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18-09-2007, 16:48
ok Hey everyone. you may have noticed the low post count making me new here. ive been looking at this place for months as a guest just looking for ideas and help for my HE and WE armies. Now im leaving the pointy eared ones and im going to start a HOC army. i have the army book some warriors marrauders a spawn of chaos and i got crom as his model looks so cool. (he would be my champion of sorts while im learning how to use them)

What i would like to know from all you seasoned gamers is how do i best utilize this army. strengths weaknesses ect. ive seen lists somwhere the includes units from the BOC army and that confused me. Also whats the best mark? is it better to use undivided? can i combine marks within my army? and does anyone ever use Archeon???? Im sorry if these sound like NooB questions but i have absolutly no clue where to start with this army. my brother collects HE,WE and DE so ive always had help with these armies.

Thank you in advance


Mudir Nahya
18-09-2007, 17:38
To answer a few of your questions-

Chaos armies are unique in that the general dictates your core unit choices. If you have a Mortal General, then Beast and Daemon choices become specials. So yes, you can use BoC in a Mortal army.

Your general will also dictate marks. If the general is Undivided, then you can include all marks in the army. If, however, the general is marked, then the rest of the army can only be of that mark or undivided.

Archaon- under 4000pts, I wouldn't bother, to be honest, but its personal choice.

As to the Mortal army as a whole- its main strengths as many people see it lie in their quality- very few units are a match for Chaos Warriors or Knights one-on-one, let alone Chosen. However, its main weakness is lack of shooting- this can be overcome with either the cannon-fodder units (Marauders, Marauder Horsemen, Warhounds, Beast Herds) or by using Dogs of War missile troops as Rare units- the Dogs of War list can be found for free on the GW site.

Essentially, Chaos is the most versatile of the WHFB armies. This makes army selection all the more important, since it is easy to make mistakes in the Hoc/BoC lists. Unfortunately from an "what should I do?" point of view, it all comes down to personal choice. You're allways going to have some Warriors and some Knights though- I'd suggest starting with these.

18-09-2007, 17:58
Deffinately look into the two different tacticas on the forum, that is the best advice I can give you at the moment, I'll be glad to help you out later on, but today, it seems fever has allready drained me of chaos advice, at least for the moment.

But look up the tacticas and choose your god based on what you would like to base your army on rather than what you think would make the best list

18-09-2007, 18:05
as with most armies, you will need to have several elements to make a competetive and non-boring army, fortunately with the vast array of troops available to chaos, this is easy

you will need a rough approximation of the following:

1. static combat resolution, provided by cheap and numerous troops, also you can use more expensive, resilient troops, but they dont tend to be as effective for the points. Usual choices - Marauders, Beast Herds

2. unless playing the notorously magic hating khorne, you will need some kind of magical offense and defence in your army, a sorcerer/shaman/daemon is usually present in most armies to this end

3. fast units/light cavalry are essential to most armies, and chaos has many useful choices, they can be used to scout around the back of your opponent's battleline, disrupting his formations, hunting war machines and lone enemy characters such as wizards; Flank/rear charging enemy units either to swing the fight in your favour, or hold them up long enough for your meaty units to get stuck in; charge baiting and of course, chasing away enemy light cavalry! furies and screamers are excellent for most of these roles (except charge baiting as they cannot flee) as are mounted daemonettes (rules available on GW website) and mounted marauders, and of course the very useful centigors!

4. Sledgehammer units should be next on the list, as a general rule these guys should be able to deal some serious pain to enemy formations, they are often fast and resilient and can often have useful psychological effects. They are many and varied, chariots (both beast and mortal), cavalry (chaos knights) and large monsters (minotaurs, dragon ogres, trolls and ogres) all fulfil these roles. You can also use blocks of tough troops like bestigors, bloodletters and chaos warriors.

the rest is up to you really!

