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18-09-2007, 00:19
I am up against an Empire player. I know he won't be using much cavalry and if he doe's he will only have 1x5 och 1x10 unit. The Steamtank will probably be there too, but maybe now that he knows I have a lot of Black Orcs and two giants painted he will probably be using his new Rocket battery and Hellblaster. He don't use alot of magic but can kick in with it becuse last time we played I did use a lot of shaman. Help me out on the list.

Black Orc Warboss
Heavy Armor, Bigged's Kickin' Boots
- The General. If I get on the stank he can kick 5 S7 autohits or 7 S6 autohits on it. Goes with the dubbelchoppa boyz.

Black Orc Battle Standard Bearer
Light Armor, Mork's Spirit Totem
- My magic defence. Goes with the spear orcs.

Goblin Shaman
2 x Dispel Scroll
- My second magic defence boy. Keeps hiding in some woods or something.

24 Black Orcs
Musician, Standard Bearer, +Shield
- 6x5 unit that can pack a punch. No animosity! Good for waaaghing.

20 Black Orcs
Musician, Standard Bearer
- No shields just so he can shoot at one of the units.

24 Orc Boyz
Musician, Standard Bearer, +Extra Choppa
- Going with general. Auto waaagh. Quelling animosity with the black orc general.

24 Orc Boyz
Musician, Standard Bearer, +Spear, +Shield
- Defence but still a good offence. The black orc BSB quells animosity.

25 Goblins
Musician, +Shield
- Hmmmm... Hope for a good game. Keeps close to spear orcs. If the spear orcs looses to much rank the BSB will go over here.

12 Orc Arrer Boyz
- A flanking unit. Hope to see close combat becuse of the choppa rule.

5 Goblin Wolf Riders
Musician, +Short Bow, +Spear
- Shooting and redirecting.

5 Goblin Wolf Riders
Musician, +Spear
- The flank chargers. Hope to live long just to get the flank charge on a unit in combat with the orcs.

2 x Giant
- Shooting objects!!!

2 x Goblin Spear Chukka
- Just to shott at the steamtank.

18-09-2007, 00:23
Would be good to know how many points this is for without having to have to do all the math...

18-09-2007, 16:54
Sorry 2250 pts

18-09-2007, 16:56
My only concern is only 2 warmachines, especially if you expect your opponent to take a Steam tank....

19-09-2007, 01:24
No I think he will use his new rocket battery and his hellblaster thats way.