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18-09-2007, 02:18
So I got to dust off my Daemons (been a couple of weeks) and bring them down to GMI Games for another RTT...I know Big Q (Phazael) is going to either bring Khorne Daemonic Legions, or his 2nd Gen. Slaan Army...and Steve Masuta was going to show up with his well balanced Orcs'n Goblins.

I'll try to keep this short...

GAME #1:
I played against Mike Gunson, who's originally from England, but been living here in the States for about 20 years now...still has a bit of his English accent. Very, very cool guy, and extremely fun player! He normally brings Dwarfs, but this day he opted for his Undivided Chaos Hordes. I've seen him at several tournaments recently, but have yet to have gotten the chance to play him, so I was looking forward to this game! His list was fairly well balanced, and a bit soft I feel...

1x Exalted Champ: Steed, Rending Sword, Enchanted Shield
1x Aspiring Champ: BSB, Armor Damnation, Biting Blade
1x Great Bray-Shaman: Staff of Darkoth, Dispel Scroll, Dispel Scroll
1x Bray-Shaman: ?

20x Chaos Warriors: Shields, FC
6x Chaos Knights: FC
1x Chariot of Chaos
1x Chariot of Chaos
5x Warhounds
5x Warhounds
5x Marauder Horsemen: Spears, Shields, Musician
16x Beast Herd: FC
15x Beast Herd: FC
6x Chaos Furies
1x Chaos Giant: Mutant Monstrosity

Poor Mike, the game went badly for him mostly due to bad Psych tests...he failed 3 Fear Tests, and 5 Terror test throughout the game, and each one was costly. I let my Plagueriders deal with his general and Knights, eventually killing all the Knights and breaking his general. Chaos Giant belly flops on my Bloodcrushers, hitting and wounding 3 of them! But I made all the Saves! I then inflicted 12 wounds to him...Warriors w/BSB charged my Plaguebearers, and were tied up in CC, until my Chariot of Khorne flanked them...Exalted Daemon flew around and caused lots of Terror tests, and got his Fire Ball off several times, causing Panic Checks. Chariots combo charged my Bloodletters, but wiffed on Impact hits, which allowed me to win CC by 1 and they both failed Insane Courage...Herds kept failing Panic, Fear and Terror...I lost my Flesh Hounds, half my Plagueriders, and half my Furies...I Massacre his entire Army by Turn 5...great game, lots of fun and I look forward to playing against Mike again, but hopefully it's his stout Dwarfs!

GAME #2:
So I get to match up against another guy who earned a Massacre, so it was either Steve Masuta's Greenskins or Big Q's (Phazael) 2nd Gen. Slaan...and the random dice roll comes up Big Q! UGH! <_< I do hate 2nd Gen. Slaans...but it is Big Qs (Phazael) Birthday, so I was happy to get to play the big guy on this big day...I think our last 3 or 4 games ended in Draws, including my Daemons vs his Lizards at the LA Battle Bunker GT style Tourney...well, lady luck was with me, and he got some not so great spells for his Slaan and his Skink Shamans which helped allow me to weather the Magical Storme that would come...here's his approx list...

1x 2nd Gen. Slaan; Diadem, etc.
1x Skink Shaman: Lvl 2, Mark of Old Ones
1x Skink Shaman: Lvl 2, 2x Dispel Scroll

18x Temple Guard: FC, War Banner
15x Saurus Warriors: Shields, FC
12x Skinks: Scouts, Javelins
12x Skinks: Scouts, Javelins
2x Lizard Swarms
10x Chameleon Skinks
3x Salamander Packs

