point Necrons.

Complete my 2000 point Imperial Guard infantry company.

Complete my 2000 point Imperial Guard armored company w/ Grey Knights.

Complete my 1000 point Tau Gue'vesa Cadre.


Work out some way of financing my modelling hobby.

inquisitor solarris
15-09-2007, 21:12
mine is to create a full deathwing+ravenwing armies (around 1000) then it's working up to eldar

15-09-2007, 21:25
Oh, I may collect a small Black Legion force as well.

15-09-2007, 22:14
Long term plans, if we are talking really long term:

Get a 40k Guard army, Tau army and Marine army of 1,500pts each
Try to convert one of the above to look individual (so learn to sculpt)
Make one of the armies Apocalypse size.
Get a HUGE epic army of IG
Look at WFB and thing about getting into it.

Now when I first started, my ultimate ambition was an army of each race for every game, which I guess now would be too many. I suppose deep down that's still my ultimate if slighltly unachievable goal. Anyone else harbour that dream?

15-09-2007, 22:22
Long term?
Gargant Bigmob.

15-09-2007, 22:46
Long term plan: to still be playing when Dark eldar get their update.

15-09-2007, 22:54
long term will always be with my eldar, I started 14 years ago with them, tryed Chaos "in the 2nd edition" then lost interest when 3rd edition came out. and not really gone back to them, started again with my eldar, and back in the swing of things and relacing old eldar models with new, except striking scorpions, 1st edition models are then best in my eyes. and pilling in a whole lot of forge world, got 2revenent titans, scorpion heavy tank, night wing and a phoenix.
And wondering why my local store is calling me in for the apocalypse start in october? haha
But i don't really see myself deviating very far from Eldar in the future. But have started playing Epic 40k, and now got a tyranids army and a scrach built necron army, which i'v had so much fun making.

15-09-2007, 23:02
Long term plan: to still be playing when Dark eldar get their update.

Might I suggest you start constructing your own Golden Throne? You may need it ;)

15-09-2007, 23:10
Basically, I have 2 goals.

1) Collect a modest urban-themed Guard army

2) Have an Ork army of such ungodly size not even Apocolypse rules can handle it.

Lord Cook
15-09-2007, 23:24
My long term plans?

Once, just once, actually finish painting an army.

16-09-2007, 00:08
Have an Ork army of such ungodly size not even Apocolypse rules can handle it.

Thats a lot of Orks :eek: and something even GW would have to see personally :D

killa kan kaus
16-09-2007, 00:12
My goals get orks to 1500 (500 more to go) then play fantasy dwarfs and perhaps a looted ork Armcomp

Chaos and Evil
16-09-2007, 00:27
I plan to become a games designer for Games Workshop. :rolleyes:

16-09-2007, 00:32
This is a tough one this, I'm aiming for that Imperial Fists army I've been promising myself since I got into the hobby (some 20 years ago), but that'll probably be put off as I further expand my Imperial Guard army, most projects tend to be.

16-09-2007, 02:31
I plan on getting my Space Wolves up to 2500-3000 points as I play a local campaign. Start at 500 points and add 100 every turn (2 weeks) until we reach 2000 points. I have ~1000 points painted, and most of the rest primed or partially painted.

Second, build and paint the six Destroyers I need to finish the Necron army I bought off a fellow club member.

After that continue to work on my fledgling Guard Army and small Blood Angels force. I will be ordering the Guard Company, Tank Battalion, Ogryn Auxilia, and Emperor's Talon boxes. That should more than complete the army except for Chimeras, Hellhounds, and maybe a Forgeworld piece or two :angel:.

Future Projects in no particular order:
Orks (Got most of the Models already, but can't wait to see the new ones).
Dark Angels painted in pre-heresy colors (Got the Models already).
Ravenwing (Got the Models already).
Eldar (Got most of the Models already - Just need 2 Spirit Hosts. Wish we were getting the set you Brits get).
Dark Eldar (Got most of the Models already - Just need the Ravager squadron box).
Tau (Ordering the Hunter Cadre to get me started).
Chaos (Hopefully ordering Army Box Monday).
Tyranids (Far in the future).

