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30-08-2005, 21:34
I was just doing some web surfing, read this article and was wondering whether it was 100% bull crap or whether it could be possibly true --

The best place to start is with the
efforts of a personal acquaintance of mine who had the good
fortune to meet in England -- Mr. J. R. Searl. His investigations
into gravitational propulsion have proven to be quite revealing --
he's done it, and I want to tell you about it.
In 1949, he was employed by the Midlands Board as an
electronic fitter. He was very enthusiastic about the subject of
electricity, though he had no formal education on the subject
other than was required by his job. Unhindered by conventional
ideas about electricity, he carried out his own investigation into
the subject. During work on electrical motors and generators, he
noticed that a small electromotive force (EMF) was produced by the
spinning metal parts -- the negative toward the outside and the
positive toward the rotational axis.
In 1950, he experimented with rotating slip rings and
measured a small EMF on a conventional meter. He also noticed that
when the rings were spinning freely and no electrical current was
taken, his hair bristled. His conclusions were that free electrons
in the metal were spun out by centrifugal force being produced by
the static field in the metal. He then decided to build a
generator on the same principle.
It had a segmented rotor disc, passing through electromagnets
at its periphery. The electromagnets were energized from the
rotor, and were intended to boost the EMF.
By 1952, the first generator had been constructed and was
about three feet in diameter. It was tested in the open by Searl
and a friend. The armature was set in motion by a small engine.
The device produced the expected electrical power, but at an
unexpectedly high potential. At relatively low armature speeds a
potential of the order of 10^5 volts was produced, as indicated by
static effects on nearby objects.
The really unexpected then occurred. While still speeding up,
the generator lifted and rose to a height of about 50 feet above
the ground, breaking the union between itself and the engine. Here
it stayed for a while, still speeding up and surrounding itself
with a pink glow. This indicated ionization of air at a much
reduced pressure of about 10^-3 mm Hg. More interesting was the
side effect, causing local radio receivers to go on by themselves.
Finally, the whole generator accelerated at a fantastic rate and
is thought to have gone off into space.
Since that day, Searl and others have made some ten or more
small flying craft, some of which have been similarly lost, and
have developed a form of control. Larger craft have been built --
some 12 feet and two 30 feet in diameter.
Once the machine has passed a certain threshold of potential
voltage, the energy output exceeds the input. The energy output
seems to be virtually limitless. We made some measurements when I
was there, and as far as we could see, the estimated output is
somewhere in the vicinity of 10^13 to 10^15 watts. Above what
appears to be the threshold potential, some 10^13 volts, the
generator and attached parts become inertia-free. There is also
some "matter snatch" upon acceleration away from the ground, since
it tends to take a little "turf" with it when it goes.
Analyzing what is happening is fairly easy. What the
generator is doing is placing a "stress" on the ambient space
around it. The space breaks down to provide the magnetism to
relieve the stress, but the energy by-product is absorbed by the
generator, which reinforces the field.
It should be noted at this point that only a very small
amount of space fabric passes through the craft and an even
smaller amount is converted for energy. However, I have noticed
that small changes in etheric forces lead to large physical
effects. It was aptly demonstrated and I was impressed.
Recently, Mr. Searl had (1987) a brush with authorities, when
he began simply generating his own power for his own house. Now he
doesn't have a very large house, but the Utility Board didn't like
the fact that they had lost their monopoly. Now he lives in
Birmingham under an assumed name. Simple, eh?

30-08-2005, 21:39
More ************ there than in the whole state of Texas.

30-08-2005, 21:42
Thought so, I'd delete the thread but if it's that bad it might actually provide a laugh for those who are more technically minded. ;)

30-08-2005, 21:43
Free energy and anti-gravity 100% bullcrap I'm afraid.

Lots of similar claims and not one proved to date.

Lafeel Abriel
30-08-2005, 21:46
Sadly "free energy" is a contradiction in terms. It's too inefficient, if it works at all, to be really called free, sadly. It is a nice idea, but nothing more.

30-08-2005, 22:02
Energy out must = energy in, even if its a different form.

If i remember chemistry/physics properly you cannot create or destroy enery, just change its form

30-08-2005, 22:11
Bullcrap, how come all generators don't float off into orbit :rolleyes: .

Man, what stories people create.

Also, it's not illegal to set up your own power generators, anyone heard of solar panels?


30-08-2005, 22:24
I was unconvinced by the first paragraph. There is no centrifugal force. It doesn't exist. It's a misconception.

30-08-2005, 22:25
As you read on, even with a very basic knowledge of physics, you can see why things are wrong, and get more wrong as they move along, progressively becoming worse until the legalities get involved, when the story becomes laughable.


30-08-2005, 23:15
Kinda entertaining actually. Completely false, but entertaining!

Kinda reads like a letter/memo story that Lovecraft would write, except instead of being bugged by the utility board, the generator instead creates a rift in reality that allows unspeakable, eldritch horrors into this world. Might have been more believeable if that were the case... :rolleyes::p

31-08-2005, 00:05
More ************ there than in the whole state of Texas.

Oh, come on! The post is bull$&!#, but nowhere near as much as the texas state legistalure produces in one active week.... :rolleyes:

Alco Engineer
31-08-2005, 00:23
I love it when these people try to use technical terms and attempt to prove bull crap just to spin some tall story in order to make a bit of an impact! It would be ok as an April Fools joke but that's about it. It sounded like it was "trying" to be technical, even quoting in scientific notation, but IMO that sort of writing would be held for a report, not some random cock and bull story, if they were trying to write it like an account or as newspaper article it still wouldn't work. My guess is its just some Lamo quasi-geek trying to get a few laughs by getting people on discusion boards beleiving him.

Gaz Taylor
31-08-2005, 00:26
What everybody else said... Bull. And I used to work for the MEB. ;)

31-08-2005, 00:31
It sounds like he made something along the lines of a perpetual motion machine. Just like Homer did. Perhaps the Simpsons will make an episode out of this. Its the only way it would work. :D

06-09-2005, 05:11
Complete and utter BS!...free power is one thing, but having the damn thing float 50 feet in the air..thats insane. :wtf:

06-09-2005, 07:37
the generator instead creates a rift in reality that allows unspeakable, eldritch horrors into this world.

The Utility Board aren't unspeakable eldrich horrors? Or were you suggesting that it would somehow get the tax department involved? :p

Guido le Wombat
06-09-2005, 10:05
Its true, Mr. J. R. Searl is me

06-09-2005, 10:32
Silly story, but with a better writing and a bit more dramatic ending it would have made for enjoyable piece of fiction. Lovecraft would have done it better!