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18-09-2007, 22:03
I'm trying to go for a more magic oriented force, also with a lot of missile weapons.

350 Wizard lord, level 4, Rod of Power, Luckstone, Armor of Tarnus, Imperial Pegasus

Hans Gruber of the Golden Order
150 Battle Wizard, Level 2, Doomfire Ring, Power Stone

Bernard Goreman of the Amber Order
145, Battle Wizard, Level 2, Dispel Scroll, Ring of Volans

Kasch Eberhard of the Jade Order
135, Battle Wizard, Level 2, Dispel Scroll, Wizard's Staff,

140, 20 Spearmen, Shields, Full Command
80, 10 Handgunners Detachment
60, 10 Swordsmen Detachment

90, 10 Handgunners, musician, Marksmen, brace of pistols (represented by a repeater pistol)

105, 10 Handgunners, musician, Marksmen, Repeater handgun

110, 10 Handgunners, musician, Marksmen, Hochland long rifle

320, 10 Knights of the Inner Circle, Full Command, Steel Standard

97, 5 Pistoliers, musician

100, Great Cannon

110, Helblaster Volley Gun

Total: 1992

19-09-2007, 01:38
looks good but where is Dobby the house elf?

Edit: on a more serious note, do you really need dispel scrolls? further more, i might not be a bad idea to switch one mage for a normal heroe, or even BSB that way your line will hold better, though you loose your obscene magical advantage and your pure magic characters.

19-09-2007, 02:49
Yeah, when I told my girlfriend, (who's a rabid Harry Potter fan) about this army, she told me I must include a wizard riding on a hippogryph or Pegasus. The extra dispel scroll is a precaution, even though I have loads of dispel die.

19-09-2007, 13:56
a captin would be a bad idea at all for the spearmen. or the knights.

20-09-2007, 10:11
Well if you want to keep the magic crazyness but have an ok fighting character why not take a warrior priest? You'll keep the extra Dispel dice, have a bound spell to use every turn and he could go with your spearmen of knights to do some hatred-fueled charging (assuming I remember the rules right...)

Other than that, the list doesn't look that great. You have some serious magic, but other than that the only really nasty thing is the unit of 10 knights - the shooting and magic you have will only last so long before your opponent gets into combat and then it's all over for you.

Personally I would swap the helblaster for either another unit of pistoliers (for march blocking and general shooting of things) or a mortar/great cannon. Swap the spearmen for 25 swordsmen and downgrade the swordsmen you have to free company.

The inner circle knights seem like a big, 'all your eggs in one basket' unit, which is something I generally don't like using as they tend to become a bit easy to counter (especially in a small army like yours). I would downgrade them to a smaller unit of 5-6 knights and use them for charging a flank once the enemy gets close enough (Warrior priest would help boost them for this). Alternatively you could swap the inner circle knights for a unit of 5-6 outriders and just shoot things as they come. I'm not sure how they'd perform relative to knights but it would make more sense theme-wise than those knights.

Basically, you can't expect to beat an enemy army solely with shooting and magic unless you can slow them down, which is where the fast cavalry come in handy. Even so, I've always seen an army that relies solely on shooting/magic to win games is an army that is relying on luck to win - one or two bad miscasts and you're suddenly in alot of trouble.