By the time this is all done hopefully plastic SoB and Grey Knights will have been released. :rolleyes:

16-09-2007, 02:54
Get a 1500 pt tau force, 2000pts of high elves and pick up new tyranid stuff when it gets released.
Oh, and a baneblade. And finish off my zombies....

16-09-2007, 03:09
I want to actually get an army finished and on the table, my problem is that I need to finish my High elves after buying a butt load of old Lothern Sea Guard models and I am waiting for the new models to be released.

16-09-2007, 04:43
i plan is:

1) Finish painting my black templar army and maybe get

i) additional predator
ii) additional vindicator
iii) additional land speeder tornados and a dreadnaught

2) Finish collecting and painting my WHFB, Wood elves and Hoards of Chaos army, both army are left with a few purchases.

3) Play all three armies until i master them, and remaster them whenever a new army book or codex is released.

4) Practice painting and sculpting and try and make some money off that ;)

16-09-2007, 05:16
My long term goals are to complete a 2000 point army for each of the major Eldar Craftworlds


Ork Clanz

I have most of the mini's already I just need to paint them, if that will ever happen.

16-09-2007, 07:59
Finish my marines
Finish my 'nids
Finish my dwarves
Start INQ/Steel Legion (depending on which gets plastics first)
Start TK
Get a life

Yep, I'm set!

16-09-2007, 08:06
Been playing for near 13 years, think im already long term.
Finish Marines, Orcs and Goblins.
Start Finish Chaos Marines, Nids, and skaven when they come out.

16-09-2007, 09:51
Get my Nidzilla up and running for tournaments next year
Get at least 1 Baneblade for the Guard
Paint up new bits for my Lizardmen in whfb so they can be led by a carnolord.

16-09-2007, 10:05
-Sell my orc & goblin army (need money and room)
-Finish the other half of my bretonnia army (just 4 more units I think)
-Assemble and paint up a dark angels army
-Complete a whole battle company with them, for use in our club apocalypse megagames :D (Think I need 30 more marines and 6 transports)
-Build/buy/paint a few ruined city buildings (all of the above should be finished in 1 year)

-Then add 3 deathwing and ravenwing squads + all the special characters
-Build and paint the fantasy chaos army that's lying around here: first beasts, then mortals and khorne deamons
-Play some more bloodbowl: I'd like a chaos and a human team (next to my orc team)

-Get rich and buy forgeworld models: a thuderhawk, a mammoth and a bloodthirster :D

16-09-2007, 10:38
well....my long term love is IG, and all things FW. Long term on these would be another couple of super heavies, and when I feel that I can do the model justice, a titan.

I am also constructing an Ultramarine army for tournies which I intend to get into in a big way next year.

...and my dwarfs.

16-09-2007, 10:55
I'm with GW since '96, and I had always something with Orks on the table (beside huge amounts of other stuff). So I suppose that for the next ten years too, I will work on my Orks.

In addition I always want to finish my Kh˘rne Chaos-army. And my Tyranids. And Eldar. And Necrons. Not even half of that will be down in ten years. :D

Slaaneshi Slave
16-09-2007, 11:30
Finish off an entire Preceptory of Sisters of Battle. Thats 1,000 girls. I'm at 150ish right now, so its a good start.

Another long term goal is to sell my Company of Space Marines, because they are boring. :p

Finish my Guard army to 6 full platoons of infantry. Only at 120 models at the moment.

Expand my Titan Legion to include 5 Warhounds and 2 more Reavers.

Whatever else takes my fancy. :P

16-09-2007, 11:34
Hmm, I don't really have long term plans.. or well super-long-term anyways.

Finish my Necrons, get a nice amount of different units to switch lists with.

When the new Ork Codex is out I will start Orks again, I must loot a baneblade with my Orks!

Easy E
16-09-2007, 12:12
Update my Orks to the new codex.

Finish my Armored Regiment. 25 down and 35 tanks to go.