He won the dice off, and let me have the first Turn! I moved up Bloodletters and Plaguebearers to fake the fight facing his 2nd Gen. Slaan w/Temple Guard, as my Flesh Hounds rushed forward to be the sacrificial puppies...Furies walked out of Woods, Chariots moved from Center towards left to threaten the Slaan, Plagueriders and Bloodcrushers rumbled forward to deal with annoying Skinks and Swarms...his first Turn his Magic and Shooting kills off 12 Plaguebearers, 2 Flesh Hounds, 1 Bloodcrusher (from Javalins!), and 1 Fury. The next Turn was pivotal, because he made a Rules error, not knowing that my Furies could fly into Difficult Terrain and get his Chamelion Skinks...we looked it up, and if we had agreed beforehand, the Terrain features they were in could've been considered "as woods" for flyers...but since we agreed they didn't block LOS, they remained enterable by my Flyers, and the Furies made short work of the Chamelion Skinks, which then let them Overrun into another Skink unit which they wiped out on the next Round of CC. Plagueriders charged his other Skink unit, and caught them, while Bloodcrushers wiped out the Lizard Swarms. Flesh Hounds killed the Temple Guard Champ and 1 more model, then evaporate from Combat Res/Instability...His Magic continues to pound my Army a bit, and he sends his Salamanders into the Flank of my Plagueriders and casts Portant of Far on them...I loose CC by 1, but pass Instability. Next Turn my Chariot of Nurgle counter Charges, but wiffs and kills just a few Skink Hanlders and 1 Salamander, and my Furies (who also charged in) do a single wound. He looses CC, but with nearby Slaan BSB passes Insane Courage! UGH! Almost allows his Temple Guard to flank my Chariot of Nurgle, but he's just out of range, so he marches up showing no fear of my Chariot of Khorne which was facing him...next Turn Chariot of Khorne hits the front of his Temple Guard, while his Saurus Warriors w/Shaman fails a Terror Test and Flee through my units dying! Phazael opts for Halberds (????) as he's hoping to inflict a few wounds and "pop" my Chariot. I roll a '6' for Impact Hits, and kill of 6 Temple Guard which is the whole front rank! Then the combined attacks of the Juggs and 'letters kills 6 more Temple Guard! He passes his Stubborn test...I finally grind out this Salamanders, and the Chariot of Khorne kills off the last of the Temple Guard which leaves just his Slaan and 1 Skink Shaman on the board...I lost my Flesh Hounds, half the Plaguebearers, and half my Plagueriders...another great game against Big Q (Phazael) and another Massacre for the Daemons!

GAME #3:
Now it was time for my rematch with Steve Masuta! We've played once before about 9 months ago at a Strategicon in Round #2, his Skaven vs my Khorne/Tzeentch Daemons and the game ended in a Draw...we've been hoping to get a rematch in the last 9 months during a Tournament setting, but somehow have missed each other in several GTs/RTTs...until today! It was basically the finals, and who ever won this game wins the Tourney...
Steve's list looked something like this...

1x Black Orc Warbass: Boar, Slagga's Sword, 5+ Ward, ?
1x Orc Big Boss: Boar, BSB, ?
1x Orc Shaman: Lvl 2, Itty Ring
1x Goblin Shaman: Lvl 2, Dispel Scrolls

23x Orc Boyz: Shiedls, FC
23x Orc Boyz: Shields, FC
20x Night Goblins: Standard, Musician, Netters
20x Night Goblins: Musician
20x Night Goblins: Musician
5x Goblin Wolf Riders: Musician
5x Forest Goblin Spider Riderz: Musican
2x Goblin Bolt Throwers
8x Savage Orc Big 'Un Boar Boyz: Spears, Shields, Standard, Musician, Waaagh! Banner
10x Squig Hoppers
1x Orc Chariot: Extra Crew
1x Goblin Doomdiver
5x Trolls;

