View Full Version : gobbo big boss on wolf or chariot

warlord hack'a
16-09-2007, 11:55
Hi all,

I'm talking to myself in circles about what to take, so I need some external advise. Here is my dilemma:

I used to field the suicide gobbo big boss with one hit wunda, wolf and brimstone bauble. I would put him im my unit of svg orcs, so that he could charge any terror causing enemy from there without problems (I am now wondering if this is correct or if he should still make a normal terror check when he declares his charge out of the unit). This guy acts as a nice surprise and can hurt enemy characters or take out chariots, warmachines or heavily armoured knights. However, once he has used up his S10 hits he's useless (and usually dead), so that si abit of a donwside.

However, I also love chariots so now I am thinking about putting him in a chariot (and dropping the bauble), giving me an extra chariot without spending a special slot. Also good is that he now has impact hits, US 5 and will not suffer from animosity. However, downside is he can not hide in a unit so might get shot easily and if he gets killed in the US 5 means any gobbo units in range need to check for panic..

So what would you do?

16-09-2007, 12:39
not really related, but I tried a gobbo with the babble in a charriot and, to my disbelief, whne it charged, the guy attacked the charriot, not the gob. gob fled and was run over, hence no babbleboom.
Sucked ><