Learn/Improve my scultping.

Create Varingyr army.

16-09-2007, 12:55
Start Orks!
Update my Deathguard army to the new codex.
Paint/Repaint my Dark Eldar Army
Paint the last frickin' 20 Mordians (plus the Baneblade and 4 other unpainted tanks) .

16-09-2007, 13:14
Let me run through my stuff..

Finish 2nd instalment to chaos army -WIP
Awesome gaming terrain - DONE
Sell old gaming board - WIP on ebay - click here (http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&rd=1&item=110170650803&ssPageName=STRK:MESE:IT&ih=001)
Compact gaming board - WIP
Tau army - waiting for Cookies Crumble to send it back to me...:eyebrows:

Then I'm done! Apart from chaos army updates with future codex books.:D

16-09-2007, 13:40
I'm going to bring my Chaos army up to a full company. After that, who knows.

16-09-2007, 14:29
Long term plans for 40K? Hmm, that's tricky. Every time I decide to do anything with 40K, something comes along with WHFB, LotR, Inquisitor, BoFA or Necromunda and distracts me...

I'm suffering from a bit of a 40K lull at the moment, after going on an overdrive last year and early this year (Medusa, then new Eldar, then LatD army for Conflict tourney). But a few long term plans:

1. Perhaps add more to my Eldar army. But maybe not - I have just under 2000pts, and feel no particular urge to add much more. Most of the games I play are 1000pts or less anyway, and whilst I could add some Phoenix Lords to get me to Apocalypse standard who would I play against?

2. Figure out what to do with my LatD army. Other then pestering GW to give me a proper list, I'll probably make do using them as proxies for IG with Abhuman doctrines. Might add in some more stuff based on the IG codex - getting some Rogue Psykers as Sanctioned Psykers, Iron Warriors Warsmith as an Enginseer with Honorifica Imperialis etc. But given that I have a billion of sprues spare still waiting to be converted into mutants, I might not buy much more for these guys either, unless I get a proper list.

3. Maybe start Necrons. I paint so rarely that getting an army consisting of one undercoat and one metal drybrush appeals to me. The Codex has some nifty background too.

4. POSSIBLY get three or four Combat Patrols. I love variety, I love not having to paint much, and I love the Combat Patrol game. Getting a number of Patrols would give me the variety I want, meaning every game of 40K wouldn't be the same (I only have one regular opponent).

5. There are a few armies I've always considered ever since I came into the hobby: Salamander Marines, Deathskull Orks, an entirely unique Guard regiment, an Inquisitorial army of some sort. Given my limited finances (and investment in WHFB, Inquisitor etc.) these might well take the form of Combat Patrols described above.

6. My main goal is to write more rules, and possibly background, for 40K. I also intend to send these off to GW. I've been writing rules for Specialist Games (and having them published by Fanatic) for quite a long time now, but the lack of media for material like this to be published by the Core Games (WD doesn't count) has put me off doing the same for 40K. However, the worst case scenario is I have a set of rules I can use in my own gaming group anyway, and even though sending them to Games Development will lead to nothing, I may as well do so...

I'm currently planning to write an Alaitoc Codex, followed possibly by a Combat Patrol expansion. I do like that game so much!

16-09-2007, 15:00
Play eldar all the time for a while. (o noes! i know...)

Finish touching up my 1500 pt eldar. (2 hours or so to go)
Touch up my WH stuff, specifically my zealots.
Build my last tac squad for my 1000 pt marine project and go wild with embellishment.
Paint and base the marines to a high standard.
Write full fluff for the marines and/or my WH.

Play apocalypse with my WH and SM combined. (already have a list - no superheavies)

Construct a titan on the cheap.

I'd put more but this is a year solid.

Lord Merlin
16-09-2007, 16:12
I want to collect the imperium comprehensively. From regiments of guard, to chapters of space marines, to the inquisition, to the point where I can put all my armies on a table and it will look like an imperial crusade.

