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19-09-2007, 01:56
So, I just loaded up on a whole truckload of chaos mortal stuff over the weekend. I started a thread in the regular tactics forum to see what else I should buy and generally where I should go with the list.

DISCLAIMER: What is listed here is just a few marauders shy of being all the chaos I currently own at this point. Aside from 12 Marauders and two warriors, every other model I own is represented in this list. My friends and I are not shy about proxying. I can find decent proxies for cavalry and foot soldiers, and probably an orc chariot that I can recruit.
The list contains no beasts by design. I want it to be mainly mortals with just a touch of deamon support. I'm looking to expand this list for 2250, 2500 and eventually 3k games by adding more cavalry and daemon units.

This list is somewhat themed, with a central core of the army being a lord and sorcerer undivided, with competing tzeentch and khorne "battalions" on the flanks.

So, having never made a chaos list in my life, and only knowing how to play Ogres, here goes nothin:

The Undivided Core:

-Chaos Lord

Chaos Steed
Sword of Battle
Enchanted Shield

Lord joins a unit of

-Chosen Chaos Knights x5

Standard Bearer

-Chaos Sorcerer

Level 2 Wizard
Dispel Scroll

Sorcerer joins a unit of

-Chaos Marauders x 19

Standard Bearer

The Raging Flank:

-Exalted Champion of Khorne

Sword of Might
Gaze of the Gods

Champ joins a unit of

-Chaos Warriors of Khorne x11 - These will be fielded in two ranks of 6.

Standard Bearer

-Chaos Chariot of Khorne

The Devious Flank:

-Exalted Champion of Tzeentch

Level 2 Wizard
Spell Familiar

Champ joins a unit of

-Chaos Warriors of Tzeentch x11 - This unit also fielded as two ranks of 6

Standard Bearer

-Screamers of Tzeentch x5

Where needed:
Chaos Marauder Horsemen x5

Throwing Spears

Points: 2000
Casting Dice: 7
Dispel Dice: 7
Models: 63
Characters: 39.4%
Core: 52.3%
Special: 8.3%
Magic: 6.3%

This gives me a central core of chosen cav and a solid block of marauder infantry, A flank of chaos warriors w/hero and a chariot, another flank of chaos warriors w/hero and screamers, and the marauder cav to charge bait and annoy stuff.

I've never played or played against chaos in any form, so I'm assuming i've made some grave errors. Unit upgrades and magic items in particular, I'm pretty clueless on and am generally just trying to pick conservatively.

EDIT: I thought I could alternately mark the warrior cavalry as khorne and move the warriors back to center, unmarked, with the lord.

19-09-2007, 08:40
seems ok.

good job in not making your already expensive lord and heroes too expensive (its the first mistake i made glad you avoided it).

those units of warriors are a bit on the small side. even with an E.champ they won't last long.

is your sorcerer lvl1 or lvl2?

i'd switch the Marauder horsemans throwing spears for axes they may have a shorter range but that +1 strength really helps- and they cost the same too.

never used screamers so i can't really comment on them (I use full mortals)

so as a round up:
-find away to increase the size of those warrior units (maybe make your knights "normal" rather than chosen).
-switch spears for axes.

other than that not bad for a first try.

19-09-2007, 08:48
As much as I'd like to say "keep the lord", I can't, he's better off as an Exalted Champion at this points level, simply because, well, he's about as effective but costs only half the points, especially considering the equippment you have given him.

Furthermore, I'd give the Warriors of Tzeentch Additional Handweapons as well as keeping their shields, they need the extra attacks to be effective, likewise, the Khornate Warriors should prefferably get Hallberds or Greatweapons to further increase their close combat effectiveness. Also, a Khornate Chariot is a rather large liabillity, you might consider keeping it undivided for maximum effectiveness, or marking it Tzeentch for hat extra powerdice. On the topic of magick, if you'd give your Sorceror level 2, then you'd be much better off, simply because you'd have four levels rather than three, giving the Sorceror one more powerdice and giving you five spells in total rather than four.

now, neither shields, nor Throwing Spears are usually needed on Marauder Horsemen, they are often better off with Flails.

Also, further weapons configurations should be noticed, a Sword of Might without a shield only costs more points than a Hallberd, your Exalted of Khorne should do very well with a hallberd rather than the sword, it'll save points as well, also, dropping the Gaze off of him might be a good idea, you will want that on your general who rides with the Chosen, instead, go for the Armour of Damnation, it might well save his bacon simply by reducing the ammount of hits to him.