Steve won the dice off, and went first. His Magic and Shooting was just hot, and I lost 2 Plagueriders and 1 Bloodcrusher before they ever got to CC...Chariot of Khorne took a couple of wounds from a few turns of chasing Spider Riderz and Night Goblins around before killing them off. Plaguebearers took a Flank charge from the Savage Boar Boyz, but lost only a couple of models, and passed Instability which allowed Chariot of Nurgle to Rear Charge the Boar Boyz...Broke them but failed to catch them, they Rallied, only for my Chariot of Nurgle to hit them again and wipe them out. Exalted Daemon got hit by 1 Bolt Thrower on Turn 3, wounded, failed my 4+ Ward Save and took 3 wounds! UGH!!! Furies mopped up the Warmachines eventually, Bloodcrushers took out the Trolls and Chariot in prolonged Combat, lost my Plagueriders to his Black Orc Warboss and his unit via Static Combat Res over 4 rounds of fighting...

There was much dead on both sides of the field, and after VPs were counted up, Steve had earned about 1,400 and I had about 1,250...so another Draw! His dice were hot, and mine weren't, but I had to great games of hot dice rolling before hand, so no big deal! Steve played excellently (as usual!) and the game was a blast! We look forward to another Re-Match!!!

After all was said and done, here's the results...

*Best Appearance: Mike Gunson
*Best Themed/Balanced: Mike Riley
*Best Sportsmanship: ???
*Best Overall: Touradj (theDarkGeneral)

Of the all the Tournaments I've played in at GMI Games, I've never won Overall there...usually my low painting scores and average/high soft scores place me in 2nd or 3rd place...but I had earned 50 Battle Points (highest in Tourney) and almost max scores in Army Comp and Sportsmanship, along with a couple of Players votes for Best Opponent/Best Themed...I ended up with 94 Overall Points, and Steve Masuta got 90...

OH....here's my list...

1x Exalted Daemon: Undivided(315pts)
*Lvl 1, Fire, Diabolic Splendour, Spell Breaker

9x Chaos Furies: Undivided(135pts)

16x Bloodletters of Khorne: (291pts)
*Lt Armor, FC

8x Flesh Hounds of Khorne: (128pts)
*Fast Cav

21x Plaguebearers of Nurgle: (371pts)
*Cloud Flies, Stream Corruption, FC

4x Bloodcrushers of Khorne: (320pts)
*Hvy Cav

4x Plagueriders of Nurgle: (320pts)
*Cloud Flies, Poisoned, Hvy Cav

1x Chariot of Khorne: (190pts)
*Scythed, Xtra Juggernaut

1x Chariot of Nurgle: (180pts)
*Scythed, Xtra Daemon-Beast

Power Dice: 3
Dispel Dice: 3 + 1 Spell Breaker

Gabacho Mk.II
02-10-2007, 05:53
And they say that the Demon list isn't broken.


02-10-2007, 19:08
Gabacho Mk.II: Nope, it's not broken, just as Bretonnia isn't broken, nor the Wood Elves, or 2nd Gen. Slaan Armies, the Cult of Slaanesh, Skaven SAD Armies in 6th Edition, etc...beating them just has to do with a good list, good deployment and good playing. But I'm sure you already know this...;)

02-10-2007, 19:51
Good going, too bad SoC is illegal many places (but rumors have it a new ruinous powers codex is in the way...)
Have been thinking about demon army myself although different gods probably...

02-10-2007, 20:43
SevenSins: Much thanks! Storm of Chaos is illegal here and there, but out where I am, it's still all good. Daemons will be getting a boost in both the 40K Daemons Codex and a White Dwarf Daemon update...along with all those awesome looking models!:evilgrin: I used to play Khorne/Tzeentch/Nurgle, but I just didn't like relying upon Magic to do much, though the Flamers of Tzeentch were often my MVPs!

02-10-2007, 23:52
yeah :D the flamers are high on my list too. My main turnoff on the Demonic legion at the time is the cavalry/chariot models wich get a bit expensive.... Hopefully some new plastics will take care of that problem.

:) Also nice too see you're not dotting the text...to...death.....anymore

03-10-2007, 02:39
:D....It's a hard habit....to break...really!