16-09-2007, 16:20
As of now my plans are. Increase my 800 points of Eldar to 4k, and Collect 4k of Imperial Fists. After that I will not buy anything at all untill everytihng I have is built and painted. Then maybe Orks

16-09-2007, 16:43
Finish my Blood Ravens
Altansar Eldar army
Dark Angel successor army - repaint and build. Write fluff.
Tau army - decide on colour scheme. Need to buy one of the megaforce boxes.
Drop Troop IG - decide on colour scheme and finish building.
Mech Marine army - repaint. Decide on Chapter name and write fliff.
Steel legion mechanised infantry - decide on colour scheme and probably get some Krieg.
13th Company - see if the army even exists anymore.
Dark Eldar - wait for the army to get redone.
Witchhunters/SOB - strip the paint and restart painting.

Blood Ravens and Altansar are the main focus along with building my cityfight board. Not decided for definite what to do after them.

16-09-2007, 17:14
If the new orks are only half as cool as the new kommandoz, I must have them next year. And then for the demonic hordes/traitors/whatever they┤re called to unite with my huge CSM army.
Hopefully finish my all-coverted SM army within the next two years, including four heavilly converted Dreads.
I always wanted an army of every race, as we are only three players, which can make things boring after a while.
If I understood the question right, my answer generally is: I┤ll stick to the hobby quite some decades:D

Farvatarch Seerlord
06-10-2007, 08:46
Long term: Eventually own all Eldar models I feel fall into my army's fluff. That includes: 10 Wratiguard / More DA / More FD / More tanks/transports / A LOT of jetbike goodness...

I wonder where I can get all that stuff... ;)

After that: Finish painting them all.

And After that: Play a LOT of games @ all point levels (including eventually Apocalypse) to get used to propper use of my units and to find particularly effective combos/tactics.

And Then After that: Look around to see what other armies or (heresy!) other wargames are out there that interest me. In the world of 40K, I'm pretty attatched to the Eldar Path.

(But I've been eying some of thos Tau, Necron, and Slaanesh models...)

06-10-2007, 13:26
Long term plans.
Well,my i just buy new armies everynow and again. Im a GW Magpie i suppose,anything shiny...

My current "long term" plan for my next army is an Inqusitorial/Ordo force.I am building it up slowly through various outlets. My latest army which is practically complete is a 2000 point Tyranid splinter fleet [Splinterfleet Nautilus] which i assembled over a long period of time before committing it to battle. My three newest armies havebeen batch paint projects,before thisi tended to paint carefully and as a result havnt got them anywherenear completion.
However,my Necrons and Tyranids [and the prototype Tau project] are virtually complete as a result. Using a combination of spraypaints i have managed effective colour schemes in basically an afternoon for 2000+ point armies.

Another long term plan is to have sufficient storgae space and gaming space. I'd like some glass cabinets to keep the miniatures in,comfy chairs,double sided tables etc etc etc

Ahhh Dreams...

06-10-2007, 13:31
Long term plans....

Finish things off!

Finish my Blood Angels, which have been ticking along for too many years,
and then a case of painting things I like the look of, and ACTUALLY FINISHING THEM.


06-10-2007, 13:40
Global Domination

Cry of the Wind
06-10-2007, 14:51
Short-term I want to finish off all my specialist games armies before something bad happens to that miniature range... Almost done that though so shouldn't be a problem.

Long-term I want to have my Inquisition led Imperial armies all finished and have a Titan to back them up (probably the Mars Warhound, anything bigger is too distracting from the rest of the army and will be even less useable on the tabletop).

I've also got a few armies that need to be built and painted. I bought a couple to play in tournaments with (with the goal of best overall since they are all going to be well painted with conversions and have been tweaked into fluffy non over the top and yet still competitive forces). These really need to be done sometime...

After that..build the coolest gaming table the universe has ever seen...it's gonna be so awesome that I can't tell you about it because your brain might explode trying to comprehend the coolness...or something like that....:p

06-10-2007, 17:07
I'm settling on 2 armies. The first is my Eldar which is already at 3.5k and may expand slightly to include a bit of everything. My other army is going to be a Deffwing. This wil lbe the army I go all out on in painting and converting. Sort of my masterpiece army if i do say so myself.

