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12-04-2005, 06:42
Instead of removing the mounted save as has often been suggested, make it so barding just provides a +1 save vs. missiles and not give any protection in close combat.

This way, heavy cavalry will become more vulnerable than now after their charge, particularly against infantry with strength boosting weapons (halberds, great weapons, flails, etc).

The main cavalry problem seems to be with units that have access to barding. Noone seems to really be complaining about fast cavalry or things like Cold One Knights, Orc Boar Riders, etc.

It is mounted troops on barded warhorses/nightmares/elf steeds/chaos steeds that seems to be the chief concern.

What this change would do is place a greater reliance on heavy cavalry rolling well when they charge. If they don't wipe out most/all of the enemy front rank, then they become more vulnerable when the infantry strike back. One or more knights would likely be killed in return, which could well mean the difference between the infantry unit breaking or holding its ground.

Its not easy to truly balance cavalry and infantry without a complete rewrite of all the army books and readjusting point values, but I think this is one effective way to do it.

Removing the barded save in combat will make life considerably more difficult for heavy cavalry in later rounds of combat and also in the first round if they don't manage to kill most/all of the enemy front rank.

Chosen Chaos Knights and Empire Inner Circle would now have a 2+ save in combat, not 1+.

One heavy cavalry unit would benefit from the barding change in comparison to other heavy cav units - Cold One Knights.
They would retain their 2+ save in combat as don't wear barding. As this unit is overpriced and underused anyway, this would be a good thing. It would put Cold One Knights on par with Chaos and Empire in combat, but the latter two would still have the better save outside of combat.

In addition to the change to barding, I would also make halberds armour piercing for reasons explained previously.

Combined with the change to barding, heavy cavalry would suffer -2 to its armour save against halberdiers compared to current rules. This is a good thing though IMO, as halberds were traditionally effective in killing knights. They didn't have the reach of the pike so couldn't strike before lances, but were long and powerful enough for halberdiers that weren't killed by the charging knights to be effective in fighting back.

With the change to barding, 2+ save heavy cav would be reduced to 3+ save in cc.
Add in the change to halberds as well, and 2+ heavy cav will now get the following saves:

6+ vs. S4 troops with great weapons/halberds/flails
5+ vs. S3 troops with great weapons/halberds/flails or S4 troops with morning stars
4+ vs. S4 troops with hand weapons/spears or S3 troops with morning stars
3+ vs. base S3 troops with hand weapon/spear.

Barding is still highly useful (a 2+ save vs missiles is much better than 3+ when facing large numbers of missile troops or magic missiles), but would no longer make heavy cavalry almost untouchable in combat.

I'm really thinking this may be the way to go now. Its at least worth playtesting IMO.

5upr3m3 h4xx0rz
12-04-2005, 18:46
The way it is now it shows how cavalry is much better armed and armoured than infantry, and knights on horseback always have much better armour than infantry. Instead of taking away the barded save why not have something like pulling the enemy off their horse...whoever rolls a 6 to hit in close combat pulls the person adjacent to them off the horse and the barding and mounted saves dont count anymore....just the persons basic save. The person then returns to their horse if they win combat, but if they lose combat they are slain as they cannot run away in all that heavy armour they wear.