Other than that, it looks very fine indeed, if there will be points left, a unit of five Fleshhounds might be something to consider

bigbear bailey
19-09-2007, 09:58
Looks good but I would say give the warriors (which I LOVE so don't listen to anyone about getting rid of them and keep them...) a warbanner. It will make the ranks seem like like no big deal and if you have the points make sure to give the khorne ones halberds... I saw a unit of choas chosen warriors beat three blocks of sauris in combat and they were flanked on 2 sides ha-ha...

The throwing spears are a point sink that won't do alot for you. Just give the guys some flails and you have Empire knights that have a 5 up save... And are fast cav. I love M.horsemen and I take around 2 to three units of 5...

19-09-2007, 10:18
I generally agree with everything Neknoh has to say, although I have a few notes of my own:

-Make the knights 6 strong. As it stands now, you only need to lose one of them for your Lord to lose his 'Look out, sir!'. I would also give these chaps a warbanner.
-You're lacking screens/baiters in general. I hardly ever leave home without a couple of warhound units. 2 units of 5 don't cost too much, and it should be possible to find the points somewhere.
-As already mentioned, the gearing of your characters seems a bit off. If you're not gonna invest more than 50 points worth of gear on your general, then I suggest you swap him in for an undivided exalted champ instead. Sword of Might+Gaze of Gods should go on your general no matter what you decide. If you choose to make him a lord, you can add on from there.
-Your sorcerer and the two exalted champs are currently on foot. I would mount them all - they can still join the infantry-units as before, they just have a better armour save this way. Come to think of it, don't mount your Khornate exalted, the extra charge-range from the mount is too dangerous.

Think that's about it for now - good luck with the army.


19-09-2007, 12:37
Thanks for all the advice. I'll work up a re-write tonight.

Edit: Forgot to add, the wizards are level 2 in the list above already. I'll change the list to reflect that. I'm used to ogre lists where all casters are automatically either level 2 or level 4, so no need to note the upgrade. I remembered to buy it, just not to note it on the list.

19-09-2007, 14:00
What about exchanging the undivided lord and the sorceror for one undivided exalted chaos sorceror as this will give you a much better magic phase and it seems to me to be more appropriate that a powerful sorceror should be watching over the two competing champions. I also agree with Neknoh that your chariot should not be khornate as this is too great a liability, it is better off either undivided or I think tzeentch. This will give you a total of 10 powerdice which is solid. You could then decide which unit you want to put your sorceror in, the knights or the marauders, and the other one you could put on the Khornate flank to balance out the addition of the tzeentch chariot.

I also still think you need some small disposable warhound units. A second chariot and some spawn to make sure you get the charge with your warriors could also be quite useful if you have any points left.

Hope that makes sense and is not too garbled.

19-09-2007, 16:43
I think I more or less get it, yes. The undivided exalted sorceror would be a level 4 wizard, if I follow you? Replacing the duties of both the chaos lord and the level 2 sorc? If I remember the book correctly, I'm new to it and at work without it. :D

If i move the chariot to the tzeentch side, I'll want to push something over to the khorne side to keep things balanced. Perhaps leave the undivided lord in the marauder unit, and send the knights over to the khorne side. Or would they have the same problem of being drawn out on the charge too easily?

I want to keep the marauders as the neutral undivided core unit, as they can't be marked. Pushing them to the Tizzy or Khorne side sort of unbalances my theme a little bit.

One unit of warriors on each side, with screamers and chariot for the tzeentch and chosen cavalry for khorne? Otherwise I wouldn't mind simply saving the points from the Tz mark on the chariot and leave it undivided in the middle as well. Then it's Warriors on each side with screamers for tzeentch and knights for khorne.

bigbear bailey
19-09-2007, 17:27
Knights for khorne are of course murders but if you take them screen them with hounds or M. horsemen so that way they don't go charging into their death... Doen't make them chosen either because I use just normal knights and I have realized that they are enought to break most units in the flanks...

19-09-2007, 17:44
I spose I can put the marauder cav I currently have generally to the khorne side to screen the khorne cav from doing anything totally retarded. :D

19-09-2007, 20:13
tbh khorne chosen knights ill pretty much break anything anyway...

bait them all you like.. if they have a exalted in their you will still murder everything (unless they get flanked which tbh is hard to set up)