06-10-2007, 17:09
have 5 models out of a potential 10,000 point Renegades army painted so, that's my short medium and long term plans, with a smattering of Alpha Legion mixed in

Slaaneshi Slave
06-10-2007, 17:14
I once had plans for an entire Chapter of Marines. I have since realised the error of my ways, and gave up at just under two companies. My Marines are now scrapped so I can concentrate of my Witch Hunters and Imperial Guard. Long term plans for these... Get them all painted! Just under 20,000 points waiting for paint at the moment, with more coming in all the time. :P

06-10-2007, 17:51
Finish Epic Eldar.
Do Epic IG.
Do Epic Chaos.
Do Epic Tyranids.
Do WH40K Cadians.
Do WH40K Harlequins.
Do WH40K Genestealer Cult.
Do WH40K Adeptus Arbites.

That should see me to retirement.

06-10-2007, 19:30
My current plans -

Eldar: I need to buy: One more Fire Prism. Two more squads of Dire Avengers, two more Wave Serpents, another Guardian squad, some Shining Spears and Guardian jetbikes when they come out. Two squads of Harlequins, two more Wraithguard. All the Phoenix Lords. I need to reassemble/repair and paint: 5 Dark Reapers, 10 Swooping Hawks, 4Support Platform crew, a couple Warlocks, 2 Striking Scorpions, 2 Howling Banshees, and my Forgeworld Avatar. Base 10 Warp Spiders and touch them up, and do the finishing touches on my Autarch.

Chaos: I need to buy - another Predator(since I apparently lost mine), two more boxes of Terminators, another Terminator Lord, Abaddon, two boxes of Possessed, two boxes of Spawn, a Chaos Space Marine squad or two, a Vindicator when it drops, a squad of Berzerkers, two more Rhinos, and two more Obliterators. I need to paint: Everything. Repainting 40 - 50 Marines in Black Legion colors, two Rhinos, two Defilers, two Obliterators, two Daemon Princes, 30-40 lesser daemons, two Plague Marine squads. Ouch.

Tyranids: I need to repair: Almost everything. I didn't treat my poor 'nids very well. Which is sad, because I'm very proud of their paint job. I need to buy: Some Zoanthropes, two more 'fexes, another Hive Tyrant. That's it.

Once all that is done, and my financial position is more secure, I think I'm going to do Sisters of Battle. I've always wanted to, so I'm just going to go for it. Deck them all out with Repressors...Yeah.

max the dog
06-10-2007, 19:36
Place well in a Games Day Grand Tournament. To do that you need a good army that's well painted and be very good with it. I'm almost there.

06-10-2007, 19:58
Oh dear... oh dear oh dear...

My "Long term" plans look something like this:

Finish 1500pts Blood Angels (My Silverblades)

Start 1500pts Chaos (My Red Guard, Lost Legion)

Start 1500pts IG (My Royal Army contingent)

Start 1500pts Generic Marines (My Iron Dragons)

Start 1500pts Witch Hunters (My Claymore inspired WH army!)

Add another 1500pts to IG (A crusade contingent, mostly conscripts and priests)

Assuming I ever get all that done? I may just keep expanding on those armies.

But most likely I'll never get them all done <,< Especially because I have an equal number of Fantasy armies I want to do.

*Edit* I just realized <,< To make sense of all that - The Red Guard, Silverblades, Iron Dragons and Royal Army are all from the same sector, and all intrinsically tied together <,< So for Apocalypse games, I'd primarily just be allying them together, rather than trying to have one giant army. (Though eventually that'd be very cool)

06-10-2007, 19:59
Evening all,

I'm generally wondering what everyone has as a long term plan in this hobby.

For example, my mate James tells me that he'll just keep buying armies add infinitum.

Another friend, Phil, collects Orks. Always has since he was 11 (he's 24 now!) and will continue collecting Orks.

