View Full Version : Tatica: Chaos Dwarfs

16-09-2007, 03:51
Well after a quick search through the forum, it seems there is no Chaos Dwarf tactics. So if the Chaos Dwarf generals could come through it would be appreciated. For those of you wondering the Chaos Dwarfs army list can be found at:


and the CD FAQ at :


To get things going we can first take a look at Lord/Hero choices. I personally prefer a Sorcerer if I am going to take a Lord choice, because I think Chaos Dwarf Lords are similar to Dwarf Lords, except they don't have all the extra options. Personally for heroes I like a BSB Dwarf Hero with heavy armor sometimes a War Banner. Then it's a pair of CD sorcerers, both level 2 with 2 dispel scrolls. Finally if I have a unit of Bull Centaurs I'll accompany them with a Bull Centaur Hero with great weapon and heavy armor. That gives me a decent amount of counter magic and hero power while keeping the costs relatively low.

I'm interested to see how other people use their Hero/Lord choices, but keep in mind that was hopefully an ice breaker, and thoughts on other units or overall army composition is welcomed.