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18-09-2007, 15:47
I picked up US WD issue 333 yesterday. It has a metallic logo on the cover, like the 30th anniversary issue except silver instead of gold.

The US edition is about 152 pages long, has a triple fold out cover, and is 99% dedicated to Apocalypse! Many of the pics from the supplement are in the issue. It also has modeling articles for the Baneblade variants, detailed descriptions of most of the boxed sets coming out, and a +40,000 pt Apoc game with 5 players on each side! (Space Marines/Imperial Guard v Chaos marines)

18-09-2007, 15:49
wow! i can't wait to pick up my copy!
thanks for the heads up!

18-09-2007, 15:49
Actually, even though I'm more of a WFB player, I dont mind this. Any modelling articles are goo db me, and you never know - I'm borderline on restarting 40K again, so this may be the issue that does it...

Admiral Koppenflak
18-09-2007, 15:50
Damn it. And us in Australia actually have to wait until October to get it.

Blast you, yankees!

18-09-2007, 15:54
I have that feeling, that GW REALLY needs Apocalypse to be a success, or they're done...

18-09-2007, 16:06
No free command sprue then? :(

18-09-2007, 16:17
No free vehicle command sprue with White Dwarf. Vehicle command sprues are included in certain Apocalypse bundle deal box sets that contain vehicles that can use at least one of the "bitz" on the sprue. The Chaos Army deal has one, Emperor's Fist Tank Company contains four, Eldar Cloud Strike contains one, etc. There is a decent article in US WD #333 about using the bitz on the sprue that also suggests modeling "command bitz" for armies with no parts on the sprue.

18-09-2007, 16:18
That sounds pretty slick. I can't wait until mine comes in the mail. I'm hoping/assuming it'll be the next couple of days.

18-09-2007, 16:29
no, why would there be?

18-09-2007, 16:34
I cant wait. I only play 40k, so this WD will be fantastic!! Anyone know when UK subscribers will get theirs?

Shadowseer Crofty
18-09-2007, 16:43
UK subscribers should get theirs this friday, as the last friday of the month (general release date) is next friday.

detailed descriptions of most of the boxed sets coming out
so not just the usual "here is a picture of every bit in the box. here is a picture of the completed model. Other gun options go here -->. Now figure the rest out.

and a +40,000 pt Apoc game with 5 players on each side!
did I misread, you mistype, or is there really FORTY THOUSAND points per side? so each player is controlling eight thousand? If thats true, then my faith in GW batreps may just be restored (also of course as long as they don't gloss over the middle of the game with a picture and a few bullet points)

(Space Marines/Imperial Guard v Chaos marines)

now why doesn't that surprise me? Teh Marinez R Teh ROXXORZ! Buy Teh Marinez!

18-09-2007, 16:48
^ Close, it's about 23,000 pts per side. They are MASSIVE armies!!

Shadowseer Crofty
18-09-2007, 16:50
^ Close, it's about 23,000 pts per side. They are MASSIVE armies!!

oh, 40,000 plus in total. I thought you meant per side. Still, that is huge, and if they did the batrep right (ie-actually describe the whole battle, with more than one column and a small box of text per double spread) then they might realise that its a damn sight better than what they have been doing.

18-09-2007, 16:50
Teh Marinez R Teh ROXXORZ! Buy Teh Marinez!

*Psychic prediction*
Chaos wins. :p

Hey, for once i might actually buy a WD :eek:.... maybe.

18-09-2007, 16:54
I hope the uk wd is as good as that.

18-09-2007, 16:54
I just recieved mine on Friday which was a nice suprise. All I have to say is that if you are looking forward to Apocalypse then you won't be disappointed. I was a little disappointed that they just listed a bunch of the formations as it was set up sort of like an extended "New Releases" section, but the battle report more than made up for it. After reading it I am even more excited about Apocalypse and can't wait for all of my goodies to get here in October!

18-09-2007, 17:00
Yeh, it's a really ace article I thought. It had the besxt batrep in a while. The first one I have read since last year:P

21,000 points per side.

excellent "spirit of the game" editorial by ol' jervis.

ace issue:)

18-09-2007, 17:16
Sounds awesome. I hope my subscription is still valid through this month!

18-09-2007, 17:21
*Psychic prediction*
Chaos wins. :p

Hey, for once i might actually buy a WD :eek:.... maybe.

Your psy powers have failed you. ;)

18-09-2007, 17:23
ooh, might pick this one up; pity it's not in the stores this friday or I'd buy one for the coach journey to GD :(

18-09-2007, 18:17
I might get this one, probably not, but I might.

18-09-2007, 18:21
im gonna get one at GD hopefully

18-09-2007, 18:23
I'm really excited about apocolypse. I buy WD, just so I'm spending money at my FLGS, but this issue actually looks interesting.

Perfect Organism
18-09-2007, 19:06
*Psychic prediction*
Chaos wins. :p

Your psy powers have failed you. ;)

Did the imperial players take lots of baneblades? ;)

18-09-2007, 19:17
essentially it was all the studio painted ultras+cadians(which has three baneblades just right there) and forgeworld bits(including a thunderhawk and a titan)

vrs. all the studio painted chaos marines/deamons and some guys 5,000 point chaos army(featured in WD 332 US) with some forgeworld(flyers, titans etc.)

chaos had 2 baneblades, the plauge reaper and an awesomely modeled IW one.


18-09-2007, 19:24
Just thought I would let you know the Official October 2007 White Dwarf (USA 333, UK 334 etc) Feedback Thread (http://warseer.com/forums/other-gw-discussion/103405-official-october-2007-white-dwarf-usa-333-uk-334-etc-feedback-thread.html) is now open.

As a result I'm closing this thread.

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