I've decided to stick to nothing but Chaos and will simply buy a new army with every update (because your old army always gets humped!).

I used to want just 3 armies. One for friendly, one for competitive play and one for downright stinking cheese, but Chaos grabbed me...as well as other expenses like chasing women. :D

So how about you? What's your long term plan? Do you even have one?

Well my long term plans for the hobby don't seem to include the hobby?!

I've got a Bloddthirster, and 5 metal Chaos Terminators to paint - I never get any time to paint at the moment due to the "odd" shift hours I'm working and I haven't really got anywhere to paint unless the weather is nice and I can do it outdoors.

I don't even game with my usual gaming buddy at the moment because I'm working odd hours and he's doing other stuff - mainly getting drunk 4 days a week?!

And I feel like I'm being priced out of the hobby as well...

So the future of my hobby is not bright and it's not orange :p

06-10-2007, 20:01
my short term plan┤s involve finding Kage some more buddy┤s

long term :
-1.thanith ( so lots of GS abuse ):D
- GK
- finding a nice Inquisitor that my good ol┤Chaisaw-Warriors will guard:angel:

06-10-2007, 20:06
Finish Storm Trooper army (40k).
Do a couple of Hordes of The Things armies.
Finish FoW Romanians.
FoW British.
FoW French.
War Of The Worlds Martian army (40k).
Finish WAB Norman army.
Keep on collecting until my Preatorians reach battalion level.
Take my Full Thrust fleet to 2k pts.
Romans (WAB).
Pirates (HoTT, WFB or skirmish level).
28mm WW2.
Victorian Science Fiction.
Assorted other games (Necromunda, Mordhiem etc).

Not in that order.

Of course, by this time next year that list will have doubled, and will be completely different...

The Muffin Man
06-10-2007, 20:28
Finish my Chaos army and start a traitor guard and demon legion army (when they come out) thus having a full Slaanish worshiping war band!:D First I'm going to start with 750 pts for each army then I can add bits when ever I get bored.

06-10-2007, 20:35
I've changed my long term plans... Get a Baneblade, a Linebreaker Squadron and Two Basing Kits... finish my pirates and quit the hobby... or at least the buying part of it...

06-10-2007, 20:36
Right, to follow up the massive list as given previously (in no particular order)-

Bump up beastmen to 4K +add mortals.
Get a 40k Orks done to apoc level
Do a traitor army for apoc
Necromunda pit slaves
Empire team
Mordheim of some sort (I will get a girl playing games. she doesnt want to spend much, i will make her play skirmish level!)
Epic Guard force
Warmaster ancients- Carthiage/Roman
Warhammer ancients- Finish Viking force to 2k, Build up Macedonian army in 20mm from soft plastics to about 4k (and you will buy a force pete!)
Full thrust fleet (neo-Japan)
Warmachine force- Khador- yet undefined points, i just like the toys
Hordes force- Skorne- as above
Infinity force- the rules suck, the minis are nice. basically a necro gang.
more modern necromunda stuff
FoW Panzerkompanie- get to a decent points value
Pulp+victoriana steampunk
potential airship models for high fantasy/steampunk airship combat game (depends on who i can rope in.)
HoTT- various cool things

phew... many things! current timeplan- Many time!

06-10-2007, 20:40
I will get a girl playing games.

I think we all know that that is a lost cause... if there is a girl who would like this, chances are they're already in it so you can't get em into it... Im not saying they don't exist... but its really funny...

I saw one the other day... came in the shop, grabbed some Beastmen and legged it out before anyone tried to hit on her...

06-10-2007, 20:47
long term plans, well i plan on having enough armies to run a campaign on my own, so my buddies can come round and just my stuff, i imagine theyd be more willing, i want to sculpt distinctive characters for it too, and regiments so ill be drawn into that, although its un 40k related i want to get into a few other games too, and make my own rpg rules set.

Khorne's Champion
06-10-2007, 23:56
I'm gonna build up my World Eaters army until it's ready for Apocalypse, then maybe start collecting some Orks