19-09-2007, 01:09
Wow guys thanx for the adivce its really good. This has opened my eyes somewhats as to the hundreds of possabilities in this general army. Id like to hear more of what you guys have as ive said before i mostly play HE and WE.

My idea so far is to play with 2 blocks of about 20 warriors and 2 blocks of 30 marauders. 2 units of 5 chaos knights 1 unit of marauder horseman and i was thinking a unit of 20 furies and a chaos spawn. apart from that i dont know.

Does anyone have the rules for the hell cannon as i cant find them.

19-09-2007, 09:04
First of all, those units are too large to be effective, the Marauders should be only about 25 in size whilst the Warriors are much too expensive to be that sizeable, and in two blocks, you'll find yourself on the end of "too small an army", two blocks of 15 can be done, but usually, your better off with buying the Warbanner rather than an extra rank, now, you want them warriors six wide with Additional Handweapons, or the Mark of Khorne, or Chosen... or all three :evilgrin: to get the maximum ammount of attacks from them and thus the maximum ammount of Combat Resolution.

The rest of the list looks fine, although, twenty furies are about twice, nearly three times, the recomended size for them, seven or eight should do well enough for you. Also, a single Spawn don't do all too much, two or more however, now you're talking.

As for the Hellcannon, the rules can be found in the Storm of Chaos book, and in the Archaons Horde PDF which, for some time, was available from one of the GW sites (can't remember which one though)

20-09-2007, 04:36
Great to see a new chaos player.

20-09-2007, 04:41
As has been mentioned earlier, big blocks of Chaos warriors are a waste of points. And Marauders don't really need to be more than 25 pts.

I'd suggest staying away from khorne while you are learning. Perhaps only a small unit of chosen khorne warriors with extra hand weapon.

Nurgle is a mark that is really growing on me, especially for characters. The ability to cause fear really helps in calming down units like marauders and beastherds.

Tzeetch is a great mark, but is vulnerable to psychology. And the characters cost a mint.

Slaanesh is a very devious mark. There are many cool and neat tricks that you can pull with this mark, but its real success comes from the magic lore. To be successful you really need to invest in the magic phase.

Undivided is great for units like chaos knights and chariots. The re-roll on psych tests is great for hammer units.

Also, you may want to check out the concept of the superherd here (http://warseer.com/forums/fantasy-army-lists/99449-hordes-of-chaos-beasts-tournament-list.html)

20-09-2007, 20:59
quickest route:

Pick ether beasts daemons or mortals for your core.
Pick one of the 5 Gods
Pick 3 cores and your general.

see whats lacking and add it in.

Add some magic defence/offence.

add things you like.

Oh and i field chaos warriors (20 chosen warriors) and look at my record.

Oh and for people who wish to claim i have played noobs the combined years of exp for the 10 games ive played it 26. The worst being a year and that was the game i lost :P

T'char the mighty
22-09-2007, 12:06
id have to advise fleshounds :) probably a bit bias, but they are pretty good, with high ws and str, with movement 7 and the fast cav rule. If u do take a unit, keep it small as they do not get the rank bonuses. Unit of 12, 6 wide? Also, daemonic aura helps greatly for unit killing, but characters will make mincemeat of them in most games. Minotaurs with mark of nurgle can help give you some major killing power. If equiped with mark of nurgle, additional hand weps and light armour, with a bloodkine, they get lots of attacks, fear, and a 4+ save (i think). Also, as i think sum1 already said, beastherds rock. Move 5, raiders, and that freaky ungor shielding rule make them probably the best screen in the game.

24-09-2007, 05:29
quickest route:

Oh and i field chaos warriors (20 chosen warriors) and look at my record.

Oh and for people who wish to claim i have played noobs the combined years of exp for the 10 games ive played it 26. The worst being a year and that was the game i lost :P

That's fine. I too have won with chaos warriors against experienced opponents. But, now I find I never use them and they just take up space.

The great thing about the chaos line is that there is such a variety of options (including chaos warriors). Usually, people find that they just don't measure up to what other choices can do.